The Ten Session of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Political Consultative

two day meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the fourth session of the Standing Committee of the Xining Provincial Committee concluded this morning (September 25th) in. Wu Shengye, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, Chen Ziquan, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China ( ), vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of china. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Secretary Dorje Geltan, vice governor of, Gao Yunlong was invited to attend the meeting. informed the meeting of the work since the three meeting of the ten CPPCC Provincial Committee; vice governor Wang Lingjun listened to the briefing on accelerating the construction of the credit system, the provincial CPPCC Economic Committee made a "proposal" status and the construction of credit system of Qinghai Province, the theme of the speech, the CPPCC Standing Committee, the democratic parties Provincial Federation of industry and commerce part of the state and county CPPCC on how to speed up the construction of credit system for the conference, the participating comrades around the theme of the meeting has been seriously discussed, put forward many good ideas and suggestions. Bai Ma spoke at the meeting. He pointed out that the good faith is the market economy principle, harmonious society’s intrinsic request, to enhance regional competitiveness of the important resources of morality construction, the important content, we must accelerate the development and opening up from the strategic height, promote harmony, pay more attention to the integrity of the building, to enhance the credibility of the government is the key to strengthen the construction of government credit; in order to improve the enterprise credit as the focus, strengthen the construction of business integrity; to promote the integrity of culture as the starting point, strengthen citizen honesty construction; to establish the integrity of the information network as the starting point, to strengthen the construction of social honesty; to effectively increase in the integrity of the building in the process of punishment, let honesty become the consensus of the whole society, so that the integrity of the behavior into the consciousness of the whole society, so that the integrity of model get the respect of the whole society, let dishonesty main discipline of the whole society, from And the formation of everyone Shang Chengxin, everything speaks good faith, always keep good faith, integrity and good social practice. PEMA stressed that the CPPCC in inclusive, harmony but not sameness atmosphere, all political parties and representatives of all circles to long-term coexistence, work together with one heart, formed a stand together through storm and stress, "the quality of integrity in perfect sympathy with each other. Vigorously promote this quality, efforts to speed up the integrity of the systemContinue reading

Protection of the source of the river to protect the home care Park – into the source of Sanjiang Na

listen to you, the Tibetan Plateau plateau, just sounded the clarion call for the construction of the national park…… you see, lovely children at the moment, plateau, Our wills unite like a fortress. eager for a fight…… dream green, this must be a protracted war. spring to come, the seeds of hope spread over the source of Sanjiang River, Sanjiang source National Park pilot system will be 5 years, to the country to produce a copy can be extended experience. The construction of National Park, to ensure that a river of water to the East, in addition to the top-level policy and institutional innovation, more from the institutional guarantee to consciously practice the mass participation. Sanjiang source of beauty, beauty in the hearts of the people. protection of water tower, Sanjiang source to reproduce the green hills let Sanjiang source Green million years, Qinghai duty bound. Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, building a harmonious and beautiful home, so that people of all ethnic groups living poetically. This is the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government firm strategic choice. In 80s and 90s the century, due to overgrazing, indiscriminate digging, the Yellow River ecological environment deteriorated, vegetation destruction, soil erosion, Lake area, a large area of wild animal extinction, resulting in frequent natural disasters. In early 2004, the source of the Yellow River Lake in the history of the first appearance of a water outlet, up to 5 months. in 2005, approved by the State Council, "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction planning" implemented, Sanjiang source project officially started, fencing, with grass and livestock, easy to move. At the same time, the provincial Party committee and government to establish the ecological province strategy, Sanjiang source area is not assessed GDP, the ecological protection and construction as the main assessment of the work of the government at all levels of Sanjiang source area. since then, Sanjiang source project step by step, solid progress for 10 years. 10 years ago, the source of Sanjiang smile stretch. Zhaling Eling Lake, lake surface is expanded to 99 square kilometers, Maduo County Lake recovery and increased to nearly 5000, the source of the Yellow River to reproduce the "1000 Lake scenery". Because of the obvious improvement of ecological environment, the biodiversity of the source area of Sanjiang has increased obviously in . The wild animal population of Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild ass, blue sheep, wild yak, increased habitat range of activities is expanding. 10 years, a little bit of hard won achievements, fully reflects the protection of the ecological environment from the country to the local, the determination of the construction of ecological civilization, but also the source of the painstaking efforts of countless Sanjiang source engineering staff. today, Sanjiang source of the guardians of tradition, not to mention an empty slogan, quietly buried in the building an important national ecological safety barrier in action. is a 48 year old Zahi Nima, Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhaling Lake TownshipContinue reading

