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today, I’m going to talk about some very real problems. Because of you, in the process of buying WeChat, must have encountered this problem today in a batch of goods, WeChat dozens of friends, then let friends buy to use. As a result, more than half of the sales were sold in a week, so you would think the goods were too good to sell, and then you went on to N for more, and it turned out to be a tragedy. The WeChat friends buy are bought, which is not, after one or two weeks, WeChat up more and people buy fewer friends bought, also let them feel shy to buy, after all, are acquaintances, if used well, it should still be to buy. then you’ll be impatient and then try your best to add people. For example, I received every day, plus my application, there are at least a dozen, but really can chat with me or communicate, there are so few people. Moreover, my approach is, as long as it is added to my people, I will take the initiative to respond to an expression first, to indicate that I am in. Especially with some of my public numbers, share009, plus my people. so, some people who do micro business, not you add friends is not enough, it is you do not add friends as a customer to maintain. When last Friday, I made one of my "income screenshots" in the circle of friends, a total of four pictures, add up the inside of the amount of nearly 7000, my day "income", and then passing the left one: you want to know how to make the point of praise. The result was more than 250 people, and then I looked at these people. I was impressed by the fact that no more than 20 people were communicating with me. and then come back to say the news I sent last night, the night before last news, I will be naked, my tuition course in the form of graphics and text sent out, it is a fight for their own advertising. The results, no more than 50 points zanga message. so here comes the problem, when you see yourself can benefit when the brush came, when you need to pay, and the withdrawal of all. , imagine what a good thing it would be like, ? since you’re so realistic, then I’ll be very realistic and tell you something about this inside. now society, whether it is to do WeChat or do Taobao, mixed circle, accumulation of contacts, is an indispensable aspect. Do you think the big brands on Taobao are made by their own efforts? Don’t be silly, they have internal resources. If the is generally the Tmall store? I tell you, there are some special two docking, then, as a manager, you need to stop to run Taobao City, one is to pull the relationship, one is to grasp some of the latest Taobao information, inContinue reading

The importance of careful selection of street clothing shops

clothing market has always been a profiteering industry, many entrepreneurs want to enter this industry, but did not think of the street clothing store on their own threat, we look at it! A lot of investors to see the transfer of such a roadside shops, that their lot, shops are good, they tend to pay attention to price factors. Do not know the store was found after the target market is too small, resulting in no door dilemma. In fact, if you observe carefully, you will find that some of the roadside shops are often written two words, the owner of the owner of a change, that did not make money.

2 gross cost to sell after 90% of the opening of the 5 steamed stuffed bun shop in the year earned $

the food and beverage industry is really a place where miracles often happen. 27 year old Zhang Xiaofeng spent two years to open the door of the store, from a young unemployed to grow up to earn nearly $700 thousand boss in. create the "miracle" is a resident of the white town Pingdu City, 27 year old man from Zhang Xiaofeng, unemployed youth to reputation as one of the business model, get a lot of his baozi Inn of people of all ages. first venture   selling small appliances in the first pot of gold 1982 was born in Zhang Xiaofeng, the family is not very rich. 20 years old that year, Zhang Xiaofeng’s father under the gang, the life of the pinch suddenly caught in a dilemma. Zhang Xiaofeng graduated from vocational school forced livelihoods, decided to do some trading for their parents to share the burden of life. he borrowed 6000 yuan of money at a local mall rented a shop and started a small appliance business. Relying on the hard work of the spirit and indomitable spirit, the first year, the home appliance store to bring him 70 thousand yuan of income, the success of his first pot of gold.

Start looking for a project to choose 1+1 supermarket

opened a supermarket of their own, not only have a sense of accomplishment, but also to make money to get rich, is really the first choice for entrepreneurship. However, the current investment market competition is so fierce, if you choose a supermarket, it is inevitable to invest in failure, it is better to choose a 1+1 supermarket, and Kaj C Va children’s clothing will undoubtedly become the first choice!

