Pizhou garlic garlic garlic business into what kind of survival

market transactions, due to a number of lawless elements, malicious manipulation, which led to the confusion of the market, so many people’s sweat can not be paid! This time, the situation in Jiangsu, Pizhou garlic prices, so many garlic farmers garlic business into a difficult situation. in February this year, the emergence of garlic you relentless, continued for nearly two months, the price of garlic was once the price down. However, began in Pizhou on the occasion, enjoys a storage of Fengxian County, and an obvious increase of new garlic listed over nearly 46%. garlic coerced the "garlic cycle", let the garlic garlic farmers, as well as tens of thousands of migratory birds such as taking the garlic off into how living conditions? At the end of May to early June, the reporter last week into the fresh garlic is one of the main producing areas of Pizhou, to explore the truth. garlic prices rose four a day, behind the push hands few agricultural products (000061, stock it) as the minimum purchase price of garlic, two day, and on May 31st, due to the dry garlic price fluctuation is too big, Pizhou was on the four fields of mining price report: 10:55, the highest specifications of the 6.5 lowest 5.7 yuan per kilogram of garlic; 11:18, jumped to 6.2 yuan; 13:47 to 14:16, and from 5.6 yuan per kilogram to 6.3 yuan low uplift. "This year, enjoys a price of fresh garlic is very good, more than doubled in the past year." The original work need drying of fresh garlic, nianzhuang Town, Zhang Jiatian chose to sell directly to the farmers to purchase the hawker, 2.3 yuan per kilogram, an increase of 109.09%. Pizhou city price monitoring bureau staff Xue Genyuan told reporters that this year the cold effect, Henan 30%-40% and Pizhou early frozen garlic, garlic and the surrounding area, paddy field rate of 10% – 20% garlic bolt. The garlic planting area decreased, resulted in the decrease of the national inventories in 2013 Inventory 2 million 770 thousand tons, 2 million 600 thousand tons in 2014, 2 million 150 thousand tons in 2015 to early March this year, only 600 thousand tons." Pizhou Hengfeng Food Company general manager Xu Youbao said. this information has been artificially enlarged, becoming an important driving force of the current price increases." The general manager of blue garlic industry Liu Chuanguo said, the end of February this year, held a fresh garlic industry conference in Shandong, learned that the national inventory data, has opened a "sober" mode, soon Fujian, Henan, northeast and other places around the capital with garlic business "Predators", hundreds of millions of dollars for fried garlic. garlic business package to buy high priced farms, secretly supporting compared to other bulk agricultural products, garlic industry level is very high, to a certain extent, protect the ability to participate in the risk of funds. Liu Chuanguo introduced to warehouse recommend

Qinghai provides a good entrepreneurial environment for returning entrepreneurs

now have appeared around the many home business force, at the same time, there are a lot of people who have some home business ideas, some local governments for returning entrepreneurs has also given a very liberal entrepreneurship policy, also played a very good effect of entrepreneurship. summer, into the Delingha city Xu Ji Xiang, near a lush grass mountain. By a gravel road in downtown, more than and 20 kilometers after the bumpy, came to the Delingha city "sacred cows" ecological livestock farming cooperatives, dozens of high standard built barn row in a piece of open land covers an area of more than and 200 acres of the, in the quiet look spectacular.

How to open an ice shop

hot summer is coming soon, a variety of natural ice products will usher in a hot season, therefore, if we open a store ice, will undoubtedly become a very good business choice. However, the shop is easy to operate, especially want to open. So, how to open an ice shop? to make money is to open in summer, ice shop we want to get the most, because they think only summer ice shop, the other seasons are not appropriate. but with the continuous development of the catering industry, ice store not just can make money in summer, other seasons can also operate. So how to open a good shop to ice, all year round to make money? Teach you how to open the next ice shop. first: pay attention to store location for ice shop, the main consumer group is young, so investors need to pay attention to, choose the best selection of ice the address of the shop in the downtown area or high traffic locations, so as to ensure the daily consumption. second, pay attention to shop decoration for ice shop, shop design, fresh and beautiful is very appropriate, giving a very comfortable feeling, so the ice shop can choose clear color. Secondly, it is recommended to put some special fruit on the counter, such as mango, pineapple, Xinjiang, Taiwan. These fruits are usually pleasing to the eye and have a great appetite, so it is necessary to show some fresh fruit in the shop. third, pay attention to the production process for ice shop, in the face of the fierce market and the ice dessert shop to ensure the taste of ice talent shows itself, must be the one and only. Can the ingenious combination of fruit, dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit into together when the production of ice, crystal clear appearance, exquisite and beautiful, attract more consumers. fourth, focusing on business strategy 6 months of the year, the temperature is warm, there are more than 6 months of cold, so the owner must be committed to creating product brands, such as the introduction of 1-2 features products. The replacement of new products in different seasons, in addition to spend time in the fruit above, make full use of every time a new fruit, but also can spend time on the ice, such as the production of milk ice and so on, to meet the needs of different consumers, even in the cold winter and we can make some ice, similar to KFC and McDonald’s I bought ice cream, are also popular, make sure you store ice all year round to make money.

