Join join net worth of doors and windows

home market, has been a very hot market. Entrepreneurial choice to join the home market, is a very choice of business opportunities. Doors and windows to join? Good quality projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship, good projects!

we all know, investing in a Windows franchise, we must first choose a good location, because only the election of the position, in order to ensure that in subsequent operations will have Everfount source, so as to increase their turnover, on the other hand, very affordable store affect our future development, before that a door and window stores, what the problem is that we should alert the read more

Free restaurant management really reliable

to showmanship, now many restaurants will free some marketing products, this is looking forward to get more customers, but the result often is not good. In fact, in a lot of marketing process, we are often limited to the idea of free to send, we believe that free to send things, others must like, in fact, this is a very wrong idea.

in the process of marketing the past, we are influenced by some marketing guru, as long as the free things, we all love, through free access to customers, in fact, this method can be used, is not to say that the method is wrong, but in the operation of the process to the individual conditions. read more

The business process may wish to communicate with customer

some of the words of the shopkeeper, like to communicate with customers, however, some customers are very much like to communicate, different personalities, but also to usher in the development of different shops. There is a song to sing: "daughter is difficult to buy friends, friends and more good way to go." Whether in life, or in business, a number of friends more than the road. In fact, there are many shops are relying on friends touted, more prosperous business.

in the operation, we should learn to communicate with customers, especially young customers, they are active in thinking, a wide range of knowledge, ability to accept new things, but also very much like to communicate with others. In the process of communication, we can learn a lot of knowledge of retail owners, at the same time, with the customer’s communication skills will be effectively improved, but also can make a lot of friends in the same way. read more

Hao fund micro Charity Fund for Foshan on a higher level the whole

charity related to the other side of society, many people will be through their own efforts, have done a lot of charity. Foshan charity was informed that, as at fifteen pm on March 25th, to participate in the registration of the charity of the people of the city of Foshan, fifty km foot charity in F, a total of micro fund set up to raise funds of $218 98386.18 yuan.

it is understood that, in order to mobilize more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, the city charity will also set up a fund-raising campaign in the hiking activities. The task is formulated in accordance with the nature of the micro fundraising and fund, in May 1, 2017 before the individual family micro fund up to 500 yuan, micro team to raise funds up to 1000 yuan, micro enterprise fund raising up to 2000 yuan, you can get to by city charity donations to commemorate a certificate. Participate in charity registration of the people, groups and businesses are very active in the activities. read more

One cup of steak chowhound join the market rising popularity

in the food and beverage market, entrepreneurial choice to enter the food market, is a very wise choice. So, the choice of a good project can not be taken lightly. I heard one cup project to join chowhound steak is very good. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, to choose to join one cup of steak chowhound is selected for the project!

with the improvement of people’s living standards, but also pay more and more attention to the food, not only delicious but also requires environmental protection, health. So, for Western steak is very popular. But many people have questions about food safety. Now one steak chowhound cup is to solve this problem, we can taste the delicious and healthy steak. read more

The total cost of joining cross strait coffee business

today Xiaobian to recommend for everyone is the coffee chain brand in the heavy item – Cross Strait coffee, want to join the coffee shop friends this will be a good choice. Here’s a small series I come together to understand the brand!

on both sides of Zhejiang food chain Co., Ltd. by the well-known female entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, Ms. Jin Meiyang for the pursuit of greater ideals and better coffee service concept, the establishment of the coffee chain. The implementation of multi brand strategy: cross-strait coffee A Well-Known Trademark in China "cross-strait coffee" is a world famous joint venture brand restaurant chain, in addition to Kaka King steak restaurant, on both sides of the wooden orchid Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant. read more

The winter Hot pot popular investment choice the whole

because of the cold winter weather, many people love to eat Hot pot very much, many entrepreneurs have seen Hot pot to join the market prospects, so they are extremely interested in the Hot pot, taste delicious, let a person very memorable, but also to eat Hot pot Caution.

In September

2014, a self-service barbecue shop Zhejiang Yiwu waiter directly add alcohol to Hot pot oven with glass bottles of alcohol in alcohol exposed to Hot pot furnace for a moment, and then ejected straight fire caused the fire, leading to a female college student body 80% burns. read more

Pizza brand reputation selection

in today’s era, many people love to eat Western-style food, pizza is subject to a lot of chowhound sought after, pizza pizza tastes crispy, civilians prices, stores in the pizza, consumers can enjoy the experience. As a popular food, pizza off the style of the beautiful, delicate and compact, so many consumers still want to eat.

