On the way to make money off Taobao profitsHow to maximize shlf1314AdSense revenue

two: the application of There is a law of network, many people’s money, and is a very fashionable, young people are the best potential consumer crowd, you don’t tell me would make a 70 year old woman will believe can buy things on the Internet, nothing else is learned the use of a miracle computer using Taobao, so it’s really a lot on the Internet to buy items that these people, 2030 years old, in the global network every day, to follow the trend of avant-garde fashion can accept to buy things on the network so that the thought of people, people positioning well, read here, if you don’t know this chat you’d better go to the room for a look at the overseas development, popularity reaches ordinary people not to hang up all night unable to squeeze the state you say the number of people? The first few pages of each city are thousands of people with chat When online, the best promotion here is to promote Taobao off the Adult supplies, because these people need, rushed to the afternoon and midnight, the man is very much, for the group chat room may be a lot of people say the same, but you’d better test in saying so, don’t ask new or not, you ask not earn money, money is king, my apprentice a month just this one project can be the income of more than 3K, for some of the details of the simple description, IP you can go to sh419 search the free VPN proxy or HSS-1.34-install-anchorfree some free agent software to solve mass, for the title you can go to sh419 search the software has a batch registration number, and because the chat room is a lot of foreign development can also visit foreign chat rooms, you can also register the pier company EB AY to Chinese products sold to foreigners, but also substantial profits, the rest of their play. is a local high quality traffic aggregation, to One Piece Post Bar to investigate these Naruto death, that is how I long for the popularity, sh419 Post Bar hushidandan, because there are too many people, how to use is a big problem, because sh419 for this limit is more, because the mass in programming for the identification verification code success rate is not too high so the mass do not study, and what I say is another method, that is a catchy title, such as: a few W people laugh too funny funny pictures, such as a hacker treated you call her beautiful pictures what > . We’ve collected these easy to implement techniques to help you maximize your AdSense’s potential to increase revenue. 1. displays ads in a visible position. Placing ads in an obvious location where they do not have to scroll can make it easier for visitors to see ads, thereby increasing the chance of clicking. 2. tries different ad formats. Web pages are different in style, so you should try using differentContinue reading

Talking about the choice of Taobao guest website programsh419 alliance Xintian two sets of search bo

! To meet the diverse needs of affiliate members for search patterns, we added the Flash style search box with default size 728 x 90 and the list of search styles for the default size of 160 x 390, if you want to use the new effect now, please get new code in the background of the alliance. Instantly experience the new sh419 alliance website search box style. more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u ! first let you know the domestic league dynamics, if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback The use of sh419 alliance development from ! if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://union.sh419/ wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact 3, if you do not want to manually add data and pseudo original, want to directly call taobao all the original Taobao customer data use, you should apply for a TOPAPI account through the official Taobao open platform, and then find a good use of the Taobao TOP off site procedures, advantages of using the TOP program was once your site recognized by search engines, you included, traffic and income will be very good, but its drawback is that all the data are and others are the same, is not likely to be included in the search engine to give weight, a few days ago just to see a friend using the TOP program is very distressed. Originally the site was collected by sh419 about one million, after tens of thousands of daily IP later sh419 right down, only a few dozen IP flow. on Taobao guest website program, we must each one according to his lights, I hope everyone here can find their suitable Taobao guest website program, I wish you good luck, ha ha. This article for Taobao online shopping women’s kanqu village head original, copyright all, reproduced please specify . 2 new styles have been fully launched yesterday afternoon. 2, but if Taobao commodity data acquisition in some of my friends will appear static pages too much or even hundreds of 10G, so if you can use the pseudo static or dynamic economic conditions do not allow the word site Taobao program, for example, some of my friends are using ECSHOP shop procedures modified pseudo static Taobao customers the program is also very good, the search engine is also relatively friendly. 1, try to use a static page web site procedures, because the static page web site for the search engines is relatively friendly, but also can reduce the website database, reduce website access load, here recommend DEDECMX and PHPCMS produced the official Taobao customer cooperation program, a template is rich and powerful, on the other hand relative to some other Taobao passenger safety procedures will be better. Flash search box: with support for all sh419 search options, display sh419 Fengyun list, browser Flash support detection, scaling and otherContinue reading

