Dew on the new domestic record fully achieved some of the difficulties

domestic new records may really be achieved, the wind is blowing again and again, yesterday saw the space business into Beijing, what is the meeting?. Now let me talk about some of the difficulty of fully implementing the new filing. one, international rice question, is the first record filing requirements, and then analysis station, if the meter is registered in a foreign country, may achieve a certain degree of difficulty, people in the overseas registration, registration of foreign companies may not require all international meters are real, even impossible to Chinese by international rice, requirements Chinese international home record meter. It is also impossible for China to force foreign registrars to do so, just as last year many foreign registrars did not use cn. we assume that, if the Chinese in overseas registration meters all blocked, not let our people open, may do, there will be a lot of foreign opposition, will bring a lot of pressure of public opinion. Against all pressure, China can not do so, nor will it. two, space problem, new record can only require China’s space providers to implement, we want to think about it, perhaps only the big space providers will go to do so, such photographs for the record, not to mention trouble, but also tired. There is no way for a large space provider to survive, but only to do so. Small space business on the switch to do foreign space, the original small space business profits less, it is impossible for a number of domestic servers and to do a large number of camera filing system. Small space providers to transfer to foreign countries, of course, will be more or less to bring some users, with the user’s drive, of course, will also form a series of chain reactions. My station also moved abroad, the foreign space slowly, slowly, and do not have to be so troublesome. domestic large space business requirements are strict, what a little bit wrong on your site, will be closed space, is also the reason why many small owners to transfer to small space taking domestic reasons. three, personal information security issues we’re going to take pictures, of course, some personal information to be submitted to the space business, when the information submitted to the space, the space is not necessarily secure, this may not say, people may now do in space will not give you the delivery of personal information, once they do space. May your information will be sold to other people. We submit to the space providers have the most important identity card information, with these identity cards, information fall into the hands of bad guys, inevitably there will be some insecurity. four, offsite camera fee problem now many small and medium-sized Adsense has no income or a small amount of income, you say you will be in a space to take photos?. This remote camera will undoubtedly improve the construction site of the threshold, of course there will be some owners chooseContinue reading

Trojan horse overflow, grassroots webmaster to strengthen security awareness

website has been infiltrated Documentary: the morning of March 30, 2008 3:39, up about 0 points to update a number of stations, results do not go on the background.. Sweating. Tip: No database selected – Execute Query False! Select dede1_admin where userid like * From’admin’limit 0,1 why this dede1_admin, I suggest? What time into this database prefix, observe the front, no horse poison phenomenon, but the problem is not very serious, check the other station also cannot login background. Even the master too, several station procedures are dedecms, to a group, some friends can not escape, I maintain dishes, these stations completely rely on friends to help take care of, now friends sleep, only himself, open FTP, root directory: which include files to a group? Inspiration in the remind of a config_base.php, a down down, sweatThe / database connection information $cfg_dbhost =’′; $cfg_dbname =’sq_hack4′; $cfg_dbuser =’sq_hack4′; $cfg_dbpwd =’hongfa’; $cfg_dbprefix =’deabcdde_’; $cfg_db_language =’gbk’; changed this, I do not know why the meaning of the black brother, is to send me the database, immediately restored, uploaded, successfully login background, found no other exception then sweep the horse to see if there were any back doors. background play path, the latest official patch, change some directory execute permissions to view server security situation, whether people with webshell, no good results, call it a day. Although is not a horse, but if hanging, the consequences will be grievous, so to remind dedecms be careful, fall, also hope that the official Dede attention to security issues, a false alarm, ah, this world is no more designed to engage in this to make a fortune, as the intention to do something, there are a few friends opened network security company, to get them to the server, the network is so dark, we care for you, to update your website, or Baidu will be hungry to more serious consequences.

Three years of scholarship to do poineering work venture capital

can turn his interest into a lucrative career, everyone’s dream. A group of music loving little friends are here to pursue the music dream. They do their own guitar, guitar, arranger, singing. When the weather is good, in the school of the lake on the grass, playing and singing, and music bathed in sunshine. them, the boy named Liu Zebin is the "guitar tribe" boss. He is from the school of information, Zhejiang Gongshang University. He not only teach everyone to play the guitar, but also personally taught the skills to make the guitar to the students, his companions called him "big family". 6 years old began to contact the guitar making     dream for music crazy

Li Jiacheng’s wife, Zhuang Yueming, and the richest man in love

richest man Li Jiacheng, we all know, we are familiar with, what is the richest lady? What is the richest man’s love story? How can a woman become the richest lady? May wish to come together to understand!   Li Jiacheng wife, who may be less aware of the public, Li Jiacheng came out in the audience’s most sight is the richest man in China, the title of the title of "". Because of Li Jiacheng create the myth of the commercial articles, is an immense number of books. However, the article about Li Jiacheng wife is extremely rare. Why? Originally, Li Jiacheng does not like to talk about personal feelings. What’s more, he doesn’t want to mention the love story between him and his wife in public.

