Hao fund micro Charity Fund for Foshan on a higher level the whole

charity related to the other side of society, many people will be through their own efforts, have done a lot of charity. Foshan charity was informed that, as at fifteen pm on March 25th, to participate in the registration of the charity of the people of the city of Foshan, fifty km foot charity in F, a total of micro fund set up to raise funds of $218 98386.18 yuan.

it is understood that, in order to mobilize more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, the city charity will also set up a fund-raising campaign in the hiking activities. The task is formulated in accordance with the nature of the micro fundraising and fund, in May 1, 2017 before the individual family micro fund up to 500 yuan, micro team to raise funds up to 1000 yuan, micro enterprise fund raising up to 2000 yuan, you can get to by city charity donations to commemorate a certificate. Participate in charity registration of the people, groups and businesses are very active in the activities. read more

North District Bureau of Education held a party building work exchange

in order to fully implement the central and provincial "on strengthening and improving the party construction and the ideological and political education work opinions", strengthen and improve the school party organization construction and the ideological and political construction level, enhance the leadership ability, improve school management level according to law, to effectively promote the professional construction, the school leadership team in July 13th. The District Education Bureau organized the education system of Party building work will exchange, then each party building work carried out exchanges and discussions, district Party committee secretary Han Yahui, deputy secretary of education Jiang Lanzhi, District Education Bureau and all the staff belonged to the school secretary, principals, vice president attended the meeting.
the exchange will be in communication and discussion, learning as the main form, the school party building and ideological and political work in recent years, play an exemplary role of Party organizations and the role of Party members, and promote the sustained and healthy development of school education and teaching work, and constantly improve the advanced experience of the students’ Ideological and moral standards and practices. Primary school, primary school district Baoziwan, Guangming school, Jingya Bridge Street Primary School, Jianqing primary school Party branch gave a speech, belonged to the other schools of written communication.
the exchange area, education secretary Han Yahui on the work of Party building in exchange for the comments. He belonged to the school to requirements, combined with the municipal government requirements of refined management, creatively combining the fine management work and the work of Party building, to explore a combined with the characteristic of North education management and Party building work to promote road, create brand and characteristics to promote the healthy development of education in the region the cause of. read more

n the Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival in the history of large Tibetan Opera Song Xan Gan Bbu st

9 on the evening of 4 August, by my delegation, sent by the provincial province troupe and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of ethnic song and dance troupe joint performance of the large historical Tibetan Opera "Song Xan Gan Bbu" at the Beijing Mei Lanfang theater staged shock. Provincial CPPCC Chairman Ren Qing Jia, Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Dan Branch, a full-time member of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Guan Peijun, former deputy director of the State Commission and Beijing angben skygreat audience watched the snow covered plateau of the magnificent epic. read more

Xining organizations to observe the democratic life of the masses

Recently, the North District of Xining city in the team standing feature of democratic life to really open the door, open the door, open the door the whole process, invite 6 grass-roots party members and representatives of the masses, 5 grassroots Party (workers) and the District Committee responsible for the director of the office of the leading group to participate in educational practice, the scene feeling process between the team feature of democratic life will members confide and collision of thinking and spicy flavor. read more

Xining police Gang Gang Gang arrested 10 suspects

July 13th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the province’s police in the fight against gang crime has made no small achievements, has arrested 10 suspects, destroyed two criminal gangs.

Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of public security police station from the beginning of June, the night police organization in Lake Road near dunshou. The evening of July 2nd, the police arrested the suspect in Kunlun road robbery suspects, Zhao et al. After the trial, fan et al confessed since June 19, 2009, in the wells lane, people’s Theatre, central square, kylin Bay, Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market and other places near the knife wielding robbery crime 13 onwards, robbed 19 people, grab the cash two yuan, mobile phone (PHS) 9 facts of the crime. read more

Join the garment industry three self defense

joined the agency, China Merchants, shop everybody flattering. Nowadays, the garment industry has been booming, so many investment agents have also appeared in front of everyone, this is our own little self-defense, with anti self-defense, you will be successful into the safety belt.

the first one: as a "dark hook"

read more

Entrepreneurial planning

entrepreneurship in the final analysis is the problem of people, how to change your career as you continue to change yourself. With the cause of the change to change the people around you, and then to change towards the world standard, until you meet the world standard, you can go to the world, and eventually become a professional leader.

