Taobao, ah, pat three C2C shopping website pros and cons analysis

look at the current C2C platform, do the best to count Taobao, pat and Baidu have ah. Taobao to do the earliest time to defeat the eBay free mode, became the boss of the market, and pat rely on QQ even communication tools, but also a certain market share. Last year, Baidu launched a huge platform ah, rely on the flow of Baidu search engine, and more than two formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, had earned no money C2C platform competition more intense. Fei Conglai is a magic weapon of the Internet, and Taobao is in this way as a selling point, and therefore yangmingliwan, established his position in the political arena, will be to the seller charges mode of eBay market continues to erode, become the market leader. Then, Taobao rely on the advantages of Alibaba B2B platform for the supply of goods in the shop owner Taobao shop, the seller to solve the problem of attracting a large number of sellers to solve the problem. Later, with the opportunity to charge the user to Taobao, pat free way to take advantage of it, coupled with the advantages of QQ users, pat also quickly occupied a certain market share. network continues to spread, the number of online shopping continues to increase, more and more people shop, users of online shopping has a certain understanding and understanding. With the increase in the B2B platform, Taobao’s supply model has no advantage, although there is a huge pat QQ users as a basis, but too many Tencent services, pat the advantage can not be reflected. On the basis of the launch of Baidu has ah, one hand to absorb the advantages of Taobao and pat on eBay, on the other hand, based on the existing shopping environment for innovation, such as the reform of credit mechanism, virtual credit split, the innovation of credit speculation has played a very good prevention and control, a time to attract a large number of users. so far, three C2C shopping platform officially began a situation of tripartite confrontation trend. So, who is the last king? for Taobao, the years of the brand advantage invincible, said Taobao will be shopping, will often occur, and when many children will own Taobao store dispensers or web site in the blog, forums, and even QQ character signature inside, this is not only in the promotion of their own shops, but also to the very the role for Taobao’s propaganda, spreading the spontaneous let Taobao in the same site for at least one or two years ahead. Of course, Taobao’s weakness is the security problem of credit and payment mechanism, in Taobao, karate seller, hand to the existence of a large number of sellers, these things seem like a calm sea hiding many reefs, once the contradictions concentrated outbreak, Taobao should also go down the slope road. Pat should have a strong advantage, C2C is between the individual and the individual transaction, this and the profitability of QQ imitationContinue reading was re United States law firm class action

NetEase Francisco July 4th message, according to foreign media reports, Law announced that the US law firm Goldberg PC, has been to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York filed against (NYSE: VIPS) group of the indictment, claiming that in violation of federal securities law. Investors who bought shares of from February 17, 2015 to May 11, 2015, if they wish to become the main plaintiff in the case, should join the class action by the year of July 20, 2015. If suffered losses during the period of the shareholders, please contact Goldberg Law PC Michael · Gord Berg (Michael Goldberg) and Brian · (Brian Schall); Funchal, to discuss all the rights of shareholders. In addition, you can also contact the site via Goldberg Law or by e-mail PC. the plaintiff group involved in the case has not yet been identified, prior to the qualification of the plaintiff involved in the identification can not be represented by the agent. If you choose not to participate in litigation, you can become a member of the group absent. is an online discount retailer selling a large number of consumer goods. This collective action claims issued a false or misleading statement did not disclose: (1) manipulation and exaggerated sales, accounts receivable, profit, cash flow and asset accounts; (2) accounts statements in violation of GAAP; (3) internal control failure on the accounting report; therefore, (4) public statements in the above period is materially false and misleading. When the truth is revealed, shares fell led to investor losses. if asked about the group litigation in legal rights, please contact Goldberg Law PC immediately by phone to 800-977-7401, or visit Goldberg Law PC website, or by email to contact Goldberg Law PC represents global shareholders, focusing on securities class action and shareholder equity litigation. (Tianmenshan Mountain)

Industry secret phishing sites disguised masks

afternoon a friend in the group to share a elong phishing site, called, in addition to open the page and found the phone number is not the same, the other can scarcely be distinguished from natural flowers. There are some tourism industry people said, this should also be the elong website? Similarity amazing! After discussion and analysis of Zhilu group of friends in the industry, a step up fake art dragon mask.   a phishing page 1, consulting phone difference like Ctrip, eLong such a large online travel website calls are unique, and counterfeit site phone number is not so smooth. true dragon phone:   phishing phone:   2, part of the query and reservation functions can not be used properly formal large online booking travel website, taking into account the convenience of users, the system will generally choose to upgrade the early hours of the morning. The phishing site is always in the system upgrade, trying to guide customers to telephone consultation.     3, consultation price is quite cheap well, since the system upgrade, can not be used. So, we will follow the prompts to call the customer service hotline! Wisdom brigade friend Li Kaijun dialed the phone, consulting Shanghai to Amsterdam, the ticket price. Customer service with high efficiency, less than half a minute, he told that in August 18th, including tax and other costs only 3230 yuan, very cheap! General industry people know: a query, ticket price is take some time, so the international ticket would not have to check in half a minute. Out; two, such a low price, is almost impossible. such a low price, quickly set it! You need to transfer, and to the ATM machine remittance. Wait for you a fever, thought to pick up cheap, the money in the past, and then call, it is estimated that there is no audio. 4, this phishing network is how to find the Of course is through the promotion of search engine to search what! As long as the "discount ticket", "special offer ticket", many websites, dazzling, don’t know what is the regular online booking website.     through the query, found and >