The car light dazzle round platform – all good entrepreneurs to join the

a good platform to join the venture, in the car Chi dazzle dazzling light wheel to join the project. If you join the car to dazzle dazzle dazzling light wheel project, is also a very exciting, to choose to join the car Chi dazzle dazzling light wheel? Fashion choice, the choice of strength! Jushi products by many consumers favorite car Chi Hyun amazing light round in my country market, good business opportunities, attracted many people to join, and join the cost only 3 to 50 thousand yuan can open a shop easily, this product can bring you a very big market, let you can very easily in the process of entrepreneurship. Is a very good platform for entrepreneurship. car dazzle dazzle light wheel to join the money? car dazzle dazzle light wheel is a very good business opportunities, after joining in the support of the headquarters, you will not have any worries, will not feel any pressure. It has great prospects for development, the advantages of joining a lot, so that you are very relaxed in the process of entrepreneurship. Chi Chi dazzle light wheel led the trend of fashion, opened a new industry, to bring people a good development. In fact, entrepreneurial choice to join the car dazzle dazzle variety of light and shadow round of the project, open a car of their own Chi dazzle dazzle light wheel franchise, is also very business opportunities, with the strength of choice. Market opportunities are good, entrepreneurial worry free, so good to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

Fine cigarette sales ideas which

any new products in the market after the birth of if you want to create higher sales, natural also needs to grasp the skills, this will make the sales of products is higher, to get real brand promotion. As a new type of cigarette products, cigarette sales in the last few years, the performance of the market is very eye-catching, in order to meet the needs of individual consumers, based on the diversification of the demand to lead a thin consumer boom. recently, the market has a new fine cigarette, Shaowu cigarette retail customers have their own coup, the author from the southeast of Shaowu city commercial cigarette store learned that she is from poly "powder", experience, integral, serial tracking force, do fine cigarette brand sales. poly "powder": the southeast city commercial cigarette shop through two platforms, one is through the "WeChat" platform, push the fine cigarette brand culture, price, packaging and other publicity campaign; two is through the "Shaowu Lily and" push the public number of fine cigarette series of promotional content. By two large platform to push the brand culture, to promote the atmosphere of the campaign, to capture the fine cigarette fans". Southeast Commercial City boss, said: at present, I have a total of more than 1000 people in the circle of friends of WeChat, Lily tobacco members have more than 500, these are potential customers of fine cigarettes". experience: Southeast commercial city cigarette shop experience area always put on a book, an ashtray, a pack of cigarettes, the boss let consumers into the store to buy the boss after the experience, experience in the process of the target fine cigarettes to consumers. For a long time, through experiential marketing, the high rate of consumer purchase, the boss said: after the consumer experience mans smoke, sales increased by 20% over the same period last year". points: after the success of the boss recommended, in the Shaowu Lily alcohol and tobacco Ping Ping points, consumers can reach a certain point after the exchange of gifts to the store. Tracking: Southeast Commercial City boss said, from the store to sell the fine cigarettes, the late return visit, to understand the situation of cigarette smoking for consumers, while laying the foundation for the next purchase. a lot of new products have just come out, the sales of the product can not be satisfied, but if you take the right way to create high sales can also be very easy. It is reported that Shaowu southeast commercial city cigarette shop through poly powder, experience, points, tracking a few links, in July successfully recommended 76 fine cigarettes. Next, the Shaowu branch of the southeast city of Commerce recommend a fine smoke coup to promote exchanges, tap the potential of retail customers to cultivate fine cigarettes, cigarette sales to achieve new growth points.