Depth analysis of 6 types of user purchase behavior

broadly speaking, the user’s buying behavior is divided into 6 main types. 1. price type buying behavior The price of type is divided into two categories, one is familiar to us, our promotional platform main users, love to buy cheap goods, even in the absence of purchase intention of the case, see will take action to buy cheap goods. Some people trust senior special price goods, the goods that neededmaterials excellent, reliable quality, which is called "a penny, one goods", so the Changle to buy expensive items, so that you can make your own needs to better meet. (of course, practical operation and price control is not so simple, consumers want to buy cheap goods, but the product can not only give consumers a sense of value of the price, let consumers feel is a super low price to buy a value of the product, and after the village no longer have the shop. This is to meet the needs of consumers. )   2. rational buying behavior this is what we often say "difficult" users, the foundation repeated consideration and careful analysis, choice to take on the purchase behavior, not easily by advertising, product appearance and other purchasing behavior, but the quality of goods, performance, price and service more seriously. Often this kind of user complaints rate, refund rate will be relatively high, in the face of such users should be realistic introduction of goods in order to facilitate transactions. Product side, you can provide some certification. Such as details, real shot, lightning delivery, these certifications can play a key role in the purchase decisions of such users. 3. impulse buying behavior users of this behavior often buy goods under the stimulus of advertising and merchandising, demonstrations and other factors. They choose the goods mainly by intuition, but seldom by rational thinking. They pay little attention to the actual utility and price of the goods. Because they love or see others rushing to buy them, they will take action quickly. Beautiful, eye-catching, for attracting such users, the effect is very significant. 4. imaginative buying behavior this is a complex buying behavior. The complex is that these users are very subjective and have very high appreciation of the goods themselves and are rarely influenced by other users. On the contrary, often the decisions made by such users inadvertently become opinion leaders in the eyes of other users. 5. habitual buying behavior users of this kind of brand appeal is very strong, the brand here refers to the trademark, not the so-called "brand", that is, the so-called "old users."". The characteristics of these users: relatively high cost of access, but the relative is not too easy to drain. On our platform has a good shopping experience, will continue to do our purchasing operations on the platform, directional and repetitive. (if once this class >

How to make good use of local resource advantages in network business

cloud, mountain patron eat character. It was done in ancient times, and in modern times it could be done. If you go, I am afraid not only a waste of resources and waste of energy. Moreover, at present, if you do industry class sites, to achieve online shopping, if there is no line under the physical, how come in the virtual space transactions?. As far as the object is concerned, the things around you are the best. I want to say first of all its advantages, the scope is limited, if you do a province as the keynote of industry website, that your range is where the village and township (town), county (city) area or, if you do a nationwide type industry website, that your web site in the province (municipalities, SAR). If you’re a global site, your site is nationwide. Self advantage refers to the advantages of resources covered by the website. It’s like saying "famous specialty" or something like that. I think some places are very local and can be known at a glance, but some of them are not obvious and need us to study them carefully. Next, I refine the category, so that we understand. first, animal husbandry and fishery industry. Most in the international area, animal husbandry and fishery in marine aquaculture and marine fishing industry has a lot of advantages here, for example: Dangshan pear, Changbai Mountain ginseng, such as storage of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs will always find, for refreshments. followed by manufacturing, electricity, gas and water, construction, minerals and precious stones. We all know that these inland resources, but manufacturing is certainly in the coastal area characteristics, and in view of the advantages of the manufacturing sector, is the same industry or related industries companies love together, so the cost is saved, but also the formation of scale advantages, like Zhejiang Jiang Yiwu commodity concentration, Hunan pearl in the clothing store etc.. finally, I’d like to say something else. These categories include: transportation, warehousing and postal services, information transmission, computer services and software industry, accommodation and catering industry, financial industry, real estate industry, leasing and business services, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management, resident services and other services, education, health, social security and social welfare, culture, sports and entertainment. in the Dong Hoi area, and cultural advantage, but these industries in the content, way of Hunan education is done well is a name. There are some, such as Huanggang high school, Lijiang tourism. lives on the ground. It’s characteristic of every place. Even desert, there are some special resources, such as grapes from Turpan and mutton kebabs in Xinjiang. The most important thing is whether we have the shadow of life and have the wisdom to look for it. Just like Old Town of Lijiang, it’s only recently known. Time is changing people’s lives, and the Internet is changing the way people live. People living on the coast will go to Lijiang without going.Continue reading