Become the store e-commerce fitting room

in the store about commodity models, home to the shop to buy, not to worry about the number of unsuitable style, and can enjoy relatively cheap price, this "line, online buy" group quite a headache to the store. Today, this group has been extended to furniture, home appliances, books and many other fields. It seems to be small, but in reality reflects the competition between the store and shop for the source. Some entities merchants even sigh: this business can not do." They have racked their brains to fight back. shopping mall number of books in handwritten tag cover plastic envelope days ago, the reporter found in the three layer of the collect Volkswagen point shop unintentionally, all the tag on the clothes with a handwritten price tag, do not look carefully will be mistaken for a commodity after the discount price, but in fact these tags have been printed and handwritten price, price tag on some print the price or completely the same. The reporter found that view carefully, the secret lies in the handwritten tag position, they just cover the number printed on the bar code label. Reporters noted that some of the price tag has been torn handwritten again sticky traces. There are consumers reflect that some brands directly with the adhesive stick number, or even directly remove the merchandise tag, feel very inconvenient. similar "not easy" also appears in the bookstore to tightly in a layer of plastic coat on the bag, this approach is more and more popular, but the readers want to know the contents of the book has become very difficult. The reporter collects shopping center basement in Phoenix bookstore, a dozen books now selling Mo Yan was placed in a prominent position, but all is the plastic. A reader of this book just picked up a plastic for unpacking, it was time to stop the clerk. The explanation given is that there are many plastic discs, later can prevent missing. Stop disappointed readers told reporters, can not see the contents of the book there is no way to judge worth buying, had to give up, "more and more books on the plastic envelope." in other businesses, consumers can feel the shopping guide over enthusiastic service. A shopping mall in the North Sanhuan women’s counter work Xiao Wu told reporters, according to the requirements of the company, the guests do not need the coat into the fitting room clothing as "close follow" to customer checkout will closely, "I heard that some brand shopping guide must take notes in their own hands, to accompany customers queuing he didn’t turn, until the ticket to the customer." Consumers Ms. Wang have had that experience, she once went to a shopping alone, into the fitting room, shopping guide kept outside asking about the size is appropriate, need not need to change the color, "don’t focus on trying on clothes, too much enthusiasm, the fitting room is private space." "we have no choice, many people try the clothesContinue reading

Liu Qiangdong exposes Jingdong mall will selectively enter the field of B2B

  news March 26th, before the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong for the first time disclosed the intention to enter the B2B strategy. it is understood that Liu Qiangdong is to participate in the Tsinghua Institute of economics and management professor Lu Xiangqian Organization Innovation Leadership Forum on the disclosure of the information. Liu Qiangdong pointed out that Jingdong mall will enter the field of B2B, but the premise is to enter the B is the end consumer for the purpose of the enterprise. "We will not face the dealer but the face of the end consumer, we have done this for many years." previously, Liu Qiangdong also revealed the idea of selling Jingdong involved in the upstream supply chain links. The news that Liu Qiangdong himself will appear in April, eighth of the small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce conference organized by the state power grid. According to informed sources, the meeting has been for the majority of B2B industry practitioners, including Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang, my steel net and other well-known B2B enterprises are the guest of the meeting. analysts pointed out that although the current Jingdong has established the absolute leader in the status of self B2C, but in terms of the POP platform, the supplier’s control, still need to be improved. Therefore, if you want to further expand the scale of POP, Jingdong is necessary to strengthen cooperation with more high-quality suppliers. in 2012 April, the Jingdong to emulate Amazon launched B2B platform, the main provider of industrial raw materials, mechanical parts and hardware such as online transactions, and then try to seek a more stable relationship between enterprises for mining. on the other hand, the Alibaba B2B business also began to transfer to the downstream products such as Taobao online retail platform, and was at the behest of Ma Yun, within the group established CBBS business model. Obviously, the integration of B2C and B2B has become irreversible, the future of the combination of the two will become more and more closely. "on the B2C site, POP platform and service industry chain can bring tremendous growth and appreciation of space for it; and the B2B website is interested in consumer goods B2B distribution has very good prospects, many B2B sites began to use the B2C platform to help suppliers to sell products." The above said.