Stick to the post to carry out remediation work

2010 in December 16th, Xining passenger transport line special rectification leading group on the work carried out inspection. Since the passenger vehicles special rectification work to carry out the total line, traffic law enforcement officers and police comrades of unity and cooperation, the establishment of law enforcement inspection service station in Xining City, six export, and carry out inspections in the high-speed road entrance. After law enforcement officers, even to the hard work, seized illegal vehicles 4, investigate and deal with illegal business line vehicles 2 times. the development of the special rectification work to effectively combat the illegal business momentum, to curb the line of vehicles crossing the line of business behavior, to protect the safety of passenger travel.  

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to carry out the protection of trademark law enforcemen

in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial, Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, the city’s industrial and commercial bureau from May 29th onwards, in the region to carry out the protection of trademark rights enforcement action. branch Party attaches great importance to this action, timely call connection, director meeting and all the staff meeting to convey the higher spirit of the document, extensive mobilization, and set up to the Secretary for the head of the leading group, elaborate organization, careful arrangements. First, to increase publicity, through information and news reports and other forms of propaganda and law enforcement, deter criminals. Two is the unity of thinking, enhance understanding, overcome difficulties, so that the surface of the inspection and dig dens combined, expanding the results. The three is for the production and sale of counterfeit goods more and more features, hidden benefit by mutual discussion to research countermeasure. The four is to communicate with the enterprise, timely grasp the enterprise commodity information, market dynamics. Five linkage, as soon as possible, give full play to the "two stops" and the role of the community to take a variety of forms, a comprehensive inspection and remediation. the evening of May 31st and June 1st at noon, bureau dispatched vehicles 10 times, more than 40 times, the area of 50 shopping mall (supermarket) and tobacco stores were examined, seized suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" 2 bottles of wine, "wuliangchun wine 16 bottles, 14 bottles of wine," Wuliangye "," Silk Road the rain of flowers "4 bottles of wine. (correspondent Chi Ping)  

Xining migrant workers pay special checks malicious arrears units will be subject to strict

Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau from November 2, 2007 to January 31, 2008, within the scope of the organization to carry out a special inspection of wages paid migrant workers in Xining. at present, the special inspection has entered the organization to carry out self-examination stage. The labor security department in the city of Xining district has issued a written notice to the employer, ask the employer to pay wages since January 2007, labor contract, social insurance in the situation to carry out self-examination, propose corrective solutions to existing problems. it is understood that in the special inspection activities, not required to submit written materials or concealed arrears and wage deductions of the employer, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be ordered to make corrections. Those who refuse to correct shall be severely punished. Do not sign labor contracts with migrant workers and do not participate in social insurance and other acts of damage to the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, to deal with in a timely manner. For malicious default, the deduction of wages for migrant workers, a large amount of time, a vile and serious nature of the employer, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, reduce or cancel the qualification, revoke its business license, and the relevant personnel in accordance with the law sanctions. Xining Municipal Bureau of labor and Social Security Supervision Office Tel: 0971-5137575, 0971-5132032. (author: Cui Zhenlin)  

The crowds thronged the South yesterday

South Mojianjiezhong yesterday! Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center! Looking for Xining development highlights, explore the Xining delicacy of citizens to seek cooperation; Italy, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other foreign businessmen; looking for investment hot spots of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shaanxi and other foreign businessmen have come to!

