Do you know how to open a dry cleaner

dry cleaners good prospects for the industry this is an indisputable fact that the need to carry out a comprehensive upgrade dry cleaners, to better meet the needs of modern consumers. So how to open the dry cleaners? Many businesses are very interested in this issue, then learn to learn together with xiaobian.

A, first choose a good location

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Free restaurant management really reliable

to showmanship, now many restaurants will free some marketing products, this is looking forward to get more customers, but the result often is not good. In fact, in a lot of marketing process, we are often limited to the idea of free to send, we believe that free to send things, others must like, in fact, this is a very wrong idea.

in the process of marketing the past, we are influenced by some marketing guru, as long as the free things, we all love, through free access to customers, in fact, this method can be used, is not to say that the method is wrong, but in the operation of the process to the individual conditions. read more

Datong County People’s Congress in 2012 to inspect the construction of private things and key projec

November 29th, Datong County People’s Congress Standing Committee of the organization of the county in 2012 for the implementation of the project and focus on the implementation of key projects to check.

inspection group listened to the county people’s government report on the 2012 completion of the project for the tangible things and key construction projects, field view of the national trade metropolitan construction, bridge in the town center school building, business building, construction of Public Security Bureau Huang Zhaizhen reconstruction and satellite broadcast "household" project construction. The inspection group of the county in 2012 for the tangible things for the project and key construction projects completed and fully affirmed that the county government and relevant departments attach great importance to the work of the project, pay close attention to key projects and the construction projects for the tangible things, the project started, the project progress, completion rate of investment and other aspects and achieved gratifying results. To make a positive contribution to promote the steady and rapid economic and social development. But there are some problems and deficiencies, lack of project preparatory work, the impact of the project progress and quality of the project and the completion rate of the individual; in the process of project implementation, the organizer to influence the actual effect of the tangible things. The key construction project, part of the project construction unit failed to timely processing procedures pre land, city planning, EIA projects, affecting the project budget, design drawings review work, in which part of the project can not be started construction on schedule; common project construction process in a shortage of funds for key construction projects; selection the key is not outstanding, most construction projects are included in the key construction projects in the category, the lack of objective law. In time, the inspection team suggested that the 2013 advance planning project for the tangible things, do the next project for the tangible things for the project; to make every effort to restart work, the project started in the premise of ensuring the quality of projects under the safety, speed up the progress of the project has not started construction of the project, to seize the time to start construction, to ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks on time; earnestly project reserve, from the current account of the actual and long-term development strategy, strengthen the preparatory work for major projects, actively planning the project, constantly improve and enrich the project repository; carefully identified as tangible things and key construction projects, to focus and pay attention to the actual effect; and the county government the relevant departments should further implement the responsibility to strengthen supervision, to accelerate the progress of key projects. (author: Wang Qing Qing Qing Xuan) read more

Xining fire ready to rush to the disaster area

on the morning of July 22nd, after the earthquake in Gansu, Dingxi, the city’s fire brigade to start the earthquake emergency rescue plan, ready to rush to Dingxi earthquake relief.

day 7:45, Gansu city of Dingxi Province, Minxian Zhang county 6.6 earthquake occurred at the junction. After the earthquake, Xining city police fire brigade immediately launched the emergency rescue plan of earthquake, the soldiers entered a state of readiness, carefully examine duty vehicles and equipment, to ensure that oil, water, electricity and gas is sufficient, especially for rescue, detection, rescue and other equipment immediately check strictly, ensure good performance good, complete with. Currently, more than 100 earthquake rescue business backbone ready standby, ready to rush to the rescue in Dingxi. (reporter correspondent Ma Yufeng) read more

Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take measures to make the urban and rural poor people to ce

  in order to make the difficulties of the two groups, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau to take a series of measures, from the medical, living, housing and other aspects, to protect the lives of urban and rural residents in Xining.

3 January, the reporter learned from the Xining Civil Affairs Bureau, at present, the city of Xining is more than 80 thousand people issued winter relief food. More than 80 thousand rural households paid low premiums and low standard funds have to honor all the people. Up to now, has been for the city residents object to issue temporary subsidies 4 million 550 thousand yuan, spending their holidays to ensure the normal winter; for rural residents object and part five objects issuance of heating assistance payments 4 million 822 thousand yuan, has been distributed to all households; to support five objects issuance of gold about 5000000 yuan, five objects to ensure a stable life. read more

