Navigation Center for the Homeless Switches Focus from Housing to Triage

first_imgHe said his department is now working to grant more people equitable access to the city’s resources and services rather than focusing on those admitted to a Navigation Center.”The model switched so we have more opportunity with other people – because we have far more need than resources,” Quezada said.In recent months, preference for the Navigation Center was given to residents of tent encampments who were relocated in a citywide push to dismantle makeshift shelters on city sidewalks. Many of those encampments were located in the Mission.Service providers began to complain that this was unfair, said Quezada. “In the legislation that created [the Navigation Center] there was a directive for equitable housing in the system,” he said, adding that the change reflects an effort by his department to be “mindful” of that directive.The Navigation Center opened at 1950 Mission St. in March 2015 and was praised for its innovative approach in helping clients transition off the streets and into housing using a rigorous onsite case-management program.It also lessened the barrier to admittance, allowing clients to bring their partners, pets, and most of their possessions.In the fall, the Navigation Center became part of a formula to house those relocated from large tent encampments, essentially excluding chronically homeless individuals and others who met the center’s criteria but were not living in encampments.“[Priority] shouldn’t be location-based,” said Sam Dodge, deputy director of the Department on Homelessness and Supportive Housing.Jennifer Friedenbach, director of the Coalition on Homelessness, supports the general move towards a more equitable entry system. “There were others in greater need who should have gotten priority,” said Friedenbach.Before the recent change, residents at 1950 Mission St. remained until they were connected to supportive housing, returned home or decided to leave on their own. More than half of the homeless people who were processed through the Navigation Center and considered successful exits opted to take the free ticket home.Mission Local reporters met clients during a December tour whose residencies ranged from four months to more than a year. Those who were already in the center at the time of the policy change in September are grandfathered in and allowed to stay longer.According to a June 2016 evaluation by the City Controller’s office, those going back to the streets had, on average, a shorter stay (61 days) – than those who exited successfully (88 days) to a more permanent living situation.Ryan Hunter, a performance analyst who worked on the report, said that while data shows that 30 days was not enough to get the chronically homeless housed, it may be long enough to evaluate client needs, get people connected with relatives, and “maybe help less complex clients get into permanent supportive housing.”It was the promise of permanent housing that made the Navigation Center attractive for many of the homeless who entered, but it was also somewhat of a mirage. There are few vacancies – about 400 each year – in the 6,000 units set aside for the homeless and not nearly enough for the some 6,700 homeless residents.Securing housing for the unhoused is still the goal, said Quezada, but with limited resources, the “key criteria for permanent housing is chronic homelessness.”Quezada said once a homeless resident has spent 30 days at the Navigation Center without being placed elsewhere, they will be given the option to transfer to a 90-day city shelters. Those who refuse will likely go back to the streets.Even finding shelter beds is difficult.With torrential winter rains, the waitlist for the 1,203 emergency city shelter beds surpassed 1,000 people in December, and hovered at 999 in mid-January.Quezada said that a stay at the Navigation Center aligns with the average time it takes to move from the waitlist into a shelter – about 30 days. Clients are signed up for the city shelter list as part of the “onboarding” process at the Navigation Center.“For some people this will be a step to connect them to services, but they may choose to go back to the street,” said Quezada about the Navigation Center’s new policy, adding that the triage structure will not apply to the newer Navigation Centers.A second center opened at the Civic Center Hotel on 12th Street in June, and more are in the pipeline for construction throughout the city.Still, advocates for the homeless take issue with the policy change at 1950 Mission St. because they say chances of Navigation Center clients – for whom traditional shelters usually aren’t a good fit in the first place – cycling through the system, are high.“[Thirty days] is not a realistic amount of time to stabilize people, nor enough time to secure housing or other critical services and benefits,” said Friedenbach, of the Coalition.Friedenbach said it often means a return to the street and gives “the false appearance of movement on homelessness.”In reality, she added, it’s “just cycling folks from streets to Navigation Center and back to streets again.”Designed to house those most difficult to serve, the center’s promise of navigating the homeless off the streets and into supportive housing initially was a crucial component of the center’s plan to help its clients exit homelessness permanently.“Its why its been such a golden ticket,” said Kelley Cutler, a human rights organizer with the Coalition. “What made it such a popular thing [was] that the exit was housing.”But with not enough rooms to go around, the Navigation Center´s new policy makes it ¨primarily a shelter or 30 days,¨ said Laura Guzman, director of the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center, which helps manage the Navigation Center.“I think its a problem, because we don’t have any longer the time and the housing units that it takes to house people,¨she said.Cutler said that the city’s ongoing efforts to move people out of their tents without the offer of more stable and permanent housing, can be “traumatizing” and called the 30-days “a band-aid.” 0% The city’s first Navigation Center for the homeless has changed its operating model to limit stays to one month and the centers no longer promise placement in permanent housing.Randy Quezada, communications manager at the San Francisco Department on Homelessness and Supportive Housing, confirmed that the center now operates as a 30-day triage center to funnel clients into city services, including the shelter system.No longer are officials making promises of permanent housing placements – its original goal.“The original incarnation was that once retained, people would stay there [at the Navigation Center] until housed,” said Quezada.center_img Tags: Affordable Housing • camp • homeless • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Tahini Middle Eastern fast food that tastes homemade