How to name the store from the market point of view

how to shop for a good name, can be the starting point for many, as the operator, only starting from the more suitable angle, can make the name more appropriate. From the market perspective to the shop name, largely determines the shop advertising, because the shop name is called out to let people know and understand the customer name, to first contact before the content is shop shop so a good shop will play a very important the role of. How to store a good name? The following Xiaobian for everyone, from the market point of view to the shop name! San Francisco Chinese area, there is a restaurant in "accent Pavilion", business is booming. Most of the guests here are other people. Long years of floating overseas Chinese, there is a feeling of homesickness. Work together to find fellow, comfort homesickness, accent pavilion has become their best place. So, "accent Ge" is a very successful name. this case once again remind businesses: although the rise and fall of a shop mainly in the shop’s hard, software services, but a good name, its role is huge. a good shop name must be suitable for the psychological needs of its target customers, suitable for the store’s business purposes and mood, so as to establish a good image for the store, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the customer. at the same time, for the public to advocate universal psychological big things, many of the stores, manufacturers make a fuss in the words on the. As for China, the function words used in Kyushu, China, East, South, north, northeast, northwest, southwest, north, East, central, Southern China, central, South, East, Far East, Asia and the world, the global geographical name, which gives the impression of "big". is used as a function word such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Pearl River, the Great Wall, Taishan, Mount Huangshan, Nanling, East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, South Asia and the Pacific ocean". Of course, it is our consumers have big demand demand. So the name will be able to understand. uses modern vocabulary, some businesses in order to comply with the trend of the times, to meet modern consumer aesthetic taste, pay attention to selection of modern means of this kind of name, name of the general impression of a "foreign" gas feeling, give a person a kind of taste, taste the feeling of commodity. Such as Beijing Yansha mall, West Mall, Parkson group, Concord group, Meggie salon, fitness center, Rhine olice cosmetics shops, shops and so on Maxam cosmetics co.. should see, learn from foreign transliteration, pursuit of foreign flavor enterprises more and more, many names focus only on the surface of the gorgeous words by several means, some modern means of word combination, meaning in the name, is not.

Baby swimming pool investment is not good

when we were very young, we learned how to swim! So many parents want to let the baby in very little time to go swimming, is good for the baby’s physical quality, also let the baby pool business is very good, want to engage in this business if you see then.

Do you know how to open a dry cleaner

dry cleaners good prospects for the industry this is an indisputable fact that the need to carry out a comprehensive upgrade dry cleaners, to better meet the needs of modern consumers. So how to open the dry cleaners? Many businesses are very interested in this issue, then learn to learn together with xiaobian. A, first choose a good location

Free restaurant management really reliable

to showmanship, now many restaurants will free some marketing products, this is looking forward to get more customers, but the result often is not good. In fact, in a lot of marketing process, we are often limited to the idea of free to send, we believe that free to send things, others must like, in fact, this is a very wrong idea. in the process of marketing the past, we are influenced by some marketing guru, as long as the free things, we all love, through free access to customers, in fact, this method can be used, is not to say that the method is wrong, but in the operation of the process to the individual conditions. No has encountered a problem of operation, the operation way also have deviation, for some of the primary customers, especially on the aspects of marketing and management lack of understanding of the customer, free is not one of the best ways. this summer we conducted a test on multiple clients. we found that the cost of sales than free, before the customer has carried on the test, face to face, the beer festival, two customers, a customer is the cost of sales by the customer, another is the use of free beer, the results after one and a half months of testing, found the cost price sales win, free beer, put up the shutters. When was testing found the problem is that, many people have found a door, two stores, a left a right, a free, a local beer cost price, the purchase price is 3 dollars a bottle. so the cost price of this one, the beer by 3 dollars a bottle to sell, without any conditions, as long as it is to come to the store, do not take away, all in accordance with the 3 yuan price, that is to say there is no requirement, you eat mutton is delicious, dishes or even you don’t eat anything, just a bottle of beer, or 3 dollars sold to you. another shop, although it is free to drink beer, but he can not do the customer, after the door can be free to drink on the go, do not make any explanation, do not order, they are attached to the condition of consumption of 100 yuan. after the return of the customer data from the shop, we found that the customer’s understanding of the following: The first is that your beer is free, the other is certainly something expensive, here is not to make money, from another place to make money, so, it is playing the game cheat customers, such as real money at ease a little to drink beer to the heart. second, the customer’s opinion is, free to drink beer, to attach a lot of article >