Xining new small and micro enterprises 844

September 11th, reporters from Xining city to implement the Small and micro businesses support policy report at the meeting was informed that the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Economic Commission actively for the city of Small and micro businesses to solve the doubtful and difficult, the healthy development of Small and micro businesses to create a good atmosphere and environment, to achieve internal and external economic good and fast development. in recent years, Xining city to strengthen policy guidance, financial support and business support, the backbone enterprise demonstration park construction, business support, promote the implementation of doubling plan and other measures to promote the rapid development of Small and micro businesses. It is reported that as of the end of 2012, the city’s various Small and micro businesses amounted to 11249 households, of which a production of 393 households, accounting for all enterprises 3.5%; stage 2479 households (1249 households, industrial) accounted for 15.4% of enterprises; micro enterprises accounted for 9516, 84.6%. Last year, the following industrial output value of 18 billion 186 million yuan, an increase of 55.84%; private enterprise employment of 185 thousand people, an increase of 6.32%; private enterprises registered capital of $27 billion 122 million. At the same time, the Municipal Commission for economic research to solve the problem of financing small and micro enterprises, and advocacy of the implementation of small and micro enterprises to support policies and fully support the construction and development of entrepreneurship park. It is understood that in 2013 1 to August, the city’s commerce Small and micro businesses in 5098 households on the basis of last year added 844 households, has reached 5942, is expected by the end of 2013, the city’s commerce Small and micro businesses will reach more than 6100 households; is expected to end the year above the limit of trade circulation enterprises can add 3 to 5. (author: Zhang Chengrui)

Provincial government held a provincial investment and project scheduling

4 month 12 days, went to Xining Haidong research supervision of the construction of key projects, the provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the provincial investment and project scheduling work will be to listen to key projects and special fund project construction progress report, coordinate and solve related problems, the next step of work arrangements. in full recognition of a quarter of the province’s investment and project work, Zhang Jianmin stressed that all localities and departments and units should adhere to the established objectives and tasks without wavering, breath cohesion to promote steady growth of investment, for the completion of the annual target task to win the initiative, to lay a good foundation. One should firmly grasp the key projects this pivotal, go all out to promote early, promote started, promoting investment. In accordance with the requirements of the project list and time limit, increase supervision and coordination efforts, pay close attention to the implementation of the pre procedures, to force the progress of the project to ensure that the project according to plan. Accelerate the progress of the implementation of the plan, continue to do a good job to revitalize the stock of funds. Two to effectively grasp the special construction fund project this growth point, go all out to dig potential, schedule, incremental maintenance. Increase funding efforts to accelerate the progress of payment and project implementation, the formation of more physical workload. This year after several batches of special construction funds project reserve, active docking, fine stage, solid project, lay a good foundation for national support. Three to continue to improve the coordination mechanism to promote this point, go all out to pay attention to the assessment, strong supervision, promote efficiency. Adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, establish and improve the joint meeting system and performance appraisal system, earnestly implement the work.  

Province in 2016 the implementation of agricultural and animal husbandry insurance program released

recently, the Qinghai Province in 2016 the implementation of agricultural and animal husbandry insurance program officially issued. "Plan", the government continued to increase agricultural insurance support, financial departments at all levels of agricultural insurance premium subsidies plan an increase of 31.4%, and the amount of insurance cows from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan, 5 animal husbandry County 2 million 40 thousand Tibet sheep and 986 thousand yaks are insurance. Based in close connection with the face of our province agriculture and animal husbandry production, disaster risk insurance needs of farmers and herdsmen and agricultural insurance in recent years working practice, "plan" in accordance with the principle of "low security, wide coverage, to ensure the continued expansion and renewal", the government continued to increase agricultural insurance support. Driven by the government’s financial subsidies to support the policy, the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas to further reduce the risk of effective dispersion. Among them, the field crop insurance coverage plans to grow by 33.3%, the amount of risk protection amounted to $1 billion 33 million; aquaculture insurance coverage plans to grow by 38.8%, the amount of risk protection amounted to $2 billion 845 million. in addition, after the overall consideration of the costs and risks of demand in our province dairy farming, "plan" will be the amount of insurance cows from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan, to further meet the needs of the dairy farmers risk protection. According to the characteristics of the development of animal husbandry in Tibetan Yak and Tibetan sheep insurance early in the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Henan County, Zeku County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhidoi county animal husbandry county to carry out three characteristics on the basis of 2016 will Yushu, Chengduo county and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Dulan County into the underwriting range. Because it is to take the whole county unified insurance way, therefore, the 5 animal husbandry County 2 million 40 thousand Tibet sheep and 986 thousand yaks have insurance, in the event of snow, frost and other natural disasters and diseases, epidemics, and wolves harm risk accident, farmers can get a certain loss compensation the degree of.  