first_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter The Big Classic.I know there’s luscious lamb kabob in there, a fantastic hummus, some rice, tzatziki, a couple of salads, and a wonderfully smoky baba ganoush. Chicken, too. And powerfully garlicky toum to pour over the whole shebang. All of it tasted fresh to me, the meats juicy and flavorful. And as you can see, portions are huge. BF wasn’t as thrilled as I was. Is he ever?My Kitchen Sink was no less hefty:The Kitchen Sink.I got the same tasty accoutrements, but with lamb and beef koftes (the BF’s favorite!), which were also incredibly juicy. All the food was cooked to order but came out relatively fast. The only thing missing was falafel and pita! Next time.We’d noticed that a lot of people were picking up their food already made, to-go, and Caviar delivery orders seem to make up a good portion of Tahini’s business. “But then you don’t get to watch the cat videos!!” I whined to the BF. Nevertheless, the next time, I went and picked up our food for take-out.What’s the old saying? You always get screwed at the drive-thru? They messed up our order a little bit. The BF wanted falafel, pita, hummus, rice, and kofte. The closest dish they had to that came with chicken as well, plus salads, but Majthoub said he would substitute extra rice for the salads, which the BF wasn’t crazy about last time.When I got the food home, there was, sadly, no pita, which he’d been dying to try. And no chicken (which he didn’t care about anyway). Instead, we got two falafel which, for me, were overdone; I like them a little more on the golden-brown side.The Chicken Classic, sans chicken.I had the falafel shawarma.Falafel Shawarma.Tasty and veggie-heavy, but again, the falafel were cooked too dark for me. The biggest disappointment, however, was that I’d also ordered a side of zaatar fries for us to share — I was stoked to try these — Fries! Zaatar! Together at last! Unfortunately, they didn’t make it home with me either. Insert sad emoji.I did call Tahini, just to let them know about the mistake, although I didn’t intend on going back for the missing items nor try to get my money back (it turned out that they hadn’t actually charged me for the food we hadn’t received, just omitted it.) To his credit, Monti was very apologetic and said the blame was all on him.I’d never hold a mistake or two like that against a place. There seem to be many repeat customers who get their orders right, every evening. And besides, I need to go back and try those fries! They’ve become my holy grail.Fresh food, inexpensive, and cat videos. What’s not to love?Tahini2859 Mission St. (Between 24th St. & 25th St.)(415) 800-8681 Email Addresscenter_img Tahini has been open for a little over two years (how do I miss these things?) and may be giving some of our other Middle Eastern eateries a run for their money (pretty ballsy, if you ask me, to park yourself practically across the street from Old Jerusalem!) It is fast food done right, in a homey way. The space seems to be a lighthearted ode to felines, with brightly colored, exotic murals painted by local artists (and one from Australia!) and cat videos on the t.v. screen.Cat mural at Tahini.Owner/chef Monti Majthoub told me he likes them because they make people laugh. Majthoub is Syrian/Lebanese, but grew up in Madrid, and speaks fluent Spanish to his small kitchen staff, who help him prepare typical and tasty Middle Eastern dishes.On our first visit, the BF and I inquired about the various combinations pictured above the counter. The problem is that there’s no listing of the different components of each combo — Majthoub has to tell you what’s in each one. He rattled off the items in the BF’s The Big Classic:last_img read more

