The WeChat index index hit WeChat mobile social Shanghai dragon era

1. national football World Cup 12 finals victory over South Korea swept the konghan haze; On the "WeChat index" the number reached 5780 index is to love love Shanghai Shanghai massive behavioral data users based data sharing platform, is the era of the Internet and the statistics of the most important analysis > Ping The in Sogou search results. value index in their respective fields BAT explain the difference between recently, the domestic news events has raged, as ordinary people will talk about at leisure. obviously love Shanghai and Tencent did not discuss the good, one after make a different move, but these two things that happened in the same week, had to sigh in the era of transformation.   if the WeChat index product launch event as a network event marketing case, from the observation of all sorts of data, will definitely become the most influential internet marketing event in 2017 the top 10, both from the breadth and depth of communication, or from the viral transmission rate, or from the network attention, as well as the event continues and this event will become the influence factors, domestic hot events in a very long period of time.   3. Tencent social software WeChat launched WeChat index. love Shanghai search engine on the "WeChat index" reached number 2940000, the number reached 870000 love Shanghai news report. About the WeChat index index value reached 62349719     love Shanghai launched the first domestic Internet Index: index from the Tencent Inc launched WeChat index in just 2 days, according to the search engine performance, beyond the imagination.     WeChat index attention hot WeChat index quietly on the line, that mobile Shanghai dragon new era is approaching. WeChat index, success beyond the "country foot" 23719231, become the prehistoric WeChat index after the launch, the highest index of the king. WeChat index value: 62349719 China refers to: 23719231 2. love Shanghai cancel news source (the real situation is not canceled but changes included specific rules, not to explore);

I’m making money through the VPN networkAmerican take off enterprise Sprig closed get $56 million fi

just moved into the society. I know it very well. I don’t know how to deal with many things in society. However, I rely on my own knowledge and wisdom, I entered the Internet cafe in this industry. At that time, the Internet bar industry in our country has just risen, and I still have some advantages for my work at that time. In the Internet bar industry, I from a small PP to do an Internet cafe technician, but also got the industry internet cafe owners and industry owners recognized. That is to say, in this industry, I have a certain reputation. The days that followed were easy, and I paid K a month. That’s how I spent my time with my friends. but once I had a meal with my friends, I didn’t realize a friend who was a VPN. He told me what his job was like, and I was lucky to be part of the VPN business. This allows me to enter a technical gate, this door, let me have this life now. Now the day in China is go to a well-off level, I am in Shenzhen, we are longing for a good city, have their own small WO, there is a considerable income, here, I want to thank my own and that is very good for me friend. Also say, if people want to buy VPN, our company is specialized in providing foreign VPN, no need to dial the client can directly VPN, provide free test accounts only 30 yuan / month, intends to contact :1421489393 May 27th news, according to Bloomberg news, the United States San Francisco on-demand food delivery start-ups Sprig announced that the company closed at 26 local time in the United states. Sprig has raised $56 million in funds, including Accel, according to Bloomberg data. Bloomberg recently reported that Sprig burned $850 thousand a month and was looking for buyers. Similar ventures such as SpoonRocket California and Maple New York were closed in 2016, and Munchery, which is trying to change the status of food delivery, is also in trouble. I was born a poor child, then, in the village, my companion and I have little to say, because of my family relationship, the body of the backbone can only be placed in the bottom of my heart. So, from childhood to reading out, to society, I still did not change my kind of temperament, the only change is that I have been placed in the bottom of my heart, I want to play it out. . But in the past 2 years or so, Sprig has never been able to raise new capital. The company will provide 2 months’ pay for all employees as a severance package, and a recruitment meeting will help them find new jobs. Sprig provides food for their own cooking and delivers them with the driver. The company was founded a few years ago, when demand start-ups were favored by venture capital firms. But likeContinue reading

Execution is the key to successful WangzhuanStudent Loan Hero Web tools to help graduate loans

short, Wangzhuan no execution is difficult to succeed, can really make money on the executive power to you, don’t fancy the sky will fall pie, no such thing in the world, it will not pay a return, we all go into action, not to hesitate again, put their own ideas in practice, you will succeed one day.   via springwise   ? users first access their debt details – both government and private money, are clearly displayed in one place. They can see the current month to repay the loan, the average loan interest rate how much, and how long does it take to pay off the debts. need to make money online execution, otherwise everything is empty, no meaning, think again good, then a detailed plan, if not seriously to implement it, it would be a dream, never realized, empty talk approach is not desirable, do Wangzhuan friends remember this, can make money depending on your execution, don’t always want to, and not to do no such thing, realistic and practical to do it with action and practice, you will succeed in the end. takes into account how many students do not know how their loans will affect their future during college, and the Student Loan Hero program provides value assessment services when students enter university. The site is currently only in the United States to provide services, do not know the day after other countries entrepreneurs will follow second, give up halfway, is to do some projects, but did not earn much money, quit in the middle, that it has no meaning, which some people have money to pay the passion, also, have thought about some plans, but the difficulty is not to bring it back, ideas persist that result is not successful, it also shows that they lack the execution, if you can stick with it, and think more, try to do it differently, or from another angle to look at the network to make money, he will eventually succeed. third, part of the people have been cheated, once bitten, twice shy of ten years, this sentence is all wrong, these people do not have the courage to face the failure, thinking he was cheated, will not dare to believe, so give up, try to do anything, if not insist go on, how will have the opportunity to succeed, don’t give up because of some difficulties, whether it is reality or on the Internet are equally in need of execution, stick to it, change a way to do, maybe success is not far away from you. said there is what kind of person is very difficult in the Wangzhuan success, or that can not earn money, these people are lack of execution of the people, can be said that many are dreamers, they can only think, think of it as perfect, but never to practice it. The result is nothing. The cost of Student Loan Hero is a web organization tool designed to help graduates repay theirContinue reading

