Tanabata exchange chain suffered a virus crisis, is being attacked or their poison

"2007-6-1311:09:38 script: http://www.7clink.com/member_showcode3.asp[2] detected Trojan trojan-downloader.js.psyme.ez, this is the 13 this month to submit new Bibi movie URL to the Qixi Festival exchange chain, when the code is provided to customer service experience, the Qixi Festival message, they replied that" there is a server ARP attack".

however discuss search group webmaster Lele movie last night that I was shocked: "7C chain and poison, a IP report 1", "7C days, they mainly rely on the income of poison", "call the 7C  he said how many poisonous", put the Qixi Festival chain code the movie master have expressed their dissatisfaction. Stationmaster judgment: "7C hang a Pegasus at least 30 thousand of the income, while talking about horse reasons, he said" a night of tens of thousands, you don’t hang?" read more

Why did the 9 startups fail

after you started a company, the company successfully raised $40 million, you also have a strong team, clear mission objectives and a proven business model. But after three years of development, the company ended up in failure, this is the media have reported your embarrassing failure. These are the domestic O2O originator Homejoy story, the company has officially closed in July 31st last year.

Homejoy of course is not the only one who seems to have a good future, but ultimately failed to become nothing of the start-up companies. Founder CB Insights recently summarized the reasons of 156 failed venture share company failed, some failed because of the wrong people, either because the company expansion too fast, some of it is because there is no good sales etc.. There are millions of species, the reason startups fail here, we selected 9 representative companies, these companies see exactly what the reason is because of failure, the hope of all business friends are going to start a business and help and inspiration. read more

It is the fastest way to optimize enterprise website with popular tools

on the Internet is so advanced today, we commented on the strategy, visit historical information slowly give up and out, we are increasingly concerned about the timeliness and authenticity, we see the micro-blog platform influence, because micro-blog has created a lot of publicity through the case, this is not to deny that the existing WeChat is also a very fast communication channels. But today to each website optimization of small and medium enterprises leadership can pay attention to network marketing, to upgrade the basic concept of website design for operation, design for Sina rattan micro-blog as an example, we hope to help: read more

An average of 30 hours to invest in a start-up company which is the giant in 2016 layout

by the end of October 31, 2016, 10 Internet Co (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, millet, ant gold clothing, 360, NetEase, Sina, Shanda) the total investment reached 244, average every 30 hours a startup is big fancy.

venture capital is no longer the privilege of investment institutions.

micro chain has combed "Chinese unicorn, found the best investment catcher" Tencent has hit rate and business is not lost on the sensitivity of professional investment institutions. This time, the micro chain finishing 10 domestic Internet Co investment projects in 2016, designed to allow entrepreneurs to better understand the giants of every move". read more

From simple preaching to play, from the media can complete the transformation from girl to woman


the Lanna evening, he gave the development of new media describes such a wonderful future: fragmented user scenarios, the Internet is a way of life, when more and more attention has been focused on computer and mobile phone screen, looking for people to play their own ideas and thoughts will become a new logical pastime.

on the last day of 2014, my career has been two years since the media muddle along without any aim. When everyone envy I can stay away from the hustle and bustle in "not struggling at the moment, when there is poetry and distance", in my heart, like a stone thrown into the sea, you can experience it in the future change or disappear or form to fill Not the least trace was found., Mariana Trench the coral reef in the billions of years later. read more

Details of the promotion strategy determine success or failure

      the mention of promotion, web site operators are now mostly used, search engine bidding, e-mail group, traditional media, marketing promotion, organizing activities (online, offline), its website optimization, etc.. Here I do not explain one of these ways, because these are the most common means of promotion, the effect? I think most of them are not satisfactory. Where is the reason? Let me analyze:

      1 each promotion means and strategies are in separate operation, no cooperation, which will greatly reduce the promotion effect. (explained in detail later) read more

Network marketing skills

network marketing, is a relatively advanced marketing, network marketing and other marketing methods, there are many of their own characteristics. The application of these features, the use of good network marketing leverage for their business refueling.

1 build and update your website.