From the Archives After the Apollo Program Ended NASA Settled on a

first_imgSign UpI agree to the terms and conditions. First Name Subscribe now, or to get 10 days of free access, sign up with your email. Cancel anytime. When the Shuttle Was YoungBy Gregory CurtisFrom “Behind the Lines,” originally published in January 1984The glory of the space program is that in fifty years we have gone from setting off rockets with matches to sending up laboratories where six men can live for ten days and return to Earth as gently as a jetliner pulls into DFW. The shuttle’s takeoff is an exhilarating spectacle because it is incontrovertible proof that all the problems that stood in its way were solved by human energy and intelligence.Capitalizing on the Right StuffBy Helen ThorpeFrom “Can John Glenn Do It Again?,” originally published in October 1998It is easy to understand why John Glenn wants to go back into space. But why would NASA, a multibillion-dollar agency with important things to do, want to send him? Like John Glenn, NASA itself longs for a return to its former glory days. Employees dream like fading starlets of future leading roles, above all, a manned mission to the Red Planet. Getting anybody there would be a monumental undertaking and would cost billions. How better to generate public support for such a quest than to remind the nation of the first time it fell head over heels for an astronaut? One Giant Step for LogisticsBy Stephen HarriganFrom “Heaven & Earth,” originally published in April 2003Spaceflight has changed in ways that have inevitably leached some of the glamour away. The shuttle is a vehicle less for exploratory voyaging than for near-shore exploitation of space. Its primary job these days is the servicing and maintenance of the International Space Station. Compared with the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María, the shuttle is more like a crew boat ferrying personnel and supplies to an offshore drilling platform. When those supplies are unloaded in the weightlessness of space, astronauts, like grocery stockers, keep track of the inventory with bar code readers. In orbit, they receive a per diem of just $2.The United Colors of NASABy Al ReinertFrom “The Last Blast,” originally published in April 2011More than 350 people have now gone into space on the 133 space shuttle missions, and they represent our species probably better than we deserve. There have been female commanders and farmworker’s sons, schoolteachers, heart surgeons, senators, astronomers, biologists, geologists, psychologists, jet pilots, and enough engineers to construct a space station the size of a shopping mall. And that’s just the Americans. [They have been joined] over the years by the citizens of fifteen other countries, from Mexico and Switzerland to Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, men and women who took salsa music and sashimi into outer space and gave other cultures a taste of the dream. Subscribe Hope you enjoyed your free ride. To get back in the saddle, subscribe! This Week in Texas(Weekly)The best stories from Texas Monthly The State of Texas(Daily)A daily digest of Texas news, plus the latest from Texas Monthly Why am I seeing this? Sign up for free accesscenter_img Never Miss a StorySign up for Texas Monthly’s State of Texas newsletter to get stories like this delivered to your inbox daily. Photograph by Dan Winters Already a subscriber? Login or link your subscription. Enter your email address Editor’s Desk(Monthly)A message from the editors at Texas Monthly If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Leave them blank to get signed up. You’ve read your last free article Last Namelast_img read more