The winter Hot pot popular investment choice – the whole

because of the cold winter weather, many people love to eat Hot pot very much, many entrepreneurs have seen Hot pot to join the market prospects, so they are extremely interested in the Hot pot, taste delicious, let a person very memorable, but also to eat Hot pot Caution. In September 2014, a self-service barbecue shop Zhejiang Yiwu waiter directly add alcohol to Hot pot oven with glass bottles of alcohol in alcohol exposed to Hot pot furnace for a moment, and then ejected straight fire caused the fire, leading to a female college student body 80% burns. 2015 in December 22nd, Guizhou in Hongqiao province Dushan County Road fish shop Hot pot fire, but fortunately firefighters arrived, all 14 people trapped evacuation. 2016 at 20:16 on November 18th, Shanghai, Yangpu, a subsidiary of the 35 branch of a hot pot of carbon monoxide poisoning occurred, but fortunately all personnel are not life-threatening. delicious winter hot pot do not forget to fire safety in strict accordance with the standard operation so eat hot pot, the Fire Department reminded to pay attention to the following points: 1, at home to eat hot pot, you should buy a special pot, the quality of the product need to pass, carey check to prevent the purchase of the poor quality of the product without inspection, before use, to be familiar with the use of methods. 2, dining out as far as possible to choose the fire facilities in good restaurants, found that the presence of dining room fire safety risks, the service process is not standardized, should be made in a timely manner, or call 96119 to report to the fire department. 3, on the table as far as possible not to use the way to burn the fire, if you must use open flame, in order to ensure a good place to eat in the premise of good ventilation conditions, as far as possible the use of volatile, high ignition fuel. 4, if the use of electric hot pot, we should first take the hot pot, after the power supply, cut off the power supply after use. If the use of copper pot of charcoal, when dining choice well ventilated places, the ventilation window, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the Hot pot pad under a plate, put some water to prevent high temperature bake bad desktop or even cause a fire. 5, if the use of alcohol, first of all to learn how to strictly in accordance with the standard operation, to prevent the improper operation caused deflagration. When the use of alcohol should be poured into the alcohol and then the ignition, the fire can not be added to the hot pot of alcohol, if you need to add alcohol, to be extinguished after the fire, the pot body temperature decreased by. 6, to learn fire safety knowledge, access to restaurants and other public places, to pay attention to safety exits and evacuation channels, in case of fire, should ensure thatContinue reading

Xining city to strengthen the development and management of public welfare measures to further stren

To strengthen the development and management of Xining city public welfare posts, focus on the implementation of assistance to the employment of disadvantaged groups, to better serve the social public enterprise, human resources and Social Security Bureau for the development of public service positions, management and practice in Xining City, after repeated research and demonstration, introduced the "Xining city to strengthen the development of public welfare post management" measures, to further strengthen the employment of disadvantaged groups assistance in order to strengthen the development and management of Xining city public welfare posts, focus on the implementation of assistance to the employment of disadvantaged groups, to better serve the social public enterprise, human resources and Social Security Bureau for the development of public service positions, management and practice in Xining City, after repeated research, demonstration, issued a "Xining city to strengthen public service jobs the development of management measures", to further strengthen the employment of disadvantaged groups assistance. the way to realize the public interests and people with difficulties in finding jobs for the purpose of urban zero employment families of personnel, continuous unemployment registered unemployed persons, more than one year of employment and employment aspirations of the disabled, disabled families, poor families, college graduates enjoy the urban minimum living security personnel or the lost land is other personnel to determine the farmers’ employment difficulties and the provincial government be included in the scope of assistance, priority placement of personnel qualified can obtain the public welfare post. In addition, the new approach also increased the employer to work overtime the wages paid by the employing units and other terms, and a clear public job placement must adhere to the "society oriented, voluntary application, verification and publicity, resettlement principle, job recruitment, examination and certification work more transparent and orderly.    

Datong County to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao

  7 31 afternoon, Datong County held the fourteen session of the tenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, learning to convey the spirit of general secretary Hu Jintao in July 23rd speech at the provincial level leading cadres Symposium opening ceremony, the State Party spirit analysis will be the Secretary of the forum and the economic situation of the province, municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the five session of the spirit.   Yan Shujiang comrades learn deeply and thoroughly the central and provincial leadership speech an important conference, put forward three requirements to the county cadres at all levels: is a profound understanding of the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao, to further unify their thinking and action. Brilliant speech of general secretary Hu Jintao leading cadres at provincial and ministerial level seminar of the opening ceremony of the new situation of our country is facing the new task of science, expounds several major issues related to the party and the country as a whole, profoundly answered a series of theoretical and practical problems of the future development of the party and the country, to further promote economic construction the political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party building are comprehensive arrangements and requirements, it can be said that the important speech of Comrade Hu Jintao, as we opened the eighteen party to determine the tone, for us to summarize the past and future planning, pointed out the direction, has a very important guiding significance to further understanding of the unity of the whole party. County Party members and cadres at all levels should seriously study and deeply understand and grasp the implementation. two is close to reality, combine the Hu Jintao spirit of the speech and the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the five session of the spirit of learning, and chase the construction of "four district two base Resort and satellite city", to build a prosperous and harmonious livable Datong new goals and tasks together, the spirit of the central and provincial Party Committee Municipal Committee, an important speech is the same, the combination of One principle runs through it all., to seriously study and understand, analyze and grasp the development situation and opportunity, seize the opportunity to accelerate the development of. three is go all out to promote the effectiveness of the work. Analysis and municipal Party committee thirteen plenary meeting of the five session have carried out a profound analysis of the current economic situation of the province’s economic situation, the first half of this year in the county under the joint efforts, the economy maintained a steady and rapid development, to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task, but in the county competition background survey chase development. Especially in the face of large industrial downtown pressure on the economy, various uncertain factors;