Some views on the construction of Taobao railway station in 2011Bidding marketing products in networ

Hello, has written 2 papers and about 2011 Taobao guest operating some of the practices and techniques: "new model" on 2011 Taobao guest single page station, "2011 for customers to choose products, Taobao keyword view". Then the author for optimization several single page station only wrote some of this article, today is to share some views on the station built in 2011 Taobao guest single page! I believe that both will have a certain inspiration to the novice or veteran, although no single page station in question is convenient management, very good persuasive, easy to optimize operating properly, a monthly income of thousands is pretty easy! But for the novice earning 1000 or need a certain time, for veteran if you want to replace the product is necessary, the premise is the product competition, such as the current L-carnitine, sh419 search page is full., why are we getting involved? Well below, to talk to the railway station built Taobao view in the network marketing, search engine marketing, search engine marketing and customer conversion rate is the highest for marketing, when a lot of new contact for marketing in the beginning, the first consideration or concerns one of the biggest problems is what kind of products suitable for auction marketing? How should I choose now? According to the bidding product marketing network marketing in the choice, I’ll give you a little explanation, I hope to be helpful to everyone. network marketing in the auction marketing is what I study and contact more, in fact about the choice of products there are many skills, the next update will give you one explanation. two, replace the product: a lot of friends especially beginners find themselves doing products such as medicine reducing weight, breast enhancement medicine and so on site, because without this ability than others but their site ranking a sluggish, their confidence in shock. So, please don’t be discouraged, but others do product keyword does not matter, the most important thing is to pick up another way station for candidate key products, then, "products" means to start from the selection of products, from which the keyword, believe competitive field is a wise choice, because we are in not for products we have our site accumulated to a certain weight, is the "cause", believe that we do a little competition, and profits of the product is also very soon ranking. ! welcome to reprint Author: Peach welcome attention to my website: www.51adwords. three, more and more focus on the experience of the premise, the novice, veteran we want to improve the user experience to the line, at least is to give users a clear product page, rather than full of pop, forcing others to collection site I ordered, to your site can be very good propaganda out, we can add a share button on the website, this I believe that many of the site will be added not only to make their own stand to. 4, there is one final point is thatContinue reading

Why is Silicon Valley no longer the Mecca of venture capitalists The battle for talent is as hellish

fourth: promotional products also known as product blog marketing is an almost all ignore the problem is that there are many reasons to lead international entrepreneurs and top talents from shlf1314 to leave, and they set up their business park in other places. The main Silicon Valley believes itself to be the ideal place for all software developers. Under the background of Silicon Valley is well documented, the success of Paul · Graham wrote an article in which he urged the U.S. government to encourage the 95% Silicon Valley software giant, added to 5% has been stationed in Silicon Valley software company ranks. fifth: soft service also known as soft announcement, implantable advertising ? first: one of the most popular – advertising alliance blog has gone through the popularity of the 2005, experienced the rapid development in 2006, and now, blog status has been replaced by the SNS community and micro-blog. Today, the blog I’m talking about is not a BSP blog in the traditional sense, but an independent blog with independent domain names and space. with the growing global entrepreneurship Park, Silicon Valley should not just see the benefits of introducing talent, but also pay attention to the negative factors that make brain drain. But the development of Silicon Valley is very optimistic, so what time do we have to consider the dark side of these foreign businesses in Silicon Valley, technology and social commentary, from the technical level can help the interaction between independent bloggers and readers’ demands, more blog readers and stickiness, thus further increase from the horizontal to the blogger > later, the more difficult is that you have to endure unspeakable sense of doubt. If you’re trying to develop products and create jobs, try entering in Silicon Valley talent immigration, showing a domineering attitude, the specific performance allowed some people to come in, but the other people away. From my experience of building Skype’s 10 office locations in 16 time zones across the globe, it’s clear that what we need to do is to take the initiative to pursue top technology talent rather than watch out for brain drain. So when I saw Graham put forward in this paper the nuances, I felt refreshed, he wrote: "Silicon Valley in the introduction of talent issues, are too wishful thinking, the specific performance: we have a one-sided view, if we allow more top programmers to Silicon Valley, they will want to come." second: advertisers third: sell link note: Silicon Valley has become a mecca for global technology entrepreneurs. The world of science and technology talents and technology companies have to squeeze through the bridge, to the Silicon Valley agglomeration. But Silicon Valley is not as we imagine you want to reach, endure all kinds of suspicion and doubt. So, do you continue to go into Silicon Valley or choose to stay away from Silicon Valley? This question brings you another interesting point of view. is above some profits, but the reader to understand, in front of threeContinue reading

