Open family rental shop to make money

as long as there is a market demand, start our brains, we can often open up the sale of unexpected good business. This is the main character of this article, with the family rental shop this innovative business opportunities, so that they earn a greater wealth.

shop business, taking advantage of it, there is a need for a profound understanding and keen observation of the environment, so as to fully mobilize the "genuine" can be used for their own services.

in Japan, the aging trend is becoming more and more serious, but young people have worked hard, so the old man’s life can not take good care of life. In response to this, some businesses have found a place where can be used. read more

Spring Festival promotion can attract customers with the atmosphere

a lot of people will look at the store’s popularity, this is an atmosphere of stress, so if a shop wants to do a good job of promotion, it may be from the atmosphere above the effort. I entered the twelfth lunar month, in the shop door hanging banners, red lanterns, publicity pictures, make customers feel the arrival of the holiday. At the same time, the "auspicious" as the flagship, the goods re placement, scientific and rational planning of shop space, good merchandising, sales of goods to meet the festival all OTC, does not comply with the holiday sales of goods shelf temporarily, try to give customers a unique and novel feeling. The cigarette counter moved to the door of the eye-catching place, with a large red cigarette packaging into a variety of shapes to attract customers. read more

Ninghai to make money dessert join

we all know. Dessert business has always been a very choice. In our life, the choice of dessert, of course, to choose an advantage, with the strength of the brand to join the project. I heard Ninghai to join the dessert items, is very good. Trusted choice!

Ninghai, dessert, various flavors have different characteristics, has attracted numerous consumers. Selection of high quality wheat flour, sweet and delicate and more delicious, many products, so that customers do not forget. Ninghai to join the company after dessert? Long time open innovation, launched different such as product characteristics, thus challenging the consumer taste and visual experience, combination, collocation diverse fashionable, amazing taste, single product constantly throughout the year. read more

The business process may wish to communicate with customer

some of the words of the shopkeeper, like to communicate with customers, however, some customers are very much like to communicate, different personalities, but also to usher in the development of different shops. There is a song to sing: "daughter is difficult to buy friends, friends and more good way to go." Whether in life, or in business, a number of friends more than the road. In fact, there are many shops are relying on friends touted, more prosperous business.

in the operation, we should learn to communicate with customers, especially young customers, they are active in thinking, a wide range of knowledge, ability to accept new things, but also very much like to communicate with others. In the process of communication, we can learn a lot of knowledge of retail owners, at the same time, with the customer’s communication skills will be effectively improved, but also can make a lot of friends in the same way. read more

Backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons by the end of the month to shut down

"Since 12th Five-Year", our province to eliminate backward production capacity, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, as an important starting point to promote energy-saving emission reduction, "12th Five-Year" three years ago, the province’s total elimination of backward production capacity of 1 million 603 thousand and 900 tons, involving 36 enterprises, to complete the objectives and tasks assigned by the state in advance. This year our province plans to eliminate backward production capacity of 270 thousand tons, is expected before the end of November to complete shut down. It is understood that this year, our province set out plans and annual employee resettlement plan will eliminate tasks and placement of workers to the implementation of specific enterprises, establish the horizontal and vertical extension of the comprehensive coverage of the target responsibility system in the end. Nearly three years of total elimination of backward production capacity of 153 million yuan bonus, which strive for the national capital of 109 million yuan, the provincial matching funds 44 million 270 thousand yuan, effectively shutting down enterprises to ensure the smooth development of the work menace from the rear. After the release of the objectives and tasks, the occasional inspection, tracking the effectiveness of the inspection and acceptance of strict checks to ensure that backward production capacity according to the requirements of all shut down. Finally, through internal job transfer, guide enterprises to absorb laid-off workers and the surrounding tissue free occupation training and job introduction and other measures, the proper placement of diversion and eliminate backward production capacity of enterprise employees. It is reported that in our province a hand optimized stock, a supplementary increment, although the "12th Five-Year" three years before the elimination of backward production capacity of the province’s industrial output value of about 7 billion 600 million yuan, but by accelerating the optimization of industrial layout and increase investment, and promote a number of advanced production and investment projects landing production, production, the rapid increase of industrial security the development of strong support for the development.   read more

The crowds thronged the South yesterday

South Mojianjiezhong yesterday! Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center! Looking for Xining development highlights, explore the Xining delicacy of citizens to seek cooperation; Italy, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other foreign businessmen; looking for investment hot spots of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shaanxi and other foreign businessmen have come to!

