Simple logic to see why the Internet 11

most people like to use adjectives to describe things, and rational people like to use logic to reason. Some people can break out of things, and directly to the essence of every hue, and through a simple logic, quickly concluded that this is a rare ability. Although most of the time, this type of reasoning is no more than 3 steps, the logic is no more than "because – so", or "if – so". A senior Internet I respect, have the ability of such incisive logic.

1, why Baidu traffic is higher than Sina, but Baidu brand advertising revenue as Sina? Why QQ traffic is higher than Sohu QQ portal advertising revenue as Sohu? read more

Discussion on the marketing strategy of template net

recently put a lot of effort put in one of my template online, through traffic analysis, summed up a template of network marketing strategy, estimated that many master already know, but I still take you. Of course, this strategy does not necessarily have to be a template to use smart network, you can be sure of one, I said here just a website operation ideas.

has a lot of free stuff on the Internet, but there are many more people looking for free resources. Ha ha, did not listen to the free thing is also very expensive?. He spent some time to make a "semi-finished products" (meant) template, wrote many instructions, of course, is also very trivial I web site "clever" added, in addition to the statement of the use of this free template friends please add a link to me (this according to the policy true gentleman, ha ha!). And in the template, the default link points to my template nets. Of course, when these then use templates will certainly get rid of, and then very dirty, and in some of the pictures in the description of the ALT, some Dongdong, ha ha, some do not pay attention to forget. This will get a lot of anti chain opportunities. read more

Constellation goddess was 30 million yuan A round of investment

constellation goddess culture media Co., recently officially announced, left Yu capital lead investor, Mizuki capital, millet, Wei Yue venture joint investment A round of financing totaling 30 million yuan, Pre A round of investment for the entertainment workshop, two rounds of financing more than 50 million yuan. It is reported that the funds will be used for data development and new media video content intelligent astrological team expansion and layout.

constellation goddess culture media limited by actor Mo Xiaoqi and senior manager and a producer in the end of 2014 co founded, committed to creating a constellation of packaging in the new media video content and social constellation APP, build online constellation ecological chain sharing. The constellation goddess culture media at the end of 2015 launched the first domestic constellation of social reality show "strongest Star Wars", by virtue of contemporary young people hot topic "constellation" and sophisticated production standards, in a single platform Youku playback volume exceeded 150 million times, the average single set playback volume 14 million times. read more

WeChat public platform marketing

network marketing development for 10 years, the marketing team is constantly expanding, constantly trying new marketing methods, the Internet and WeChat, is what we need to study now, WeChat debut three years, have more than 600 million of the trial users, visible WeChat is how powerful! With the increasing trend of WeChat users group more and more businesses, smell the opportunity, have to use WeChat to do the promotion, and promotion of WeChat platform better than the public number. Public number is becoming more and more popular, anyone can register to open their own public accounts, but how to promote the correct number of public WeChat is a lot of people doubt read more

These content is omnipotent, but your castrated

no matter what kind of content, there will always be "content homogenization" such an embarrassing stage. For example, APP, TV programs, newspapers, magazines, websites, news client, WeChat public number, etc., to follow suit (plagiarism) imitation (pseudo original) addiction, simply can not stop. Some are good at foreign language translation, Dave confidently works, do not leave a thank you.

when his work was taken away people silently, also shameless, around a trickster, feeling like clothes stripped, still alive by leaching the urine, gas fire and seven evil experience to kuangtu. So, as experts and scholars so conservation of the people sometimes can not help but open tear force, even to the remotest corners of the globe after times justice. read more

How to evaluate e-commerce system

today in Shanghai webmaster forum to see a good article, special pick to share with you, hoping to bring some friends harvest.

friends often ask, what kind of electronic commerce system better? This question makes me a little depressed, because I only used shopxp shop system, facing all kinds of e-commerce sites in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, not personally test site, a little embarrassed.

believes that there is a lot of hope to develop electronic commerce and do not want to re develop the site friends all have this question, the sea breeze is on its own some superficial experience, how to evaluate e-commerce sites to share, you can also through this idea to evaluate, see what kind of electronic commerce system is a little better. read more

