n the acquisition of Eddie star perfect personal portal strategy

Beijing Zhongsou online software Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the world’s first search) acquisition of "webclippings technology" love flute star Polytron Technologies Inc, said the search will be fully integrate their technology, to further improve the strategic chain of the main business of "personal portal", provide a better experience in the personal portal.

personal portal is a platform for aggregation of Internet content and service applications, users customize their own personal interests through the portal to share information, to achieve interactive. Personal portal is the channel between the user and the Internet service, will become the user access to the Internet, access to Internet resources. read more

Lack of pharmaceutical electricity supplier supervision third party platform drug online retail pilo

Abstract: Tmall Medical Museum, said the Tmall medical center in accordance with the State Food and Drug Administration and the Hebei food and drug administration policy requirements, is about to stop the third party platform drug online retail business. However, industry analysts said the halt involves only OTC drugs, Tmall health care products, medical equipment and other services are not affected.

July 29th evening, media reports said, Tmall Medical Museum on the afternoon of 29 to the business platform issued a notice to stop the drug online trading function from August 1st. read more

Zhuang Shuai analysis Taobao large logistics plan in three mountains

Taobao’s big logistics plan in June 12, 2010 officially launched before the Dragon Boat Festival, to cross shop, cross regional multiple online shopping, a receipt, just pay a freight." To enter the logistics industry as the basic point of interest. At this point, the Ali group involved in the business including: electronic commerce platform (B2B, B2C, C2C), a number of areas, online payment portal, SNS, software, financial credit, logistics, the electronic commerce strategy increasingly clear, from the beginning of the information flow and capital flow to the full range of logistics penetration. read more

Foreign media rendering China’s anti terrorism law draft trade protection color

Global Times reported that the western media generally interpret the provisions of China’s anti-terrorism law on high-tech enterprises as a trade protection". Reuters reported that China has removed a number of the world’s leading technology brands from the government procurement list, including CISCO, apple, etc.. Although China formulated anti-terrorism law is also effective in domestic and foreign enterprise, but with new banking regulations and the recent intensive antitrust investigation, foreign companies in China seems to have been more unfair regulatory pressure". read more

E commerce model innovation or make the future pattern of huge variables

With the rapid development of the Internet Chinese

, a sharp increase in the number of Internet users, online shopping population growth, online shopping market has gradually become the climate, the advantages of e-commerce is becoming more and more obvious, even many celebrities of the commodities have abandoned the traditional offline store sales model, through the network to complete sales of goods. Insiders said that the rapid development of e-commerce to the Internet has brought another spring. read more

Nanjiren shot acquisition Teddy P classic a brand new business


electricity providers already is not familiar to us underwear brand "nanjiren".

recently, the electricity supplier announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of the electricity supplier limited company or third party designated by the company 50 million yuan in cash through the acquisition of Xinyu Co. 100% stake in the company to complete the "Classic Teddy" (classic Tactic) series and Chinese graphics trademark category 1-35 acquisition. After the Tactic bear trademark belongs to Meng Da Antarctic electricity supplier. read more