entered the pavilion, both the exhibition industry chain exhibition, agricultural industry chain, or the chain of cultural tourism industry exhibition, every exhibition are crowded. In the industrial chain exhibition area, the number of people around the bridge in front of an open internal structure, a careful study of the beating lithium battery car is what the structure, how the force. Citizen Han said: I am a fan, after this new energy vehicles will become more and more popular, I must take the opportunity to see clearly, understand."

in the city construction area, whether it is the three-dimensional display area, 3D cinema, or a computer simulation of bicycle Easy Access, a tall on the technology experience for the public are very fresh, many people have pulled out a mobile phone, the science and technology exhibition photos as a souvenir. Mr. Gao said: "living in Xining, but did not perceive the earth shaking changes have taken place in Xining, through this high-tech three-dimensional display, we really touch the development and change of Xining."

in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, several national and provincial industrial heritage, on-site production of leather embroidery, paper cutting, shadow, with teeth carpet, let zero people feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage.  

read more

Qinghai public facilities construction investment Co Ltd and circular economy development fund wa

8 18, Qinghai public facilities construction investment Co., Ltd. and circular economy development fund was formally established. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong, Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended the listing ceremony and jointly inaugurated. The first phase of the fund to raise the scale of 8 billion yuan.

Zhang Jianmin speech pointed out that the establishment of modern financial standards in accordance with the investment Finance Companies and development fund, is to promote the development of the new normal under the impetus of investment, stimulate the vitality of innovation. The provincial government approved the establishment of provincial public infrastructure development fund limited liability company and circular economy is based on modern financial investment, in order to serve the construction of the project, infrastructure, public services, circular economy, characteristic industry and other fields, which is the implementation of "practical action to the CPC Central Committee and state Council opinions" on deepening the reform of financing system. Is an important means for the reform and innovation of investment and financing system, solve the bottleneck is to support key areas of construction, strategic breakthrough in efforts to expand investment, is of great significance. Zhang Jianmin requirements, an excellent service, based on the overall situation of the province’s service, good service in key areas of construction. Two to expand channels to effectively ease the financing of infrastructure and public service facilities financing difficult problem. Three strong management, the establishment of articles of association, improve the system, strengthen management, efforts to improve the investment capacity and level. Four to support more, to establish close cooperation, organic convergence, closely working mechanism to ensure the efficient operation of the company and the fund. read more

Yesterday Xining City 9 illegal buildings were demolished

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, some people in order to gain personal benefits, regardless of the laws and regulations, in the urban planning area of private construction, this phenomenon has become a stumbling block to building a harmonious society,

. May 11th, the relevant departments of the northern city of Xining City, together to force the removal of the Temple Village 9 illegal buildings, the demolition of illegal buildings started fighting.

phenomenon: private chaos phenomenon repeated read more

The world’s highest highway tunnel through

After more than 3 years of hard work, such as the Railway Bureau of the group and other units of builders, the world’s highest elevation of the road tunnel – long pull mountain tunnel, 25, successfully through the fourteen.

since November 2011 began, the fourteen bureau group of builders to overcome the high altitude permafrost tunnel through the fault fracture zone, concrete quality control of a number of technical problems with extremely cold temperatures. read more

The Lijiang high speed train group truly start at dawn and arrive at dusk

high speed rail to bring convenience to people, so that the majority of passengers can safely and easily reach every place, one from Kunming Lijiang, Beijing Kunming high-speed accelerate again, truly arrived in Beijing one day to the target, brings great convenience for people to travel, so that people can go to my place in the short time.

Train number

"Lijiang" Beijing Kunming high-speed rail is G403, G404, 24 stations across the board. G403 high-speed rail 07:05 starting from Beijing West Railway Station 19:58 minutes to reach the KunMing South Railway Station, full time 12 hours and 53 minutes; G404 high-speed rail 08:43 starting from KunMing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station to reach 21:56, the whole time of 13 hours 13. Beijing Kunming high-speed rail is shorter than the trip takes about 20 hours, can start at dawn and arrive at dusk. read more

Hunan new ideas to support migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

after the new year’s day, the spring of 2016 will begin, the majority of migrant workers will be the end of the year working career, set foot on the return journey. In order to support migrant workers home business, Hunan province released the latest comments on the day before, a number of entrepreneurship policy support to help migrant workers faster and better go on the road of entrepreneurship.