Datong County, the town of Haruki on the town of six months of the objectives of the responsibility

in order to fully grasp the progress of the town of Haruki six months of work, in line with the problem, promote the implementation of the purpose of progress. August 22nd to 23, the town Party committee and government organizations from team members, party office, comprehensive management, planning, civil affairs, agriculture and other office staff, divided into two groups for the 20 Haruki half of the party’s organization construction, spiritual civilization, production safety, labor export, family planning, comprehensive management of social security, rural economic development the work of the inspection. Supervision to listen to the report, check information, etc.. village Party branch according to the notice issued under the supervision of the town, for the first half of the party and the central work carried out a careful comprehensive summary. Through the inspection, the majority of the village signed on the basis at the beginning of the responsibility, to carry out the work, and then implement the plan, basically reached more than half the time, more than half of the mission objectives and requirements, and achieved good results. is a village to carry out party activities. Plan the work of Party building the village, and the first half of the work summary. Earnestly implement the responsibility system for building the party, the party held a special meeting, the organization committee members, Party members to carry out learning activities, and carry out the "village village finance Town tube" work, conscientiously implement the "post responsibility, public commitment activities, Party organizations and Party members have publicly promised to improve the village reserve cadres personnel information library, the village Party branch to strengthen the organization and coordination of efforts to make the" urban and rural Party branch hand in hand "twinning activities to achieve new results. Increase efforts to the development of Party members, and actively organize to carry out various forms of entertainment activities, actively carry out the "promote" the activities of distance education, distance education equipment management standard, play, watch the normal; two is for the tangible things and project management. Taiwan village "company + farmers" in the form of 10 households promote local chicken farmers, established chicken farming cooperatives. Expand the planting area of rape, plastic film potato and onion. The breed of dairy cattle was optimized, and the women’s home was carried out in the village. The leveling in the field of road; Xu village and Forestry Bureau signed an agreement to transfer 400 acres of land, planting seedlings; Zhao village to carry out investment, the introduction of Lake source animal husbandry and stone industry progenitor two enterprises, fixed assets and high income; Huang Dong Cun County Water Conservation Station, completed 2 canal reconstruction. Unicom and the establishment of an information platform to facilitate the masses. The implementation of these projects, and effectively promote the new rural construction to increase the pace of economic development, and the income of farmers, improve rural living environment; three is in the maintenance of social stability, national unity and progress on resolving social contradictionsContinue reading

Haizi ditch golden beans in Xining sell fire

March 20th 11, by the Huangzhong county Party Committee Propaganda Department of Party committee, government sponsored and Hai Zi Gou Xiang Huangzhong Zi Gou "beans" product promotion, on the 54 street Richpower commercial pedestrian street officially opened, to buy the Haizigou "beans" citizens Haizigou really let the villagers in a continuous line, Chaodou, busy and sell bean lea.

North identified 29 key investment projects

is a good investment plan early in 2015, the North District in the region to carry out a wide range of investment projects to determine the collection activities, city construction, business services, regional economic, social and other aspects of people’s livelihood projects for the 29 key investment projects this year.

Catering industry how to do crisis public relations

food and beverage industry, especially large chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, once broke the food quality problems, is a huge market crisis, how to do public relations crisis is particularly important, today Xiaobian take you to discuss how to carry out the catering industry crisis public relations. , a sincere apology, ease consumer sentiment "attitude determines destiny", the event of a crisis, this sentence is true. In dealing with the crisis, attitude is the most important. The first time the voice and responsibility of all doubt can not bear down, can not talk ambiguously, ambiguous attitude, can not speed slow, and then come up with the most responsible attitude and the fact that the action quickly and make the processing of events. In fact, after a lot of crisis events, the media and the audience and even the victim is not very concerned about the event itself, but more concerned about the attitude of the responsible person. Apathy, arrogance, and other attitude will only increase the public’s anger, the incident itself a serious amplification. 1. official stance to apologize for the first time to stand up in the speed of information dissemination developed today, must be the first time in the matter worse apology issued a letter of apology, to the official attitude, this fully shows the company’s high sense of responsibility and concern. 2. held a press conference, the leaders publicly apologized After