Wang Ruixu a net worth of 90 billion entrepreneurs

90 has become the main force of college students, they are full of vitality and passion, confidence in entrepreneurship. After identifying business opportunities and the market, after a 90 year college students have experienced four years of hard work, now worth billions of dollars valuation. "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" inspired many 90 and college students to join the tide of entrepreneurship, part-time cat founder Wang Rui Xu had with the label identity into the Zhongnanhai by Li Keqiang met with Prime minister. But it is such a success is regarded as a typical example of 90 college students, but also does not recommend blind college students, but they hope to be able to get into contact with the community before the start of business, planning. by the influence of Chaozhou Zi entrepreneurial gene

How to do the work – all goods inventory

shop to do business, the commodity is very rich, if you do not do inventory, it is inevitable that there will be expired, if these goods can not be handled properly, is undoubtedly a loss. However, there has never been a phenomenon of expired food, especially food expired. because I have to check the date of goods every day, first of all in the time of purchase should pay attention to the production date of goods, followed by FIFO, lifo. General food shelf life is short, such as yogurt, shelf life of only 20 days, while the dealer is two days to a new batch of goods, I will consider to purchase, two days to sell how much, how many boxes into, avoid yahuo. there is a way to avoid expired food is to deal with the goods in advance. The so-called processing is not necessarily price. I take the way of highlighting the display. When the inventory of the store of food every day to see, meet the fast approaching shelf life of food, I put the exchange of goods in a store location, the location of gold on display, advertising and promotion, in the scope of commodities profits within the collocation of small gifts, so that consumers feel value for money. of course, an effective inventory work, not only for the goods on the shelves, but also need to focus on inventory. So, do inventory, not only to pay attention to the shelves of goods, inventory goods can not be ignored. I am still in the store made a record of this, indicating for each commodity production date, shelf life, be aware of the timely adjustment, not only to maintain the health of consumers, but also to avoid the cost of losses caused by food expired.

Tie ten brands list

for any one man, in at the same time also need in Western dress and leather shoes, natural tie of collocation, so, as a part of the apparel market, have begun to tie countless people’s attention, the brand is increasing constantly. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the tie of the top ten brands, so as to bring greater convenience to men’s choice. tie ten brands list NO.1: Goldlion Goldlion Goldlion trademark is the founder of the company Mr. Ceng Xianzi personally designed in 1970, which includes trademark logo, the name of the British GOLDLION Chinese Goldlion, the three constitute a whole. The Chinese translation of the brand name GOLDLION means " Golden Lion " it is a symbol of auspiciousness and happiness. The lion is the king of beasts, showing in the apparel industry in the exclusive " "’s top man in the world. With the king’s style, creating Chinese famous brand, world famous brand. However, the "Golden Lion" and "the Cantonese lose" homophonic, in order to avoid some customers think taboo, then GOLD GOLDLION English translation for Kim, LION transliteration for benefit, and then be made one, is today " Goldlion ". tie ten brands list NO.2: crocodile Lacoste French LACOSTE brand legend was born in 1933, as a reflection of the French elegant lifestyle brand. Set off a revolution in men’s clothing, thus creating now known as the LACOSTE classic POLO shirt. Over the past 80 years, LACOSTE continuous innovation, the pursuit of elegant and comfortable style. tie ten brand ranking NO.3:Gucci Gucci Gucci, Italy fashion brand, Austria by Gucci · Gucci in 1921 in Italy founded Florence. Gucci products including fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, perfume, Home Furnishing supplies and pet supplies, Gucci Chinese. GUCCI has always been to high-end fashion brand, luxurious, sexy and famous, "the symbol" identity and fortune brand become rich consumer society darling, has been favored by the business community, fashionable and elegant. Gucci is now Italy’s largest fashion group. Gucci – the eternal classic and popular stars of all ages, the brand is inspired by the actor, outstanding female Princess and socialite etc.. tie ten brands list NO.4:Burberry Bo Bo people who are familiar with Burberry see "Burberry lattice" on

Xiao Bian for your detailed analysis of the impact of venture capital companies to survive the 7 cha

with the change of people’s ideas, entrepreneurship has become a good choice for life planning. Entrepreneurial companies are the hope of the future, I have always believed that those who are committed to the study of the existing business model entrepreneurs, will be in the future through the efforts of income. This means that before you start your business, you need to identify and take advantage of the current situation, which is making many big companies unsustainable.