Amazon won the free new top-level domain name .Free

renamed Chinese ( in the March 17th hearing, following the new top-level domain.Wow recently, Amazon beat its rival Google, Donuts and other companies, and obtain a new top-level domain name ".Free" (free). figure: Amazon ".Free" translated as "free", Amazon said that the new top-level domain name ".Free" mission is: to provide a unique and specialized platform, while protecting the integrity of Amazon’s brand and reputation. Amazon intends to use.Free to provide a stable and secure online communication and interactive platform. new top-level domain for the enterprise’s marketing strategy layout, brand protection and other aspects have a very important role. The Internet giant company for new top-level domain is quite willing to throw money, so before Amazon spent $4588888 (about 28 million 190 thousand yuan) sold under the ".Buy" (buy), Minds+Machines company spent $3000888 (about 18 million 440 thousand yuan) to buy ".VIP" (VIP), and Google’s $25 million (about 156 million yuan take ".App"), this is not the only one.

Buy popular network mining potential to buy the network to make money

since the United States to buy Groupon network model to the introduction of the Chinese people, the domestic network to buy a new group, from the hundred regiments of thousands of war. Many celebrities have analyzed the network group purchase network such as the author, here is not to show off, only some profitable mining group purchase network to potential. PS: the meaning of mining is to buy a network of friends can try to do something, but not the author of the new discovery. first: join mode. network group purchase to a certain time, filled with false data type can deceive, so owners choose to sell the station, take the money and run. This is not a panacea, to meet this kind of opportunity is not easy to believe. In addition to selling , the Chinese people are also very popular a model, is to join. Now Sina, Sohu are sold in the substation, substation in traffic is not much, but a lot of people are willing to buy. 39 Health Network by ring join races cost a decisive role in the early development of Web site, for the road ahead with a key. now some buy network began to join the model, there are selling well, there are bad. Chinese people like to join is a very long history, and grasp the mode of joining, more truly for the sake of the franchisee, perhaps to create a star avenue. second: do local portal buy station. buy station there are two categories, one is the local nature, one is the nature of the industry. Local nature of the city to do a special buy services such as Guangzhou, the nature of the industry to do a specific field of maternal and child supplies to buy services. so buy from the moment of birth and place to hang up, looking for a local portal to cooperate is a very ideal way. Such as Shenzhen, where to find forums or community is popular, affiliated to a complete group purchase service in the community, special group purchase high-quality goods, will be very welcome. This is an example in the TV show, a television program to explain the lives of people, with a section of the car, the way to make an appointment call, very hot. so, in addition to looking for the local community, you can also find the local TV station, in addition to the two operators, can also choose some local portal site program providers, such as KingCMS has plans to launch a local portal version, beta demo site called "Hunchun 123", we can understand the search. With these operators to cooperate, as long as the next one, you can put all the local stations opened together, is a shortcut to find a local portal cooperation. at the end of the article, I venture to analyze: the first mode is to grasp the people from rich people have psychological, I can have second modes; the group purchase back to realContinue reading

South Korea also has double eleven Online Shopping Festival aimed at Chinese Internet users

[Abstract] in order to allow outside Korea overseas consumers also enjoy preferential, Korea post with this activity: international express mail exchanges between China and South Korea (EMS) the average tariff reduction of 36%.   following the United States, "black Friday", China’s "double eleven", South Korea will also usher in its own shopping festival, in order to drive the economy has been hit by the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). according to the South Korean Ministry of commerce industry responsible person told the "First Financial Daily reporters, the South Korean government will joint South Korea circulation industry and tourism industry, jointly launched the" star Korea "plan (SingSingKorea), in order to boost China, overseas consumer confidence in the product of South korea. the program is known as the Korean version of the industry, the double eleven". inspired by "black Friday" and "double eleven" "stars Korea" the background is the July 9th meeting of the trade and investment promotion meeting, led by President Park Geun hye, South Korea tourism shopping discount plan in order to deal with the fatal blow for the MERS epidemic and the introduction of. The main content of the plan is to expand the online shopping and tourism shopping store discount efforts to stimulate domestic demand in korea. for offline shopping discounts in stores, the Ministry in charge of tourism in South Korea has launched the "South Korea shopping discount season 2015" (KoreaGrandSale), and the activities of the time from the previous years 1 months to 2 months. As a result, the discount season covers the summer season and China’s national day holiday. launched the star Korea program mainly for online shopping discounts. In order to guide more tourists to participate in this event, the South Korean government is "painstakingly". The South Korean government and Xinluo, including G-Market, Lotte duty free 16 South Korea duty-free shopping sites to reach an agreement, the latter will participate in the activities of large discount. in addition, in order to let outside Korea overseas consumers also enjoy preferential, Korea post with this activity: international express mail exchanges between China and South Korea (EMS) the average tariff reduction of 36%. in terms of publicity, the Korean government to get rid of the idea of relying solely on travel agencies, began to turn to China’s domestic promotion. For example, for this event, the South Korean government will be micro-blog, WeChat public accounts, portals, news media and other diverse channels for more Chinese ordinary consumers to attack. in addition, in order to encourage enterprises to actively participate in this event, the discount rate on the South Korean government has also made provisions: all participating enterprises will be posted 100 to provide substantial discount products in China and South Korea bilingual activity on the official website, and through the official website to provide a minimum of 8% coupons.