Song Hongwei from Coca-Cola to fast taxi, almost all his life selling syrupLi Xiang third start-up c

although our business is still concentrated in the country, but sometimes still needs across different cultural backgrounds, such as Lhasa, many drivers are local Tibetans, do not speak Mandarin, not to mention that he used mobile phone orders, but now the whole Lhasa more than 1000 drivers with fast, this process is full of the challenge, but also a lot of fun. according to reports, the car and home location for the city intelligent transportation service providers, the sales model for combining online and offline, online through a proprietary platform sales, the line through self experience stores and distributors store display products, orders by car and home uniform delivery to the customer. At the same time, with the help of networking technology, the car and home can be used to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain used by the vehicle, providing users with one-stop maintenance, maintenance, insurance, automotive finance and other value-added services. fast, the pace of internal work is very fast, usually decided to enter a city, we will choose three or four people to form a team, sent to the local, stationed for one or two weeks for assault promotion. By the end of last year, we had taken more than 40 cities across the country, adding up to less than 4 months. Survived the initial expansion I spent most of the past year on business trips. The number of flights in the air lane was 145 times, and the journey was almost 200 thousand kilometers. This year, the rapid taxi from Hangzhou gradually penetrated into the country, almost all taxi cities there are many small towns. Bulletin shows that the car and home in Changzhou, covering 750 acres of all aluminum vehicle factory has started construction, for the production of vehicles, supporting the standardization of the battery factory will also be put into use during the year. The second half of 2017, car and home will be launched for the 30 km radius of the city travel demand of pure electric vehicles SEV intelligent electric vehicle; the second half of 2018 will be launched for extended range electric SUV radius 300 km travel demand sport utility vehicle. ‘s greatest value for a taxi driver is to help them reduce overhead and increase revenues. After many drivers with a fast, monthly income can be increased more than 2000. In addition to economic returns, fast drivers can help drivers customize routes. A driver talked to me, saying that no matter how late he drove, how far away from home, as long as the fastest, up to three orders will be able to relay home. Li Xiang third start-up companies, cars and homes were 780 million yuan injection, valued at nearly 3 billion yuan I joined the fast taxi number forty-third in April 2013. Before joining the fast taxi, I had been working in the FMCG industry for almost ten years at Coca-Cola, and I worked in a military factory earlier. When suddenly 40 years, like the doings ofContinue reading

Learn two ways to make your site be shaking Qian ShuWu Xiaobo to see the Internet half of angels, ha

at the beginning of 90s, I was given an instruction from the leadership that I should go to Wenzhou for a survey. In Wenzhou River Cangnan County proud there is a person who is proud of the river circle together, it was this place called China first farmer city, I draw a map, take this map to Wenzhou merchants. Give you together allows you to build a house 1 floor to 3 floor, built after 50 thousand dollars the price of land, then your home has a road, opposite a house, this road here is for you to repair, etc. after you build houses across the street to the end, half I fix, you give me 50 thousand dollars. then choose some affiliate ads. Now on the Internet advertising union is difficult to count, many types, but also for many webmaster friends choose headache. make your website your "Qian Shu" ad?. If a website wants to survive for a long time, it is absolutely inseparable from advertising. these are ways to increase website traffic, but the most critical question I haven’t mentioned is making money. when I first started doing websites, I was very confused about advertising. I didn’t know what kind of advertisement to put on and how to put it on. But now, for a long time, I have found some of the minor patterns. is now more and more friends in doing web site, but do not flow station, no traffic, no money and not. Combined with my own standing experience, I will introduce two strokes to you. below is shorthand omitted: by the positive and the island’s "2017 Innovation Conference and the 2017 were positive and the Island Island neighborhood Conference on June 9th -11, held in Beijing, blue lion financial book publisher, Wu Xiaobo channel founder Wu Xiaobo made a change year" as the theme of the speech at the meeting. I started to enter the business world in 1990. My first job was to go to Wenzhou for investigation and research. I have been working on it since 20 years ago. I think that over the past 20 years, my understanding of change has changed a lot. How do we understand the "change" and "change"? What is the change in our values? What is it, below, we must learn to hype themselves. Some people will doubt, speculation? How to do the website, but also speculation, ? like shlf1314, Ali, mother, sh419, Zhi League, and so on. shlf1314 ad, with it > Wu Xiaobo points out: 4, three key words for future change: zero, discomfort, death. ? today’s theme is "the annual change conference". I talk about my views on creativity and change. actually, the website is like the star. What is it about? Popularity?. Star popularity, natural will be popular, and the popularity of the site increased, click rate will follow up ah. The same is true between the two. doesn’t know if your website is making money for you. Does your website addContinue reading

What kind of distribution management software should be chosen by the running team to solve the prob

