How to put the small and single living dead

is engaged in sales, and dealing with people, and dealing with people, we must study the laws of human nature, or denial of how to explain? Users had to speak with me, he said: "Zhang Gong, I will be particularly strong, the more people will reject me, I’ll welcome Yuezhanyueyong, I refused," it is the spirit of ah Q. I thought: This is not the case, is what? When the customer refuses to us, how we should look at their psychology? We must be clear: the customer refused, where customers refused to appear, what is the reason. read more

58 city in the third quarter net loss of 206 million loss

58 city

Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time on November 30th news, 58 city today released the fiscal year ended fiscal year as of the 2015 quarter unaudited financial results for the third quarter. Reported in accordance with GAAP (GAAP) calculation, 58 city third quarter total revenues of $212 million 900 thousand, $72 million over the same period last year an increase of 195.9%; net loss attributable to the 58 city $206 million over the same period last year, net profit of $5 million 900 thousand, up to loss. read more

Shop No 1 into fresh areas logistics distribution or weakness

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

electricity supplier industry tentacles are reaching fresh fields. After Tmall mall, with selection, I bought the food network, shop No. 1 in the recent sale of fresh products.

yesterday (April 7th), shop No. 1 online supermarket chairman Yu Gang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "to do a real online supermarket, if not fresh, is certainly not perfect. Consumers have been accustomed to order 1, but still want to go to the supermarket every month, is because of the lack of fresh products on the line." read more

China’s electricity supplier growth costs scale expansion and price war

paradox of Chinese style: "the rapid development of online retail, so that investors began to expand the scale and price war a lot of money."

to market operators experience, Jingdong is to provide logistics services for the seller’s competition, they are building a different from UPS and FedEX and other international logistics services logistics network. Jingdong announced in November last year, its logistics channels to ensure the delivery of 23 cities on the same day, the next day served in 150 cities. read more

Look at the 100 most popular B2C sites in the United States in the past 09 years

In this paper,

was recorded in 2009 100 B2C the most popular sites in the United States, summarize them in Internet retailing is how to motivate the customer, customer retention, customer service, and a lot of successful experience in how to keep in touch with customers outside the site.

Don Davis: "if this paper can draw a conclusion, that is: the success of e-commerce is not only to have a powerful website, but to maximize the use of the Internet to connect consumers whenever and wherever possible." read more

Liu Qiangdong open individual WeChat public document why Jingdong has been fighting

DoNews May 26th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) today, the Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong WeChat launched its personal public numbers, and released the first article, sharing his thought of long-term strategic development of the Jingdong.

WeChat public number to Liu Qiangdong in the name of its profile shows that the public number is mainly used to share with you the Jingdong’s information and entrepreneurial insights, together with the exchange of food and reading experience."

in the first article, Liu Qiangdong reviewed the development of small counters from Zhongguancun to today, Jingdong has been fighting. Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong to cause so much is not law-abiding is not a Jingdong, the pursuit of short-term interests of the company, "a security is not safe, immediate success is always a great success, the company should have a long-term strategic vision, and the successful implementation." read more

Lack of pharmaceutical electricity supplier supervision third party platform drug online retail pilo

Abstract: Tmall Medical Museum, said the Tmall medical center in accordance with the State Food and Drug Administration and the Hebei food and drug administration policy requirements, is about to stop the third party platform drug online retail business. However, industry analysts said the halt involves only OTC drugs, Tmall health care products, medical equipment and other services are not affected.

July 29th evening, media reports said, Tmall Medical Museum on the afternoon of 29 to the business platform issued a notice to stop the drug online trading function from August 1st. read more

The 357 group purchase website last month closed group purchase industry continues to slimming swell

as a whole to further expand the scale at the same time, group purchase industry continues to "slimming swelling", according to the group purchase navigation site 800 statistics, last month and 357 group purchase site closed or transformation.

thin buy after the rise of the health industry, 1 billion 730 million yuan, 112 thousand – last month, the domestic market to buy the market turnover and the number of open group a new record high. So far, the first quarter of this year to buy a total turnover of 4 billion 510 million yuan, equivalent to last year’s turnover of $41%. After six months of shuffling adjustment, buy the industry in March this year, gradually recovering from the cold." Buy Consumer experts Hu Chen said that from the current growth momentum, this year is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan to buy the industry market size. And the overall situation of the country, last month, Tianjin group turnover of 48 million 138 thousand yuan, a decline of 2.2%. read more

The battle for the footwear business flow saw the potential value of personal webmaster

              B2C shoe giant marriage contributed to the flow change

if the success mode of American group purchase website Groupon become the object of domestic group purchase websites competing to imitate it, then the United States footwear giant B2C Zappos’s success for many domestic entrepreneurs eager to become Chinese Zappos. At present, the domestic Internet giants have vied for B2C footwear and footwear, marriage business, is the value of the market prospects for the future. Footwear B2C will set off a war without smoke. read more

E mission network CEO Xu Wenhu we are not a dark horse

March 11th news, since the E mission network CEO Xu Wenhu high-profile blind expansion and can not save the future of the group buying site after the remarks, on the local buy site innovation and plagiarism debate ignited again. At the same time, until in the Southern China area "King" of the E group, as well as a dark horse, turned out, the mysterious team background and personal independence of conduct argument, also triggered speculation and discussion in the industry.

of the E group Xu Wenhu interview with the author, is the first exposure in the public view, the young people of Hongkong in the China Internet community is completely new, in business from him, with Hongkong, the United States and growing experience in the mainland business Chinese complex. E mission network since the line, Xu Wenhu has been showing his distinctive style of action. read more

Third party platform to sell drugs in case of policy robbery Listen to Tmall senior pharmacy

