The failure of the movie station is actually a failure of promotion

movie station also had a period of time, people didn’t realize what, see a few poor IP was a bit cold with your feelings every day. Why is the movie station failure is a generalization of failure? Do the webmaster know, every webmaster has just started to do the site are mostly from the movie station of the movie station is easy to do and relatively more users, when netizens online browsing is the largest movie station, after all the people on the Internet are what place is in the cafe or a little more. So the failure is here, since so many people want to see, in other words, the market demand is large, why have we not opened the sales situation?. read more

In the end of the capital in the winter which companies will die on the way forward

text / South seven road (WeChat public number: nanqidao)

2014 China Internet circle, if you do not venture or not to mention the idea of their own businesses, are embarrassed to greet people. Emphasize the concept of "mass innovation entrepreneurship peoples" in many national leaders, entrepreneurship is a national level high things, as if everyone business is coming. The business street extending from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, incubators blossom everywhere of all sizes, various price financing sources emerge in an endless stream looks better in 2015, everything suddenly stopped, the winter capital to read more

How to do GOOGLE rankings

Information Center survey report shows: search engine is the most important way for users to learn the new site, 82.2% of the site’s visit from the search engine. Search engine based on the target search query, is the best and most mature website promotion. Network marketing mode. Many companies in the developed regions have a large share of sales from search engines. Therefore, the website has a good ranking in the search engine, will let you in a short time quickly increased access to target customers, for customers and the formation of the site beyond your sales; most of our competitors, so you are in very favorable competitive position.
Google is the boss of the search engine, occupy the world’s search volume of 2/3, therefore, do a good job in the site in the GOOGLE search rankings, but also the most important site promotion. So, how to do GOOGLE rankings? read more

A marketing killer letusers like you

Who is the

user? Real pain points the user needs in the user what? Remember you? We often transfer between the user location, user needs, just look at the marketing of all kinds of Magic have understood the need to identify the user, need to create a personalized product value……

too much basic knowledge of marketing, eventually, but you really understand? To learn a marketing killer.

Marketing Basics:

user location.

who is your users, how to let them pay attention to you, need you, and buy your account, but also willing to share your friends? Where are you acquainted with them? Online or offline? They love to meet you in read more

Data era, membership marketing how to do

I [note] the era of big data network operators in the world, fashion marketing very much. But in the creation and management of the car by 7 Days Inn Li Chuntian think, affiliate marketing is still a classic, timeless. In this paper, he gives a set of methodology of member marketing in the era of data.

text / Li Chuntian

from the marketing point of view, we simply divided into customer marketing and affiliate marketing, the difference is that the former only need to deal enough, the latter not only need to know who is the customer, but also know the consumption potential, demand. Affiliate marketing is a wanted order, the purchase will be found, direct hit, precision marketing. read more

Ma Yun Robin Li Taobao YAHOO Baidu wrist articles by Lotte

news May 7th, no accident, next Monday (May 10th) Softbank will sign an agreement with Ma Yun’s, according to this agreement, Taobao China sellers can be sold in YAHOO Japan website commodity.

just recently, Robin Li and Baidu announced that Japan’s largest e-commerce company, to build a B2C joint venture company "Le 100 online", and officially settled in Beijing Tongzhou in April 23rd.

Ma Yun Robin Li, two Chinese internet icon Japan alliance enterprise layout of e-commerce is different, almost at the same time, Baidu with the joint venture company in the domestic e-commerce market, while Taobao has begun to enter japan. read more

Traditional industries into the micro business is not into death.

today, the rapid development of micro business, led by the cosmetics industry, many traditional industries have chosen to enter the micro business, have achieved good results in transition. "The transformation of traditional industries micro business seems to have become a trend, affecting tens of millions without transformation or transition in the traditional industry giants mood. However, it should not turn, how to turn, has become the focus of the current transformation of micro business two. read more

Four tips to quickly improve the conversion rate of e-commerce sites

with the rapid development of web, many enterprises have joined the e-commerce, but many e-commerce companies doing optimization promotion after a period of time, our e-commerce site although there are traffic, eventually transformed into our users is less and less, enhance the site conversion rate has become one of the most difficult in the new stage of a lot of e-commerce site promotion, so the author will explain how to promote the transformation of e-commerce site rate.

a, to our enterprises to establish a good image read more

The electricity supplier first iPhone6 miss not only gandengyan soliciting


] September 10th news billion state power network, billion state power network to understand the latest, the Apple Corp decided in China mainland starting the latest mobile phone products iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, many prior to starting as a marketing gimmick business platform encounter "poured cold water head".

new pat Network bear the brunt. Billion state power network noted that earlier pioneered by WeChat account to release information, said the global synchronization starting, and promised to guarantee genuine, fake a lose ten, the official price, will not increase, TM, originating in Beijing. read more

Group purchase website Xukua financing has been serious competitors out

news perspective

days ago, the domestic group purchase website frequently claimed to have conducted several rounds of financing, the amount of billions of dollars in millions of dollars, but after defeating opponents, is refers to the presence of exaggerating the amount of financing, such as the fact that the false financing means, including the "expected" financing, the amount of financing of arbitrary and fictitious investment etc..

insiders said that many of the group buying site claims are only expected to raise the amount of financing, as to whether the financing, whether the account, the number of real financing is unknown. read more

See eleven for double pomp from Mark Ed Faye


singles by Tmall evolution dual eleven Shopping Festival, a battle without smoke this day has become many businesses on the internet. As the first big move after the listing of the Alibaba, this year’s double eleven is undoubtedly more aspect than ever.

double distance eleven fiery rush to open in less than 20 days, various businesses eager for a fight, to innovation, in this year’s electricity supplier competition, talent shows itself. Therefore, the author specially visited Mr. Wang Dan & business general manager, trying to from this eye-catching menswear brand, see double eleven this year for clues. read more