B2B platform has some limitations, the establishment of their own website more freedom, more likely to show more information, it is easier to promote their image, so that users trust. Often update their website, the user will feel the strength of the company, enterprise website, update the article every month is also very easy. read more

When attention continued with 8 seconds remaining starry chose to do brand marketing

[press] 100 years ago, people’s attention lasted an average of 20 minutes. In the age of the Internet, this time is reduced to 8 seconds – people are always eager to jump to the next topic, the next micro-blog, looking for the freshest feeling. The lack of attention, the birth of a "red" group; the desire for new things, the achievements of the year launched nearly 30 thousand new starry.

starry hand "red", "it has become the new" double top eleven most eye-catching topic. read more

How to do a good job of micro-blog marketing during the Olympic Games

2012 London Olympic Games has been like a raging fire, during the Olympic Games, the major network television media will be full attention to the latest information of the Olympic Games, especially China athletes in the Olympic Games performance. For the Olympic Games micro-blog marketing how to do such a big event? Yesterday I saw a micro-blog message: passionate Olympic season Mayr Butler to join No. seven positions for the Olympics to send calls photography.

is actually similar to such prizes activities, perhaps the majority of users have been very numb. But to see such a micro-blog or there will be a lot of people to reprint, because it is very easy to reprint a micro-blog. Of course, this can not be forwarded to micro-blog everyone can get calls or prizes, but we have to take advantage of cheap mentality. Moreover, micro-blog can also be forwarded for the Olympic refueling, so basically will not refuse. This will be able to achieve a good micro-blog promotion effect, micro-blog’s forwarding volume is an important part of micro-blog marketing. Seize the Olympic Games, the national Internet users are concerned about the event of micro-blog marketing, in fact, businesses can not invest any money can also do a good job during the Olympic Games micro-blog promotion, how to operate it? read more

Web site promotion – with soft Wen experience tutorial

before I start writing, I want to ask a few questions, I hope this big thinking:

1 what is soft Wen?

2 soft what use?

3 the importance of soft


4 how to write soft?

5 with soft Wen to promote to pay attention to what?

6 soft future?

A. what is soft Wen?

1 as its name implies, it is relative to the rigid advertising, by the company’s marketing planner or advertising company’s copywriter to write the text ads. Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety is a soft word, like cotton hidden in the needle, and not dew, in the invisible enemy. Wait until you find this is a soft Wen, you have not caught the cold into the carefully designed soft advertising trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. If hard advertising is WaiGu Shaolin Kungfu; so, soft Wen is Wudang Killing with Kindness, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool. Soft text only so respected, decline, the first reason is that hard advertising effect of the rising cost of TV media, a lot of low to the second one is the media for the first charge is soft hard advertising, soft input and output in the fund is not very strong under the condition of more scientific and reasonable. So the company is willing to soft water from various angles to test the water in order to enable the market to start quickly. read more

05 years did not dare to write the soft Wen computer expert

05 years to write an electronic commodity trading + resources of all front desk management download, he wrote a soft, but with this program I run for a few months, sales fell more than and 60 second-hand books, and more than and 20 mobile phone. After the discovery of electronic products warranty after-sales problem is too complicated, and I want to be responsible for the customer, so spent a lot of energy in the sale. But because I do not have the source here, all in Shenzhen’s brother to help me pick up the delivery of goods, the cost is relatively high, the cost of maintenance is also very high, so I closed the shop to concentrate on operating the local store. This program is also available in a number of free source code to download (now search to play cool electronics, but also find a lot), so this article also did not publish soft. Now attached to the address is the program demo, the price is 05 years, the statement in advance, do not scold me black. read more

How to use customer resources and integration to promote Taobao exchange station

today, there are still many Taobao who join the group, Taobao guest website promotion and difficult in operation, the choice of what kind of products, personal feeling is according to their own interest and understanding. As long as the Commission is too low the product can do, Taobao railway station has been not suitable for Baidu optimization, because Baidu Taobao guest kind of site is more and more big crackdown. While Taobao station general lack of quality content, product data acquisiti

Step by step hospital network marketing

on the current private hospitals, the hospital business to a large extent affected the success or failure of the hospital. Only the number of patients to increase the number of visits, so that hospitals can be profitable in order to stand out in many private hospitals, invincible. However, this is a challenge for enterprises. With the development of Internet technology and the increasing number of Internet users in China, the network marketing of private hospitals has opened up a shortcut for the increase of hospital business. read more

The website promotion method of the next generation

yesterday I published several feel website promotion methods inside the "three you think network promotion method" has been good enough, some good friends not to say. Look at the inside of the comments, the feeling is so beautiful. But who is sure that there will be no better way to promote the network today to go to a museum is really a lot of harvest.