Multitray logic thinking of selling moon cakes five g WeChat electricity supplier

  introduction: when Ronaldo encountered white crow more than a year, Luo fat mentioned logic thinking to do moon cake on a number of occasions, as to why to do the moon cake, has become a big secret, quietly buried in his own heart, who do not know. The logic of thinking has been selling cakes, only a hypothesis, but when the fat white fat white Luo Zhenyu met black handsome handsome black white crow, the little secret became a difficult task. (a good friend for a lifetime!) Who is the of the white crow? Pocket through micro mall CEO, Internet Product Manager in the great God class character. When in office when the Alipay chief user experience division, is sensitive to the role of social relationships in the business, so Alipay launched someone to pay the product project. Although this last little product successfully, but because Alipay and Taobao are the lack of a "social attribute", so that the product has not been able to play the original idea of the power and pleasure. When the white crow start again, choose the WeChat platform to launch a new business revolution, naturally, he must also play a big " ! therefore, selling cakes, into an experiment: exploring in this particular scene in WeChat electricity providers play a variety of social relationships, limit boundary test convert sales flow, the logic of thinking WeChat mall is open to the logic of thinking of member free use of pre testing and pathfinder. decryption: why Sike 100 days moon cake? Ronaldo, founder of one of the most active Internet community and WeChat public account. White crow, a Sike social business. both of them in the heart of the future to make the same judgment: the era of the traditional electricity supplier is over, WeChat electricity supplier is being formed. , however, WeChat electricity supplier should be how to do? Traffic is not the supreme artifact how the relationship will affect the purchase of the scene will be redefined? in fact, this is the reason for the black and white good gay friend die hard knock moon cake. chose the moon cake this commodity, because: 1 moon cake is a very small number of natural products with a wide range of social. 2 in recent years the moon cake’s image has been low in the end, and this year is a special moon cake market downturn, with no potential to play goods, to the maximum extent possible to test the impact on sales of the play itself. 3 countries on moon cake food regulation is very strict, as the regulatory system is quite mature commodity, food safety risk control. This is the data Sike 100 days after the first disclosure: 158 designers to raise public 200 moon cake partner and : nearly 3 million participants

LETV and iCNTV court has terminated cooperation licence

source: Zhonghua once again become the focus of public opinion on the Internet when the TV box, LETV iCNTV and decorum court people once again stunned. According to media reports, as the iCNTV court, and piggyback on the platform equipped with iCNTV hardware company. iCNTV the future of television yesterday announced that due to the requirements of music boxes and TVs in broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the broadcasting management, iCNTV future of television has terminated with music as the company’s license relationship, but the content of cooperation in accordance with the original contract to continue to perform. in the strict supervision, license and lifeline box market, LETV and iCNTV fully hostility to fantastic. but also more than the music as the trouble. According to a reporter from the HD box product sales data to display Tmall data cube, LETV TV sales showed a gradual downward trend, has gradually fade out the vision of users. HD box product sales data in Tmall data cube of 2013 in the fourth quarter, the first quarter of 2014, 201 years in the second quarter, MIUI/ millet products were more than 310 thousand, 480 thousand, 430 thousand times the number of traded goods ranked first, TV and music as places 27 thousand, 13 thousand, 13 thousand numbers were ranked eleventh and twelfth and thirteenth. recently, SARFT Network Division issued immediately shut down illegal Internet TV terminal product video software to download the channel letter, informed criticism of set-top box number and blockbuster two platforms, the unauthorized installation of APP, all kinds of video aggregation software and Internet browser software phenomenon. industry such as the music box describe the situation: "a policy of coping, without paying users". In addition to the box, Jia Yueting high hopes for the "super TV", Jia Yueting is also facing the capital circle frequently described the protagonist, shipments in very limited circumstances, users encountered strong emotional rebound. a well-known portal digital channel has released an exclusive report, friends @ wo Wu Bin reflect the new music as a TV screen after the installation of the phenomenon of split screen, but the sale is not in the scope of maintenance. Music, as the customer believes that there are two television transport situation, and their own installation, so the screen crack is man-made damage, not in the scope of repair, you can add $3000 to replace the new machine. And said that the spread of false information dissemination of friends to retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility. The reporters found that in music as official forum fans community browsing, the problem is not the case LETV TV screen, LETV TV screen broken without complaint case meet the eye everywhere. bought the TV music as the user "1382xxx9813_204" reported, 24 days using split screen, the rights of the 20 days failed but at their own expense replacement. And the other for friends 132>

