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today, I’m going to talk about some very real problems. Because of you, in the process of buying WeChat, must have encountered this problem today in a batch of goods, WeChat dozens of friends, then let friends buy to use. As a result, more than half of the sales were sold in a week, so you would think the goods were too good to sell, and then you went on to N for more, and it turned out to be a tragedy. The WeChat friends buy are bought, which is not, after one or two weeks, WeChat up more and people buy fewer friends bought, also let them feel shy to buy, after all, are acquaintances, if used well, it should still be to buy.

then you’ll be impatient and then try your best to add people. For example, I received every day, plus my application, there are at least a dozen, but really can chat with me or communicate, there are so few people. Moreover, my approach is, as long as it is added to my people, I will take the initiative to respond to an expression first, to indicate that I am in. Especially with some of my public numbers, share009, plus my people.

so, some people who do micro business, not you add friends is not enough, it is you do not add friends as a customer to maintain.


last Friday, I made one of my "income screenshots" in the circle of friends, a total of four pictures, add up the inside of the amount of nearly 7000, my day "income", and then passing the left one: you want to know how to make the point of praise. The result was more than 250 people, and then I looked at these people. I was impressed by the fact that no more than 20 people were communicating with me.

and then come back to say the news I sent last night, the night before last news, I will be naked, my tuition course in the form of graphics and text sent out, it is a fight for their own advertising. The results, no more than 50 points zanga message.

so here comes the problem,

when you see yourself can benefit when the brush came, when you need to pay, and the withdrawal of all.

, imagine what a good thing it would be like,


since you’re so realistic, then I’ll be very realistic and tell you something about this inside.

now society, whether it is to do WeChat or do Taobao, mixed circle, accumulation of contacts, is an indispensable aspect. Do you think the big brands on Taobao are made by their own efforts? Don’t be silly, they have internal resources.

If the

is generally the Tmall store? I tell you, there are some special two docking, then, as a manager, you need to stop to run Taobao City, one is to pull the relationship, one is to grasp some of the latest Taobao information, in addition, is strong the more the number of operations master, including the boss of the company, business cooperation.

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