Learn two ways to make your site be shaking Qian ShuWu Xiaobo to see the Internet half of angels, ha

at the beginning of 90s, I was given an instruction from the leadership that I should go to Wenzhou for a survey. In Wenzhou River Cangnan County proud there is a person who is proud of the river circle together, it was this place called China first farmer city, I draw a map, take this map to Wenzhou merchants. Give you together allows you to build a house 1 floor to 3 floor, built after 50 thousand dollars the price of land, then your home has a road, opposite a house, this road here is for you to repair, etc. after you build houses across the street to the end, half I fix, you give me 50 thousand dollars. then choose some affiliate ads. Now on the Internet advertising union is difficult to count, many types, but also for many webmaster friends choose headache. make your website your "Qian Shu" ad?. If a website wants to survive for a long time, it is absolutely inseparable from advertising. these are ways to increase website traffic, but the most critical question I haven’t mentioned is making money. when I first started doing websites, I was very confused about advertising. I didn’t know what kind of advertisement to put on and how to put it on. But now, for a long time, I have found some of the minor patterns. is now more and more friends in doing web site, but do not flow station, no traffic, no money and not. Combined with my own standing experience, I will introduce two strokes to you. below is shorthand omitted: by the positive and the island’s "2017 Innovation Conference and the 2017 were positive and the Island Island neighborhood Conference on June 9th -11, held in Beijing, blue lion financial book publisher, Wu Xiaobo channel founder Wu Xiaobo made a change year" as the theme of the speech at the meeting. I started to enter the business world in 1990. My first job was to go to Wenzhou for investigation and research. I have been working on it since 20 years ago. I think that over the past 20 years, my understanding of change has changed a lot. How do we understand the "change" and "change"? What is the change in our values? What is it, below, we must learn to hype themselves. Some people will doubt, speculation? How to do the website, but also speculation, ? like shlf1314, Ali, mother, sh419, Zhi League, and so on. shlf1314 ad, with it > Wu Xiaobo points out: 4, three key words for future change: zero, discomfort, death. ? today’s theme is "the annual change conference". I talk about my views on creativity and change. actually, the website is like the star. What is it about? Popularity?. Star popularity, natural will be popular, and the popularity of the site increased, click rate will follow up ah. The same is true between the two. doesn’t know if your website is making money for you. Does your website addContinue reading

The main points of local tourism website development close contact with local travel agency;

as a business for 1 years of local tourism web site, I think the development of local tourism website opportunity missed by local travel agencies to help, that is to say the local tourism website can not separate the upward development, combined with the reality of resource, remember 11 years visited my site every day hundreds of people, but the site does not have the corresponding company cooperation, until one user asked me I realized the seriousness of the problem, I still remember his question: Hello, excuse me why your website does not provide travel agency for us to choose ? from this problem we can see consumers tour website with one purpose, that is to choose a good travel agency, so the development of local tourism website points is closely related to the local travel agency, which is the development of a breakthrough opportunity to, if we in the business to local travel website will be more than fifty percent of the local travel agency included, I think the development potential of the website can definitely double talk about how to bring local tourism websites and local travel agencies are closely linked to the following. The first to realize local websites and local travel agency is closely linked to comply with the rules of the industry, we all know that there is a travel agency industry factors, that is to commission cooperation, so when we cooperate at the invitation of the travel agency and the site will not be able to forget to give them to the Commission, was the first time I into a travel agency found when the person in charge of them, the person in charge of the first sentence is: are you going to give me how much profit. Was the problem I tangled for a long time, I advertise for him, but also his profit, this is I remain perplexed despite much thought of the problem, but this is a fact, I finally asked a teacher, the teacher told me, now many travel agencies as a whole, the whole is 0 many of them, is a subsidiary of a company, if you do not separate a certain profit, then you may not pull to a local travel agent, wanted to think, I once again came to the travel agency, but this time I prepared directly, and he agreed, the Commission of ten percent, the other as I provide tourism information and tourism links, tourism and tourism price thread, which laid the foundation for the first step on the development of tourism website. again on the basis of the first step we can take the second step strategy, and travel agencies to jointly develop site columns, columns can be called the travel agency, they will invite the local travel agency name, telephone number, tourist routes all added to the column, and then through the way of allowing users to score 5 stars. Consumers come to the website open column can quickly choose a suitable forContinue reading

Poor boy trying to break out of their own piece of sunshine always after the wind and rain