Evening show you how to ride high-speed rail

Xining Railway Station in December 15th will have the opening conditions, is expected to put into use during the year, it will be a modern image, a new look to meet the eight party visitors. How to check the public? Passenger access to the new railway station can choose what route? Which platform is dedicated to high-speed rail? December 11th morning, the reporter to the identity of an ordinary passenger, to the Xining Railway Station to experience the pit, waiting, out of the station. Qinghai Tibet railway company to change the headquarters of the Xining Railway Station, led by the deputy director of Chaoyang Chaoyang high-speed rail. Experience of
– station of passenger station is divided into two kinds of two forms of pre –
open two
ticketing mode is also divided into two types. According to the plan, the Xining Railway Station has a total of 4 ticket hall, and there will be an early booking hall business, they are located in the platform layer (on the ground floor), elevated waiting layer (on the ground floor of the two layer) on the west side of the ground floor, on the west side of the ground floor, there are no more than two. Reporter walked into the ticket hall to see the platform layer, the hall there are 9 vending machines, a manual ticket counter 20 or so, the current artificial ticket counter computer is in place, for staff to start.
the waiting hall is divided into general speed and vehicle waiting area two. Waiting area of the new railway station area of 60 thousand square meters, equivalent to the original railway station waiting area of nearly 10 times. According to the train set, waiting hall is divided into general speed train waiting area and waiting area, at the same time, also with infants and the elderly disabled dedicated passenger waiting area. Currently, the waiting seat has been arranged for 1000 groups, a total of 3000 locations. In the waiting hall, the construction of a number of transparent small house, they will be the library reading room, local sales, etc.. There is also an auxiliary floor in the waiting hall, which is mainly used for commercial services. In addition, the waiting hall is built with smoking room, information room, toilet and other public service facilities. Experience in
– self-service ticket machine installed read more

The shop is not the fruit shop business analysis skills add, subtract, multiply and divide

many friends want to do their own business, open a fruit shop is good. Then, not all of the fruit shop business is booming, some shops because of imperfect management, opened a long time before the collapse. The shop is not a simple add, subtract, multiply and divide it involves selection, purchase, sales, decoration, etc.. The fruit shop, the site is the key to the first step.

The first step:
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The location of dry cleaning franchise

now people is a great demand for dry cleaning, probably because of the ability to enhance the consumer, dry cleaners, now also have a large market, for many entrepreneurs, is a good opportunity to get rich. But want to successfully open a dry cleaning shop, but also to choose a suitable store location, so as to bring better market and business opportunities. Here to give you a look at the start of dry cleaning shop location technology.

skills 1: laundry chain store survey. The so-called circle refers to the shops located point as the center outward extension of a distance, this distance as radius, forming a circular ring of consumption. Different values depending on the size of the Yetai industry and have a distinction, in the dry cleaning industry, with a radius of 200M main business district, the radius of 500M for business. The general form of district commercial area, residential area, cultural area, office area and mixed area. The district population, occupation, age, consumption habits, flow people, infrastructure, competitors, future development trend, the rent and related costs. read more

What is the proper operation of the beverage store

perhaps simply because one aspect of the work not to do, are likely to affect the entire store operation, so, if we want to successfully run a shop, will also need to do all aspects of the work place. So, drink shop normal operation need to do what work? Let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand it.

in recent years in the beverage market many successful programs, but small business still think beverage shop is a simple matter, as operators of liquor stores in the daily operation of consumers need follow-up services, so as to get more attention to a firm market, investors now have to select the method of escort! read more

Jiang Likun cheat cheat! The church 8 successful tricks for your business

editor: back in 2015, entrepreneurship and investment fiery is often in retrospect, is full of excitement., entrepreneurial projects more dazzling, baked sweet potato, selling pancakes with a two-dimensional code, with a Arabian Nights like story, can pull to investment; China full day flight carrying a sack of money angel that wayward will sack the money inside the bulk to China; the concept of investment amount to the sudden popularity of hundred million, or $500, a financial million greet each office feel shy; every day is all below APP to push to send gifts to be with the gift to get hand cramps… read more

Entrepreneurs to join the Internet two failures

The rise of the Internet model for

now all the major industry is facing a transition period, now want to must pay attention to the Internet model to gain a foothold in today’s market, but success is unexpected things, taking the following Xiaobian to introduce you one on the Internet business failure cases, hope to provide some sobering effect on the majority of entrepreneurs.