Datong County People’s Congress in 2012 to inspect the construction of private things and key projec

November 29th, Datong County People’s Congress Standing Committee of the organization of the county in 2012 for the implementation of the project and focus on the implementation of key projects to check. inspection group listened to the county people’s government report on the 2012 completion of the project for the tangible things and key construction projects, field view of the national trade metropolitan construction, bridge in the town center school building, business building, construction of Public Security Bureau Huang Zhaizhen reconstruction and satellite broadcast "household" project construction. The inspection group of the county in 2012 for the tangible things for the project and key construction projects completed and fully affirmed that the county government and relevant departments attach great importance to the work of the project, pay close attention to key projects and the construction projects for the tangible things, the project started, the project progress, completion rate of investment and other aspects and achieved gratifying results. To make a positive contribution to promote the steady and rapid economic and social development. But there are some problems and deficiencies, lack of project preparatory work, the impact of the project progress and quality of the project and the completion rate of the individual; in the process of project implementation, the organizer to influence the actual effect of the tangible things. The key construction project, part of the project construction unit failed to timely processing procedures pre land, city planning, EIA projects, affecting the project budget, design drawings review work, in which part of the project can not be started construction on schedule; common project construction process in a shortage of funds for key construction projects; selection the key is not outstanding, most construction projects are included in the key construction projects in the category, the lack of objective law. In time, the inspection team suggested that the 2013 advance planning project for the tangible things, do the next project for the tangible things for the project; to make every effort to restart work, the project started in the premise of ensuring the quality of projects under the safety, speed up the progress of the project has not started construction of the project, to seize the time to start construction, to ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks on time; earnestly project reserve, from the current account of the actual and long-term development strategy, strengthen the preparatory work for major projects, actively planning the project, constantly improve and enrich the project repository; carefully identified as tangible things and key construction projects, to focus and pay attention to the actual effect; and the county government the relevant departments should further implement the responsibility to strengthen supervision, to accelerate the progress of key projects. (author: Wang Qing Qing Qing Xuan)  

Xining fire ready to rush to the disaster area

on the morning of July 22nd, after the earthquake in Gansu, Dingxi, the city’s fire brigade to start the earthquake emergency rescue plan, ready to rush to Dingxi earthquake relief. day 7:45, Gansu city of Dingxi Province, Minxian Zhang county 6.6 earthquake occurred at the junction. After the earthquake, Xining city police fire brigade immediately launched the emergency rescue plan of earthquake, the soldiers entered a state of readiness, carefully examine duty vehicles and equipment, to ensure that oil, water, electricity and gas is sufficient, especially for rescue, detection, rescue and other equipment immediately check strictly, ensure good performance good, complete with. Currently, more than 100 earthquake rescue business backbone ready standby, ready to rush to the rescue in Dingxi. (reporter correspondent Ma Yufeng)  

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take measures to make the urban and rural poor people to ce

  in order to make the difficulties of the two groups, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take a series of measures, from the medical, living, housing and other aspects, to protect the lives of urban and rural residents in Xining. 3 January, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau, at present, the city of Xining is more than 80 thousand people issued winter relief food. More than 80 thousand rural households paid low premiums and low standard funds have to honor all the people. Up to now, has been for the city residents object to issue temporary subsidies 4 million 550 thousand yuan, spending their holidays to ensure the normal winter; for rural residents object and part five objects issuance of heating assistance payments 4 million 822 thousand yuan, has been distributed to all households; to support five objects issuance of gold about 5000000 yuan, five objects to ensure a stable life. from October 2008 to the end of last year, the city of Xining for the 381 urban subsistence allowances issued medical assistance funds of 310 thousand yuan, for the reimbursement of medical expenses of $9 million 137 thousand and 400 for the rural poor people in. In order to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people, Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau for more than 100 yuan of relief funds, centralized procurement of flour, bedding, and will be in place in the near future. Reporters learned that, in 2008, to send warmth, dedication love activities donated $170 thousand, will also be issued to the rural areas before the Spring Festival  