reduces your overall cost of ownership, we come! makes its own brand, originally suggested by Shen Napeng, tailor made proprietary software, we come! 5, the position of the customer at any time, without rapid reminder, control error rate! then how do city distributors, entrepreneurs and managers manage their distribution staff? , "first find one of the most famous stars, then start doing research from what his fans like, and then develop, so that we can save a lot of advertising and not be so blind."." Li Jing said. reduce manpower costs? , you have something to say, I help you run errands, you do things, and I have earned the corresponding money. doesn’t need extra IT staff, let’s do it! runner is like this: increase market space? in Jingdong, Suning, Taobao and other ten million electricity supplier pilot, vertical electricity supplier how to survive? Own brand is a good road. And cosmetics vertical electricity supplier Le bee network original brand "static Jia", in four years, from scratch to achieve annual income of 400 million yuan scale, which became a model of the model. Le bee net CEO Wang Licheng gave a direct reason to do its own brand, "this is very simple, cosmetics sell third party standard products do not make money, bigger private brand is our core resources."." 6, statistical settlement, convenient and quick! Lasafo founder Li Jing recalled, first decided to do its own brand in 2008, when she founded the Oriental popular just got a first round of financing from Sequoia Capital, a board after the meeting, Shen Napeng of Sequoia Capital should do its own brand. Daren’s brand saving road The rise of How does after that, Li Jing began to learn from fashion editors, friends from other businesses, and started a little bit. The instructions for the first product were written by Li Jing himself. business platform allows everyone to buy and buy at home; the emergence of takeaway platform, we are more and more love called takeout; circle of friends business, so that more people play O2O…… And these are inseparable from the city delivery, that is, to open up the logistics of the last mile". 4, smart orders / grab single, assigned tasks, there is an orderly we focus on your customized distribution management software, city delivery, APP fast runner, flexible selection of operation module, backup and maintenance, data access to all-round protection, security. reduce marketing costs? How does "in fact, this brand to do in a particularly hurry," Shen Napeng said at the time, "electricity supplier is shopping malls, and shopping malls to sell other people’s things do not earn money, to earn money, we have to do its own brand.". I know the mall buys L’OREAL and doesn’t make money, so I decide to do it." Li Jing recalls. 3, smart voice prompts, do not let go of every single from this, Le bee network’s own brand "static Jia JPlus" began to create. And because Li Jing has been the host,Continue reading

Actual combat analysis Taobao customers make money highlightsDare to say SONY mobile phone failed SO

earnings report, it is estimated that no one will say, "SONY mobile phone bankruptcy."". With this momentum, the future of SONY’s mobile business is bright.     SONY mobile SONY, CEO, Hirai Yifu   although the profit of 3 billion 600 million yen is not very eye-catching, but this increase is really to see people stay. An increase of 771.3%, no one is with no predecessors after. had to say, SONY mobile phones through the past few years, but also to surrender such a beautiful report card, it is really not easy. SONY CEO Hirai Yifu’s "One Sony" strategy is absolutely right, just two or three years, the deep mire of SONY mobile pulled out. my opinion is as follows: of course, I don’t want these ads. I mainly want to use the mall’s promotional activities to promote it.   mobile phone in the last few years the performance is really intoxicating: product innovation is not enough, the frequency of negative news, sales plummeted…… even once came to the SONY group to sell mobile phone business rumors, so a lot of cable powder of lightning. The SONY group won’t fail, but SONY phones have been a source of concern. 1. promotion of products should be appropriate Commission this is important, below 5% of the push. I choose > let me analyze. The free delivery of advertisements is very attractive. Most people can see it here. As for whether the transaction, mainly looking at the attractiveness of the product, and there is to see the store’s credit. As for the credit, I choose this is certainly not a problem, and are already 3 crown. As far as the product is concerned, the mall has such high credit that it proves that the product is in line with the needs of many people, so there is no need to worry about it. I often visit is a women’s fashion website, this year I went to several sites in this fashion, I am now 37 promotion activities, many of which are in fact more than a single together, the actual number of promotion is 10 person. choose to do Taobao customers, I think I’m on the right track, although income can not be said to be very high, at least, compared to work is still much better. The purpose of Taobao customers is to earn commission, which is known to all. Now I’ll share with you what I did for the last two days. began. My girlfriend wants to buy a dress on Taobao. He wants me to take a look at it. I opened the mall, looked at the clothes, feeling really good, and I told my girlfriend that the clothes are pretty good. My girlfriend said, "now this mall is engaged in activities, buy 3, pay two dollars, so buy two more, let me help you look again.". Then I came to an idea, I’m not doing Taobao customers, and if I go to promote these activities of the shop isContinue reading

Alliance Kijiji advertising allianceMobile art signature ads, how many Adsense in the delivery

  marketing cooperation 225 vertical body signature below is the original, a little long, I hope the owners can see, stop this act as a liar.   CPL advertising , a theme of user-friendly, detailed text description, concise and comprehensive, have a real and effective contact telephone recommended. three, if the following conditions are unconditional: delete all in order to expand the business, and to establish more extensive Kijiji website cooperation, from June 2005 officially launched Kijiji Kijiji website alliance project. Through the project, hope to establish Kijiji in-depth cooperation and cooperation many websites, including but not limited to the following: " 1, copy the site for advertising Kijiji unauthorized re released. 228 embossed gold coins 220 snow all over the skyThis   The content of "you have chosen the font to confirm, return the number, select the beautiful signature background: is a bit depressed, this is not deceptive? How does not send the signature to reply, " on Sunday, a person watching TV at home, television advertising constantly broadcast art signature, unable to resist the temptation to write down the way to participate: edit name, Unicom sent to 1066888869. Immediately sent their names in accordance with the requirements of the past, and then received the content: "you request 10668888 SMS interactive business, send each message, collect information fee 2 yuan, China Unicom tips.". 2009-03.08 14:40." 222 seal signature recently, mobile phones, TV and other mobile phone art signature advertising more and more, you signed it? I believe there are many webmaster website put such advertising. on Kijiji advertising alliance two, in accordance with the instructions issued in the right category Kijiji advertising category. edit name, Unicom sent to 1066888869. We sincerely invite customer service standards 224 curlycue signature trial Kijiji 2, replies 3 digit selection " my website, Shenzhen computer network: received mobile phone users to report the art signature scam, let us see how this art signature allows mobile phone users to enter the trap of SMS consumption. 221 signature billing is what is a world leader in electronic commerce eBay eBay NASDAQ EBAY in the global launch of the latest online classifieds site, now more than 80 in the global city began operations. From March 1st in Chinese officially provide services so far, now ranking in the global China Kijiji website for about 2000 pageviews a day up to 500 thousand people. While the issue of synchronization and information online offline classified ads in Shanghai.   audit 226 New Year’s greetings after registration, access code, through the audit can give Kijiji, you bring direct benefits. 227 stunning beauty then received another text message from 106688886962, which appeared to be the same number just announced, as follows: , registered to select carriers for approval to start cooperation, through the how to join the Kijiji advertising alliance and interested in our alliance webmaster to join our union, and to expand the business. signature: * * *. Please select a signature pattern: 229 romantic love joined the Kijiji websiteContinue reading