Where is the toy shop

in order to operate a fun shop should pay attention to the site, in fact, choose the right address is really important. So the toy store should choose where to operate it? This is a lot of entrepreneurs should carefully consider the issue, the article describes the appropriate location of the shop. theaters and other public places of entertainment around the shop for a gift shop; target customers are young people, couples, this population consumption ability is very strong. And the consumption of randomness is relatively large, usually on where to buy where to go, so the store decoration must be visible, and with posters, posters, brochures and other series of promotions, product category should be widely. High school low-end price has its consumer groups, the key is to make the theme of the characteristics. below world business network to the age for example for your division area:

6.13 Shanxi hail big eggs

the arrival of summer, a lot of places where the phenomenon of heavy rainfall, there are more places under the hail phenomenon. So, 6.13 Shanxi hail big egg is how one thing? In the face of the will, the relevant departments have no timely defense measures? 6 on the afternoon of 13 August, Shanxi, southeastern and Northern hail, especially in the worst hit Changzhi. According to witnesses, there are large eggs hail. The district where many cars have hit a big hole. according to CCTV weather forecast, today to 16, the South will appear since the flood season this year, the largest range of rainstorm, some areas may exceed the same period in the history of extreme daily rainfall. Among them, Fujian and other places in the northwest part of the heavy rain. Heavy rainfall during the 14 main night to the morning of 16 am. is reported that the heavy rainfall process area of about 1 million square kilometers, the largest range of heavy rainfall this year, heavy rain area of about 460 thousand square kilometers. people in the face of the weather, a lot of time, although the technology is more developed, but only in advance to do the appropriate preventive measures to minimize the loss! Comply with the laws of nature, the development of the economy, but also pay attention to the protection of the environment, human beings will have a better ecological environment, natural environment! related recommendations

How to do business to capture the hearts of customers

in order to promote the development of the store business, now the owner of the customer to obtain the basis of recognition but spent a lot of effort. In fact, the market marketing such as rivers and lakes, such as the sword, how in the fierce competition in the terminal market talent shows itself? When we are in the price war, advertising war, promotional war cycle time, may wish to abandon the old thinking, broaden their horizons and try new tactics, perhaps can have unexpected harvest. had a case where a customer bought a carton of milk at a supermarket and went to a snack bar nearby. He cracked the milk box and began to eat. After dinner, he found a fly in it. So, the customer returned to the supermarket to discuss that ablaze with anger. the customer manager on duty office, asked the side edge apology found flies place, boxed milk and so on, and help him analyze possible reasons. But the customer to business excuse for the grounds, refused to apologize for saying to the supermarket. Finally, the duty manager to leave the customer contact, decided to change the time to negotiate. second days, Day reception manager on duty to call the customer, they and milk manufacturers after consultation, inviting customers to visit the whole filling process, milk milk factory and put forward the spirit of the customer and responsible attitude, to fly the death time for identification, please customer supervision. customers in the milk factory visit, the impossible flies appear in closed phenomena such as milk filling; at the same time, customers feel that the supermarkets’ handling of the situation is very serious, for he is very responsible attitude softened. At this time, the manager on duty and timely apology, so that the event has been very satisfactory solution. if you want to really get the customer’s recognition, first of all can not allow customers to be hurt, so as to win the hearts of customers. In a word, reflect customer value, don’t hurt the customers, this is the key to bring back the reputation to win. Let customers have a kind of "God" feeling, not only to win the market, but more importantly, captured the hearts of customers.

What are the commonly used methods to promote the sale of towels

often use products are many, which is very demand of towel products, is also very worthy of choice of business sectors, many households now demand for goods this big towel, driven by the development of high quality towel market, some entrepreneurs see the towel market is good, choose to open stores towel then, towel stores commonly used promotional methods are those? towel price promotions. If the towel stores in the off-season, if it is a major holiday, you can consider price promotions! Which price range is usually 20 to 30% is appropriate, low prices will not only hurt their image and interests, vicious competition will provoke industry. Price strategy can be a comprehensive price, it can be a product price. towel shop gift promotion. Gift gift shop towel to join also targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. A gift is not only to establish brand awareness, but also consider enhance brand reputation, with its own brand image tightly. towel shop coupon promotions. Under what circumstances is it appropriate to send a coupon when the store turnover is declining?. To meet the low price competition, in order to keep the old customers can send to send coupons, towel store has just opened, in order to expand its influence, can be issued coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers. no matter what the industry, what business is the need to approach in business, so is the towel towel industry, business franchise, to ensure their own store sales, we must do a good job shop towel product promotion work, small three kinds of promotion methods above hope to inspire entrepreneurs, help they better shop! related recommendations