What have we missed

Who do not want to only a short while ago, the network has its own one day, Baidu GG included tens of thousands of pages, forum full, for a webmaster, is the greatest dream, everyone is in pursuit of this dream in the site. who knows, we’re on a road of no return. When we are still a rookie, and constantly search for the original code, one, two, three, in the test, learn to change their own, into a station of their own, see better, and put on another set. When the brush stand fast, into our brain, head like CPU began to read from the Baidu keyword, brush station, result to the bet (K) when SEO swept the Internet, we spend a lot of time to start reading, start looking for information, some people have entered the crazy state. in the establishment of the road, can help you be few, not on their own, but also by the who, decadent, discouraged, some people go, some people chose to stay. Into the collection month, a large number of collection stations appear, we all began to learn rules, began to collect, and finally a stand out. But we always feel that our station, there are insufficient, in the end what is the problem? What have we neglected?. The search engine cried loudly said, we must be original, and we are blind. Listen to a song in the evening and drink a cup of fragrant coffee. Even if you write your own life experience, it is your original, your own station, just like your own home. My little station, www.chbos.cn.

How to do a good job in the snack bar

in the past eleven, I believe we have to eat a lot of snacks bar, now open a snack bar is a good choice. If you want to invest in business, you need to do a good job in the preparation of investment management. What aspects need to pay attention to it? Many novice are not very clear on this issue, with the small series to learn about it. first, the concept of management. The concept of business is divided into two, one is the sign concept, sign the first impression I have done wrong, porridge to others before it, roast effect is good, the customer signs will have a clear concept of consumption, but there is a time to do a delicacy Zhuang situation is very miserable, because customers go after not feeling a lot of delicacy is very disappointed, so to grasp the concept of the sign. two is a promotion concept. many restaurants in the festival will do special offer or give, discounts and other activities, the use of the monotony of this form cannot be in casual dining, leisure represents a kind of culture, a kind of fashion, but also to do the promotion in the form of novel special, with a clear representation of concepts. Put forward a concept of promotion for young people love before I do porridge on the project, making the advertisement is a bowl of porridge is better than one thousand kiss, please the person you love porridge, please love your people drink porridge "in this way, meet a lot of people’s mentality, and the biggest or for the store has brought economic benefits and good social benefits. two, staffing structure. A lot of restaurants will feel too much spending on staff salaries, and work efficiency is also very low. In fact there are many holes are exposed in the management aspect, one is not the best, especially a comprehensive assessment of the factors without the attention in the technical aspects, such as the kitchen staff understand a line as long as it is not very good, must know more than three technology. In order to ensure that at any time there is a complete operating team to deal with all kinds of mutations (such as the business was excellent, or an employee is temporarily unable to post). two is not to join venture snacks reasonable arrangement of the staff time, my former customers often mention is that their employees actually tired, casual restaurant business a long time, unable to ensure adequate personnel is not enough, as managers need according to the customer flow of the Business Hours section of the actual situation all the staff, arrange a morning, a night shift, a shift fork. This practice is the most important thing to do when busy busy, not many people can not stay idle. open snack shop need to pay attention to do a good job in the management of the store business, how to manage each operator must seriously thinkContinue reading

Shanxi, Taiyuan and other 10 cities praised entrepreneurial city

changes in the development of the market, only with continuous innovation in order to gain a foothold. In China this year to encourage the development of entrepreneurial city, open up business Easy Access, provide financing policy support for college students and other entrepreneurs, promote the management of construction activities. 11 21 July, Shanxi province to create entrepreneurial city to promote the general assembly in China (Taiyuan) coal trading center held this year, the province’s total lending 330 million yuan, benefiting more than 6600 people, an increase of 80.3% over 2012, to some extent alleviate the financing difficult problem. The meeting in Taiyuan, Jincheng and other 5 "entrepreneurial city" to create excellent city and Houma, Xinjiang 10 entrepreneurial city created excellent county (city) were informed of praise.