Xining City North District procuratorate to carry out five activities

to conscientiously implement the procuratorial organs of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate proposed to carry out the "Five" activities, the day before, Chengbei District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate carry out grassroots prosecutors into the organs, enterprises, into the countryside, into the community, into the school’s "Five" activities, to further strengthen and enhance the ability and level the prosecution service grassroots masses. It is reported that , north of the city of Xining District People’s Procuratorate to the crime prevention duties, service grassroots development, protection of the masses’ legitimate rights as the focal point, the grassroots, listening to the voice of the police opinion, solve problems, and do practical things, and actively carry out the "five" activities to further close the procuratorial organs and the masses of the people, the law enforcement activities the procuratorial organs of the masses. Xining City People’s Procuratorate organized more than two middle-level cadres and the city, district level more than sixty deputies, CPPCC members to contact each other to communicate and publicize the work of the procuratorial organs, extensive comments. is the "Five" activities carried out more effective and more effective to extend the legal supervision tentacles, making procuratorial work to better serve the grassroots, rural services, Chengbei District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate will make full use of contact points, the procuratorial propaganda and check people contact mechanism, help rural grassroots organizations to further improve the system. In the promotion of the legal system, to resolve social conflicts, social management innovation, preventing and investigating crimes and other aspects as more new. (author: Guo Jia Ma Deliang)

The province’s first integrated medical service providers in the establishment of the people and

4 26, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Medical Center officially inaugurated, marking the county medical integration of the pension service center officially put into use. This is also the province’s first operational integration of medical service providers. medical center is Minhe County comprehensive integrated County Welfare Center, County Center for the completion of the project a set of old-age pension, medical care, rehabilitation, fitness, culture and entertainment, health and leisure as one of the bases to support the integration of pension. The project total investment of 1400 yuan, set 112 beds, which can solve the Beishan, Bazhou, Ma Chang Yuan, Ryuji, Kawaguchi, Walnut Village, township civil affairs object pension services to all kinds of needs. At present, the newly built medical center with care, referral to help, with support, full support, intensive care, medical care, hospice and other seven functional areas, there is a small supermarket, bar, dining room, the doctor nurse workstation, fall prevention monitoring room, resuscitation room, elegant house, rehabilitation room etc.. Admitted to the elderly can get comprehensive health care, health management, nursing and rehabilitation services. Enable medical center in Minhe County, marks the county public medical institutions and pension institutions to realize the true meaning of "medicine" the depth of integration, innovation is the pension model, is an important measure to deepen the reform of people’s livelihood, coping with aging, improve the well-being of the vanguard. The project opened, not only the elderly, three noes elderly achieve a sense of security, old has lived happy old age, but also will promote respecting the old fashion of the society set up a love. at present, the medical center has now accepted the service object 16 people, are the five guarantees. The people responsible for the county medical center of Hexian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, vice president Xing Wenlong told reporters that the next step, based on priority and admission arrangements in the elderly, guaranteeing the elderly, special care staff, will gradually consider home care, the social pension issues, let more dependent elderly in the old age.  

