Entrepreneurial planning

entrepreneurship in the final analysis is the problem of people, how to change your career as you continue to change yourself. With the cause of the change to change the people around you, and then to change towards the world standard, until you meet the world standard, you can go to the world, and eventually become a professional leader.

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How to open a profitable vegetarian franchise

We all know that

Disease enters by the mouth. reason, many diseases are because the mouth break goods, people now pay more attention in the diet, as we all know, now people are very particular about the health and health care, especially in the diet. So if you open a very distinctive vegetarian franchise, I believe that earnings will be very good. This will teach you a few strokes to open shop quality coup!

, a large residential area and food stalls lined Shijie and roads. Usually these places are food and beverage gathering places. Business prosperity, the popularity of the people, where a vegetarian restaurant, the guests will be a lot of patronage. But this vegetarian restaurant and quiet elegant dining environment and some discrepancies, if you choose this place to shop, in the decoration of some more work; two, the elderly and young women gathering place, that is to say in the elderly activity center, office building, office area. The elderly due to hypertension, diabetes and other diseases the elderly tend to a vegetarian, and young female fashion in order to keep fit, also has a special liking for vegetarian, these people can be said to be a vegetarian restaurant of potential customers; three, temples, Taoist temple gathering place. No matter where the restaurant is located, we must meet the requirements of "take the static". read more

What can college graduates do in 2016

2016 graduate students will leave the campus, and between employment and entrepreneurship, many college students to make a choice. In fact, the employment situation is grim, so the entrepreneurial market began to focus. However, if students want to succeed in business, it is necessary to choose a better business opportunities. So, what can college graduates do in 2016?

2016 university graduates Entrepreneurship Project: open a shop

DIY cookies

modern people to pursue personality, not only to send gifts to mind, but also to be creative. DIY cookies cheap, but "courtesy light affective heavy". DIY biscuits workshop is a low-cost, low-risk investment projects. read more

How can a small seller to sell goods to explode

almost every seller will want their commodity sales, however, some small sellers because of money and manpower constraints, can not do all kinds of publicity, it will naturally make the merchandise sales affected. But the small sellers who can grasp the following several skills, will be able to achieve the sale of goods oh. So, how can a small seller to sell goods to explode?

a lot of goods are seasonal, the most obvious is the clothes, we all hope that in the coming season when their baby can have a good ranking, there is a good harvest. But the seasonal goods in general is very competitive, especially for small sellers, with the strength of those funds big sellers of PK, the odds. So, here sell is relative, with the more pin tens of thousands of pieces of many times really immeasurably. How much power, how much work! If you want to come in the peak season, so that your goods sell burst, you can refer to the following five steps: read more

Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang went to visit the headquarters of the channel network

channel network is a business network all over the country to join the venture platform for entrepreneurs around to take entrepreneurial gospel. Recently, Qitaihe City Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang came to the headquarters of the channel network, in-depth understanding of the business and the advantage of channel network.

2016 January 16th, Qitaihe Jinsha district mayor Wang Yang a line of leadership to visit the headquarters of channel network. Group vice president, Ms. Wang Hui expressed warm welcome to visit Wang Chang a line of leadership, in-depth discussion followed by the two sides to expand investment, business cooperation and other aspects of the Internet plus. read more

What are the skills of Lanzhou Golden Bowl beef noodles

is very popular with the young beef noodles in the favor of the market, this is also one of the reasons for its rapid development, for entrepreneurs, Lanzhou opened a golden bowl of beef noodles stores can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also bring entrepreneurial wealth to themselves, but Lanzhou Kim a bowl of beef noodles to join the shop need to master the skills what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.


said Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodle consumption without seasonal points, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, Lanzhou gold bowl beef noodles join what skills? For operators, it is necessary to seize these sales peak, improve store sales. read more

Beverage store opening process

a simple cup of drink, in fact, there are many benefits, beverage shop is just starting a business people are more optimistic about the industry, the development prospects of the beverage industry is good, is the first choice for entrepreneurs. However, many investors do not know the process of opening the beverage store, in order to help them better entrepreneurship, small series of drinks shop for the shop to make a detailed process, go see it.

(1) apply to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce for business license. read more

Kada Zushi joins you enough to support entrepreneurship

sushi originated in Japan, because of its light taste, rich nutrition, delicious and health characteristics of easy making, many small restaurant catering investment franchisees are willing to open a special sushi restaurant, but also suffer from not understanding the sushi brand, online information do not know which one to choose between dragons and fishes jumbled together. Xiao Bian here solemnly recommend to everyone Kada Zushi brand to join, will not let you down.

Kada Zushi catering Co. Ltd., founded in 2010, the company has developed rapidly, mainly due to the direct material suppliers specializing in sushi business, fresh, healthy and delicious, cheap materials, in line with the current consumers spend less money to enjoy food and psychological needs of affordable, fresh and delicious, with strong strength and professional management mode in the vast number of consumers, under the strong support for rapid growth. read more

Hubei police seized the Black Hawk safety net or will become the first case

running the hacker training website, collect dues from members with hacker software technology; since 2005, recruit member fees of more than 12 thousand people, ordinary members of more than 17 people, the collection of contributions of more than 7 million yuan. Yesterday, the Hubei police disclosure: the successful capture of the country’s largest hacker website, two suspects have been arrested.