Electricity supplier package tax can let the sea Amoy family continue to Hey Amoy

yesterday, the formal implementation of cross-border electricity supplier retail import tax new deal. According to the new tax reform program, in April 8th, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer according to postal items parcel tax levied on goods, but according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax. days ago, the General Administration of customs also announced the adjustment of tax rate and the dutiable value of imported goods. Although the new deal of cross-border business impact is far greater than the direct purchasing, the formal introduction of specific tax rates had led to "the attention of hand chop party, rose up?? how to choose between the electricity supplier and purchasing in in the future? skin care cosmetics rate of as a result of the tax deal mainly for cross-border electricity supplier, the individual purchasing tax within 50 yuan is still exempt from, but for direct mail and transport by sea Amoy buyers, the national collection is still the parcel tax. After the tax reform, the personal mail parcel tax also has a certain degree of increase, the original tax rate of 10%, 20%, four. 30%, 50%, 15%, 30% and 60% for the integration of three tax rate. published in the "People’s Republic of China customs entry goods value table", part of the food and beverage, electronic products, furniture such as gold and silver, the tax rate from 10% to 15%, a clothing tax rate from 20% to 30%, part of tobacco, cosmetics tax rate from 50% to 60%. The increase was most pronounced among the "precious jewelry and jade jewelry", from the original tax rate of 10% of the gold and silver jewelry and its products, art, collectibles "category are listed separately, 60% tax rate, diamonds and diamond jewelry rose to 30%. Box leather leather goods tax rate increased from 10% to 30%; touch screen handheld mobile phone is not much change, the tax rate is only 15%, sea Amoy i-Phone phone still has a certain price advantage. in addition, beauty products rate of female consumers are most concerned about is the dust settles, the original uniform implementation of a tax rate of 50% and the clean cosmetics, from yesterday "separation". Perfume, foundation, mascara cosmetics rate is 60%; Cleansing Cream, lotion and other skin care products to be "toiletries" classification, the implementation rate of 30%. launched the package tax and other promotional activities starting from 7 pm, the major cross-border electricity supplier platform has begun to adjust the price of existing goods or shelves. According to the new regulations, the import of milk powder will pay 11.9% tax, in this regard, some cross-border electricity supplier using "tax package" measures. cross-border electricity supplier honey bud announced that from April 8th 10:00, honey bud on the platform in the sale of all cross-border brand milk powder will be all on the line, users don’t have to worry about how to pay taxes, the honey bud on the platform of cross-border tax package all the milk.Continue reading

Cross border electricity supplier new play, the koala sea to buy the three stunt fight the future

the price war, the sea waves for the emerging cross-border electricity supplier, and added a touch of red. April 22nd, the NetEase launched koala sea purchase on-line since the second round of large-scale promotional activities "koala sea purchase stockpile Festival, promotional merchandise covers imported baby, beauty care, health care, food, daily Home Furnishing light luxury fashion etc.. Most products to do the whole network is the lowest, the price of a German imported infant milk powder is as low as 110 yuan. According to the latest China customs statistics, since 2012, more than 2000 companies registered in the cross-border business, NetEase, Jingdong, Tmall, Amazon and other giants incoming, ocean terminal, honey bud baby, 168 sea Amoy and other entrepreneurial platforms such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain plus friends, innumerable party purchasing. In recent years the competition has intensified focus on cross-border electricity supplier. State Administration of foreign exchange on March 31st released in 2014 China’s international balance of payments report shows that in 2014, China’s residents of cross-border online shopping enthusiasm, the annual sea Amoy spending over $1 billion 500 million. In November December, affected by the western countries and the domestic online shopping festival discount promotional activities, personal cross-border online shopping spending for two consecutive months exceeded $200 million, cross-border e-commerce has become China’s foreign trade new growth point. Koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei said, "the NetEase see the policy market, the needs of users, the outlet, combined with their own advantages and experience, and the overall layout of the Internet business, so choose to cut business from cross-border electricity at this point in time." In fact, the NetEase has been in business especially on the virtual field of electricity providers, NetEase and NetEase insurance lottery has become the industry leader. This time, NetEase launched a formal purchase of the purchase of the electricity supplier in the sea. At the same time, NetEase rich product line will also provide support for the koala sea purchase. With the arrival of the Global trade, cross-border business is a necessary link, and cross-border electricity space is bigger than domestic business space, because the user is in the face of global commodity trade. left hand, right hand competition, which is the current situation of the koala sea purchase is not only an opportunity, but also will be faced with brutal competition, the koala is how to buy the sea to play it? first, self. Cross border electricity supplier platform is divided into two kinds, one is self mode, like the koala sea purchase, one is the form of the platform to provide access to the third parties, such as Tmall international, of course, there are between the two. Koala sea purchase is used in the form of self, such benefits is to ensure the quality of products, such as milk, diapers, toilet and other products, the quality is very important, the price has become a second. Of course, one of the drawbacks of proprietary products category is not rich, proprietaryContinue reading