Electronic sports live website Twitch B round financing $15 millionTaobao customers choose to promot

although is still operating, most of the profits come from Twitch. That’s because Twitch has established partnerships with multiple game publishers and E-sports tournaments and signed agreements with CBS to sell Twitch video ads. In addition to advertising, Twitch also has a growing game, pay watch business, and subscription patterns used by partners. three, choose good reputation brand goods and strength business still use the digital products and weight loss products, which is easier to promote these two products? Which competition is more powerful? I believe that a little experienced Taobao customers are in mind. But in reality the dream of Dongfeng to see is that many Taobao politicians seem to be something of a hurry, one after another to L-carnitine slimming products, the direction of the run. For no promotion experience and rich SEO resources for novices, such behavior is very blind, in the end can not earn money, but morale is nothing. Many times, we can not grab the flower and fruit mountain, you can consider going to Gao Zhuang and Lao zi. Taobao ‘s girlfriend in a city of electrical appliances monopoly LCD TV, every time she talked about her business are very depressed, because another sales monopoly Samsung, she is selling SKYWORTH, obviously these two brands is not a grade, she is very hard but she sold less than 1/5 people. Taobao customer is the same, more often we provide an entrance for buyers, and not earnestly to persuade buyers to buy a brand or product that never heard. So choose a good reputation and high visibility of the brand or the Taobao mall official flagship products to promote, both worry conversion rate and the success rate is underlined, many friends asked me how do 365 shops are mostly brand flagship stores, it is for this reason. "is a concept of what a reasonable commission", such as a digital products, the price is 1500 yuan, the proportion was 5%, and the other a slimming product price is 120, the proportion is 50%, which is a more reasonable and more considerable commission believe that you know?. Therefore, in choosing the goods, do not just look at the commission ratio, from the commodity prices, into the proportion, the volume of merchandise and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. two, select the right competition for goods early promotion of slimming products, friends often referred to "Green Week", it is divided into 50%, often secretly change 1.5%, let Taobao guests Qiqiao students complain, we try to avoid this situation in the choice of business time. Dream east wind suggests to choose > Twitch was founded only about 1 years ago, but it has developed rapidly into a huge platform for playing and watching video game live competitions. Twitch, which evolved from the live TV business, is a new site focused on vertical e-sports, and has become the driving force behind the company’s business development. 1. Select Commission for reasonable promotion of merchandise My cousin news September 19th, according toContinue reading

On the way to make money off Taobao profitsHow to maximize shlf1314AdSense revenue

two: the application of There is a law of network, many people’s money, and is a very fashionable, young people are the best potential consumer crowd, you don’t tell me would make a 70 year old woman will believe can buy things on the Internet, nothing else is learned the use of a miracle computer using Taobao, so it’s really a lot on the Internet to buy items that these people, 2030 years old, in the global network every day, to follow the trend of avant-garde fashion can accept to buy things on the network so that the thought of people, people positioning well, read here, if you don’t know this chat you’d better go to the room for a look at the overseas development, popularity reaches ordinary people not to hang up all night unable to squeeze the state you say the number of people? The first few pages of each city are thousands of people with chat When online, the best promotion here is to promote Taobao off the Adult supplies, because these people need, rushed to the afternoon and midnight, the man is very much, for the group chat room may be a lot of people say the same, but you’d better test in saying so, don’t ask new or not, you ask not earn money, money is king, my apprentice a month just this one project can be the income of more than 3K, for some of the details of the simple description, IP you can go to sh419 search the free VPN proxy or HSS-1.34-install-anchorfree some free agent software to solve mass, for the title you can go to sh419 search the software has a batch registration number, and because the chat room is a lot of foreign development can also visit foreign chat rooms, you can also register the pier company EB AY to Chinese products sold to foreigners, but also substantial profits, the rest of their play. is a local high quality traffic aggregation, to One Piece Post Bar to investigate these Naruto death, that is how I long for the popularity, sh419 Post Bar hushidandan, because there are too many people, how to use is a big problem, because sh419 for this limit is more, because the mass in programming for the identification verification code success rate is not too high so the mass do not study, and what I say is another method, that is a catchy title, such as: a few W people laugh too funny funny pictures, such as a hacker treated you call her beautiful pictures what > . We’ve collected these easy to implement techniques to help you maximize your AdSense’s potential to increase revenue. 1. displays ads in a visible position. Placing ads in an obvious location where they do not have to scroll can make it easier for visitors to see ads, thereby increasing the chance of clicking. 2. tries different ad formats. Web pages are different in style, so you should try using differentContinue reading