March 2006, at the age of 26 year old occupation individual network of Lee and Zhang met online, jointly set up the "Black Hawk Technology Co., engaged in" Black Hawk safety net ", Lee as chairman and legal representative, general manager Zhang Ren company, through the development of members, collect dues from members with hacker software technology. read more

Since the media industry is about to earthquake Forgot to take the medicine Network information offi

The best

from the media era really come to an end? At least some of the sensational articles, say so.

today, a "from the media industry to earthquake, network publishing service management requirements under the new rules of how to survive?" the wide spread in a circle of friends, the author of "sleepwalking Panda" in this, everyone can from the media era, the headline is sufficient to cause the network media, since the media and think from the media people’s attention. In this paper, the number of public reading WeChat "media product notes" has 100 thousand +, and "blueberry" a public number reprint. read more

Zhejiang million shopping MLM involving 47 people arrested two years turnover of nearly 28 billion 7

"million shopping" zero cost consumption patterns of the country’s largest shopping rebate website, has joined more than 10 million, more than 194 members.

last month, Jiangxi Pacific direct purchase, Fujian hundred percent rebate network, Wenzhou "business alliance" and other so-called shopping rebate business website, has broken capital chain and the boss fled and enterprise crashes. In June 11th, as the country’s largest shopping rebate site and the initiator of evil the sales model of the May 2010 establishment of the Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd and under the "million shopping website" (hereinafter referred to as the "million shopping"), on suspicion of a crime MLM organization and leadership by related departments to investigate shut. read more

Shenzhen cracked a large network of stock fraud the use of software to deal with one person multi an

news November 6th, the day before, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked a large network of stock fraud, involving the preliminary master deceived staff of 35 thousand people, involving more than 400 million yuan. According to the survey, the suspect with a false company as a cover, through the development of the agent team customers, to induce customers to use false quotes software fraud.

hundreds of transnational criminal groups in the implementation of fraud

not long ago, Ms. Fang, who lives in Shenzhen, under the recommendation of a fellow, into a network of live classroom lectures. It wasn’t long before the analysts in the classroom began recommending a stock investment agency called "de Feng International", which said that the agency was listed outside the country and made a lot of money in it. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Honey bud baby mail channels involving fraud WeChat head 1 forcing OCD

1 maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby milk procurement channels of direct mail fraud alleged  

if the trolley, safety seats and other fakes depressing, unknown sources of milk is a real fear and anger, after all the mothers first choice of honey bud baby is out of its 100% genuine commitment.

honey bud baby milk powder direct mail touted purchasing milk to test the authenticity of

Phoenix recently reported exclusively "electricity supplier honey bud baby mother suspected of selling fake goods, procurement channels of doubt". The Phoenix survey found that the official propaganda "100% genuine security, only from the brand side, general agent, country of origin direct purchase" Honey bud baby, its sales of rosemari cart and Britax safety seat is not from the brand side, general agent for direct procurement, and Magro suspected fake blue cart. read more

Wang Qing entrepreneurial how to fight guerrilla warfare

      entrepreneurs say: small companies are more like a guerrilla – although with a clear goal, but not for success, but to survive. The big company origin entrepreneurs, but also need to understand the limitations and unique advantages of the regular army.
      it is a great challenge for me to go from McKinsey to business card network. The former is a big company, I like sitting in a luxury car in the copilot position; now the name card network as a platform to start, I became the main driving position. This is not just about two locations around so simple. When I was in McKinsey, to see the internationalization of mature operation, and now join the business card network, is entrepreneurial, no fixed mode of small businesses. Internet based companies have this feature – the business model is changing at any time. We set up more than a year, it has opened up a lot of creative business, from which I and my entrepreneurial team to really experience the hardships of small business venture. read more

These real estate copy see my copy of the soul burning

copy of the dog, come to live again! This time your service customer is some real estate brand. How to write the real estate copy more innovative? How to write the literary style of the real estate? How to write funny forced wind of the real estate copy? Let the copy to a new idea, you need to look at this article.

copy dog, come to live again!

this time you have to serve the customer is a number of real estate brands. Of course, the customer’s request is still very simple, as long as you have a copy of the novel, in line with its brand tonality on the line, do not always those routines. You can be realistic, you can warm heart, you can literature, you can tease force. read more

Using Baidu marketing model to promote our website two

in the last message, Jerry and friends to share the research through marketing behavior on the Baidu customer service, we find the website promotion skills, it says, I will through the Baidu marketing Baidu Inc meticulous planning activities to explain how to let more users love your website.

at the beginning of September, Baidu Inc in Shanghai JadeLink Hotel held a marketing, the theme is: economic rebound, the enterprises expand marketing efforts. I have been talking about, Baidu’s sense of smell is very sensitive, this is worth every one of us to learn. The venue is divided into three blocks, each participating personnel according to the regional seat by my friends, I learned that this area is Baidu elaborate, close to the platform C is Baidu’s potential customers, these customers are Baidu’s sales staff to have done detailed tracking, it is purchasing power, B is also very near the podium, is Baidu’s old customers, A far, Baidu customer service tracking no purchase intention of single service. The whole event I found that the host’s eyes are concentrated in the normal A District, lottery links generated in the focus of the B area, C area only allow staff to communicate. A very simple venue distribution, what can we learn? read more