Ninth soft writing and soft marketing training began to accept the application

Whether it is business or

, website marketing, marketing is an important marketing tool, marketing effect is very obvious, especially the soft writing as search engine optimization network optimization process, more and more enterprises pay attention to. At present, the soft has become the new darling of the network marketing, the promotion of soft as a kind of easy to operate, less investment, good results of marketing tools, gradually being valued by more and more enterprises. Now small and medium enterprises have their own products for the promotion of network marketing, in which the investment is less, the effect of fast soft favored by small business owners. For any enterprises, organizations and even websites, shop, or plan to fame individual owners, the media exposure rate determines the reputation and status, but how to deal with the media, how to write the manuscript, the editors welcome how to quickly develop the article, how to batch writing, how to customize the media promotion plan, brand operation the news of their problems, obviously need a series of skills, through this training so that students can learn to write all kinds of high quality soft, soft Wen promotion and marketing to learn to use. read more

One week news review official confirmation will push the enterprise version of the layout of the WeC

review: a week soon passed, review this week, WeChat is the enterprise edition to more attention by everyone, but Ali has not been idle, first is rumored to be the acquisition of unfamiliar street, then there is no then, however, Ali price holding AGTech, layout lottery has become a reality.

1 2 billion yuan cheap AGTech holdings Ali Taobao lottery right to operate the latter was

March 6th evening news today, Hong Kong GEM COMPANY AGTech (08279.HK) announcement, announced that he had signed a subscription agreement in March 4th with a Ali company, the company by the Alibaba holding and payment service ant indirectly owned 60% and 40% equity. read more

ndia love story venture capital investment has exceeded 20 million

online matchmaker crazy

Zhang Feifei

if you happen to see some new love Bollywood movies, do not easily believe that the male and female romantic plot. In today’s India, marriage is still a serious incident of parental involvement. Interestingly, this may seem to be an example from the top jewelry brands India Advertising – beautiful modern version of the female lead in the title fell dejected said, "our marriage is an arranged marriage".

, of course, can be more modern. If you ask how India "80" youth marriage, the answer is probably through dating websites. Originated in the late 90s of last century, India marriage and love network market has experienced a boom in development, one of the largest Bharat Matrimo-ny (India). When the founder of Murugavel Janakiraman in the eyes, it is difficult to imagine the Tamil young entrepreneurs have entwist refined and cultured the marriage of nearly one million, is the biggest "matchmaker India". read more

Purchasing thirty six there is a huge potential service

["purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation of]

had a user statistics, in the domestic well-known online shopping platform, enter the keyword global purchase, a total of 243 stores, and enter the keyword "purchasing", it shows that there are 109202 stores.

"purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation. read more

Public comment is how slow O2O closed loop

is a mobile application with 80 million active users, 3000 employees, ten years of history the scale of the Internet Co, the public comment until recently began to slowly realize closed-loop O2O — let consumers in the public comment from the consumer decision-making to the whole process of consumption. In addition to the introduction of a new closed-loop products, they also establish a closed loop with third parties to provide users with a complete local consumer service.

in the past for a long time, the public comments are not closed loop O2O. For example, if the user wants to select a restaurant, evaluation is usually the first access to businesses and other users in the public comment, but when ordering is forced to turn to ordering a secretary or Fantong other ordering service platform. read more

How to refuse death

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die


personal site cause of death

1 content can not keep up, the point of the surface is not brilliant, coupled with the reorganization of content is not a person can easily complete, the need for open knowledge and novel personality involved. read more

Burn a lot of second hand car business is not to overestimate the second hand car market temptation

said. But a few days ago, the Internet Chinese occurred in the suspected "horse" incident.

there was news that 58 market strategic stake in second-hand car business excellent letter of second-hand car, and said 58 words "excellent letter has already bought second-hand car". But then, excellent letter of second-hand car said on the "shares", "strategic stake" and "suspected consolidation" is the 58 page of the It is sheer fiction., and excellent letter website is 58 fake website, please immediately stop the 58 city. Excellent letter, said: 58 has been a very good reputation in the mind of the uncle, make such a fake website, theft of excellent brand letter thing…… It really hurts us." read more