Secret Wangzhuan training insiderHow to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends just to contact

1. if a person on their own projects, if it can earn hundreds of words, it is impossible for him to take out the training project. One is not necessary, since their operation can earn so much, why to earn that tuition, another is tiring to do the training, the energy, its own research projects well, there is so many people, is sure to be competitive. 2, should have mentality: see more, search more, think more, summarize more. Some master also need to do the first three steps, but only a little summary, through my personal experience point of view, summed up is the best teacher, by summing up to leap and breakthrough, do Wangzhuan, smart to have great wisdom, but also have, what kind of attitude will depend on your money on the Internet more or less, that I hope you digest. 1, should have the basic Internet information exchange application knowledge: email, office software such as word, Excel, the two most commonly, some text production, data backup can be used, search engine, forum function master, of course there are many aspects need to collect more, help achieve some of the work of the foundation design, as a basis for future work with different Wangzhuan; 3., in addition, there are some training, and to teach you to earn one hundred yuan on the banner of free, the temptation you help him to do publicity, or guide you to register the purchase, that… We think that if they do not get what benefits will teach you for free? If I can teach you what knowledge is also good, but after wasting a lot of time and confidence in you, you also did not learn what so Wangzhuan was born, it is the inevitable outcome of the development of the internet. The network part of various types, regardless of type, technology type, skill type, toil operation type, integrated type, and even foreign large and small projects, as if overnight from the Internet explosion, and thus will have to produce Wangzhuan great curiosity, and begin by groping into the exploration period. I am a network of curious, and there are many fantasy ordinary Internet users, the use of spare time in 06 years, founded the first Internet Network Personal Career Forum — noble Wangzhuan forum. The forum was not as simple as it is now, and each step requires patience and careful exploration. At this point, also hope that in reading this article friends, you can calm down, slowly learning how Wangzhuan should develop good habits, must have to!!! Remember: do not be impatient, keep the common heart and stick to it. so, how should we look at these training? For others I did not participate in the training, of course, there is no right to speak what. I just according to their own understanding of the network, to remind everyone Wangzhuan circle about the following: … The following The so-called not say too deep, only just contact Wangzhuan friends introduce someContinue reading

Do Wangzhuan to earn food money mentalityTwo years, the user 20 million company valuation over 1 bil

on September 2015, at the anniversary of echo, Liu Junyi visited the entertainment, fashion star platform of Su Mang, He Jiong, SNH48 and so on. I did the wrong way. One day in April 2006, in the process of examining Wangzhuan nearly half a year later, I determined to be before doing the analysis, planning and so on, all down, began to meet again. For the past 2 and a half hours, I have to say that the decision is correct, and then my analysis is very accurate, planning is in place, so today can be a little higher in. music APP, Liu Junyi is still under the brand name echo to expand the cafes and bars, daily necessities and other product lines, and plans in August hosted a "echo echo Carnival festival in Shanghai. in August, I was drinking a bitter tea cook, to talk about a group, suddenly for a long time no news have come out Mr. A asked me: "people can make money? I want to try." I am speechless. Mr. A has thirty four home, a wife and a woman, life is fairly well-off, actually also joined in the Wangzhuan lively. Immediately, A Jun also showed: "always in the home online, not playing cards, that is, online games, boring very.". My wife saw what "make money online", that I managed to make some food money." I stumble down! Because the A king and I also 10 years of friendship between generations, often in cooperation on square CS killing rookie, so I introduced a network survey of the PPL project ACOP, September 1st has been suspended on the mainland to him, and gave a detailed introduction of the operating practices. she was born in 1991, Pisces, the music product "echo echo" hereinafter referred to as echo in less than two years to obtain 20 million users, and more than 8% of which are paid users. From the first company registered in high school, this is her eighth years of entrepreneurship. , casually piled around the interesting stuff from various countries, a row of shelves of wine. An employee said, "if you know wine, you will know that many of them are difficult to find at home.". adult LaoLa gives people a sense of distance, the energy of young people also makes people awe and. Abstract: she was born in 1991, Pisces, the music product "echo echo" hereinafter referred to as echo in less than two years to obtain 20 million users, and more than 8% of which are paid users. From the first company registered in high school, this is her eighth years of entrepreneurship. in late August, I went to Sichuan on business for one month. Back in September 20th that night, a friend gave me a welcome drink, pitch-dark muddleheaded. 21, more than 10 in the morning woke up, not wash your face, did not brush your teeth, turn on the computer , found that A Jun since September 1st, almost every day withContinue reading

BlockAvenue, the start-up company, finds the most suitable block for you to rentOn-line only 4 month