[pizza guest how to join]

now the consumer price high delicacy is more and more common, many products of high prices also taste difference, give consumers a good experience, how about pizza pizza? Let the senior enjoy the price close to the people, let them meet with vanity, also eat the delicious. The product line rich, hundreds of kinds of taste, aftertaste and praise; rich ingredients, attractive color, various flavors stir your taste, it is quite suitable pricing, please, for the vast majority of the general public consumption. read more

Ai Shangjie green wash oil cut is really a good project venture bianjiebao

Airsun environmental clean cut oil wash bowl? Family helper. As in the market, Airsun environmental clean cut oil wash sales rising bianjiebao. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development opportunity choice! Join Airsun environmental clean oil cutting and washing cleaning?

Airsun environmental clean wash oil cut really good projects in the bowl. For many people, it’s time to think about all kinds of washing products, soap, detergent and detergent…… However, most of these products contain chemical ingredients, into the human body, will interfere with the body’s metabolism, the metabolic products in the body caused by biochemical reactions, will cause great harm to the body. Ai Shangjie environmental oil wash cut Jie Bao, it appears, will completely replace the chemical detergent, let you go easily with water to oil. read more

Be careful! There are 8 one way passage

To maximize the utilization rate of branch tunnel, reduce the narrow roadway traffic congestion, and take effective diversion of urban trunk road traffic flow, June 10th, Xining city traffic police detachment released by field research and demonstration, and then select the 8 branches for one-way traffic tunnel tissue microcirculation, at present, the city has 31 branch tunnel for one-way traffic the road.8 one-way

the announcement are the red wave (i.e. Long Xiang Xiang cattle, the one-way traffic from east to West), the tiger Taiwan Lane (the one-way traffic from north to South), Min Xiang (the implementation of one-way traffic from west to East), Xiang (the production from south to North one-way traffic) south Guan Jie (implemented from west to East and South one-way traffic) two lane (the one-way East-West pass), street to street small section (the one-way traffic from south to North), Yin Ma Street to street small section (the one-way traffic from north to South). read more

Backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons by the end of the month to shut down

"Since 12th Five-Year", our province to eliminate backward production capacity, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, as an important starting point to promote energy-saving emission reduction, "12th Five-Year" three years ago, the province’s total elimination of backward production capacity of 1 million 603 thousand and 900 tons, involving 36 enterprises, to complete the objectives and tasks assigned by the state in advance. This year our province plans to eliminate backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons, is expected before the end of November to complete shut down. It is understood that this year, our province set out plans and annual employee resettlement plan will eliminate tasks and placement of workers to the implementation of specific enterprises, establish the horizontal and vertical extension of the comprehensive coverage of the target responsibility system in the end. Nearly three years of total elimination of backward production capacity of 153 million yuan bonus, which strive for the national capital of 109 million yuan, the provincial matching funds 44 million 270 thousand yuan, effectively shutting down enterprises to ensure the smooth development of the work menace from the rear. After the release of the objectives and tasks, the occasional inspection, tracking the effectiveness of the inspection and acceptance of strict checks to ensure that backward production capacity according to the requirements of all shut down. Finally, through internal job transfer, guide enterprises to absorb laid-off workers and the surrounding tissue free occupation training and job introduction and other measures, the proper placement of diversion and eliminate backward production capacity of enterprise employees. It is reported that in our province a hand optimized stock, a supplementary increment, although the "12th Five-Year" three years before the elimination of backward production capacity of the province’s industrial output value of about 7 billion 600 million yuan, but by accelerating the optimization of industrial layout and increase investment, and promote a number of advanced production and investment projects landing production, production, the rapid increase of industrial security the development of strong support for the development.   read more

Our city will add more than 20 roads

In March 3rd, the reporter visited the city’s "smooth Xining" three year action plan for tackling the key construction project of Huangshui waterway (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road) West Street viaduct, the Huangshui River Bridge, Delingha Road (bridge) road project site. Although the chill, but heavy traffic on the construction site, be in full swing, a good school shocking scene construction. It is understood that in the end of February, our city road project has been opened. By the end of the year there will be more than 20 roads completed.

