Breakfast for 23 years not to increase the price of Zhejiang the age of 83 breakfast grandmother se

although the material world change rapidly, but in the spirit of the world, there are still more than the same tradition requires passing the torch. This is also one of the traditional cultural sources that we can learn from the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way

the home village of Huangtankou Kou Xiang Huang Tan Qujiang grandmother, but Sunday morning will arrive at the village bridge stall, and a pendulum is for 23 years. She sold breakfast, 23 years did not raise prices, let you eat up to 5 cents…… 51 Fen dumplings, egg cake, only 51 Fen, glutinous rice chicken, soy milk bag, only 51 fen……" These are the old man to get up early to do, soy milk is also good early in the morning, it was said that this may be the cheapest breakfast in Zhejiang.

Is the old woman and the simplicity of this national spirit touched countless friends:

here is called   the "old" "old ways", because with the change of society, these rules and practices but also withstood the impact, in the eyes of some people is considered out of date. In the tide of market economy, the "righteousness" behind, and even the phenomenon of mercenary intrigues we also appear less for his money? The existence of "poisonous milk", "poisonous vegetables", "poisonous rice" and "poisonous fruit".

causes the existence of these evils are in many aspects, but also cannot be attributed to the market economy itself. Market economy is the rule of law economy, these phenomena are illegal acts. However, in order to eradicate these evils, we should seek inspiration and nutrition from the source of our own culture, in addition to learning from the mature laws of the developed economies, such as the rule of law.

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