Beijing is a big city, but sometimes it’s not easy to find a suitable place to live in. In the choice of housing, housing location, in addition to considering the cost of the house itself, we will consider how the surroundings around the house — for example, traffic is convenient, shopping is convenient, around the security situation. Many domestic rental housing, housing sites in the introduction of housing, the focus is on the house itself, the surrounding environment is only a brought, but not by the surrounding environment, good or bad search for housing features. At this point, BlockAvenue, a foreign start-up company, can be a good addition.   in February 26, 2017, the first batch of 3Vbike shared bicycles was launched in Hebei, Baoding. Before that, vehicles were launched in Hebei, Baoding, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe, Fujian, Putian and other places. announced a "bankruptcy" that was 5 months shorter than the first bike shared by the nation’s first bankrupt, wukong. It is reported by the Beijing 3Vbike   via TC 4 months on the line,   BlockAvenue is to find out the best place to rent, buy a house and book a hotel. There are two ways: one is to rate each block by A-F by setting a standard; and two, by interacting with an online community, to let someone living in a neighborhood tell you about the neighborhood. Is walking on two legs, quantitative assessment criteria, and intuitive introduced from the front, it brings great convenience to us. The purpose of on the domestic point of view, BlockAvenue this set is very suitable for moving to some large rental, buy a house, hotel booking site. We can integrate the search by block and the search for hotels and listings. The user can input selection conditions on the blocks in the search listings, for example, I want to live in a relatively quiet, good order, near the subway station block block what is the specific screening conditions according to the user demand to be here just for example. After that, let’s search for listings in eligible neighborhoods. In addition, I think what needs to be added to the BlockAvenue is that in addition to scoring for each block, a brief description of each block can be added to allow users to have a better understanding of the neighborhood. , according to founder Tony Longo, the company has already collected 50 million blocks of information in the United States, and will continue to collect information work, and the construction of online communities will move. Specifically, BlockAvenue collects information including: block the street bus station number, if there is a subway station nearby, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, the number of schools, the crime rate, the number of cases recorded sex offenders. By these standards, A-F is graded for each block. , following Goku’s bike, announced another bike crash, "3Vbike.".   ? so, who will be the next bike sharing cycle, , China Yaodi Technology Co., venture capital, attention to the three line ofContinue reading

shlf1314 sh419 let me happy, let me worryYu Jun’s first talk about joining chefs network Catering wi

is a market leader in the food and beverage supply chain in the United States, with a Sysco turnover of $44 billion 400 million, taking up 25% of the market share. But in Chinese, although China catering industry annual revenues of more than 3 trillion yuan, food procurement amounted to 800 billion yuan, because the intermediate channel link is too long, too many losses, the food supply chain field does not appear a large well-known enterprises. Sina three is the background management provided by shlf1314 AdSense. It is more scientific and easier to manage. shlf1314 ads in the background you can change the style of advertising directly, and can see real-time advertising effect, this let us love all day watching advertising owners feel very close; while sh419 changed advertising style replace a large block of code, the advertising effect report also take a genius to know, both the technical level or have the gap between the. shlf1314 today to open the shlf1314 AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000. above simply said shlf1314 and sh419’s income comparison, below I will talk about do shlf1314 and sh419 advertising a bit of personal feelings. Yu Jun is one of the most legendary product gurus in the Internet world. He joined sh419 in May 2001 and started at the grassroots level. He became Vice President of sh419 products 5 years later. He is also China’s earliest search engine research and promotion, known as the "Post Bar" father". He was in sh419 one must never cheat. This estimate is the webmaster topic in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, I talk to remind you webmaster, don’t cheat. Half a year ago had used shlf1314 AdSense software sardine brush, brush every day 10 a few dollars, accounts to $more than 250 cash when Pidianpidian waiting for an email, shlf1314 let me completely dumbfounded, my dollar and I say goodbye! sh419 cheat I haven’t tried, did not dare to try, at the end of the day sentence: shlf1314, sh419 is certainly better than we clever, what if you’re smarter, you also are not used to do their advertising to make money. Yu Jun said, before the Spring Festival, he and chef CEO Yuan Taotao only a few times to communicate, two people hit it off on the cooperation. Subsequently, the chef net won $15 million financing. In Yu Jun’s call, from Parkson, xiangeqing and Nestle and other traditional commercial logistics field, as well as the United States, groups, glutinous rice and other Internet executives have joined the entrepreneurial team. two is shlf1314, indeed more than sh419. Here is not only advertising unit price, more advertising content. Did shlf1314 and sh419 advertising brothers believe I have such a feeling: shlf1314 ads matchingContinue reading

New three board enterprise, sponsor broker, club attention! 2017 semi annual disclosure guidelines c

from a webmaster novice to the current daily income of thousands. Is also a hard way to come, think of many ways how to improve traffic. With traffic, everything is a prerequisite, but when my traffic reaches a certain stage, I am thinking about how to use these resources. For more maney. Tested a lot of alliances, advertising, for life, to make money, if the application cannot be made 5 workdays in advance due to special reasons, it must inform the sponsor broker in a timely manner, and disclose the semi annual report, the time limit for making an appointment and the announcement of the change in time. read three new board researchers summed up, for the semi annual disclosure, listed company and brokers have the following points to pay attention to.   company should be completed in August 31, 2017 semi annual report disclosure before the listing, but in August 31, 2017 after the company does not require disclosure of the semi annual report. webmaster news list www.admin5/top this article comes from "read three new board" 2, according to the requirements of the preparation. Listed company should be based on the semi annual report "semi annual report content and format guidelines Trial", "listed company semi annual report content and Format > according to the announcement, in June 30, 2017 before the listing of the company, to be completed in July 3, 2017 semi annual report disclosure time appointment; listed companies between July 3, 2017 and August 31st, according to the listing schedule timely semi annual report disclosure time. first. Some friends have done shlf1314. And friends have done advertising alliance, but at that time because they are not very understanding of shlf1314, the settlement cycle is also long. So I got the advertising league. The results saw the first nine wins is advertising, there should be no problem. What about. Pay for everything. The fact has proved that the payment is really not. But I found my valid data statistics with the actual traffic volume to me a lot of difference, asked several friends, everybody said the results deduction amount is too serious, it is certainly not, this is equal to wasting my precious IP, then again to find the results, see advertising, premise do a survey. Not bad, but I can’t apply for the ad I want. Hey, it’s depressing. I can only look for it, before June 30, 2017 listed companies, to be completed in July 3, 2017 semi annual report disclosure time appointment; listed companies between July 3, 2017 and August 31st, according to the listing schedule timely semi annual report disclosure time. 1 and the listed company may not be audited, except as otherwise stipulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the national stock exchange company. If it needs to be audited, it shall be audited by an accounting firm with securities and futures related business qualifications, and the audit report shall be signed and sealed by at least two registered accountants of theContinue reading