Read more than 618 Gome Sike Jingdong is checking resources

business circle seems to have formed an unwritten agreement: 618 years of senior high school entrance examination at the end of 11, the double test, two year exams, Bibi grades, sun fan. Jingdong has announced 618 strategies, Tmall, the United States and other electricity providers, this year’s 618, wartime extension, cross-border, micro business debut, the war has begun to highlight the characteristics of the whole line.

the United States online will be fought "618 opener" on May 28th, and will begin in June 17th the old Mu special Jingdong and Lao special for the ultimate PK. read more

A5 topic the development of small and medium enterprises to cut the difficulties of layoffs crisis

in the first half of 2012, many large electricity providers have joined the price war, which makes the small electricity supplier market share has shrunk further, the development of more difficult. IResearch latest statistics show that in the two quarter, the domestic B2C market sales of $89 billion 350 million, an increase of 43.7%, an increase of more than 140%.

at the same time, the price war to make online shopping market concentration increased dramatically, in addition to the top ten commercial enterprises, the rest of the electricity market share compared with the last quarter fell 50%, only about 5%. read more

Classified information website e commerce low end is the head

, 58, with the reputation of the network, easy to grow on Kijiji website, classified information website gradually into people’s lives. In the complex life information, classified information website differentiation, low-end, to provide users with a convenient information platform, you can quickly know the life information. Compared to the forum and industry portal, classified information website is more populist charm.

e-commerce is to provide a convenient business platform, but the classification information is provided by the information platform, most of the information is not for business, but a simple life. Even the low threshold is a lot of valuable information dissemination and expansion, and sometimes affect the social and cultural construction. On the other hand, there are a lot of online information on the classification of information on the web, offline transactions, resulting in business activities. Therefore, I personally think that the classification of information is low-end e-commerce. read more

15 business lessons from the founding of the company in the past 15 years early struggle rapid fail

lead: I would like to share what I learned along the way the 15 important commercial value, for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, something of value.

I was involved in the creation of the company HB Agency is celebrating the 15 anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise. As a business owner and organizational leader, over the years, I have to make key business decisions and personal choice. But some of them work, some don’t work.

so, in an atmosphere of joy, I am willing to share my life on the road ahead (sometimes in a tough road) have learned 15 important commercial value, for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, something of value. read more

Please solve these 4 puzzles before product innovation

dilemma 1: research conclusions have been obtained in the past

an industry veteran put forward three criteria for judging business opportunities:

Internet industry degree

market capacity and funding status

choose the lowest Internet, and the market capacity of the industry cut

verification in the stage of thinking, the author made a market research conclusion is mainly the current industry in the line, including the giant deep industry for many years, were not involved in the mobile terminal, the Internet is low. The volume of the target population is also at the level of one hundred million, can be said to be blue ocean, there is not yet a large amount of mature products occupy the market. Doing this research is 7 months ago, and last month to track a competing product has been based on the mature products cut into the market, began to do almost the same thing. Their new version of the APP and even the product form and can imagine the functions are similar, and we are still in the MVP stage. read more

30 strokes of the nternet marketing M promotion

is a site designed to be as beautiful as a flower, but the promotion does not go out, no one to visit, there is no value. So starting today I give everybody to share the actual website promotion, website promotion will be how to go out, we need to insist for a long time, not a day of fishing, three days, I hope my friends can have your website launched to increase website traffic.

today we share is IM promotion, just IM, is our internet almost everyone some like QQ, Taobao, MSN, Fetion etc. want now, so QQ in the current market, the occupancy rate is the largest, so today we are mainly is about the promotion of QQ, the other IM friends you can get a promotion experience from QQ, and implemented in different IM tools. read more