HUDDERSFIELD Giants star Brett Ferres was a notabl

first_imgHUDDERSFIELD Giants star Brett Ferres was a notable addition to Steve McNamara’s 20-man England squad, which was revealed on Tuesday.The team’s preparations for the International Origin clash with the Exiles at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on June 14 will start in earnest when they gather at their base in Loughborough next week.The showdown with the Exiles represents England’s only competitive match ahead of RLWC2013, and there’ll be no shortage of motivation following series defeats to Super League’s overseas stars in 2011 and 2012.Ferres says he would relish the opportunity to help England to victory in the game following what many believed to be a deserved call-up.“It’s a massive step up for me personally as I wasn’t previously in the Elite Training Squad,” he said.“It’s a real privilege and an honour to be a part of that and it represents the first step on the ladder for me.“From here it’s just a case of being consistent in what I do and continuing to perform at the very highest level.“If I can do that then I’m giving myself a chance to still be involved when Rugby League World Cup 2013 arrives.”The England team are continuing their countdown to the match and RLWC2013campaign with an unbeatable ticket deal.Fans can see Steve McNamara’s men in action against the Exiles at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on June 14 and witness the RLWC2013 Opening Ceremony, featuring England’s clash with Australia and Wales v Italy at the Millennium Stadium on October 26, for just £45.Meanwhile, signed England ball winner Robert East will be presented with his prize at the match, and the winning programme front cover design will be showcased to spectators after students from Christ Church Primary School in Warrington and New Pasture Lane School in Bridlington put crayon to paper.Beloved RLWC2013 mascot Grubber will also be in attendance with the trophy in tow, and supporters are advised to bring their dancing shoes and be a part of an exciting new ‘viral video’ ahead of this autumn’s tournament.It promises to be an exciting evening in Warrington and the perfect pre-cursor to RLWC2013.World Cup Wednesday is kicking off the countdown with interviews and offers across Super League and Championships clubs’ websites throughout the day.For more information about exciting international ticket offers visit: read more

Governor Cooper holds roundtable discussion on opioids

first_img Governor Cooper was here for a drug overdose prevention training session for law enforcement officers. He also held a roundtable discussion on the opioid crisis. This is to get more information about the epidemic in our area. He also wants to help develop the opioid action plan. The governor says because of actions from D.C., it made the fight hard.“Over the last few months in Washington, they’ve been considering health care plans that remove millions of people from health insurance. You’re going to lose the fight against opioids,” Governor Cooper says.Jesse Bennett overdosed on opioids in the past. He works with the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition and also says without proper support, there will not be progress.Related Article: DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016“Part of the issues we have in approaching this from a public health issue is the lack of funding for syringe exchange programs and naloxone,” Bennett says.The organization’s executive director, Robert Childs, believes in order to combat the crisis, it especially needs more than a declaration.“I think not putting any funding or resources or legal reforms behind it is lacking if that investment is not put in,” Childs says.Governor Cooper will meet with his secretary of health and human service to determine what the designation means. He wants to know, most of all, how it will help the state going forward. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The opioid crisis affecting the nation is now a public health emergency after a declaration by President Donald Trump. As President Trump declares the opioid crisis as a threat to the country, Governor Roy Cooper continues his work to combat the opioid crisis, especially here in the Cape Fear.“Wilmington is ground zero. I am on this national six person commission that was appointed by the president. This needs to be a bipartisan approach,” Governor Roy Cooper says.- Advertisement – last_img read more