How to do tracking and extrapolation Professional extrapolation platform sharing

can click on my recent article, I think 80% should be the same as I do the work of network marketing colleagues. But I am sure that at least 60% more do not know how to do daily tracking extrapolation, again and again repeated with a keyword you are not already feeling bored? Then you must not miss me next to write about.

repeated with articles I think whoever will feel tired, but this is not the most terrible, the most terrible is even repeatedly with the article do not see the effect, those who do not know what’s not useful, for the future development was a blank, and this is because do not know how to track extrapolation situation. So here I want to tell you a very simple method, we learn later, will know how to do the tracking extrapolation, will get rid of the above mentioned repeated articles do not know the useless work practice. read more

Talking about how to use the synchronous micro-blog to launch the website marketing


marketing has been recognized is more convenient website marketing, but if not many micro-blog fans, everything is empty! Let’s talk about how to make web marketing through the "micro-blog sync" way.

a, what is synchronous micro-blog

so-called micro-blog synchronization, that is, if the user has more than one micro-blog account, the user in a micro-blog above the statement can be displayed simultaneously on other micro-blog.

synchronization micro-blog benefits I do not say, you know, ha ha. You are better than copy, paste to save much of it, everything is automatic. read more

Biography Taobao mall enabled new brand Logo next week to push open platform

September 16th, according to sources, Taobao mall will be launched next week for large B2C electricity supplier open platform, and will start a new brand sync Logo. In this regard, Taobao mall said it will officially announce the new strategy and management rules next week.

it is understood that before the Taobao mall responsible person happy child, with more than 20 domestic B2C companies in Beijing near Jianguomen, a club will discuss. The meeting in addition to the Taobao mall ready to China’s top 30 B2C collective solicitation to Taobao mall shop, but also includes future investment and equity transactions and other details. In this regard, there are some electricity supplier website official said, did receive an invitation from Taobao mall". read more

Unicorn is no longer a myth overvalued so that investors in the first half of the first half of the

Abstract: the world currently has 168 wind investment to help the unicorn, although the unicorns are now more than ever, but cash rich technology companies are not interested in them. In the first half of 21 in the merger and acquisition transactions, only 2 pen and venture capital funded by the unicorn technology company related to the.

venture capital company CBInsights data recently released a report, although the technology is still on the scale of corporate buyers over $1 billion deal, but they have the high valuation of the Unicorn (by the wind, the valuation of investment to help the $1 billion or more of the tech start-ups) did not interest. This shows that the current valuation of Unicorns has been significantly higher. The following is the summary of the article: read more

Cross-border electricity supplier gale mouth cross-border electricity supplier depth interpretation

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& quot;The writer is

BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) Yang Luqian.

2014 was a lot of people in the industry known as the first year of cross-border import electricity supplier. This year, the traditional retailers, domestic and international electricity supplier giants, start-up companies, logistics service providers, supply chain distributors have entered the board, staking. And then, the situation of cross-border electricity supplier imports, how the future will evolve from the macro environment, the existing model, the advantages and disadvantages of the industrial chain and investment trends and other aspects of the analysis, the following observations: read more

Wang Xiaofei’s Tmall international store opened in April flagship Taiwan goods

news March 29th, learned billion state power network, CEO, former South Beauty Group Guangdong Anna technology logistics company (hereinafter referred to as Anna Technology) revealed in micro-blog CEO Wang Xiaofei day before, under the name "nine fair" Tmall international flagship store will be officially opened on April.