I was born in the countryside, due to poor family, just graduated from junior high school early to the community. I have several choices when reading is not possible, because the family was poor, there is no way for me to read; left to help my father grow well, I also can not be reconciled, I feel so useless; many people choose to go out to work with fellow, though mutual care, in fact I one hundred do not want to, because I know myself, have to rely on their own will not go too hard; so I chose a person out of work, although the parents were very worried, a teenage boy went out, a few parents are willing to do? At that time, I do not know what courage to say: do I have to work with you like farming, planting a lifetime? At that time, the parents cried, I also saw the first time mom and dad cried so sad, perhaps this is my unintentional injury! I quietly wipe tears, but I did not give up the idea of a person out, I secretly vowed to break out of their own career! That night, we did not sleep! The mother quietly opened the box, unlock a layer, I don’t know what she wrapped, only know that after a long time, she took ten pieces of unity (ten yuan) into my hand, said: children, mother money, you go outside, more hungry. Buy something to eat. If it’s not easy to get out of work, go home early. Mom wants you to go home safely! I choked my head and looked out of the window……

Spicy hot snack shop in which the most appropriate

we all know, spicy snacks is more popular among consumers, with the spicy snack popularity, it also brings more open market, so where better? Today to introduce you to a few good time for spicy snack shops, which refer to about ! 1, residential community residential community composition compared to average ordinary guests, spicy snack bar dining area should be large enough to accommodate the consumer table dishes to the selection and collocation of relatively rich, the decoration of shops to express cordial and warm feeling, to meet the needs of adults and children. For lunch, dinner, snack consumption and holidays, no clear peak and peak seasons. In this proposal, hot pot hot pot, hot pot and hot pot casserole for the operation of choice. 2, School Park The annual summer vacation from

How to join the automotive beauty industry – Business

Nowadays, has become an important part of our life. So, entrepreneurs to choose business with a small capital car beauty industry to join? What will be the process of joining the automotive beauty industry? Let’s take a look at it! 1, join the consultation: by telephone, fax, online message and other ways to consult the headquarters to join matters, access to relevant information; 2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the site visits, and with headquarters staff to conduct business communication; 3, join the application: fill in the application form, confirmed the intention to join; 4, qualification audit: the headquarters of the franchisee to provide a variety of information to verify, confirm the franchisee’s qualification; 5, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, formally signed the contract; 6, pay the cost: according to the selection of the franchisee to join the type, to the headquarters to pay the corresponding fee and other fees; 7, skills training: investors to the headquarters of the system of technology, management, marketing training, by the headquarters of the board and lodging arrangements. The training content includes the theory study and the practice operation, after the graduation examination, may authorize the management; 8, store decoration: by the headquarters to help the franchisee in the local location of the store, and provide renovation programs and supervision decoration; 9, opening preparation: to receive authorization, opening gifts, marketing guide manuals and other information, the relevant business guidance; after the completion of logistics distribution, equipment installation and commissioning, goods shelves, ready to open; 10, operational guidance: when the store opened, the headquarters of the appointment of professional technicians, store manager to help store opening, and follow the business guidance and operational planning to ensure the normal operation of the franchise. for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, is a stepping stone for us to success. If you join the automotive beauty industry is also very exciting, then, hurry up! Don’t hesitate!

How to start a business without risk

now the employment situation is grim, many people have to join the tide of entrepreneurship. For a lot of people who are still working, but also want to start a business, but the heart is not strong enough. A lot of office workers absolute workload and compensation is not proportional to the day, want to start their own business value. However, the reality of the problem faced by the office workers have a lot of work, then how to start business without risk?

Summer hot pot restaurant business to keep in mind the six points

now, regardless of southerners or northerners, hot pot is everyone’s favorite tongue delicious. Compared with the winter, a lot of hot pot restaurants in the summer ushered in a few customers, business bleak deserted. But some hot pot shop, the customer is still a lot, really let other pot shop owner envy, then, how do they do it? A, suitable for summer consumption development Hot pot variety The new

Twenty thousand yuan to do what small business good small series recommended

actually in our daily life, there are many million rich good projects, especially the project investment cost is relatively low, many novice entrepreneurs are welcome, if only twenty thousand yuan start-up capital, what do small business than good? We take a look at ! twenty thousand yuan to do what a small business? Furniture swap City there are many people in the old furniture that looks good, to sell, to buy new furniture. These old furniture, in some villages are very fashionable, very popular, investors may wish to buy the old furniture in the city to those places to sell, the business will be very prosperous. twenty thousand yuan to do what a small business? Send fertilizer to field