US Open Fat Bike Beach Race may double in size in 2019

first_img To accommodate the increase, Spencer plans to have two race times, segmenting the elite category from the intermediate and beginner groups, limiting each race to 100-bikers. “The elite racers will have the track alone for the first time,” said Spencer. “The elite, intermediate and beginner races will be more exciting with less congestion on the track.”The 5th annual US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship will be held March 22-24 with activities and races based at host hotel Blockade Runner Beach Resort in Wrightsville Beach. Blockade Runner is expected to reopen in early Spring following extensive repairs due to damages from Hurricane Florence.“We’ll have some cash prizes this year thanks to our presenting sponsor Alpha Mortgage,” said Spencer. “This will attract a higher number of elite racers.”Related Article: CBS News correspondent on storm coverage: ‘Journalism can be a lifeline’“The elite race requires conditioning beyond any other type of sport, plus the mental fortitude not to quit regardless of your suffering. It’s just hard,” said Spencer. “Skill is also needed to manage a fat bike through obstacles and tough terrain.”“With two months to go, we already have 73 bikers signed up for the races,” said Spencer. “These athletes represent 39 communities in seven states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.” Spencer expects a full slate of 200 bikers in 2019, and is awaiting registrations from Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and California.“The return of the last three champions is creating excitement surrounding the 2019 women’s elite race,” said Spencer. Mount Airy’s Philicia Marion (Cycleworks Xpedo Professional Mountain Bike Team presented by Vittoria), will defend her 2018 championship against 2017 winner Zdenka ‘Zoe’ Worsham (Crank Arm Brewing Professional Team of Raleigh), and 2016 champ and “fat bike aficionado” Jesse Piersol of Downington, PA.The field of women in the US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship has increased from near zero to sixteen-percent over the past four years. The growth rate is expected to continue in 2019.The competition will be equally fierce in the men’s division with a deep lineup of elite bikers seeking the top-spot. A top contender to watch is 2016 champion Robert “Fear the Beard” Marion of Mount Airy (Cycleworks Xpedo Professional Mountain Bike Team), recovering from a 2017 bike injury.“Athletes check-in Friday at Blockade Runner Beach Resort to inspect the race conditions,” said Spencer. “Saturday there will be a bike expo on the beach lawn before and after the races, followed by the awards ceremony. Competition includes a two-hour elite race; a 90-minute intermediate event; and a 60-minute race for beginners. Popular obstacles will be on the course this year with fresh surprises to challenge the bikers.”Sunday features an optional 18-mile social bike ride on the beach from Fort Fisher to Bald Head Island and back.“It’s amazing and very exciting to see so many people coming together to support the races and our community following Hurricane Florence. We are very grateful,” said Spencer.The US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship will benefit the Wrightsville Beach Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public parks and amenities for residents and the island’s many visitors each year.Click for race information and registrationClick for race accommodations WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Already the largest fat bike beach race on the East coast and named one of the Top-20 festivals and events in 2018 by the Southeast Tourism Society, the US Open Fat Bike Beach Championship may double in size in 2019.“For the past two years the race has been limited to 100-participants,” said Shawn Spencer, Race Director. “We’re expecting a larger field in 2019 and had to raise the cap to two hundred.”- Advertisement – last_img read more

Crews battle forest fire in Leland

first_imgLELAND, NC (WWAY) — A reported forest fire burned at least 25 acres in Leland over the weekend, according to the Northwest Fire Department.The Brunswick County Sheriff’s office says the call came in around 6:20 Sunday evening for a fire near 2199 Maco Road.- Advertisement – According to a member of the Northwest Fire Department at the scene, the fire started Saturday. Crews thought they had it put out, but but it started up again Sunday.The North Carolina Forest Service had planes in the air dropping water on the fire.We will have more information on this story as it becomes available.last_img read more

A holistic approach to ocean governance is needed – PM

first_img1 of 5 SharePrint <a href=’;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>center_img Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that despite the 1982 Constitution of the Oceans dictates that problems of ocean space have to be considered as a whole, there are no effective provisions in the Convention to ensure that this is undertaken. Therefore, a holistic approach to ocean governance needs to be adopted.He said this during a speech commemorating the International Maritime Law Institute’s 30th anniversary at the International Maritime Organisation in London.The 1982 Constitution, he stated, came into effect thanks to Malta. This is because in 1967, on the instructions of the Malta Government, the Permanent Representative to the United Nations Arvid Pardo proposed a revision of the international law of the sea to the United Nations General Assembly.This revision proposed that firstly, the problem of ocean spaces is  to be dealt with on a holistic basis, and secondly, declared the seabed and its resources to be common heritage of humankind.However, despite these declarations, according to the PM, the problems of ocean space are not being considered as a whole. He stated that a holistic approach to ocean governance needs to be adopted, and that this strategy could be developed by the United Nations in conjunction with its specialised agencies.Ultimately, PM Muscat stated that Malta strongly supports and contributes to the work of the Organization, and that he is proud that Malta has been elected to serve in the IMO Council for a number of years.WhatsApplast_img read more