How to do a good job Details are the key to success

do network promotion work, I think the most important thing is to be good at observation, the so-called details determine success or failure, every aspect of the negligence may affect our final marketing results. No matter what you do, as long as it must strive to do well, there is no free lunch, but as long as can not necessarily give a harvest. Today, my main purpose is to process and friends going on network extrapolation of how to do this, it is my personal opinion, say wrong welcome advice. read more

How to rely on B2B platform still do search marketing

one of the hottest marketing tools, search engine marketing, which is the fact that there is no argument. Its advantages are numerous, showing a wide range, easy promotion, fast turnover, low cost. But all this should be based on an independent website, so also not a part of independent website, how to do not want to understand the website operation person? Today, and we talk about ah Chung under the attached B2B platform how to do search engine marketing.

first of all, we should have the most basic conditions, that is, many B2B platform resources, followed by the need for a third party platform blog. Because it is not in the B2B advertising with you to write, it still has its own rules, so that a little bound hands and feet feeling. But the third party blog is different, it can be with you propaganda, even if you blow the sky fall down, it also regardless of you, and functional, picture display, video display, articles, etc…. I recommend Sina blog, not for him to advertise, but the function of sina, really good, but also included in the search engine and give weight, so that we can help the brand word ranking. And we only need a word of this brand can be easily accessible from the B2B browser 2 visits, the following will explain how and how to find their own user groups on the B2B platform and how to marketing. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast 2015 China nternet business released beauty group wholly acquired kuxun

1 meituan confirmed has confirmed the purchase price for the acquisition of a wholly-owned kuxun tens of millions of dollars in  

yesterday, the U.S. group net that has been determined to wholly acquire kuxun to the media, the current acquisition has entered the final stage. According to media reports, the acquisition price of tens of millions of dollars. It is understood that after the acquisition of Beijing, the U.S. mission network layout of the hotel tourism, the improvement of the industrial chain will continue to accelerate the pace of. read more

Taobao partner week officially launched billboard

"Taobao partner" – fast Amoy – after the launch, by the Taobao customers enthusiastic response. The first week of February 2009, Ali mother in Taobao off the official home quietly added "Taobao partner week billboard".

the morning of February 16, 2009, Ali mother issued a notice in the official forum, announced the "Taobao partner week officially launched billboard". According to official said: here will show "Taobao partners" in the top ten of the income of the site, you can link to the web page, updated weekly. Officials hope to provide this as a Taobao partner Taobao customers have more opportunities to display more traffic. read more

WeChat can open the Taobao page and they are together again

The relationship between

Taobao and WeChat, like a couple of small, noisy, but let others speak broken heart, their emotional entanglements can be written into the book Qiongyao grandmother, or Grandpa Yu Zheng is also ok.

After the breakdown of the

relationship, there are signs of a compound


left Taobao and WeChat, Taobao to WeChat’s has been very cold, the first is not like WeChat buddy, do not allow any Tmall Taobao WeChat two-dimensional code information store, WeChat buddy is embittered, suddenly the shit buckle down is some helpless. Later, with the continued deterioration of the relationship between people, Taobao pipeline yibingding against simply blocking any access by WeChat Taobao Tmall, at that moment, people think they are gone, behind the pictures of the goods to the screen, do not love, you don’t have to do even friends. read more

Network transmission Tencent acquisition of fast and easy network or set off waves in B2C

recently, there is news that the Tencent for the acquisition of a wholly-owned domestic third digital B2C online mall fast and easy network, although CEO Bu Guangqi Yi Xun network denied the rumor, said Yi Xun and Tencent at present only in the QQ mall and QQ rebate on business cooperation, at present does not involve capital level, but he also not to say that in the future "".

then, Nandu reporter to an anonymous insider’s understanding, "the acquisition rumors are not no matter how Tencent to enter the Weakness lends wings to rumours., B2C is only a matter of time". However, the Tencent B2C will be how to run in C2C water and money paid through the existing business? How big is the Tencent’s super carrier in B2C? read more