Mario Kart 7 exploit discovered Nintendo refuses a fix

first_imgNintendo has acknowledged, but refused to fix, a glitch in 3DS racer Mario Kart 7 that allows players to bypass a significant portion of a track.Players can intentionally run off the track on the Maka Wuhu track and be placed back on the track at a point that lets them skip the middle third of the course. The YouTube video above demonstrates how to do it, and since players will be doing it online, you may as well learn how as well.A Nintendo rep coincidentally named Buddy Roemer wrote back to a fan with the Big N’s bad news – the bug won’t be patched – and a truly unique reason for the non-response to the issue. “We are aware that it is possible,” wrote Roemer in a message published by StickTwiddlers. However, there are no plans to update the game since removing the bug would “create an unfair advantage” for those owning the original, unpatched cartridge. Unlike home console platforms such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the 3DS doesn’t have enough internal storage to store patched game files, so cartridge releases are final and can’t be patched. In typical Nintendo style, the company takes a staunchly old-school stance in its hardware development sometimes. So, ironically, the company is refusing to patch the glitch in order to maintain fair play.via StickTwiddlers.last_img

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