How much money to open the video game shop

our main business start-up, naturally need to take into account the issue of funds. After all, money is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. So, how much money to open the video game shop? This is a problem almost every one want in the video industry entrepreneurs have to consider, because for most entrepreneurs, capital is limited, so the limited funds range, you can open a video store? In fact, for the video store how much of this problem, the answer is certainly not the only, according to your different grades, different scale around the rent, the investment difference is very large, this article is mainly based on the size of the shop is different, divided into small and medium-sized shop stores and luxury stores three scale, are introduced. Entrepreneurs can use this as a reference. 1, small store (20 square meters area) video store not too large, so the small shop is currently the most video store form of investment, may be a corner of a computer inside the city a few counters around it, may also be a small residential area or around the pavement around the school, following their investments: rent and transfer fee: this part of the market in accordance with the different circumstances, the difference is very large, the rent is about 2000-5000, the transfer fee of about 0-10000 yuan between. The specific amount of investment is based on the actual situation of the local market. decoration: mainly including counters, sofas, chairs, TV, shop posters, as well as the layout of the wall, ceiling and so on, due to the shop is not large, generally about 20 thousand yuan to complete the renovation. first purchase: mainly including the current mainstream models as well as various types of host peripherals, software, etc., usually in the 3-4 million. working capital: more than 10 thousand of the recommendations can be used for business promotion, publicity, and to prevent the use of various types of emergency. Since the beginning of the business often requires an accumulation of the process, if there is no such peripheral funds, the problem will be difficult to cope with. 2, medium-sized stores (area 20-50 square meters) relative to the small shop, open shop business video store medium more flexible will, entrepreneurs can provide some demo space for consumers, especially the game is popular today, the demo can easily evoke the interest of consumers, but also can collocation animation together with its surrounding sales, expand the business scope, the following is the main investment situation: rent and transfer fees: the same according to the local market environment is different, the difference is very large, the rent is about 3000-8000 yuan between the transfer fee of about 0-15000 yuan. >

This started to do 80 small hand-painted T-shirts and hand-painted shoes a rich achievement

 , 5 years ago, did not get a college diploma in senior students, and now is a small branch of the two owners. 5 years, his shirt and striking one snag after another, hand-painted shoes, through the network China wholesale to Hongkong and France, the United States, is discussing business venture and he confidently dreamed of listing. 6000 yuan open venture Road Li Wen, born in 1983, studied at the University of Jiangxi University of finance professional." Li Wen’s opening remarks, like a college student interview self introduction. He likes to read, travel, make friends, but the University of mathematics courses are hated, the direct consequence is that you can not get a diploma. In this regard, Li Wen never care. "because like, so choose." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. After graduation, Li Wen worked in Shanghai for more than a year, in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing three English war line painting T-shirt, I think it is very interesting, but can not buy to buy, I think this is a business opportunity. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising." Li Wen with his savings of 6000 dollars to open up the road of entrepreneurship. He found two partners, junior high school and high school students, good feelings, mutual understanding. Only let Li Wen depressed, his parents do not support, "they don’t understand the electronic commerce and online shopping, think the computer is playing a game, is worthless, Li Wen’s parents want him to find a" a secure job ". but the pressure at home did not give Li Wen the idea of giving up. Three personal computer in June 2006 two within one month to complete the sales of 30 thousand yuan, net profit of 12 thousand yuan. "We will certainly feel bursting with confidence, with investors rushing to our investment, so I wrote a business plan, began the process of pulling investment." Li Wen began to look forward to a better future. helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find out the dream reflected the reality is so fleeting and helpless." After exposure to a number of potential investors, Li Wen confidence began to collapse. Not only investors would not invest to this "young and ignorant" and "after 80", and no assets, the unsecured bank loans to customers, the door is closed. at this time, the lack of funds to invest in Li Wen and encountered problems. Since the beginning of only students in the class service market, products of a single lead to obvious seasonal sales, get 30 thousand yuan in revenue in June, but in July fell to 5 thousand yuan, to August, sales have been very light, the profits of the company soon exhausted. house double whammy, the other two entrepreneurial team because of family pressure to chooseContinue reading