[link] part of the road

– Huang water (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road Viaduct Project)

South of Kunlun Avenue, North Qaidam Road, 1840 meters long, 24 meters wide and 45 meters, 2.5 meters (sections sidewalks) +8 meters (car road) +24 meters (uplink viaduct) +8 meters (car road) +2.5 meters (sidewalk). The project is one of Xining city road network "five vertical and sixteen horizontal" Sixteen vertical, is one of the main traffic channel, connecting the Kunlun Road, 54 Road, three road the East-West main roads, while addressing the Huangshui River in Henan Strait north and Qinghai Tibet Railway in the north and south sides of the traffic conversion.Project read more

Muslim stories about Eid al Fitr


annual Eid Festival approaching, the majority of Muslims in the city immersed in the joy of the festival. In August 17th, the city of Mu Wenyu, a family reunion at the table to prepare for the arrival of Eid al fitr. Chen Yu / photo

Qinghai news network in August 17th, the Muslim masses ready for the Eid auspicious day, the reporter and his entourage came to the East District of Mu Wenyu, Ma Yongqing and other Muslims households, and they share happiness. In the Mu Wenyu family, he’s by comparing the different over the Eid al Fitr, told them one family rising Zhimakaihua toward a happy life story. read more

2015 clean food exhibition will be held in Qinghai nternational Convention and Exhibition Center on

May 13th, the Qinghai provincial government information office organized the 2015 Chinese (Qinghai) International Halal food products exhibition The Belt and Road "green food supplies exhibition before the press conference, this clean food exhibition will be held in Qinghai International Exhibition Center from May 15th to 18.

according to reports, 2015 clean food exhibition will showcase products and economic and Trade Fair in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the A Museum and B square, exhibition area of 35000 square meters, a total of nearly 1200 booths. 220 enterprises in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries and regions of the 39 exhibitors, 69 enterprises to purchase; 29 provinces of Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Beijing, Hunan and Anhui (autonomous regions and municipalities) 366 exhibitors, 195 enterprises to purchase province; 212 exhibitors, 64 companies registered procurement, 13 companies were special equipment exhibition in A, B Museum and square. Preliminary statistics, the exhibition a total of 289 foreign companies, 561 domestic enterprises, the company participated in the province of 276, a substantial increase over last year. read more

Chase overnight start contingency plans

yesterday 18:40 or so, a torrential rain chase chase, the local people’s property suffered varying degrees of loss. Reporters from the Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Emergency Office learned that after torrential rain, Datong County overnight start contingency plans to help the masses to carry out rescue work.

22:40, the reporter called Datong County emergency office phone, the phone will soon be connected. A staff member on duty said that around 18, Datong County Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., dump heavy rain lasted for nearly an hour. Due to the long duration of the storm, in the evening, Datong County, immediately launched the emergency plan, arrange functional departments rushed to the scene the first time to investigate the situation of the people affected. At the same time, arrange transportation, health and other rescue departments at any time to deal with emergencies. read more

Datong County People’s Congress in 2012 to inspect the construction of private things and key projec

November 29th, Datong County People’s Congress Standing Committee of the organization of the county in 2012 for the implementation of the project and focus on the implementation of key projects to check.

inspection group listened to the county people’s government report on the 2012 completion of the project for the tangible things and key construction projects, field view of the national trade metropolitan construction, bridge in the town center school building, business building, construction of Public Security Bureau Huang Zhaizhen reconstruction and satellite broadcast "household" project construction. The inspection group of the county in 2012 for the tangible things for the project and key construction projects completed and fully affirmed that the county government and relevant departments attach great importance to the work of the project, pay close attention to key projects and the construction projects for the tangible things, the project started, the project progress, completion rate of investment and other aspects and achieved gratifying results. To make a positive contribution to promote the steady and rapid economic and social development. But there are some problems and deficiencies, lack of project preparatory work, the impact of the project progress and quality of the project and the completion rate of the individual; in the process of project implementation, the organizer to influence the actual effect of the tangible things. The key construction project, part of the project construction unit failed to timely processing procedures pre land, city planning, EIA projects, affecting the project budget, design drawings review work, in which part of the project can not be started construction on schedule; common project construction process in a shortage of funds for key construction projects; selection the key is not outstanding, most construction projects are included in the key construction projects in the category, the lack of objective law. In time, the inspection team suggested that the 2013 advance planning project for the tangible things, do the next project for the tangible things for the project; to make every effort to restart work, the project started in the premise of ensuring the quality of projects under the safety, speed up the progress of the project has not started construction of the project, to seize the time to start construction, to ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks on time; earnestly project reserve, from the current account of the actual and long-term development strategy, strengthen the preparatory work for major projects, actively planning the project, constantly improve and enrich the project repository; carefully identified as tangible things and key construction projects, to focus and pay attention to the actual effect; and the county government the relevant departments should further implement the responsibility to strengthen supervision, to accelerate the progress of key projects. (author: Wang Qing Qing Qing Xuan) read more