Adobe GoCreate 2012 begins

first_imgAdvertisement Entrants can upload their work to the GoCreate Web site, and use social media tools to lobby for ratings from the creative community and the general public. Entries with 100 or more ratings will qualify for inclusion in the “Hall of Fame”, which makes them eligible for prizes.Categories included in the competition are Web, design, developers, print, video, animation, photography and app development. Prizes range from Adobe software to Nikon cameras, and the grand prize-winner will receive the Adobe CS6 Master Collection.“Adobe GoCreate is an equal opportunity platform meaning that young creatives can showcase their creative works of art irrespective of their level of skill, talent or experience in the industry,” explains Adobe, adding that to some extent the community value of the project outstrips the competition element. – Advertisement – GoCreate is spearheaded by Adobe’s marketing and PR manager for Sub-Saharan Africa and Israel, Leonard Rabotapi, who hopes the initiative will empower young creatives.“As a company, Adobe is all about creativity. We understand that unlocking creative potential is key to economic and societal growth. The challenge is that globally less than half of employees describe themselves as creative and only one in four feel that they are living up to their creative potential,” says Rabotapi.Previous winner of the video category, Thando Tshabalala, says: “Adobe GoCreate provided an opportunity for me to profile my work and get recognition for my passion as a young creative. It is a great platform to encourage upcoming and established creatives to learn and appreciate each other’s work.”“At Adobe, we challenge the assertion that there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s always something new, every day, every hour and every minute as people want to express themselves, make themselves known, to forge and deliver truly original thoughts,” says Adobe’s marketing director for emerging markets, Lothar Haenle. “Our purpose is to break down the barriers to creation.”By Kathryn McConnachie, ITWeb.last_img read more

MTN Uganda accused of frustrating competition

first_imgAdvertisement EzeeMoney, a subsidiary of Mobile Money International, a platform to provide mobile money services in Uganda is accusing MTN Uganda of frustrating competition. EzeeMoney through AF Mpanga advocates, alleges that it had obtained a contract from MTN for the provision of digital transmission [E1] and 30 fixed telephone lines to carry out its mobile money business.EzeeMoney says upon receiving approval from UCC [Dec 12] and clearing it to use the 7711 short code to enable its customers to subscribe for e-money services, the firm went ahead and contracted Yo! Uganda Limited (YUL) to implement the service.According to a January 10 letter, YUL wrote to MTN, requesting for the activation of EzeeMoney’s 7711 short code on its network. – Advertisement – However, it is reportedly said, MTN, acting in blatant infringement of the provisions of section 53(1) and (2) (a) of the Uganda Communications Act, responded in a letter to YUL dated January 28, saying it (MTN) was not in position to activate EzeeMoney’s short code on the YUL account.“EzeeMoney is in direct competition with MTN in the provision of mobile money services, should they wish to clarify their request, they are welcome to engage MTN directly,” reads part of the letter written by MTN’s chief marketing officer Mr Ernst Fonternel.EzeeMoney says because of the ‘unlawful conduct’, an order should be issued prohibiting MTN from carrying out anti-competitive conduct against it and impose a fine of 10 per cent of its annual turnover as at Dec 31, 2012.MTN Uganda general manager corporate services and chief legal counsel, Anthony Katamba however, said MTN has never had any contract with EzeeMoney.“This is news to us and we can’t comment because we don’t know what they are talking about,” Mr Katamba said.Mr Patrick Mwesigwa, UCC Technical Manager told this newspaper that UCC asked EzeeMoney to submit their complaint against MTN in writing given its complexity.Credit: Daily Monitorlast_img read more