Logitech brings us Conference Call Bingo

first_imgIf you are like me, long meetings are no fun and long phone conference meetings are about the worst. But at least when you are sitting at your desk unwillingly engaged in a boring phone conference you can do something fun on your computer. Like play a game of Conference Call Bingo, for example.New from LifeSize, a division of Logitech that provide HD video communication products, is an online game that is meant to remove the boredom from those seemingly never-ending phone meetings. It is “Conference Call Bingo.”Using the electronic bingo card; simply click on the action or phrase square that occurred during the meeting. Then when you have marked a row or a diagonal on the card, you score a “Bingo.” When the call is over you can post your score on Facebook and invite your coworkers to play next time there is a phone conference. Just make sure when you play your phone is on mute so no one else on the call hears you shout, “Bingo!”Read more at Conference Call Bingolast_img read more