March 5th Baoziwan town hospital of Lei Feng day carry out advisory activities

in March 5th this year is the forty-ninth "Lei Feng day" is the thirteenth "Chinese youth volunteer service day" on the same day, dabuzi hospital sent medical personnel to carry out key consultation activities in Wangjiazhai village, to further promote the "dedication, love, mutual assistance and progress volunteerism, fully volunteer services play an important role in the construction of harmonious society, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism.
in the clinic site, medical staff enthusiasm for the blood pressure, giving out health fold, carrying out health consultation. General practitioner Yu Yongsheng carefully measured blood pressure for an old man, told the elderly high blood pressure at the same time, patiently explained to her diet and life matters needing attention. Look at the medical staff warm and thoughtful service, the elderly gratitude shows between the lines. Medical staff in the face of a history of hypertension warned villagers 10 word motto: low salt, weight loss, decompression, quit smoking, limit alcohol, also told them to regularly monitor blood pressure and physical examination, welcomed by the elderly friends.

read more

Our city established in 2014 as the foreign affairs service year

In March 21st, the reporter from the Xining Foreign Affairs Service 2014 years "work arrangements will be learned to improve foreign affairs service level and service quality, accelerate the rapid development of social economy in our city, according to the actual situation of Xining city opening and international non-governmental exchanges and cooperation, our city will determine this year as the" 2014 Xining foreign affairs service year ", and to develop the program of activities. read more

Along the high speed rail chaos was swept away

reporter from Lanzhou Railway (East Section) along the comprehensive environmental remediation work leading group office was informed that, in order to ensure the new high-speed railway Xining section along the clean and pleasant scenery, to the general public and tourists at home and abroad to leave a good impression, since the new high-speed railway along the line to carry out the work of environmental remediation, Chengdong district take garbage, Yan a number of measures, covering the fence, the high-speed railway (East Section) along the original chaos phenomenon disappeared.
– demolition of investment of 1 million 520 thousand yuan to the door, wood factory east of boric acid chemical factory is located in Fu village the legacy of construction waste carried out a thorough clean-up, clean-up of 18689 cubic meters of construction waste, and then use the dense mesh for full coverage of 103686 square meters of bare land, and the Wangjiazhuang village demolition site set up temporary fence 245 M. The investment of more than 5 yuan of happiness waste resource recovery company is located in Fu Village, supervise the relocation, clean up the garbage 15 tons, 300 tons of waste materials; environmental health 3 logistics company is located in the village of the hospital to carry out remediation, clean up 10 tons of garbage. The investment of 10 thousand yuan in the Fu Village a bare mound and building materials cluttered phenomenon of rectification, covered with dense mesh of 8500 square meters, up 26 tons of construction waste, and the wall and the door is arranged in the related area. The investment of 100 thousand yuan to Ning mutual road plug drains are clear, dirty and messy on the surrounding environment remediation, clean up the garbage 3 tons, 100 tons of silt cleaning; Zhu Lu carried out remediation, clean up 8 tons of garbage; bare land of Yun Jia Kou Zhen transition in the vegetable market on both sides of the cover, cover area of 1600 square meters. – located in the center of a small village Huixin on the northeast side of 20 thousand cubic meters of construction waste was cleared, the 2 cement products factory is located in the village of Wangjiazhuang to supervise the relocation, 1 mixing station carried out remediation. read more