Xining 2015 key projects and private enterprises and the recruitment of college graduates to start a

in order to give full play to the role of private enterprises to absorb employment, promote the employment of all types of job seekers. Recently, in 2015 the focus of key projects and private enterprises recruitment week and college graduates employment fair officially launched. Presents three characteristics: is a from the types of jobs, although affected by the pressure of the economic downturn, the recruitment will provide jobs for more than 325 enterprises to increase, an increase of more than 3400 jobs, an increase of 62%; the job involves administrative management, financial economics, mechanical manufacturing, animal and plant protection, biomedical science, economic management, social services such as job types and types of more than 100. two is from the type of employment, marketing, engineering and construction, machinery manufacturing and other ordinary jobs still occupy the main body, network marketing and other new jobs increased significantly, both for college graduates, but also suitable for various types of urban unemployment and labor employment in agricultural and pastoral areas. three is from the salary, job seekers increased the salary and social insurance expectations, the recruitment of more than 70% of job seekers salary expectations in more than 2500 yuan, a year earlier than the 10%-15% growth, but most enterprise salary increases and social insurance is not up to the expectation of job seekers, structural contradictions employment is still outstanding. The recruitment activities of a total of 402 home units to participate in providing employment positions of the 10369, to reach the employment intention of the 2511.  

Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder of the safety of rice dumplings food safet

China’s Traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, dumplings consumption has entered a peak period, the provincial food and Drug Administration tips: consumers in the purchase, storage, cooking and eating dumplings, should pay attention to three aspects. is a complete license through shopping malls, supermarkets and food stores and save the corresponding proof of purchase, to see the related logo on the packaging, such as production date, shelf life, name and address of the producer, composition or list of ingredients, food additives, food production license number and other identification is complete; check whether the package is complete or vacuum packing leaks up bag, bulk dumplings are not bad; do not buy no name and address, production date and shelf-life of the product, do not buy more than the shelf life of the product. two is for vacuum packaging and quick-frozen dumplings, after the purchase in accordance with the label shown in the way of preservation, and in accordance with the labeling method of edible food processing. Pay attention to the amount of bulk dumplings to buy, it is best to eat now buy, to avoid dumplings deterioration. Raw and cooked dumplings separate storage, open dumplings placed at room temperature shall not exceed 2 hours. three is to wash hands before eating, chilled or frozen dumplings too, to be thoroughly heated, repeated heating leftover dumplings do not, do not eat fillings have been sour, bitter taste or not is dumplings. recently, the province’s food and drug administration departments to carry out special sampling dumplings, found that a lot of commercial sterility of the dumplings are not up to the standard and the detection of sweeteners, honey and sodium saccharin. Acesulfame-K and saccharin sodium is a synthetic sweetener commonly used, but not for dumplings, if consumers buy dumplings dumplings and production units to food safety problems, food and drug supervision and management departments can call to report complaints telephone 12331.  

Travel Toilet small matters related to self-cultivation

Xining is really a good city, not to say that the public toilets are very convenient to find, health is also good. But some areas of the toilet is difficult to compliment, the smell is large and overcrowded, to endure the unpleasant smell, such as a long time." Are classmates and go traveling in Xining Xiao Wu told reporters "civilized toilet is just a small matter, but a reflection of the big city face, reflect a person’s quality cultivation."

Qinghai national folk song and dance debut in Hongkong

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that in October 27th, sponsored by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial press and publication department hosted a "great beauty of Qinghai into the Hong Kong tourism promotion will be held at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hongkong. Hongkong and Qinghai, more than 200 entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the promotion. Qinghai national song and dance ensemble to participate in the promotion of cultural exchange activities. The delegation of the Qinghai folk song and dance performances to attract guests in Hongkong. Many guests said that Hongkong, through the appreciation of film and Qinghai national song and dance show, understanding and perception of the unique charm of Qinghai ethnic culture of Qinghai, longing, must have the opportunity to come to Qinghai, see. the promotion in the prosperity of the dance "passion flowers" in a prologue, a female chorus "beautiful China starting from Qinghai" and "in that distant place", "green", "on the fly" chopsticks etc. with features of Qinghai folk song and dance are staged, guests from time to time to win the applause, live performances a warm atmosphere, frequent interaction on stage. Especially the Qinghai famous singer invited guests Hongkong common interpretation of the song "I love you" Chinese touching, passing Hongkong compatriots to the motherland. Promotion will end in the national costume show "Qinghai dream", accompanied by the melodious songs, competing with live guests dressed in colorful national costumes and danced together with actors, the joy of the Guozhuang dance, will promote atmosphere to a climax. Cultural exchanges played brilliant movement, the seminar will promote Hongkong and Qinghai cultural tourism integration development play a positive role.  