Talking about the choice of Taobao guest website programsh419 alliance Xintian two sets of search bo

! To meet the diverse needs of affiliate members for search patterns, we added the Flash style search box with default size 728 x 90 and the list of search styles for the default size of 160 x 390, if you want to use the new effect now, please get new code in the background of the alliance. Instantly experience the new sh419 alliance website search box style. more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u ! first let you know the domestic league dynamics, if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback The use of sh419 alliance development from ! if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://union.sh419/ wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact 3, if you do not want to manually add data and pseudo original, want to directly call taobao all the original Taobao customer data use, you should apply for a TOPAPI account through the official Taobao open platform, and then find a good use of the Taobao TOP off site procedures, advantages of using the TOP program was once your site recognized by search engines, you included, traffic and income will be very good, but its drawback is that all the data are and others are the same, is not likely to be included in the search engine to give weight, a few days ago just to see a friend using the TOP program is very distressed. Originally the site was collected by sh419 about one million, after tens of thousands of daily IP later sh419 right down, only a few dozen IP flow. on Taobao guest website program, we must each one according to his lights, I hope everyone here can find their suitable Taobao guest website program, I wish you good luck, ha ha. This article for Taobao online shopping women’s kanqu village head original, copyright all, reproduced please specify . 2 new styles have been fully launched yesterday afternoon. 2, but if Taobao commodity data acquisition in some of my friends will appear static pages too much or even hundreds of 10G, so if you can use the pseudo static or dynamic economic conditions do not allow the word site Taobao program, for example, some of my friends are using ECSHOP shop procedures modified pseudo static Taobao customers the program is also very good, the search engine is also relatively friendly. 1, try to use a static page web site procedures, because the static page web site for the search engines is relatively friendly, but also can reduce the website database, reduce website access load, here recommend DEDECMX and PHPCMS produced the official Taobao customer cooperation program, a template is rich and powerful, on the other hand relative to some other Taobao passenger safety procedures will be better. Flash search box: with support for all sh419 search options, display sh419 Fengyun list, browser Flash support detection, scaling and otherContinue reading

07 years later, the forecast of the domestic advertising allianceSummarize some experiences of more

1, if buxhost investment found later is a liar, remember to withdraw investment, payza and paypal can do, LR has not tried 3, a little understanding of uploading and downloading, patience, you can do cool 6 video sharing plan, upload 30 videos per day, sleep can receive money 4, SkyDrive and cool 6 can do together, plus certain promotion, very effective, technology, there is no suspense to do a website, then hang advertising, and then through the GG, rich soil and so on, create additional revenue, the technical content of the project, it is easy to make money, those are anyone can do, so money is less, and the site is not the same, to so, when you have income, will be more than the previous project. 5, 1, the investigation has time, must do I contact Wangzhuan is not a long time, from last November began, the opportunity was really short of money, and see the survey project in watercress, that can help many Wangzhuan to earn income, then began this Wangzhuan road. finally reminded a few points: started Wangzhuan, I also observed some new projects, such as user aggregation, peer, Gomez, Bo Rui tucaizhu, cool 6 and the like, are slowly summed up a set of methods for their own wangzhuan. The following can share with you. then he Taobao bought 3 items, now I really regret a previous mistake, didn’t do what on impulse buying, spent a total of nearly 1000 yuan, bought a CPA, a constant color, a MT. CPA that needless to say, that is the amount of color drainage; often do not say, playing for two days lost 300, still thinking of making money through the color of the people, as soon as possible to stop hand; until now, still insist on doing only MT. Fortunately, so far, I did not develop offline, that is, go it alone, earn more than 5 U. s.dollars point. Speaking of now, we also found, I’m doing only MT project, and time is abundant, so I picked up the investigation to continue to do. Now feel that although the investigation is troublesome, but still make money faster method, and do not need any technology. is the beginning of a survey, registered nearly 20 survey stations, a survey will do, then that is…. can make money, but not suitable for me, I am a full-time work well, but also to work late, really don’t have much time to look at the topic earnestly do the investigation, after a period of time to do so give up. 2, MT, peer, Gomez, CMX tucaizhu hang these classes, be sure to Hang Hang, because every day is good, do not need to spend extra time and effort can make money, Why not? Since         06 years of domestic website alliance only program, all bamboo shoots after a spring rain, can do alliance, whether it is SP, or platform, get a set of procedures, to find a mm, began toContinue reading