I love this person will make blind and disorderly conjectures. No matter what you do, when you do this, think of something else. Qiao said to have, go to the library to look at the book, just think I recently updated the article is about the network promotion, so he stood there to read to the website of two minds. A sudden inspiration, found a very good website promotion methods, and can find very accurate visitors. Give a little time to think about it, and think about your brain… read more

PJBlog3 is about to have a major update

PJBBS I as one of the most diligent paparazzi players. Today brings us the latest information on PJBlog3.

PJBlog3 official technical support site – PJBBS executives have long been informed that this week will be based on the PJBlog3 version of v2.8.4.136 add some important new features. Including very cool and gorgeous online installation plug-in Plugins, skin Skins/Themes. This feature has been implemented in many Blog blog programs. For example, the first independent blog Bo-Blog I have used this function, PJBlog’s rival ZBlog also have the same function. But it seems that the most famous PHP Blog program instead of WordPress, I do not know why, it is estimated that it is not practical. read more

NetEase to join the cloud computing industry will set off the war, how to change

text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

the concept of cloud computing in 2009 has been frequently mentioned, that is more like IBM international business giants mentioned in the data center business, and in the next few years, cloud computing business got rapid development in China, especially after the outbreak of the mobile Internet, the major Internet Co have increased the force of cloud computing business. In particular, from last year, the Internet giants have been in the cloud computing business as an important strategic business to focus on training. read more

Micro view of domain name Sina micro-blog Tencent QQ is what it


following Sina micro-blog HTC intelligent mobile phone microblogging, Tencent Inc also recently launched their own products, but the Tencent launched products not mobile phone, but a lovely type products small Q robot, the Tencent also protect the registered multiple robot robot related domain, however, Sina micro-blog HTC mobile phone microblogging at this point do not be "positive", Tencent, Tencent, Sina recently moves frequently, secretly rivalry, and strive to compete.

Sina micro-blog domain independent Tencent QQ domain name read more

Baidu traced the mandatory access SDK or related bucket event

developers know almost said, from November 4th to 10 in the year, Baidu mobile assistant mandatory access to Baidu SDK, and access to the SDK must be connected to Baidu’s advertising alliance SDK.


technology news November 13th evening news, developers in the know said, from November 4th to November 10 during the day, Baidu mobile phone assistant mandatory access and access to the Baidu SDK, SDK must access Baidu advertising alliance SDK. However, the latest news, Baidu mobile assistant has abandoned the mandatory installation of SDK in November 11th. read more

Do what you like, and then fight for it

this title I think for a long time

someone will ask: how long is it?

In fact,

is a long time for a long time! I am going to apply for the outdated, not to apply for landing, please see to understand, but also please old webmaster who hold personal field!

why should I write a title like this, in fact, I myself did not want to know, of course, it is not necessary to think clearly, I really don’t know how to be an old webmaster, do stand for a few years old stationmaster? Or traffic on the W old webmaster do also? Age is already over fifty to the old webmaster read more

Network letter system to carry out network extortion and paid delete posts remediation

national network information office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the State Administration of press and publication nationwide jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the national network information office to act quickly, to convene a national letter network system to mobilize the deployment of video conferencing system of the net in the letter of the four departments to implement the decision, to carry out special rectification work mobilization, clearly the work objectives, requirements and specific measures. After the meeting, the national network information system reacted strongly, we have pledged to further unify their thinking and action to the special rectification work requirements and arrangements, to strengthen the work of planning, power equipment and coordination, through solid action, efforts to control network extortion and delete posts paid "the majority of people hate network pollution. read more