Kindle6 a monthly income of China bears disturbing Amazon

repeatedly heard "engagement" news, K indle and Chinese market finally tie the knot".

Nandu reporter confirmed from multiple sources, Amazon’s K indle will be officially listed in the domestic market in June 7th, including Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire Tablet PC two categories of consumer electronics products.

yesterday exposure K D Le domestic price display, P aperw Wifi version priced at 849 yuan, KindleFireHD price of 1400-1500 yuan in hite. In addition to their own Amazon website, also choose as the exclusive online sales channels. In addition, Amazon will also cooperate with Suning and other offline channels, set up in the store brand area.

but now Chinese e-reader market has become the Amazon, chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, in order to do something difficult. Kindle to copy in the United States on the profit model, the content of profit, in the China copyright environment of the moment, seems to be hard to see the dawn of the short term.

into China

striking one snag after another

since the advent of Kindle e-reader, when Amazon can push it to the mainland, has been a topic of great concern to the market. However, due to various reasons, Amason has not entered the mainland of china. However, the market has already spread Kindle smuggled goods.

actually, Amazon K indle into China’s desire is not lower than the Chinese consumers. In early October 2011, Amazon’s senior vice president of global M arcO netto said during a visit to China, the Amazon K in actively promoting indle in China, but due to various reasons, in the end when it will officially enter the Chinese market, but no specific timetable.

in 2012, K indle into China to accelerate the pace of China — set up team, apply the network license, and management departments of communication, supporting the development of Chinese software system, and channel business negotiations…… Is nonstop.

in November last year, K indle software system to support Chinese; last December 13th, Amazon China added "K indle store" category on the website, and the launch of K indle and K indle reading software free download e-books; then, Amazon launched one after another C loudD rive online storage service, and the app store for developers sales plan; K indle related services have begun to occupy a prominent position in the Amazon Chinese home page.

market was rumored, Kindle into China has been cleared of all obstacles, will be officially entered into China by the end of 2012. However, this rumor was false.

this year, the market is constantly coming news Kindle will enter China, but ultimately can not be >

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