Dadukou District, optimize the financing environment to promote innovation and entrepreneurship deve

entrepreneurial services + entrepreneurial environment, greatly reducing the threshold of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship development for the company to bring the advantages of resources. Dadukou District urged optimize the financing environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the establishment of innovative business service center, in the introduction of banking, securities, guarantees, small loans and other financial institutions, to provide one-stop service for the innovation enterprise direct financing. read more

Taobao shop

for Taobao such a complex online trading platform, many shops operating products are similar, perhaps the shop score is much, in this context, a good name will be very important. However, for numerous shopkeepers, the shop name is also extremely difficult. So, Taobao shop how to name?

Taobao shop named role

shops and even the same, although just a symbol, but because of his meaning, shape, number of strokes, the font is not the same, it will have a role to play for the operator. The name of a shop is pleasant, loud does not necessarily have much help on how to operate. The key is to look at the name and identification of the collocation between the name, five grams of health status, health status of the owner of the shop hit five grams with the name. read more

The escape suspects were arrested the court to start accountability procedures

last time, Sichuan Yibin suspects escape let people worry about a now, people can not worry, justice has long arms, escaped suspects were arrested! In this case, to remind everyone to do not commit crimes.

3 30, about 9:50 in the morning, Sichuan Yibin Nanxi District People’s court for sentencing of Liang Yongyong Liang Yongyong, the bailiff escorted en route to escape, yesterday, the Beijing News reporter from the court was informed that Liang Yongyong yesterday morning about 8:40 in the Luo Long Beach Street numb by the Nanxi police arrested. After the arrest, the defendant claimed the day without eating, eat the food police mouth. Someone’s court has started this process related accountability procedures. read more

Maternal and child shop commodity display principle of the five key points

is currently on the market chain store mother more and more consumers in order to enable the healthy growth of their children, in favor of more maternal stores high popularity, which has prompted the development of chain store mother, more and more people want to join the ranks of maternal stores, but maternal stores need to pay attention to what? What are the principles of store display?

A, reach the principle (easy pick and place principle)

in the display of goods, and the partitions should be void of 3-5 cm, let the hands of customers easy access, and convenient to replace. read more

Purchasing thirty-six there is a huge potential service

["purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation of]

had a user statistics, in the domestic well-known online shopping platform, enter the keyword global purchase, a total of 243 stores, and enter the keyword "purchasing", it shows that there are 109202 stores.

"purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation. read more

Wowo listed postponed to April 7th after sometime or entertain

night toss, Wowo also fail to market.

yesterday evening, a large number of reporters were convened in Zhongguancun a meeting room in the hotel waiting for our listed bell. According to the plan, the media will be 22:00-22:30 and listed on the site Wowo mall CEO Xu Maodong line, and then watch the bell live.

in Beijing on Wowo mall headquarters, a similar scene staged simultaneously. Wowo mall some of the staff gathered in the two meeting of the Ministry of manpower reserved room, waiting for the "success" of listed companies. read more

IResearch last year, China’s group buying site trading rankings released

[TechWeb] news June 23rd news, according to iResearch data show that in 2010 the annual turnover ranked Top5 group purchase website, in addition to Taobao, Juhuasuan, handle network, the U.S. group net, full network, glutinous rice nets four emerging self operating type group purchase website, the annual turnover reached billion yuan scale.

public comment network, 58 city buy business started relatively late, in 2010 the amount of transactions reached billion yuan scale. With the cultivation of market and the company pays attention to group purchase group purchase business, taking into account the business enterprise resource based the analysis of iResearch, 2011 comment (membership, the 58 group purchase (58 city membership) there will be rapid growth. read more

IOS version of the WeChat 6.1 open beta shake the upgrade and shocked the world news

A5 ( station network January 6th news, recently iOS client version of WeChat opened a new round of targeted invitation internal experience, WeChat 6.1 version to come, WeChat division "Wu report" said that "this is a news shocked the world, is still all confidential".