Bai should guide business mascot design contest ended

This year’s

should be Bai mascot design contest in April 2nd began, which lasted more than a month, by the national attention from all walks of life during the event, supported by Guangming, and published a "mascot design contest should guide Bai began soliciting articles" support and publicity publicity; China Central Academy of Fine Arts teacher, Professor Zhang Linghao of Jiangnan University; at the same time, Beijing University of Technology Geng Dan School of design, Heilongjiang Sanjiang Arts Vocational College official recruitment maker micro-blog attention and publicity. As of the end of May 10th enrollment, a total of more than 500 college students, design enthusiasts to actively register fever, excellent works endless. In the final round of voting after the end of the tutor, the winners of the final production. read more

Chinese nets start welcome free plan of 2008 Olympic Games

5 month 13 days, I learned in the million net official website, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, as the largest Internet based service providers Chinese, online help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises China million net games, following the launch of "ten years ago the nets plan" after the re portrait launch "new" network plan, and "China nets 2008 free plan", the theme of "new Olympic Games, new nets".

this event by providing free web hosting space, free domain name and related series of preferential products, in order to further popularization of Internet application, to help more Chinese SMEs seize the trend and the opportunity of the Olympic Games Olympic technology, experience and practice of Internet dream into the trend of e-commerce, the final image and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through the information. read more

Percy and PELLIOT strategic sermon electricity supplier channel layout is complete turn force of bra

outdoor sports Chinese really into the consumer’s perspective is still a thing in recent years, as a branch of sports, Beijing Olympic Games has created a good opportunity for the outdoor industry gradually spread to the mass start. However, the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, as well as the leisure sports industry as a whole of the blind optimism and expansion, making the beginning of 2010, a number of brands began a large-scale decline or even collapse.

compared the current status of sports brand is generally high inventory, the China outdoor market is rising trend trend. The size of Chinese outdoor market increased from 60 million yuan in 2000 to 14 billion 520 million yuan in 2013, a large number of data show that only one category, to maintain growth in the back of the store is the outdoor sports area, so many businesses to seek new business growth point will give their attention to the outdoor industry. read more

Jilin electricity supplier is expected to sell 330 billion yuan last year, cross-border RMB 1 billio


] January 22nd news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed, according to the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, Jilin city in 2016 is expected to e-commerce transaction volume will reach 330 billion yuan, will achieve 30% growth for 3 consecutive years.

and as of the end of 2016, Jilin city electricity supplier companies have reached more than 6 thousand, online active sellers of electricity supplier directly employed by the company of 200 thousand people, directly led to employment of up to 860 thousand people in the world. read more

Analysts said the online shopping or will replace the mainstream shopping

after May 2003, the Beijing subway door began to appear on Taobao’s advertising, when it was just one of many shopping sites, ordinary people simply can not predict its impact on the traditional retail industry today.

according to a survey of the new generation market monitoring mechanism in 2007, WAL-MART, Carrefour and other large stores, stores a day average traffic of less than 15 thousand people, and the user flow every day nearly 9 million people.

thus, is it possible to predict that online shopping will replace the traditional shopping? An online survey of the social survey center of China Youth Daily recently and jointly conducted (7115 participants) showed that 54.4% of people in the past year often online shopping, 45.4% of people think that within 5 years, online shopping will replace the mall to become the mainstream party young people shopping style. read more

What did I do wrong Baidu does not accept me

I am a rookie, I do not understand SEO do not understand optimization. Have their own web site, was a former Google ADSENSE distress, is now Baidu distress. Before the site to do a long time, Adsense was mistakenly K, Google included or has been very good. A lot of people to help me analyze the reasons, but because I am lazy, feeling little impact, not to modify the site. But has been half a year Baidu or frigidity".

I find information on the web site optimization, learning CSS, DIV, is preparing to change the site, inadvertently read an article on the Internet, wrote CSS+DIV and table effect almost, simply do not change. read more

Vertical electricity supplier outlet Market Segmentation

May 16th, in the United States, the original plans to issue price range of $-21.5 $19.5, the actual price of $22, which, since 2011 April became the first, the issue price is higher than the issue price range, ultra raise shares of the company. Recently listed cheetah mobile networks and the way cattle, have lowered the issue price range.

raised the issue price to a large extent indicates the degree of market sought after. listed on the first day of the opening price of $27.18, up 23.5% over the issue price, eventually closing at $24.18, or 9.91%. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, market capitalization of $3 billion 433 million, the electricity supplier counterparts, is second only to ranked second, third for ($737 million). read more

Give a reason to argue, a reason for success

to argue for a reason, a reason for success

A feature of the

network is that it is valuable to attract attention, that is success.

I used to write the thing is too correct, so no one comment, readers read it, there is no dispute.

too good or too bad things are not controversial, is not a topic.

so after writing in the premise of ensuring the correct nature and on the basis of intent to sell a few flaws, to stimulate people’s desire of debate and discussion. Click here to come, with a reply, it will be successful. read more

How to better promote the new station

early railway station should not be too much to do external links, we should pay more attention to the content construction, the author has made such a mistake, the site has just completed, the content is not perfect, desperately to search engines outside the chain of Kung Fu, started ranking may be high, but soon enter the sandbox, the chain too much growth, whether it is Baidu or Google optimization optimization, it is not advisable. For another angle, just started to do the chain, but in a certain time, you can maintain the number of updates and the site of the chain growth is stable, it is also good. In fact, many new sites are directed at the flow to do the chain, that is, website promotion. So, the new site for what to do to promote the work of the early? I summarize, there are five aspects: read more