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How to open a profitable vegetarian franchise

We all know that

Disease enters by the mouth. reason, many diseases are because the mouth break goods, people now pay more attention in the diet, as we all know, now people are very particular about the health and health care, especially in the diet. So if you open a very distinctive vegetarian franchise, I believe that earnings will be very good. This will teach you a few strokes to open shop quality coup!

, a large residential area and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, the popularity of the people, where a vegetarian restaurant, the guests will be a lot of patronage. But this vegetarian restaurant and quiet elegant dining environment and some discrepancies, if you choose this place to shop, in the decoration of some more work; two, the elderly and young women gathering place, that is to say in the elderly activity center, office building, office area. The elderly due to hypertension, diabetes and other diseases the elderly tend to a vegetarian, and young female fashion in order to keep fit, also has a special liking for vegetarian, these people can be said to be a vegetarian restaurant of potential customers; three, temples, Taoist temple gathering place. No matter where the restaurant is located, we must meet the requirements of "take the static". read more

What can college graduates do in 2016

2016 graduate students will leave the campus, and between employment and entrepreneurship, many college students to make a choice. In fact, the employment situation is grim, so the entrepreneurial market began to focus. However, if students want to succeed in business, it is necessary to choose a better business opportunities. So, what can college graduates do in 2016?

2016 university graduates Entrepreneurship Project: open a shop

DIY cookies

modern people to pursue personality, not only to send gifts to mind, but also to be creative. DIY cookies cheap, but "courtesy light affective heavy". DIY biscuits workshop is a low-cost, low-risk investment projects. read more

How can a small seller to sell goods to explode

almost every seller will want their commodity sales, however, some small sellers because of money and manpower constraints, can not do all kinds of publicity, it will naturally make the merchandise sales affected. But the small sellers who can grasp the following several skills, will be able to achieve the sale of goods oh. So, how can a small seller to sell goods to explode?

a lot of goods are seasonal, the most obvious is the clothes, we all hope that in the coming season when their baby can have a good ranking, there is a good harvest. But the seasonal goods in general is very competitive, especially for small sellers, with the strength of those funds big sellers of PK, the odds. So, here sell is relative, with the more pin tens of thousands of pieces of many times really immeasurably. How much power, how much work! If you want to come in the peak season, so that your goods sell burst, you can refer to the following five steps: read more

Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang went to visit the headquarters of the channel network

channel network is a business network all over the country to join the venture platform for entrepreneurs around to take entrepreneurial gospel. Recently, Qitaihe City Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang came to the headquarters of the channel network, in-depth understanding of the business and the advantage of channel network.

2016 January 16th, Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang a line of leadership to visit the headquarters of channel network. Group vice president, Ms. Wang Hui expressed warm welcome to visit Wang Chang a line of leadership, in-depth discussion followed by the two sides to expand investment, business cooperation and other aspects of the Internet plus. read more

What are the skills of Lanzhou Golden Bowl beef noodles

is very popular with the young beef noodles in the favor of the market, this is also one of the reasons for its rapid development, for entrepreneurs, Lanzhou opened a golden bowl of beef noodles stores can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also bring entrepreneurial wealth to themselves, but Lanzhou Kim a bowl of beef noodles to join the shop need to master the skills what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.


said Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodle consumption without seasonal points, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, Lanzhou gold bowl beef noodles join what skills? For operators, it is necessary to seize these sales peak, improve store sales. read more

Beverage store opening process

a simple cup of drink, in fact, there are many benefits, beverage shop is just starting a business people are more optimistic about the industry, the development prospects of the beverage industry is good, is the first choice for entrepreneurs. However, many investors do not know the process of opening the beverage store, in order to help them better entrepreneurship, small series of drinks shop for the shop to make a detailed process, go see it.

(1) apply to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for business license. read more

Kada Zushi joins you enough to support entrepreneurship

sushi originated in Japan, because of its light taste, rich nutrition, delicious and health characteristics of easy making, many small restaurant catering investment franchisees are willing to open a special sushi restaurant, but also suffer from not understanding the sushi brand, online information do not know which one to choose between dragons and fishes jumbled together. Xiao Bian here solemnly recommend to everyone Kada Zushi brand to join, will not let you down.

Kada Zushi catering Co. Ltd., founded in 2010, the company has developed rapidly, mainly due to the direct material suppliers specializing in sushi business, fresh, healthy and delicious, cheap materials, in line with the current consumers spend less money to enjoy food and psychological needs of affordable, fresh and delicious, with strong strength and professional management mode in the vast number of consumers, under the strong support for rapid growth. read more