[Abstract] these days, Tmall Medical Museum "reorganized" halt "the news everywhere, and the common mode of the third party platform Shop No. 1, eight hundred party also came will face the risk of being halted. Is rendered out of the policy crisis, whether business or platform are simmering.

businesses to increase self B2C investment, the platform tries to self, become the two most obvious trend in the policy of pharmaceutical electricity supplier trends. And these two trends really represent the correct trend of pharmaceutical electricity supplier?. Billion state power network with a number of pharmaceutical business platform, businesses learned to communicate, both for the food and drug administration policy, or to the pharmaceutical business model selection, their attitudes are not the same. read more

Zhuang Shuai analysis Taobao large logistics plan in three mountains

Taobao’s big logistics plan in June 12, 2010 officially launched before the Dragon Boat Festival, to cross shop, cross regional multiple online shopping, a receipt, just pay a freight." To enter the logistics industry as the basic point of interest. At this point, the Ali group involved in the business including: electronic commerce platform (B2B, B2C, C2C), a number of areas, online payment portal, SNS, software, financial credit, logistics, the electronic commerce strategy increasingly clear, from the beginning of the information flow and capital flow to the full range of logistics penetration. read more

Lin Daliang seize the WeChat is to seize the tail of the nternet

is the co-founder of WeChat sea, Lin Daliang, President of the European Academy of Sciences published a new trend of social media marketing as the theme of the speech record:

(pictured as co-founder of WeChat sea, Lin Daliang, Dean of the European Institute)

Lin Daliang: you guys, good morning. The first to introduce our company, our company is China especially early WeChat marketing, WeChat third party platform, now hatch WeChat sea platform, WeChat provides third party software for traditional enterprise marketing. Second of us for the traditional enterprise directly bring fans pay according to the effect, the third we do not understand the special training WeChat marketing white and some business owners. Finally, we help traditional enterprises to do based on the WeChat side of the overall communication as well as creative ideas and operations. We are best at the effect. read more

Foreign media rendering China’s anti terrorism law draft trade protection color

Global Times reported that the western media generally interpret the provisions of China’s anti-terrorism law on high-tech enterprises as a trade protection". Reuters reported that China has removed a number of the world’s leading technology brands from the government procurement list, including CISCO, apple, etc.. Although China formulated anti-terrorism law is also effective in domestic and foreign enterprise, but with new banking regulations and the recent intensive antitrust investigation, foreign companies in China seems to have been more unfair regulatory pressure". read more

The transformation of electronic commerce Capriccio triggered a business investment Hengda Alibaba

introduction: on the morning of 6.5, the investment community a marriage of shocking, Alibaba to 1 billion 200 million yuan, achieved a 50% stake in Hengda football. The Asian Club Football overlord Hengda and the Internet giant in the field of "flash marriage".

Ali Wangwang

e-commerce platform, the traditional enterprise Hengda football line, the combination of the two cooperation have let small cause some reverie. Ali Wangwang is China e-commerce heavyweights, Hengda and the cooperation is bound to have a big trade business. Hengda has been able to choose and Ali cooperation, the emphasis is on the popularity of Ali, the Internet is different from the hardware, software development, technical threshold is not high, visibility and operational capacity of the enterprise is the threshold. read more

Customs supervision of cross border electricity supplier included Sea Amoy will follow

customs under the regulation of cross-border electricity supplier: Sea Amoy will follow

news August 2nd, the General Administration of Customs "cross-border trade of Electronic Commerce on the entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory matters announcement yesterday" implementation of cross-border business enterprise and individual supervision, let the sea Amoy according to the law. Notice that the e-commerce store operator import and export goods, goods under customs supervision, the customs shall handle the e-commerce business registration procedures, accept the supervision of the customs. Failing to go through the formalities for filing shall not carry out the business of electronic business. read more

From room reservation to dog theory

the end of last month I went to Beijing, because in different places to work, stay a few days are not the solution to the nearest hotel accommodation, including friends arrangement, has its own online shopping. One night I see the public comment a price and distance are suitable housing, click into the future, Ctrip is information, login to Ctrip after registering page prompts to connect a credit card when booking deposit, booking as soon as possible in order to follow the instructions after all. read more

E commerce model innovation or make the future pattern of huge variables

With the rapid development of the Internet Chinese

, a sharp increase in the number of Internet users, online shopping population growth, online shopping market has gradually become the climate, the advantages of e-commerce is becoming more and more obvious, even many celebrities of the commodities have abandoned the traditional offline store sales model, through the network to complete sales of goods. Insiders said that the rapid development of e-commerce to the Internet has brought another spring. read more

College students can easily make money through the blog

1, blogging to make money requires a long effort to coordinate the process of

I’ve been blogging for five years, but in the first year, I’m not making money, although I’ve learned a lot about blogging this year. The next two years, while I was writing my blog, I was working at 2-3 for a while, and I had to study in my spare time.

often people tell me that I’m going to earn $XXXX over the next few months. How is it possible for a new blog?

according to the latest statistics, Technorati ranked the top 100 of the blog, blog time on average more than three years. It takes a long time to build a successful blog, and it takes a long time to establish a connection with the reader, it takes a long time to learn how to optimize the ad, it takes a long time to adjust yourself. read more

NetEase koala purchase on line hundred days layout meager profit electricity supplier ecosystem

recently, NetEase’s cross-border business platform in the line of the 100 day sea purchase koala held media communication, koala sea purchase CEO Ms. Zhang Lei told the media that it will launch a new round of large-scale promotional activities in the near future, mother, beauty and women will become the focus of the current round of promotional activities. At the same time, Zhang Lei said, had been sought after by domestic consumers in Japan toilet cover will also be launched in this big promotion activities. read more