Wang Xiaofei micro-blog screenshot

Wang Xiaofei micro-blog said, as early as last July, the leading Lake university students visit, he had decided to do a major selling Taiwan commercial platform for cross-border electricity supplier in Tmall international. read more

A transaction will be limited to the network and selling black list list Industrial and Commercial B

The establishment of

network will be limited to trading and selling black list "list"

Industrial and Commercial Bureau

[TechWeb] reported on April 17th news, for the recent network selling phenomenon, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that this year will be severely hit the counterfeit goods, the establishment of the network and selling the blacklist, and increase penalties on the network and selling behavior. The blacklist of online shops will be limited to a certain period of time online and offline transactions. read more

The next 5 years doubling this year is to Crazy


] April 17th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, to become the third pole of the retail electricity supplier recently convened a secret a number of well-known brands, collusion 2015 plans, and put forward in the next five years, sprint compound annual growth target of 100%.

according to the brands revealed that’s ambition is great, especially in its good field of clothing, not only reflect on last year’s business, also proposed a more practical Imagination: such as the weakening of excessive marketing, strictly control the number of businesses, open data circulation, and according to the needs of business innovation brands. read more

How to locate tourism enterprises

door family tourism integrated business website

today, most of the travel agency in the first site, will find one of the most famous local tourism website for reference, this site is the main nine out of ten such a basic architecture: Home / hotel / ticket booking / (car) / (conference services) / resort (or divided into local tourism / domestic travel / trips abroad) / forum or message board, except the home page and forum, several other content of the module is called the general travel agency business, the purpose of such sites is the business enterprise comprehensive display to the customer, and provide the perfect forum membership function and interaction (such as forum etc.), we are accustomed to this kind of website called the door travel apartment layout. read more

Chen ou overseas purchase is too hot lead was hacked

Chen ou: overseas purchase is too hot lead to frequent black

[TechWeb] January 7th news reports, recently, nearly a hundred reporters received an anonymous e-mail on the United States overseas purchase business bid. A person claiming to be a former employee of the United States overseas business, said the United States purchase unsolicited overseas fake cosmetics checked, overseas business has been shut down. This email content from first to last have emphasized the United States overseas business has suffered major setbacks, unable to maintain. read more

Microsoft electricity supplier website plan exposure currently terminated


technology news Beijing time on June 21st morning news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that Microsoft had to consider the introduction of e-commerce website, competition and industry giant, Amazon and eBay, but has terminated the plan.

sources, Microsoft has worked with retailers and technology companies to negotiate, hoping to attract a number of merchants to the site, and plans to launch a unified shopping cart and a wide range of delivery services. Microsoft is also considering providing price subsidies, funding from the merchant in Microsoft Bing (Bing) network search engine or other services into some of the advertising costs. read more

Discussion on the method of website promotion

After two months of careful preparation,

opened my website. As a senior grassroots webmaster, I chose the site as the first site. There are two reasons, one is the threshold of the site is low, do not need complex technology, and even as the individual owners will be able to type the site to build the station. Two is the cost of space, low maintenance costs, web site content relative to other sites do not need to be updated, the amount of space data is also small, difficult to maintain. Of course, there is a trade-off, in the face of the innumerable web site, how to make your site stand out is a big problem, combined with me to do this station experience, talk about web site promotion methods. read more

The site can really rely on speculation

read a lot of "master" article, what promotion trilogy, what website promotion methods, how to make your site quickly on red? In the article mentioned "hype". Seems to have become a popular trend.

      entertainment speculation! Media speculation! The domain name website to stir fry.. Now look at the major webmaster related information website, including a webmaster and related big website. This article can be dug out of many.

    personal Adsense is the need for a propaganda platform, propaganda is equal to hype? What is more to write the soft to the novice reference, perhaps can let a part of the webmaster to improve writing ability.. Or maybe tomorrow’s CCTV news has changed to XX station news.. Isn’t it? read more

The effect of soft writing on the promotion website

see Admin5 on both the authors said: write soft role? The role of soft. Raise questions. Look at some of the critics. Therefore, the author of this article to do a rebuttal.

first point: the original author did not understand what is called soft Wen?

soft text as a whole, divided into three kinds,

1, the content of soft Wen

, for example, enrich their forum, the content of the site article. Write these articles, need more profound work, why? Now a soft beyond literature concept, but to consider the taste of the search engine, so embedded in a soft key will be just perfect, but also to ensure the smooth statement, this is the real skill, not like writing the text, can God shaped scattered and scattered, not to the point of Southeast sea. read more