CmsTop Zhong Shenghui Kang Sheng was acquired without threat

DoNews news August 23rd, seetop Union (CmsTop) CEO Zhong Shenghui said in an interview, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng is mainly to the layout of open platform, snatch small website resources, will not pose a threat to the other CMS vendors. in August 23rd, there is news that the acquisition of Tencent of Comsenz case completed last month, the purchase amount of 170 million yuan, or about $25 million, at present the relevant domain name Comsenz has been transferred to the Tencent under the name of. Zhong Shenghui believes that the acquisition of Tencent is generally in order to open up the layout of the platform to seize the resources of small and medium sites to create favorable conditions for the platform war. Specifically, QQ can pass, qq COINS can be generic, micro-blog can get through, caifutong, pat, virtual image and web games can be implanted, SOSO can be used as the default search community, all things are ready to open up the Tencent can be implanted into a community of software and small website cooperation, to create a super eco system in the field of the internet. This large platform strategy can maximize the interests of Tencent to further consolidate its dominance. Zhong Shenghui think, on the one hand, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng explained the general software to build business value has been recognized, this is a very good demonstration effect for CMS vendor financing and mergers; on the other hand, some CMS manufacturers may worry about the acquisition of Tencent after Kang Sheng to CMS into the field. however, Zhong Shenghui said that he is not worried, because Kang Sheng go is the platform of internet route, through the operation of related value-added services and profitability, compared to the CMS community software customization needs more, is taking the software profit model. Although Kang Sheng launched a SupeSite before the CMS, but now has stopped updating, and Dai Zhikang has made clear in the exchange of friends and do not intend to strengthen the CMS function. As a result, it is unlikely that CMS will be able to develop in the short term, and there are many more important things to do, and this is not in line with their strategic direction. For local and industry sites, the depth of integration needs of the community and CMS is still very urgent, you can solve this problem by way of product cooperation. Zhong Shenghui said, CmsTop will continue to focus on the field of information media, traditional media and small and medium network media to provide new media technology products and services, advancing with the times, to promote the transformation of the media field. We will be close to the market demand, adhere to focus, practical, easy to use, open product concept, enhance product competitiveness, and at the same time with Kang Sheng, phpwind, shopex and other site products for deep integration. it is understood that Zhong Shenghui is the founder of PHPCMS, former Cool 6 networkContinue reading

How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of QQ space

we all know, no matter what type of number we do, as long as the fans are concerned we need to pay attention to a little, that is our daily maintenance. This routine maintenance is very important for us. Our previous is the amount needed for the fans, so we need to do is we late for this number of maintenance, we maintain it directly affects the growth of our fans, we can find that some fans grew quickly, and some have been growing slowly. In addition to our material reasons, there is another important reason is our maintenance. The daily maintenance mainly has the following points: first: space reply we say we are fans, the key is that we can build a relationship with the fans, that is, we can close the relationship between each other. But this is something that few of us do. Except for star space, we know it’s hard to be a star. But we also need to take some time to interact, which we talked about yesterday. So now I’ll talk about how we should be the general popularity of space to do between the number of fans reply. 1 reply word reply to the word for us is very important, this can reflect the theme of our number, so long term can build our image in the hearts of fans. For example, I was laughing to Aunt father, so my aunt is in their hearts the image. So we are talking about or reply to the time when we need to reply to how the aunt, that hair when it is said that aunt father……. So this is the theme of our number. So if we were stars. For example, I do Tang Yan, so my words is "sugar" what. In this way, if we just talk about it or we mention the name, then they will be the first time to think of us. 2 reply interval QQ for us the most important is the official restrictions. Whether it is our home QQ friends or our space to reply these are limited. After this we specifically. It is a headache for us to limit the space response. First of all, we have some content that needs to interact with the fans. We often reply to a friend may notice this point. As soon as we reply, we will be limited. is there a way to solve this problem? Of course it does. (1) at different time reply (2) each reply a few intervals of time can avoid the above two points are limited when prompted us to reply, reply, please take a rest when we don’t go back, this is also a white back to reply, but our limited time will increase. In general, a few minutes to one

Old Tang local website promotion combat poster bar text

  Jilin Meihekou ushered in the first snow this winter. in this small town, there is such a small site: opened in November 07, focusing on life information, carrying tens of thousands of information, thousands of transactions…… in this season of snow, the website ushered in the 4 birthday. this is – Meihekou life network (http://www.jlmhk.com), an ordinary but hard local classification information website. at present, is the most active local information website, is the most active city in Jilin province county information website. said the website promotion, there is no so-called "secret", but have a lot to say. Recently, and we introduce several ways to promote the site. theory and practice, today to talk about posters column promotion website: people exchange information has some limitations, such as age, do not understand or are not familiar with the Internet operation, etc.. So, the traditional poster bar, has become the best way of this kind of crowd to exchange information. Each city will set up some bulletin boards, for people to exchange information. well, the carrier found it, and we’re ready for the material. we do the site LOGO graphics processing, so that the document is simplified, leaving only a slogan. The reason for this is because people do not have too much patience to scan your ad. So, we should let advertising: simple, intuitive. is looking for space on bulletin boards, the best position is on the left, right, right, Zuo Zhong in the position, of course, position selection with personal preferences. Do not cover their ads to other people just posted on the ad, which will make people disgusted. posted ads leave end? No, we still have a thing to do, take equipment ready, such as digital camera, mobile phone with camera, the people posting advertising pictures, when we go back, will be forwarded to the website. If conditions permit, you can also send messages to the phone number left on the ad. The content of the message, you can prompt the user’s advertising was sent to our website, you can also directly to the user to promote our website. In this way, not only enrich the content of the site, but also a more effective and end user communication. Figure is our own production of promotional material: A4 paper, color printing, self-adhesive stickers at the back.