What should we pay attention to snack chain

snack bar to make money, a lot of friends will think of expanding the scope of business, to open their own snack chain, then, what should we pay attention to the snack bar? Xiao Bian today on this issue, we do the following analysis, I hope to be able to help the friends of the chain of investment snacks. should pay attention to the following points: 1, store location 2, shop decoration (snack shop decoration does not need to be too high, but to be novel and characteristic, people feel very bright, shop owners to do a good job of environmental sanitation, consumers generally require higher environmental health. The store must be clean, so that customers will feel health, appetite. ) 3, snacks taste (why in a local shop, is doing the same, why his restaurant business is very good, people lined up to eat, and he next to the store but few people to eat? This is the taste of food. So we are ready to learn snacks project, we must go to several training schools to taste, select the best taste) 4, service attitude (good service attitude, smiling people. The customer is one of the best sales personnel, a mass ten, ten hundred, the shop can help you strive for further improvement, and vice versa. Listen to the opinions of the diners. Need to understand the needs of customers, to do this, the best way is to listen. To conform to the nature, to benefit by mutual discussion, do the right thing, must be benefited in every way. 5, strive for innovation. Only to innovative restaurants will have a future, hidebound or blindly imitate others, eventually will fail, any restaurants must show their own characteristics, to create value, but also to increase the customer. snack chain to pay attention to what? The above Xiaobian for everyone in detail, these can provide a relatively perfect introduction to the franchisee. The snack bar is not difficult, that simple is not simple, as long as is the heart of the business is profitable, but many people feel that food is relatively complicated, need to do business, the snack bar is a clean, convenient, fast and good service.

How to name the store from the market point of view

how to shop for a good name, can be the starting point for many, as the operator, only starting from the more suitable angle, can make the name more appropriate. From the market perspective to the shop name, largely determines the shop advertising, because the shop name is called out to let people know and understand the customer name, to first contact before the content is shop shop so a good shop will play a very important the role of. How to store a good name? The following Xiaobian for everyone, from the market point of view to the shop name! San Francisco Chinese area, there is a restaurant in "accent Pavilion", business is booming. Most of the guests here are other people. Long years of floating overseas Chinese, there is a feeling of homesickness. Work together to find fellow, comfort homesickness, accent pavilion has become their best place. So, "accent Ge" is a very successful name. this case once again remind businesses: although the rise and fall of a shop mainly in the shop’s hard, software services, but a good name, its role is huge. a good shop name must be suitable for the psychological needs of its target customers, suitable for the store’s business purposes and mood, so as to establish a good image for the store, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the customer. at the same time, for the public to advocate universal psychological big things, many of the stores, manufacturers make a fuss in the words on the. As for China, the function words used in Kyushu, China, East, South, north, northeast, northwest, southwest, north, East, central, Southern China, central, South, East, Far East, Asia and the world, the global geographical name, which gives the impression of "big". is used as a function word such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Pearl River, the Great Wall, Taishan, Mount Huangshan, Nanling, East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, South Asia and the Pacific ocean". Of course, it is our consumers have big demand demand. So the name will be able to understand. uses modern vocabulary, some businesses in order to comply with the trend of the times, to meet modern consumer aesthetic taste, pay attention to selection of modern means of this kind of name, name of the general impression of a "foreign" gas feeling, give a person a kind of taste, taste the feeling of commodity. Such as Beijing Yansha mall, West Mall, Parkson group, Concord group, Meggie salon, fitness center, Rhine olice cosmetics shops, shops and so on Maxam cosmetics co.. should see, learn from foreign transliteration, pursuit of foreign flavor enterprises more and more, many names focus only on the surface of the gorgeous words by several means, some modern means of word combination, meaning in the name, is not.

Three disciplines allows you to choose a good brand of tea stores

Chinese people love tea, tea industry chain construction is relatively perfect, so join the tea chain can be rapid development, to achieve profitability. Open tea shop blindly operation is undesirable, the person concerned that, in order to successfully join a tea chain, before joining the following three discipline". A: discipline for more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand.

Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot investment how much is the

like a pot of delicious food, as long as you try you will know. Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot? With the strength of the brand to join the pot project selection, successful business is also very worthy of trust. Join the fire kitchen charcoal dry pot, what are you waiting for? magic kitchen fire charcoal dry pot investment need how many money? Fire magic kitchen charcoal dry pot investment needs 5 to 100 thousand yuan investment in this project will be able to lead you to the road to success. The fire cooking pot has a dry charcoal production standards, bottom material distribution, the headquarters of the central kitchen factory, Peru bottom material distribution partners, easy to grasp the kitchen, no need to hire a chef, straight down cost, profit improvement. This is a very good choice, there will be a good investment in the business can get. magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot brings a different taste for you, let consumers eat super aftertaste. Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot investment need how many money? Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot of small investment and high profits, to invest in such brand items, can make people worry about entrepreneurship. Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot to join the cost is not very high, want to use very little money to entrepreneurs who can join the project. Magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot abandon electric oven, cooker, alcohol stove, gas furnace heating, and then a heavy industrial era feel of iron, a table, let people see an unforgettable. Smokeless charcoal grill, give you a new dining experience. as long as consumers and magic fire kitchen charcoal dry pot delicacy, to reach a consensus, is a very wise choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner! Join the fire kitchen charcoal dry pot is good? Market development space, good prospects. If you are also very excited, hurry up!

6 Palestinians were killed by police

according to foreign media reports, recently, 6 Palestinians were killed as a result of the attack on the military and police, the Israeli Palestinian conflict continues. It is reported that 6 people died in at least three children under the age of 18.