Wang Xing U.S. mission network sales this year is expected to reach 1 billion 600 million

March 4th news (reporter Shang Jing) March 4th, group purchase website of the U.S. mission network CEO Wang said on the first anniversary of the conference on the site on the line, is expected to 2011 meituan will be opened more than 300 city, annual sales reached 1 billion 600 million. At the same time will be 50 million yuan acquisition of more than 50 domestic buy site. U.S. mission network on March 4, 2010 on the line, the United States for a year the total net sales of 230 million yuan, for the user to save $840 million, the average price of goods discount of 80 percent off. Average monthly revenue growth of 71%, the current registered users of the amount of 7 million. Wang Xing introduction, the current U.S. mission network in the country to open the city 53, the daily page traffic of 7 million 500 thousand, the cumulative participation of more than 6 million consumer users. we will be the next step and mobile phone combined with the perfect ", Wang Xing said the U.S. mission network has released the Android version of mobile phone client, while the iPhone version has been submitted, will be listed. Wang Xing believes that Internet marketing began in 2000 to portal advertising, but the cost is too high, small and medium-sized enterprises can not afford; 2005 Baidu, Taobao and other search products with low cost and large range of marketing to medium-sized enterprises. "but there are many regional small businesses, they do not care about you to click, only care about the number of transactions and the marketing effect", Wang Xing think, whether it is portal or search engine "will help to these local businesses, and the U.S. mission network can. "whether it is for businesses or users, group purchase website is very good," Wang Xing said, group purchase website is local e-commerce, on the one hand, can help businesses quickly and effectively bring sales, on the other hand, can provide users with high-quality consumer guide. Group buying is the best business model ever". (end)

Food online shopping is not a brand can solve

Baidu’s B2C platform settled in Japan’s Meiji chocolate brand, set up the first flagship store. Analysts believe that this move is a sign that can ensure the quality of goods B2B2C platform is to promote the high quality of wind shopping era, and get rid of the problem of food online shopping security. But is this really the case? in today’s China, food safety has become a major event for the whole nation, not only a brand or a certificate can represent its security. For the current food safety, the most important issues are: , a lack of law enforcement. Food law Chinese is 95 years from the development so far, just as time changes, the output of the new high-tech food change a lot, but it can not meet the content already in the present situation, the content is too old, sometimes lead to lawlessness. two, lack of law enforcement efforts. In the "Sanlu" before the event, there are some products known as the "national exemption product" these products are the most important is to rely on brand reputation as. But with many detection "Mianjian products" when there are a lot of problems, only then to correct. There will always be a batch of products, the product of an enterprise may not be completely without any problems, if there is no need to check that some words, in order not to waste the cost of its products is not bad business, the social responsibility of the enterprise, an idea will be sent to this product, the society will be made to the problem moreover, the food is ?! three, increasing the difficulty of law enforcement. This is an undeniable fact that in the current market, the increase in the number of channels, in many ways can not achieve effective law enforcement, law enforcement, resulting in a lot of substandard products into the market. Take it now from the electronic commerce website to buy food, milk food, this one, many parents no longer buy peace, rather than to the major shopping malls to buy imported food. from this a few more objective problem seems, on the current market, food safety still can not completely let people feel at ease. Just a while ago, "cream" is a food problem, now China people for the food problem is "once bitten, twice shy of ten years, would rather kill, can not let go" attitude, as long as there is little reported there is some wind sways grass, worry for this the food will be. will conduct food inspection every year, and every year will produce N substandard food reports. At present, for the sale of the network on food, there is no strict examination procedures and examination system, many shop pin has no food safety certification, even if there is a big brand background or sometimes a problem, so the "Disease enters by the mouth. after all is food, not sloppy. For now, online shopping can not guarantee food brand, often need beerContinue reading

