Alliance Kijiji advertising allianceMobile art signature ads, how many Adsense in the delivery


marketing cooperation

225 vertical body signature

below is the original, a little long, I hope the owners can see, stop this act as a liar.


CPL advertising

, a theme of user-friendly, detailed text description, concise and comprehensive, have a real and effective contact telephone recommended.

three, if the following conditions are unconditional: delete all

in order to expand the business, and to establish more extensive Kijiji website cooperation, from June 2005 officially launched Kijiji Kijiji website alliance project. Through the project, hope to establish Kijiji in-depth cooperation and cooperation many websites, including but not limited to the following:


1, copy the site for advertising Kijiji unauthorized re released.

228 embossed gold coins

220 snow all over the skyThis


The content of

"you have chosen the font to confirm, return the number, select the beautiful signature background:

is a bit depressed, this is not deceptive? How does not send the signature to reply, "

on Sunday, a person watching TV at home, television advertising constantly broadcast art signature, unable to resist the temptation to write down the way to participate: edit name, Unicom sent to 1066888869. Immediately sent their names in accordance with the requirements of the past, and then received the content: "you request 10668888 SMS interactive business, send each message, collect information fee 2 yuan, China Unicom tips.". 2009-03.08 14:40."

222 seal signature

recently, mobile phones, TV and other mobile phone art signature advertising more and more, you signed it? I believe there are many webmaster website put such advertising.

on Kijiji advertising alliance

two, in accordance with the instructions issued in the right category Kijiji advertising category.

edit name, Unicom sent to 1066888869.

We sincerely invite

customer service standards

224 curlycue signature

trial Kijiji 2,

replies 3 digit selection "

my website, Shenzhen computer network: received mobile phone users to report the art signature scam, let us see how this art signature allows mobile phone users to enter the trap of SMS consumption.

221 signature

billing is what

is a world leader in electronic commerce eBay eBay NASDAQ EBAY in the global launch of the latest online classifieds site, now more than 80 in the global city began operations. From March 1st in Chinese officially provide services so far, now ranking in the global China Kijiji website for about 2000 pageviews a day up to 500 thousand people. While the issue of synchronization and information online offline classified ads in Shanghai.



226 New Year’s greetings

after registration, access code, through the audit can give Kijiji, you bring direct benefits.

227 stunning beauty

then received another text message from 106688886962, which appeared to be the same number just announced, as follows:

, registered to select carriers for approval to start cooperation, through the

how to join the Kijiji advertising alliance

and interested in our alliance webmaster to join our union, and to expand the business.

signature: * * *. Please select a signature pattern:

229 romantic love

joined the Kijiji website alliance, you can choose to join any two operators in the following.


> evil


223 art signature

Kijiji website allianceWe use the


thought is the signature art experts to help design I sent, who knows this and let the reply, because just received Unicom friendly prompt a two dollars, I feel uncomfortable, but also how to reply back to a two dollars ah, not to return it has spent two yuan on the back what do we think about it, back to a document or honest signature, the others do not know, but also to avoid a hair even I do not know the white four dollars, then back to the 221. immediately received a text message, thought this certainly sent signature, who knows, also no signature, message content is as follows: from 106688886962, is still just the number, 2009-03-08 14:41

CPL, the price is 1 yuan for each valid posting, through your website alliance advertising, advertising and user success in Kijiji see review by the audit standard, can obtain income.

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