Vertical electricity supplier outlet Market Segmentation

May 16th, jumei.com in the United States, the original plans to issue price range of $-21.5 $19.5, the actual price of $22, which, since 2011 April jumei.com became the first, the issue price is higher than the issue price range, ultra raise shares of the company. Recently listed cheetah mobile networks and the way cattle, have lowered the issue price range. raised the issue price to a large extent indicates the degree of market sought after. Jumei.com listed on the first day of the opening price of $27.18, up 23.5% over the issue price, eventually closing at $24.18, or 9.91%. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, jumei.com market capitalization of $3 billion 433 million, the electricity supplier counterparts, is second only to vip.com ranked second, third for dangdang.com ($737 million). Chinese in electricity giant monopoly situation, many electricity providers are at a loss or collapse under the situation of how jumei.com is the A new force suddenly rises.?This is because jumei.com positioning with other electricity providers, jumei.com is to provide high-quality cosmetics for female business platform, to avoid direct competition with the business tycoon, no competition is more likely to develop. due to the different positioning, jumei.com has become one of the few profitable enterprises in the vertical, and at the same time, most of the vertical electricity supplier is still a loss. vertical electric market segmentation is not a few, the prospect is broad, of course, do vertical electricity supplier at the same time I should avoid the same giant and similar positioning website competition, only to avoid competition to maximize our interest to. Of course, giants almost all classification are doing, you want the competition is almost impossible to avoid completely, so you have to market more detailed, providing personalized service for this part of the market positioning of you. This is the so-called market segmentation, also called niche service. HostEase virtual host is also dedicated to provide the domestic virtual host IDC provider, which is specifically for the domestic construction enterprises of foreign trade website and other websites demand generated from the record, this is a fragmented market, because only for foreign trade and business class website, so HostEase sales are particularly good. In this way, to avoid competition with other domestic IDC providers, but also to avoid direct competition with other foreign filing IDC. HostEase although only for foreign trade and business class website, but it is one of the highest sales of all providers of foreign IDC companies in the market because it was quite understand, know what is the customer demand. And HostEase also often provide preferential activities for users, such as the recent release of the virtual host discount code: 2014, by virtue of this discount code HostEase all virtual host half price discount. Need friends can go to HostEa>

Ten minutes to make your site more user-friendly – thank you teach foreign trade

today’s tutorial to talk about how to make your site more user-friendly. Humane intention is to find manufacturers from human engineering, ecology and aesthetic perspectives in the design of products when perfect, so as to realize the purpose of people-oriented science and technology, we do a website, especially foreign websites, in addition to visual beauty, but also must try to do to humanity. Humanization includes many aspects, the following five main emphasis on the important and practical aspects: first, site access speed. A lot of SOHO or small foreign trade companies, in order to save money, a lot of the domestic use of the virtual host, but the mainland’s international bandwidth is small is well-known. If you enter the URL, one minute can not open the site, ask, how many people will wait patiently? Even if can wait, the new page have to wait for a long time to open each time, will also allow customers to become irritable mood. In fact, the slow speed of the site will affect your site in the search engine rankings. So, even if the foreign trade website to do a little ugly, simple, and certainly can not slow down a little. Xie strongly suggested that foreign trade website must use a good server, if the customer is mainly in the Asia Pacific region, then use the Hongkong server, if the customer is mainly from Europe and the United States, then use the U.S. server. The money can’t be saved. second, website contact. Most foreign trade websites have contact us this column, in fact, we can do a little more humane. For example, in each of the following products can add contact method; MSN SKYPE, Yahoo messager, now support online conversation, can put them on the web, let the customer with a click of the mouse, we can immediately direct communication. Like Guestbook, order online this column, some foreign websites can not wait to let customers put their birthdates all fill out, this is actually very let people hate and impatient, xieke think let the customer name and Email is enough. third, site compatibility issues. This is a very easy to ignore, but often a mistake. This problem mainly includes two aspects, one is different browser software (different operating systems), such as IE or Firefox. One is the display resolution difference. Most of us browser resolution are generally 1024*768, but there is a part of 800*600, or 1280*1024 and so on, so we finished the site, must be in different browsers and different resolution test below. fourth, product classification and description of a comprehensive and detailed. Classification as far as possible, the product description as far as possible to improve a little bit, itself is also an advertising their own opportunities. A lot of foreign trade web site is a picture and a product name, for old customers may not be called for new customers, there may be some inconvenience. fifth, the site’s FAQ column. No FAQ column >