Amazon acquired screen technology manufacturer color or push eBook

Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 14th morning news, Amazon announced on Monday that it has acquired Samsung’s Holland display technology company Liquavista, but did not disclose the price of the transaction. The industry believes that Amazon may use Liquavista technology, launched a mobile e-book reader. Amazon last year launched an upgraded version of the black and white screen reader Kindle Paperwhite, which provides an electronic screen backlight function, while maintaining a low price. However, users still expect Amazon to launch a mobile e-book reader. Liquavista is mainly engaged in the development of color display technology, the company’s display technology is very low power consumption. Amazon did not disclose plans after the acquisition of Liquavista, just to express the possibility of the future may be happy, and the new technology developed by Liquavista has a wealth of potential. Amazon now also offer color equipment, namely Kindle Fire tablet computer. However, similar to other tablets on the market, Kindle Fire LCD display technology, not only can be used to read e-books, can also be used to play pictures and videos. The development of tablet computer led to the decline of the e-reader market. IDC, a market research firm, estimated earlier this year that global e-reader shipments were down 28% in 2012 from a year earlier to $19 million 900 thousand. , however, the dedicated e-reader has a unique selling point. Most electronic readers use electronic ink screen, it is suitable for reading in direct sunlight, which is different from the LCD screen. In addition, the electronic ink screen will produce power only in the page, so the battery life is much longer than the LCD device. The launch of color e-reader will attract more users to upgrade existing e-readers, and attract new users. Many companies are developing such display technology. For example, Qualcomm has invested in Mirasol display technology for many years, but has not yet launched related products. Liquavista is developing a new type of electrowetting display technology. This technology can bring a bright color image, suitable for indoor and outdoor reading, relatively low power consumption of traditional display". Amazon is implementing a long-term strategy, sacrificing hardware profits, focusing on digital content to make money. There is no indication that Amazon will change this strategy. Amazon CEO Geoff · (Jeff Bezos) has said that Amazon wants to use the user equipment, rather than buy equipment to make money. (Zhang Fan) ()

Amazon to expand Prime services external electricity providers post

[Abstract]Prime member benefits are expanding from the courier to cloud storage and video entertainment and other fields. Tencent Francisco Prime membership, is the success of e-commerce "secrets of the amazon". The Christmas season in the electricity supplier war broke out on the occasion, Amazon once again raise the Prime membership benefits, including the company’s first free shipping service will be extended to the external website, in addition, Prime users will also get unlimited photo storage space. Prime system is Amazon’s original. Users pay $99 per year, which is to be a member of Prime, can get the next day or two days of free shipping services, other members can enjoy a large number of digital content services, such as film and TV on demand. Prime system was born in 2005, has been the only Amazon site service. According to the U.S. science and technology news website Recode reported that Amazon announced on Tuesday, will allow Prime members in other electricity supplier website shopping, will also receive a free package of benefits. UK apparel retail site AllSaints became Prime’s first partner. Prime members can log on the Amazon account login to the site, and will be fully consistent with the Amazon site next day service delivery. as one of the content of cooperation, users search for goods on the Amazon site, will also find AllSaints website sales of clothing and accessories. for Prime members, Amazon’s move will bring huge benefits, means more electricity supplier shopping site, will also receive free shipping, this will encourage more Amazon online shopping crowd, pay to become a member of Prime. for Amazon, Prime system is essential. According to industry analysts, on the Amazon website, Prime members of the amount of shopping consumption is two times more than non Prime members. In order to improve the Prime temptation, Amazon in recent years has introduced digital content services free of charge, such as the launch of a film and television VOD service, then follow up Google (micro-blog) and apple, entered a free music streaming service. These free services, will also enhance the Amazon’s digital content retail business (such as digital movie download). on Tuesday, Amazon also announced a digital content service benefits. Prime members will receive unlimited online photo storage space. Prior to this, only the Fire mobile phone buyers, in order to get unlimited photo storage space. through Amazon’s cloud services, users can browse through the phone, tablet, TV (set-top box), game consoles and other terminals, upload their photos. need to pay attention to the Amazon is not limited to a limited number of photos". Currently shooting video