What are the entrepreneurial projects worth investing in

countless entrepreneurial projects, but it is not worth a lot of investment, in the end what project development prospects are better, more worthy of joining it? Xiao Bian consulting professional advice, to provide the following information, I hope to help businesses want to start, come to contact us, do not miss. degradable environmental protection flowerpot currently on the market are the main types of wooden pots, mud pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots. Although the wooden flowerpot is light, but there is no color, mud pots and porcelain pots good ventilation, beautiful flowers, but too heavy, the price is higher, the plastic flowerpot air permeability is not good, easy to pollute the environment. This product overcomes the above shortcomings, the main export to the European Union, the United States and other countries, the domestic market mainly in Guangzhou, Beijing, Yiwu and other places of sale. green food said that twenty-first Century is a "green" century, along with the concept of green consumption is increasingly accepted by consumers, China’s green food consumption and rapid growth, the international market of organic agricultural products market share has gradually expanded, provides opportunities for the development of green food in china. The development of green food is not only conducive to the protection of the environment, promote the sustainable development of agriculture, but also help to increase the income of farmers, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, expand the export of agricultural products. This is a good job. cool food store open a cold point delicacy shop, small investment, quick effect, simple operation, a school will. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, more people will eat cold, which makes it a promising market. This is obviously much better than rushing to open a restaurant or a clothing store. The specific approach is: rent a room 15 – 20 square meters of the facade, the wall with white paint room, 1/3 with the Aluminum Alloy partition, with sliding glass doors, separate operating rooms and restaurants. Restaurant can be prepared 4 – 6 sets of bamboo table stool, and then put a few pots of flowers, a set of liquefied gas stove and a number of simple stove, containers, a freezer on the line. entrepreneurial projects in fact there are many, but today is only some of the more appropriate to invest in a good project. Consumers can choose their own projects according to their own circumstances, as soon as possible to find a way to get rich. The above analysis hope to be effective for you, hurry to contact us. related recommendations

Chen Guoxing, chief operating officer of the joy of heart movement

sometimes because of an inspiration will start their own entrepreneurial journey, Wyatt ran chief operating officer Chen Guoxing told him about his entrepreneurial history, let us learn from it! 33 year old Chen Guoxing is a native of Wuhan, speak capable, Yan high value, take 1 million investment, investors also boast that we look good." He said jokingly.

Hao fund micro Charity Fund for Foshan on a higher level – the whole

charity related to the other side of society, many people will be through their own efforts, have done a lot of charity. Foshan charity was informed that, as at fifteen pm on March 25th, to participate in the registration of the charity of the people of the city of Foshan, fifty km foot charity in F, a total of micro fund set up to raise funds of $218 98386.18 yuan. it is understood that, in order to mobilize more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, the city charity will also set up a fund-raising campaign in the hiking activities. The task is formulated in accordance with the nature of the micro fundraising and fund, in May 1, 2017 before the individual family micro fund up to 500 yuan, micro team to raise funds up to 1000 yuan, micro enterprise fund raising up to 2000 yuan, you can get to by city charity donations to commemorate a certificate. Participate in charity registration of the people, groups and businesses are very active in the activities. 2017 love hiking micro fund raising from 100 yuan to set up the money 4296 yuan, has become a personal / family category for champion, 2017 "Hao fund" foot micro fund from 500 yuan raised to 6249.71 yuan at the time of the establishment, became the organization / group category for champion, and in 2017 silver soldiers love hiking battery enterprises for the micro fund, 2017 wide and 2017 foot electrical excitation micro fund to fund the mining foot micro fundraising task, become the enterprise list of the top three. has long been a society that encourages more people to help more people in need of help. Foshan’s participation in the registration of the people who are wearing a uniform custom blue charity element walking T-shirt, carrying a uniform yellow backpack, personally involved in the charity charity foot on foot. related recommendations