2000, Chen Junlai to Shanghai entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a popular Internet field. At that time, the first wave of the Internet wave is still raging like a storm, did not see signs of bubbles. At that time, there was a joke that every tree has a venture capitalist, he was ready to jump down, to those who engage in Internet banking. Chen Jun was young and fit, and then catch up with be in full swing scene, natural feel good, remember to go to the western suburbs of his office, he was sitting with his boss chair, confidently said: "I want to be a great company." He told me his dream: "one day, I want to go to Harvard Business School to talk about his success, like Zhang Ruimin, of course, go to Harvard to read a MBA." read more

Chinese fast food chain how Bibi Q choose snacks

who would like to enter the food and beverage industry, Chinese fast food giant can not let go. This consensus is also reflected in the era of consumer demand for a complete transformation. Chinese fast food so popular, there is a certain inevitability behind it. Xiaobian to recommend a good snack brand – Bibi Q chain snack.

Bibi Q chain snack with the most advanced cold pot model, the meatballs with bamboo string neatly, the customer selected is placed in the bottom for hot soup, hot after a good brush on a variety of customers to taste flavor of the sauce to add the plate to the customer or eating away, shops, stalls may pass through the camp. Bibi Q chain snack although the price is low, follow the mass line. read more

Dadukou District, optimize the financing environment to promote innovation and entrepreneurship deve

entrepreneurial services + entrepreneurial environment, greatly reducing the threshold of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship development for the company to bring the advantages of resources. Dadukou District urged optimize the financing environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the establishment of innovative business service center, in the introduction of banking, securities, guarantees, small loans and other financial institutions, to provide one-stop service for the innovation enterprise direct financing. read more

Taobao shop

for Taobao such a complex online trading platform, many shops operating products are similar, perhaps the shop score is much, in this context, a good name will be very important. However, for numerous shopkeepers, the shop name is also extremely difficult. So, Taobao shop how to name?

Taobao shop named role

shops and even the same, although just a symbol, but because of his meaning, shape, number of strokes, the font is not the same, it will have a role to play for the operator. The name of a shop is pleasant, loud does not necessarily have much help on how to operate. The key is to look at the name and identification of the collocation between the name, five grams of health status, health status of the owner of the shop hit five grams with the name. read more

The escape suspects were arrested the court to start accountability procedures

last time, Sichuan Yibin suspects escape let people worry about a now, people can not worry, justice has long arms, escaped suspects were arrested! In this case, to remind everyone to do not commit crimes.

3 30, about 9:50 in the morning, Sichuan Yibin Nanxi District People’s court for sentencing of Liang Yongyong Liang Yongyong, the bailiff escorted en route to escape, yesterday, the Beijing News reporter from the court was informed that Liang Yongyong yesterday morning about 8:40 in the Luo Long Beach Street numb by the Nanxi police arrested. After the arrest, the defendant claimed the day without eating, eat the food police mouth. Someone’s court has started this process related accountability procedures. read more

Maternal and child shop commodity display principle of the five key points

is currently on the market chain store mother more and more consumers in order to enable the healthy growth of their children, in favor of more maternal stores high popularity, which has prompted the development of chain store mother, more and more people want to join the ranks of maternal stores, but maternal stores need to pay attention to what? What are the principles of store display?

A, reach the principle (easy pick and place principle)

in the display of goods, and the partitions should be void of 3-5 cm, let the hands of customers easy access, and convenient to replace. read more

Purchasing thirty-six there is a huge potential service

["purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation of]

had a user statistics, in the domestic well-known online shopping platform, enter the keyword global purchase, a total of 243 stores, and enter the keyword "purchasing", it shows that there are 109202 stores.

"purchasing" sometimes means to a friend with goods, sometimes means part-time to earn extra money, sometimes it means working full-time, behind these different interests have a different mode of operation. read more

Wowo listed postponed to April 7th after sometime or entertain

night toss, Wowo also fail to market.

yesterday evening, a large number of reporters were convened in Zhongguancun a meeting room in the hotel waiting for our listed bell. According to the plan, the media will be 22:00-22:30 and listed on the site Wowo mall CEO Xu Maodong line, and then watch the bell live.

in Beijing on Wowo mall headquarters, a similar scene staged simultaneously. Wowo mall some of the staff gathered in the two meeting of the Ministry of manpower reserved room, waiting for the "success" of listed companies. read more

IResearch last year, China’s group buying site trading rankings released

[TechWeb] news June 23rd news, according to iResearch data show that in 2010 the annual turnover ranked Top5 group purchase website, in addition to Taobao, Juhuasuan, handle network, the U.S. group net, full network, glutinous rice nets four emerging self operating type group purchase website, the annual turnover reached billion yuan scale.

public comment network, 58 city buy business started relatively late, in 2010 the amount of transactions reached billion yuan scale. With the cultivation of market and the company pays attention to group purchase group purchase business, taking into account the business enterprise resource based the analysis of iResearch, 2011 comment (membership, the 58 group purchase (58 city membership) there will be rapid growth. read more