Evening show you how to ride high-speed rail

Xining Railway Station in December 15th will have the opening conditions, is expected to put into use during the year, it will be a modern image, a new look to meet the eight party visitors. How to check the public? Passenger access to the new railway station can choose what route? Which platform is dedicated to high-speed rail? December 11th morning, the reporter to the identity of an ordinary passenger, to the Xining Railway Station to experience the pit, waiting, out of the station. Qinghai Tibet railway company to change the headquarters of the Xining Railway Station, led by the deputy director of Chaoyang Chaoyang high-speed rail. Experience of

The location of dry cleaning franchise

now people is a great demand for dry cleaning, probably because of the ability to enhance the consumer, dry cleaners, now also have a large market, for many entrepreneurs, is a good opportunity to get rich. But want to successfully open a dry cleaning shop, but also to choose a suitable store location, so as to bring better market and business opportunities. Here to give you a look at the start of dry cleaning shop location technology. skills 1: laundry chain store survey. The so-called circle refers to the shops located point as the center outward extension of a distance, this distance as radius, forming a circular ring of consumption. Different values depending on the size of the Yetai industry and have a distinction, in the dry cleaning industry, with a radius of 200M main business district, the radius of 500M for business. The general form of district commercial area, residential area, cultural area, office area and mixed area. The district population, occupation, age, consumption habits, flow people, infrastructure, competitors, future development trend, the rent and related costs. tips two: laundry chain potential customers and laws. All people are consumers, it is natural to store customers. The franchisee must understand the population and the local population density, population growth, population age structure in the choice of location. According to foreign data show that modern dry cleaning nearly 50% customers from 200 meters from the store area, considering the location of dry cleaning stores may be, are generally required in the project site within a radius of 500 meters, there must be 5000 people in the population. skills three: laundry chain analysis of traffic geographic conditions. An important reason for the traffic convenience but also select the address to consider, convenient traffic, such as close to the station, wharf, and bus stops, because passers-by more traffic, have set up shop in value. The corners of an intersection, the highways, good location, high visibility is also set up shop in the middle of the road but in some areas there is a very long central to the belt or railing, limit the pedestrians and vehicles crossing, it will affect the value of set up shop. select the project, or select a good prospect of the industry, the industry said today is, through the above on the start of dry cleaning franchise store location tips, I believe we all understand. Now select the business people are also more and more, I hope you will be able to grasp their own opportunities, as early as possible to join the shop, bring good profit. related recommendations

What is the proper operation of the beverage store

perhaps simply because one aspect of the work not to do, are likely to affect the entire store operation, so, if we want to successfully run a shop, will also need to do all aspects of the work place. So, drink shop normal operation need to do what work? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand it. in recent years in the beverage market many successful programs, but small business still think beverage shop is a simple matter, as operators of liquor stores in the daily operation of consumers need follow-up services, so as to get more attention to a firm market, investors now have to select the method of escort! The quality of products: drinks shop to ensure the quality of products, consumers to taste, to health concern, so the staff to technical requirements, we must standardize their work procedures, to allow consumers to meet. high quality service: the service of the beverage store clerk makes the consumers feel intimate, comfortable and quick, and try to meet the needs of consumers! Therefore, the cashier must be strictly in accordance with the cashier specification to operate, not the slightest bit sloppy. In addition, drinks the franchisee to set up a reception system, ensure the consumers to get more nuanced affirmation! clean: including clean health beverage store Houchu: while clean, and daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. Every employee in the beverage shop will use different cleaning tools for different cleaning work. Every employee will be careful, care, pay attention to the good dining experience left to consumers. drinks price to be popular, if the high price of natural products, the audience is relatively small, so the beverage store operators should be aware of value is not only reflected in the delicious products, is that consumers within a reasonable price, enjoy the trustworthy quality. now the number of drinks on the market so much, the relevant work is not in place, how to protect their shops can develop? In short, the normal operation of the beverage stores and some have direct contact, and each operator meets the condition is different, we must combine their true status to management, or to the point as reference for themselves to develop a complete business plan, I believe you can have drinks after the open shop impressive achievements, small hope that investors can always learn seriously.