Xining city to strengthen the development and management of public welfare measures to further stren

To strengthen the development and management of Xining city public welfare posts, focus on the implementation of assistance to the employment of disadvantaged groups, to better serve the social public enterprise, human resources and Social Security Bureau for the development of public service positions, management and practice in Xining City, after repeated research and demonstration, introduced the "Xining city to strengthen the development of public welfare post management" measures, to further strengthen the employment of disadvantaged groups assistance in order to strengthen the development and management of Xining city public welfare posts, focus on the implementation of assistance to the employment of disadvantaged groups, to better serve the social public enterprise, human resources and Social Security Bureau for the development of public service positions, management and practice in Xining City, after repeated research, demonstration, issued a "Xining city to strengthen public service jobs the development of management measures", to further strengthen the employment of disadvantaged groups assistance. the way to realize the public interests and people with difficulties in finding jobs for the purpose of urban zero employment families of personnel, continuous unemployment registered unemployed persons, more than one year of employment and employment aspirations of the disabled, disabled families, poor families, college graduates enjoy the urban minimum living security personnel or the lost land is other personnel to determine the farmers’ employment difficulties and the provincial government be included in the scope of assistance, priority placement of personnel qualified can obtain the public welfare post. In addition, the new approach also increased the employer to work overtime the wages paid by the employing units and other terms, and a clear public job placement must adhere to the "society oriented, voluntary application, verification and publicity, resettlement principle, job recruitment, examination and certification work more transparent and orderly.    

Xining municipal government executive meeting two new initiatives to promote slow blocking Paul chan

The morning of October 31st, Xining mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government executive meeting on the fifty-third, the city Department of transportation, Municipal Propaganda part submitted the "Xining slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the intelligent transportation construction plan", "Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling traffic civilization construction 2015-2017 Year Plan" were considered. Two programs from the improvement of the construction of hardware facilities and civilized behavior to guide the development of transport, will promote the effective implementation of the Xining slow blocking Paul Chang plan action.According to the

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to participate in the national pig slaughtering industry managem

To implement the Food Safety Commission Office of the State Council "food safety education outline (2011-2015)" and "national pig slaughtering industry development plan (2010-2015)", raising livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management level of business enterprise and slaughtering of livestock and poultry meat safety responsibility consciousness, strengthen standardization, standardization, branding industry the idea of development, July 19th to 20, the Ministry of Commerce in Baotou city hosted the national management of pig slaughtering industry and large-scale pig slaughtering enterprises responsible for training, training more than 200 people. Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Xining Zhang (industrial) Group Co., Ltd., Xining Xinyuan meat slaughtering companies to participate in large-scale slaughter enterprises. On the training course, the Ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center Professor Fang Fang on the national pig slaughtering industry audit work significance, laws and regulations, procedures and standards of the audit work, 3 large-scale slaughtering enterprises were presented on behalf of the enterprise management practice experience and the audit work of the. Through this training, the management personnel of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses slaughtering industry in our city (factory) set requirements and audit standard had the further understanding, laid the foundation for the city to do the slaughtering of livestock and poultry industry audit work, and promote the city of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management standardization and institutionalization. (author: Gu Yan)

Xining fire ready to rush to the disaster area

on the morning of July 22nd, after the earthquake in Gansu, Dingxi, the city’s fire brigade to start the earthquake emergency rescue plan, ready to rush to Dingxi earthquake relief. day 7:45, Gansu city of Dingxi Province, Minxian Zhang county 6.6 earthquake occurred at the junction. After the earthquake, Xining city police fire brigade immediately launched the emergency rescue plan of earthquake, the soldiers entered a state of readiness, carefully examine duty vehicles and equipment, to ensure that oil, water, electricity and gas is sufficient, especially for rescue, detection, rescue and other equipment immediately check strictly, ensure good performance good, complete with. Currently, more than 100 earthquake rescue business backbone ready standby, ready to rush to the rescue in Dingxi. (reporter correspondent Ma Yufeng)