We now know about the

6.1 version of WeChat news: WeChat "shake" will also be with the 6.1 version of the line to launch new features, WeChat users can directly roll out nearby business envelopes, coupons, can search out a nearby restaurant information. It is reported that the radar (near the people) have similar functions. The day before, this function is to measure, but also the specific rules so the formal version of the line, but according to WeChat team certification, it is certain that I don’t have to worry about us to grab the red. read more

Four tips to quickly improve the conversion rate of e-commerce sites

with the rapid development of web, many enterprises have joined the e-commerce, but many e-commerce companies doing optimization promotion after a period of time, our e-commerce site although there are traffic, eventually transformed into our users is less and less, enhance the site conversion rate has become one of the most difficult in the new stage of a lot of e-commerce site promotion, so the author will explain how to promote the transformation of e-commerce site rate.

a, to our enterprises to establish a good image read more

Bai should guide business mascot design contest ended

This year’s

should be Bai mascot design contest in April 2nd began, which lasted more than a month, by the national attention from all walks of life during the event, supported by Guangming, and published a "mascot design contest should guide Bai began soliciting articles" support and publicity publicity; China Central Academy of Fine Arts teacher, Professor Zhang Linghao of Jiangnan University; at the same time, Beijing University of Technology Geng Dan School of design, Heilongjiang Sanjiang Arts Vocational College official recruitment maker micro-blog attention and publicity. As of the end of May 10th enrollment, a total of more than 500 college students, design enthusiasts to actively register fever, excellent works endless. In the final round of voting after the end of the tutor, the winners of the final production. read more

Biography Taobao mall enabled new brand Logo next week to push open platform

September 16th, according to sources, Taobao mall will be launched next week for large B2C electricity supplier open platform, and will start a new brand sync Logo. In this regard, Taobao mall said it will officially announce the new strategy and management rules next week.

it is understood that before the Taobao mall responsible person happy child, with more than 20 domestic B2C companies in Beijing near Jianguomen, a club will discuss. The meeting in addition to the Taobao mall ready to China’s top 30 B2C collective solicitation to Taobao mall shop, but also includes future investment and equity transactions and other details. In this regard, there are some electricity supplier website official said, did receive an invitation from Taobao mall". read more

South Korea also has double eleven Online Shopping Festival aimed at Chinese Internet users

[Abstract] in order to allow outside Korea overseas consumers also enjoy preferential, Korea post with this activity: international express mail exchanges between China and South Korea (EMS) the average tariff reduction of 36%.

following the United States, "black Friday", China’s "double eleven", South Korea will also usher in its own shopping festival, in order to drive the economy has been hit by the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

according to the South Korean Ministry of commerce industry responsible person told the "First Financial Daily reporters, the South Korean government will joint South Korea circulation industry and tourism industry, jointly launched the" star Korea "plan (SingSingKorea), in order to boost China, overseas consumer confidence in the product of South korea. read more

No. 1 Shop 6 anniversary will push the global domain name three spell hit

renamed Chinese ( yesterday (July 10th) news, it is reported that tomorrow will usher in the 6 anniversary of the Shop No. 1, will be officially launched a new zero day anniversary group purchase products overseas "global group", and will continue for 7 days. The overseas shopping website "Ocean Terminal" to provide low-cost products for group purchase of overseas direct mail users, and the domain name is also much loved.

figure: shop 1

Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, the launch of the "global" activities, including maternal and child nutrition and health care products, personal care and cleaning 5 categories. The United States, Canada and other regions covered in the whole network, to ensure the lowest price of similar goods in direct mail. Earlier, the 1 shop also launched the "Mission 1", "brand", etc.. That "Chinese whois query system," the global group "three spell domain name already registered the domain name, today was registered. read more

Jingdong Zhang Xiaolei Jingdong will push lightning refund

in the realization of the industry low repair rate, and the promotion of home renewal service, Jingdong (scroll information) began to explore the convenience customer service service. Jingdong customer service management department director Zhang Xiaolei said the day before, the Jingdong will launch lightning refund within the year, consumers can get a refund and return "".

, according to Zhang Xiaolei introduction, Jingdong will be launched by the end of this year, lightning refund service is based on the user’s trust. In this service system, as long as the Jingdong can confirm that the sale of goods is indeed a problem, you can return to the user before the user returns to the user account. In the Jingdong "customer orders, customer service personnel of Jingdong will according to the professional ability to track customer experience, if users buy goods after open or encounter other problems, customer service team will use professional skills to guide customers through some users to upload photos, and according to the professional judgment to confirm whether the goods have problems." Zhang Xiaolei said. read more