Jiang Likun cheat cheat! The church 8 successful tricks for your business

editor: back in 2015, entrepreneurship and investment fiery is often in retrospect, is full of excitement., entrepreneurial projects more dazzling, baked sweet potato, selling pancakes with a two-dimensional code, with a Arabian Nights like story, can pull to investment; China full day flight carrying a sack of money angel that wayward will sack the money inside the bulk to China; the concept of investment amount to the sudden popularity of hundred million, or $500, a financial million greet each office feel shy; every day is all below APP to push to send gifts to be with the gift to get hand cramps… … but after the dust settles, the tide, is what we see today? Jianglikun to breaking a finger count, the number of entrepreneurship in the cheat, they may have been found, but many are continuing to unfold… … a, exaggerated origin BAT is an outstanding representative of the Internet Chinese, venture capital investment in the circle, who was born in BAT, entrepreneurs should be more attractive than other entrepreneurs, so some entrepreneurs began to try to move closer to the BAT, worked at BAT in the synagogue, and the emperor said that he was responsible for the products in the BAT, even if he has in the BAT there has been no odd jobs, will have done the core product of the services they have to BAT. of course not worked at BAT if fraud would not normally do a survey, because investors will be able to know, so some people and friends agreed, claiming that the founder of friends of the company and the project, and to turn the tide of the core role in it, this way in a lot of entrepreneurs are users. Take a very low probability. two, partner with investors or managers to deceive was founded in 2015 a lot of venture capital funds, there is a lot of traditional industry bosses do, they have money, but no experience, so the choice seems very safe with the vote, this is the general mentality of traditional boss, but just to the premise of a very good professional angel from drumming flowers. Some angel investors or venture capital fund manager and entrepreneur partnership, just a packaging project, very low cost, then fooled some traditional boss and cast into the A round, then gradually their cash holdings. is even more powerful, special website, pull a number of angel investors to engage the public platform, with the investment business, thus defrauding ordinary investors money. has a friend to jianglikun broke the news, the so-called investment company has evolved into a lot of investment intermediary to help entrepreneurs around the rich fudge, deception, and pull the successful financing can get financing from 5-15%. three, like brush, brush out the bright future of brush alone is not the original Internet Co, as long as there is no time when the Internet swept the country, older people remember once a year

Entrepreneurs to join the Internet two failures

The rise of the Internet model for now all the major industry is facing a transition period, now want to must pay attention to the Internet model to gain a foothold in today’s market, but success is unexpected things, taking the following Xiaobian to introduce you one on the Internet business failure cases, hope to provide some sobering effect on the majority of entrepreneurs.

Chinese fast food chain how Bibi Q choose snacks

who would like to enter the food and beverage industry, Chinese fast food giant can not let go. This consensus is also reflected in the era of consumer demand for a complete transformation. Chinese fast food so popular, there is a certain inevitability behind it. Xiaobian to recommend a good snack brand – Bibi Q chain snack. Bibi Q chain snack with the most advanced cold pot model, the meatballs with bamboo string neatly, the customer selected is placed in the bottom for hot soup, hot after a good brush on a variety of customers to taste flavor of the sauce to add the plate to the customer or eating away, shops, stalls may pass through the camp. Bibi Q chain snack although the price is low, follow the mass line. Bibi Q chain snack, there are four seasons drinks Fried String class + + + class Oden spicy Sichuan specialty + cold pot Chuanchuan Xiang one-stop delicious delicacy Xpress collocation package, the most advanced production equipment and a good sauce for food distribution headquarters faster, "Bibi Q" not only accords with people more demand for delicious, but also more adapt to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Bibi Q chain snack through the unified purchase can enjoy the bulk purchase discount, and enhance supplier cooperation, reduce procurement costs, greatly reduce procurement costs. If you start a business, the purchase of goods, raw materials, there may be a variety of difficulties. Bibi and Q chain snack franchisors will mass production and custom, even facilities, containers, equipment and other miscellaneous, can buy cheaper. And those who do not have to join their own pockets, the effort to put up ads everywhere, the headquarters of the centralized resources for advertising, advertising to reduce the average cost of promotion. perhaps this is what you are looking for snacks to join the project, why not take your brave step, try to accept this brand, perhaps it is the key to your rich business opportunities. Remember to leave us a message.