North District Bureau of Education held a party building work exchange

in order to fully implement the central and provincial "on strengthening and improving the party construction and the ideological and political education work opinions", strengthen and improve the school party organization construction and the ideological and political construction level, enhance the leadership ability, improve school management level according to law, to effectively promote the professional construction, the school leadership team in July 13th. The District Education Bureau organized the education system of Party building work will exchange, then each party building work carried out exchanges and discussions, district Party committee secretary Han Yahui, deputy secretary of education Jiang Lanzhi, District Education Bureau and all the staff belonged to the school secretary, principals, vice president attended the meeting. the exchange will be in communication and discussion, learning as the main form, the school party building and ideological and political work in recent years, play an exemplary role of Party organizations and the role of Party members, and promote the sustained and healthy development of school education and teaching work, and constantly improve the advanced experience of the students’ Ideological and moral standards and practices. Primary school, primary school district Baoziwan, Guangming school, Jingya Bridge Street Primary School, Jianqing primary school Party branch gave a speech, belonged to the other schools of written communication. the exchange area, education secretary Han Yahui on the work of Party building in exchange for the comments. He belonged to the school to requirements, combined with the municipal government requirements of refined management, creatively combining the fine management work and the work of Party building, to explore a combined with the characteristic of North education management and Party building work to promote road, create brand and characteristics to promote the healthy development of education in the region the cause of.  

In the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival in the history of large Tibetan Opera Song Xan Gan Bbu st

9 on the evening of 4 August, by my delegation, sent by the provincial province troupe and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of ethnic song and dance troupe joint performance of the large historical Tibetan Opera "Song Xan Gan Bbu" at the Beijing Mei Lanfang theater staged shock. Provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Dan Branch, a full-time member of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Guan Peijun, former deputy director of the State Commission and Beijing angben skygreat audience watched the snow covered plateau of the magnificent epic. "Song Xan Gan Bbu" 3 years of carefully choreographed, is the national art foundation of the year 2015 funded projects. The play through the description of Song Xan Gan Bbu Tibet, Tibetan text, creation of unified laws, cultural development and construction of towns, Sino Tibetan historical events such as marriage, sing the praises of his great contribution to the snow covered home towards the human civilization and safeguarding national unity made. The play consists of six acts, the narrative structure is compact, the plot twists and turns, highlighting the Tibetan politicians in the process of creation, courageous and knowledgeable of the Tubo Dynasty, experienced hardships and dangers. The play by singing, chanting, dancing, table, white and other unique Tibetan Amdo performances, show distinctive theme, rich ethnic characteristics, fully demonstrated the Tibetan splendid traditional culture, showing the harmonious development of ethnic Tibetan economic and social rich, strong and prosperous history. The unique style of singing, smart colorful resounding intense dance show, unique clothing style, gorgeous lighting, to allow the audience to follow the historical situation of surge high and sweep forward, feel the unique charm of the national intangible cultural heritage project in our province.  

Xining organizations to observe the democratic life of the masses

Recently, the North District of Xining city in the team standing feature of democratic life to really open the door, open the door, open the door the whole process, invite 6 grass-roots party members and representatives of the masses, 5 grassroots Party (workers) and the District Committee responsible for the director of the office of the leading group to participate in educational practice, the scene feeling process between the team feature of democratic life will members confide and collision of thinking and spicy flavor. Xining attaches great importance to high standards and high quality of the second batch of educational practice unit leaders held a special democratic life. The area of the unit leadership team members bold use of weapons of criticism and self-criticism, open up, face the problem, one by one investigation, deeply analyze and criticize each other honest good, the rectification spirit throughout the meeting. In order to overcome and avoid the topic of democratic life will "fear" of the thought, "around" phenomenon, "empty", a little spicy, to prevent the grass-roots party organizations will be the topic of democratic life "form, simple and vulgar, beautify the overflow", to ensure the quality of open, open level. Determine the North District Party Committee Standing Committee held a special democratic life will be held for the various regions and units to open a good topic of democratic life will make a demonstration. The team North District standing committee will be the topic of democratic life to each of the Standing Committee of muzzle, aimed at their focus on the four winds, straight Chen has had deep ideological roots, analysis of the real problem, tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth, really tough action, mutual criticism and sincere criticism keep the public interest in mind to remind, listen and open-minded in order to wholeheartedly accept others, opinions and suggestions. Through the topic of democratic life will make the demonstration of the county and towns, streets and other grass-roots party organizations to learn from top to bottom, dare self Jieduan bright ugly and deep self criticism, moving really tough action good atmosphere. The masses of the county district office responsible for that, good planning, arrange the topic of democratic life in all aspects of work is a prerequisite for meeting the determination, in strict accordance with the educational practice activities related to the leadership of the speech and documentation requirements, analysis of possible problems affecting the quality of the meeting, to ensure that the topic of democratic life will truly become the political life of the party spirit cultivation thought ready and work style of self sharpening and positive health a rare practice.  