Kindle6 a monthly income of China bears disturbing Amazon

repeatedly heard "engagement" news, K indle and Chinese market finally tie the knot". Nandu reporter confirmed from multiple sources, Amazon’s K indle will be officially listed in the domestic market in June 7th, including Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire Tablet PC two categories of consumer electronics products. yesterday exposure K D Le domestic price display, P aperw Wifi version priced at 849 yuan, KindleFireHD price of 1400-1500 yuan in hite. In addition to their own Amazon website, also choose as the exclusive online sales channels. In addition, Amazon will also cooperate with Suning and other offline channels, set up in the store brand area. but now Chinese e-reader market has become the Amazon, chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, in order to do something difficult. Kindle to copy in the United States on the profit model, the content of profit, in the China copyright environment of the moment, seems to be hard to see the dawn of the short term. into China striking one snag after another since the advent of Kindle e-reader, when Amazon can push it to the mainland, has been a topic of great concern to the market. However, due to various reasons, Amason has not entered the mainland of china. However, the market has already spread Kindle smuggled goods. actually, Amazon K indle into China’s desire is not lower than the Chinese consumers. In early October 2011, Amazon’s senior vice president of global M arcO netto said during a visit to China, the Amazon K in actively promoting indle in China, but due to various reasons, in the end when it will officially enter the Chinese market, but no specific timetable. in 2012, K indle into China to accelerate the pace of China — set up team, apply the network license, and management departments of communication, supporting the development of Chinese software system, and channel business negotiations…… Is nonstop. in November last year, K indle software system to support Chinese; last December 13th, Amazon China added "K indle store" category on the website, and the launch of K indle and K indle reading software free download e-books; then, Amazon launched one after another C loudD rive online storage service, and the app store for developers sales plan; K indle related services have begun to occupy a prominent position in the Amazon Chinese home page. market was rumored, Kindle into China has been cleared of all obstacles, will be officially entered into China by the end of 2012. However, this rumor was false. this year, the market is constantly coming news Kindle will enter China, but ultimately can not be >

No. 1 Shop 6 anniversary will push the global domain name three spell hit

renamed Chinese ( yesterday (July 10th) news, it is reported that tomorrow will usher in the 6 anniversary of the Shop No. 1, will be officially launched a new zero day anniversary group purchase products overseas "global group", and will continue for 7 days. The overseas shopping website "Ocean Terminal" to provide low-cost products for group purchase of overseas direct mail users, and the domain name is also much loved. figure: shop 1 Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, the launch of the "global" activities, including maternal and child nutrition and health care products, personal care and cleaning 5 categories. The United States, Canada and other regions covered in the whole network, to ensure the lowest price of similar goods in direct mail. Earlier, the 1 shop also launched the "Mission 1", "brand", etc.. That "Chinese whois query system," the global group "three spell domain name already registered the domain name, today was registered. for the upcoming "global mission", the industry believes that compared with the traditional personal "purchasing" and "sea washes" mode, "the launch of the global mission" makes the domestic consumers without scouring the sea, you can buy 100% authentic overseas in the domestic electricity supplier platform. In addition, in order to meet the 6 birthday, shop No. 1 announced, will officially launch the 500 thousand nuts Guinness world record for the impact of zero in the celebration.

Jingdong set up 10 million anti-corruption fund whistleblower protection

news December 14th, Jingdong announced today, once again to upgrade the construction of credit system, the establishment of 10 million year anti-corruption reward special fund, used to report violations and verified reports of individuals or units to report high reward. for individuals to report, after investigation and verification, the Jingdong group will be given to the informer 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards according to the effectiveness, the nature of the case and provide clues for the serious program; the cooperation unit report, after investigation and verification, to give 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards, or a combination of the reporting unit needs to reporting unit corresponding advertising and promotion resources to provide incentives; direct and effective evidence report embezzlement, bribery cases of non national staff, and finally by the police for qualitative criminal case report, minimum amount of 50 thousand yuan reward. According to billion state power network to understand, according to the system requirements, the Jingdong has recently to report violations of a supplier and a staff are rewarded with 500 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan. Jingdong said the company’s internal staff, suppliers and partners can report corruption. Ways of reporting including telephone, e-mail, letters, appointment, etc.. In addition, Jingdong group will also establish a special protection list and other protective measures to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of informants or reporting units are not infringed. , for "special protection list" for the Jingdong within the group of employees, the salary, awards and other matters of priority, reward payment through exclusive channels, to ensure the effective protection of privacy. The transaction group Jingdong will provide more choices and help for the turnover will prompt attention, avoid suffer exclusion or disguised retaliation. if the whistleblower is a supplier and other partners, you can obtain immunity, the right to protect the development of business and additional incentives, such as multiple protection. Whether suppliers, partners are active or passive to Jingdong Group employees and their affiliated personnel to provide illegitimate interests, still maintain a cooperative relationship with Jingdong group, Jingdong will not be held liable for violations. In addition, Jingdong group will also be given incentives to reward informants reference terms. According to Jingdong anti-corruption regulations, who found that Jingdong Group employees have the following acts of corruption, can report: employees suppliers and other partners to accept any form of gifts, gifts and banquets, travel and other improper benefits; employee theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement of company assets and corruption and other violations of law; employee, bribery bribes, bribery; employees took advantage of his position for himself, interested parties or others to seek illegitimate interests; employees accept commissions or fees or other benefits to employees; implementation of related transactions or violates the terms of conflict of interest. at the same time, Jingdong group also formally launched the anti-corruption website, honest Jingdong, the site will be together with the clean Jingdong, WeChat public number, real-time synchronization of internal anti-corruption workContinue reading