Final Fantasy VII is way more expensive on iOS than on consoles

first_imgEveryone’s excited about the Final Fantasy VII remake eventually coming before the robot uprising (but not before the director discovered he was directing). Some people are excited about the PC port of FFVII coming to the PS4 so we can enjoy some upscaled materia grinding in the years before that. Now, there’s a new reason to be excited: Final Fantasy VII is on iOS.That’s great, now we can play FFVII in the bathroom, that should be fun. There’s a really stupid problem with the mobile port, though, and it’s one Square Enix has had with iOS and Android for years. FFVII  is $16 on iOS. It’s $10 on PSN. The PSOne Classic version of Final Fantasy VII is just $9.99, and it works with the PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV. The iOS version has a 60% markup. Final Fantasy III, IV, (and After Years), V, VI, and Tactics are all available on iOS as well, for $16 (except for FFIII, which is $17). They’re all on PSN for $10.The FFVII markup is simultaneously more and less gross than the other FF games on iOS. On one hand, it’s a much larger and more complex game to port than the earlier Final Fantasy games. On the other hand, it doesn’t do any of the menu tweaks to make the game touchscreen friendly; you have to use an on-screen gamepad overlay to navigate menus and do anything. They managed to put in both more and less effort than they did on the other Final Fantasy games.If you don’t have a Vita (and statistically, you don’t), $16 isn’t an awful price for a game like Final Fantasy VII. But considering it’s been $10 to $12 on PSN and Steam for years, this pricing is just gross. Square Enix has this awful habit of overcharging for game ports. Here are some games that are less expensive than any main series Final Fantasy game on iOS:FTL ($10)XCOM: Enemy Within ($10)Banner Saga ($10)Transistor ($10)Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($10)Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ($15)Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($7)Bastion ($5)Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath ($3)Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ($10)Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition ($10)Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition ($10)Legend of Grimrock ($5)Shadowrun: Dragonfall: Director’s Cut ($3)Those are all games ported to iOS that were made years after FFVII. I’m just saying. You can pick up the overly expensive iOS version of FFVII here.last_img

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