12 28 September, the office of the Hunan provincial government issued the "opinions" of migrant workers and other personnel support home business, for migrant workers in our province and sent a number of farmer entrepreneurs entrepreneurship policy envelopes". read more

Suitable for college students to do part time summer advantages and disadvantages of reading

annual summer vacation, many students are going to take part in the summer vacation opportunity to exercise their own exercise. What do students do part-time summer? Here is a list of several summer part-time, and analyzed its advantages and disadvantages, there are part-time students can refer to reference.

working part-time teachers: the most popular form of

this teacher and tutor is not the same, they usually go to some of the lack of teachers in private schools or community on a variety of training courses, it is easy to find such opportunities are major 2 or more students in English, computer and other popular professional law. For the professional ability, obtains the national qualification certificate of college students is more popular. read more

Remember to 80 entrepreneurial success seven coup

80 people want to start their own business, do their own business, Li Xiang is also. When the teacher asked the students what is the ideal, some people say that his ambition is to be a policeman, some people say that when you want to be a teacher, but also to be a doctor or a scientist, and Li Xiang’s answer is to do general manager". "Because when managers are great, they can do a big deal with a bunch of people." At that time, Li Xiang elementary school.

read more

What are the common problems of online ordering

in the current era of science and technology, many operators will choose to order online. In a word, is now not only urban customers, even many rural customers are beginning to buy a computer online order, but in the actual operation process, the author found that customers still exist some problems in the use of online ordering:

problem 1: I forgot to modify the password

a lot of retail customers a strong sense of confidentiality, is not very skilled in the case of online ordering, it is urgent to modify the login password. But some customers in the setting of the password is too complex, or others to help modify, leading to even forget their own password, not normal order. read more

How to make the rapid development of home textile bed chain stores

people for the textile requirements gradually increase, to operate a textile shop, are in need of attention in many ways, in order to develop the textile shop faster, more quickly, we must choose a good product, but also to grasp the correct business strategy, so as to promote the development of favorable storefront, bring greater return on investment. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to allow the rapid development of home textile shop? We need to think and start from many aspects.

first, the biggest problem faced by home textile bed chain franchise is not clear, systematic chain management strategy. Lead to the development of the whole chain of the lack of a unified market coordination, resulting in low efficiency, did not play the advantages of the chain business model. read more

Doors and windows to join sales is the key to how to improve

building materials market development is directly related to a lot of details in our life, with the development of China’s economy, is the key to join the sales window, now choose to join windows of many people, when it comes to sales, so how to improve? Let Xiaobian to analyze the next bar.

Sales promotion agency to join the

doors and windows products rely on what? The doors and windows joined to brand publicity is not small, the purpose of publicity is to let more people know the brand, at the same time, a method of decoration is propaganda, and to ensure that its stores are required to maintain the style of decoration and the headquarters of the unified design, if not standard the decoration design, with people feel unprofessional, consumers lost confidence in their. read more

How much money is needed to join ZhengXin barbecue

famous ZhengXin chicken must not a few people do not know! Delicious chicken, then you know there’s a chowhound friends could not miss ZhengXin barbecue, you know?

Shanghai ZhengXin Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a professional engaged in the development, investment and operation of casual dining chain of the comprehensive management of enterprise. Since 2000, the chairman of the company co-founder Chen Chuanwu opened the first store in Zhejiang Wenzhou food ZhengXin. After 16 years of rapid development, we have established a new product development, warehousing and distribution and terminal sales system. read more

UC SkyDrive will close in April SkyDrive continued to analyze the 3 reasons of Jurisprudence

Following the

6 days before using the sales cloud disk (SkyDrive) account and password to spread pornographic information for profit case was announced, UC suddenly announced that SkyDrive will terminate, including a variety of storage service, service from April 15th onwards. Behind the SkyDrive adultury continuous fermentation, which causes

‘s hiding?

day before the announcement of UC SkyDrive official has aroused widespread concern of users. Notice that, since April 15, 2016 12 noon, UC SkyDrive will terminate the storage service, stop SkyDrive UC upload service / offline resources to SkyDrive / video transcoding service function. read more

Classified information website e commerce low end is the head

, 58, with the reputation of the network, easy to grow on Kijiji website, classified information website gradually into people’s lives. In the complex life information, classified information website differentiation, low-end, to provide users with a convenient information platform, you can quickly know the life information. Compared to the forum and industry portal, classified information website is more populist charm.

e-commerce is to provide a convenient business platform, but the classification information is provided by the information platform, most of the information is not for business, but a simple life. Even the low threshold is a lot of valuable information dissemination and expansion, and sometimes affect the social and cultural construction. On the other hand, there are a lot of online information on the classification of information on the web, offline transactions, resulting in business activities. Therefore, I personally think that the classification of information is low-end e-commerce. read more