Xining police Gang Gang Gang arrested 10 suspects

July 13th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the province’s police in the fight against gang crime has made no small achievements, has arrested 10 suspects, destroyed two criminal gangs. Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of public security police station from the beginning of June, the night police organization in Lake Road near dunshou. The evening of July 2nd, the police arrested the suspect in Kunlun road robbery suspects, Zhao et al. After the trial, fan et al confessed since June 19, 2009, in the wells lane, people’s Theatre, central square, kylin Bay, Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market and other places near the knife wielding robbery crime 13 onwards, robbed 19 people, grab the cash two yuan, mobile phone (PHS) 9 facts of the crime. according to the suspect’s confession, the police were in July 3rd, 4, from Tianjun, Ledu, Xining City, captured the gang members Ma, Ma Moumou, kim. So far, 6 members of the gang of 5 people were arrested and brought to justice, the 1 fugitives. according to the police investigation, the main facts of the crime of the gang has been identified, Ma 6 people gathered together since mid June after the crazy crime. When he was arrested in July 2nd, fan, who carry knives, is looking for robbery targets. July 13th, the reporter learned from the railway station police station, they are in the fight against gang crime in the special work, destroyed a hue seduce, robbery of property criminal gangs, arrested three men and two women. director Xiao Pengfei said: "the City Public Security Bureau gang crime cases, bad social impact, cruel means, has been the focus of the work of the police, destroyed a criminal gang, to consolidate the social stability greatly."  

Join the garment industry three self-defense

joined the agency, China Merchants, shop everybody flattering. Nowadays, the garment industry has been booming, so many investment agents have also appeared in front of everyone, this is our own little self-defense, with anti self-defense, you will be successful into the safety belt. the first one: as a "dark hook"

Entrepreneurial planning

entrepreneurship in the final analysis is the problem of people, how to change your career as you continue to change yourself. With the cause of the change to change the people around you, and then to change towards the world standard, until you meet the world standard, you can go to the world, and eventually become a professional leader.

How to open a profitable vegetarian franchise

We all know that Disease enters by the mouth. reason, many diseases are because the mouth break goods, people now pay more attention in the diet, as we all know, now people are very particular about the health and health care, especially in the diet. So if you open a very distinctive vegetarian franchise, I believe that earnings will be very good. This will teach you a few strokes to open shop quality coup! , a large residential area and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, the popularity of the people, where a vegetarian restaurant, the guests will be a lot of patronage. But this vegetarian restaurant and quiet elegant dining environment and some discrepancies, if you choose this place to shop, in the decoration of some more work; two, the elderly and young women gathering place, that is to say in the elderly activity center, office building, office area. The elderly due to hypertension, diabetes and other diseases the elderly tend to a vegetarian, and young female fashion in order to keep fit, also has a special liking for vegetarian, these people can be said to be a vegetarian restaurant of potential customers; three, temples, Taoist temple gathering place. No matter where the restaurant is located, we must meet the requirements of "take the static". decoration is different from other vegetarian stores, shops, decoration must take care and food, it is best to close to nature, give people a fresh feeling, in business, can also sell some books on religion of Taoism and Buddhism, advocating green healthy diet magazine and so on, to promote vegetarian restaurant popularity, spurred to the consumer. How to open a vegetarian restaurant? If the vegetarian restaurant decorated with beautiful decoration will give guests a feeling more in name than in reality because many vegetarian, are directed at the restaurant "Qinghuan" dining environment, and luxurious restaurant, the guests will leave the expensive impression, so many guests at a distance to the dining hall "". So the vegetarian restaurant to plain, simple is better in the decoration, the best to give you a "refined" feeling. If it is a social type vegetarian restaurant, the decoration to avoid religious color, the color should be elegant and fresh. consumer positioning how to open a vegetarian restaurant? That is to say, no matter what kind of project you shop business, customer orientation is very important, for the vegetarian restaurant, his crowd is relatively small, mainly because some young people, and some people have special needs in the diet, these are all very want to know. a, young people. They are tired of the noisy and crowded city, growing tired of the table fish seafood, hoping to find a wisp of fragrance from a vegetarian diet, a quiet; two, the human diet taboo. Because the factors of ethnic customs, religious habits and health needs, some people do not eat meat, he recommended