A tribute to Sir Fenton Ramsahoye QC

first_imgDear Editor,Sir Fenton was perhaps the most prolific lawyer the region has ever produced. He was featured as Counsel in more than 250 reported cases. This is about five times more than his closest rivals in the region. He has appeared in numerous unreported cases and has rendered countless opinions to litigants and lawyers throughout the Caribbean. Space does not permit a review of his contribution to the development of the law. His work in the Privy Council is well known and his book “The Development of Land Law in British Guiana” remains an authoritative work.Sir Fenton possessed a most sophisticated intellect. He had a fascinating ability to think and generate original thought. He was a real scholar. He had the ability to grasp and unravel complex legal issues within minutes. His focus was always sharp and he harboured no confusion about the law. He easily read about 400-500 pages a night. It rarely took him more than a night to read a record of appeal and produce draft written submissions for the highest tribunals. He was one of the very few lawyers from the Caribbean who regularly led arguments in the Privy Council against high-powered English lawyers. He consistently prevailed against them and demonstrated that our people were not inferior.He had a great and unfailing sense of responsibility to his clients and exhibited the highest level of discipline in his work. He fought on the side of the poor, rarely representing commercial interests. The poor people he represented revered him and were grateful for his commitment to their problems. He was able to connect with them because he cared deeply about their problems. He shared their anxieties. He could not bear to let injustice pass and would often say to me that the victims of injustice must be made to know that someone was willing to fight on their side to the very end. He gave them hope, which was itself an important form of redress and sometimes the only one they enjoyed. On the many occasions when legal authorities were against us, he would insist on finding a way to secure justice. It was this outlook which led him to pioneer so many changes in the field of constitutional law.I spent as much time as I could with him over the decade or so I have known him intending that, by doing so, he would cast his mind upon me. But after some time I realised that he was a unique legal genius whom I could not emulate.He was a key figure in the independence movement in Guyana but was deeply disappointed with the manner in which our societies were being managed after independence. He witnessed the incursion of indiscipline and irresponsibility into the legal systems of the Caribbean, but it did not stop him from fighting. He was a tireless fighter and he fought to the very end. It was his genuine belief, after practicing throughout the region for more than six decades, that it was the judiciary which did the greatest injury to litigants.His passion was justice. His method was discipline and hard work. His gift was an extraordinary intellect and a boundless capacity to think and generate ideas. His weakness was his willingness to serve. His duty to society, he has fulfilled. His legacy is his work.He imparted a great deal to me and for that I owe him much. He was a source of inspiration to many. He shared his learning and experience generously with all. He followed a clear path of service and he was not kept from his path by pursuing lesser goals. His belief was that the poor and oppressed needed to be protected and he became one with that belief. He did good work and for that his happiness in the world hereafter is assured.He will now rest but not by choice. He would have preferred to continue the struggle but he was taken from this world by a compassionate God. No more could have been asked or expected of him from society.The region may not for a very long time see in a man such intellect, compassion, dedication, integrity, courage, simplicity and humanity.May his life and work continue to be a shining example to us all.Yours faithfully,C V SatramAttorney-at-Lawlast_img read more

Prison service blocks Lusignan landfill site entrance – NDC Chairman

first_img…calls for central Govt interventionScores of residents who utilise a landfill site, situated at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD), are now pleading with the authorities to intervene and reverse a decision made by the Guyana Prison Services to block the main entrance into the dumpsite, preventing residents from properly discarding their waste materials.Garbage being dumped near a main drainage canalThe road blockage, which has been in effect for almost a week, has not only grown to be an issue for residents in the area but also officials attached to a number of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDC) who regularly utilise the site.Speaking to this publication, Chairman of the Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Ayube Mohammed explained that the only reason given by the prison services for the road closure is to prevent the destruction of the roadway by vehicles which traverse the area. But according to Mohammed, in order to transport materials to be disposed of, vehicles have to use that road.“Since last Monday, this is one week now that the prison authority closed off the dumpsite saying that the road is being messed up when the vehicles come out from the dumpsite…the prison, as well as all other agencies, utilise this dumpsite, all the NDCs from Haslington to Plaisance utilise that dumpsite, and they have to utilise this road.”In expressing his disappointment, the Chairman questioned the steps residents should now take with regards to disposing of their garbage, even though numerous complaints have been lodged and empty promises to intervene followed.“This is the only road other than a mud road that is used by the Chinese that goes into the dumpsite. Now if the NDCs can’t dump at the dumpsite because the prison don’t want the road to be messed up, I don’t know what’s going to happen on the East Coast, and to date nothing has been done….I’ve made contact with the RDC, I’ve made contact with the Ministry of Communities and those in charge of the Waste Management Unit and they’re all promising to that they will look into this matter and nothing has been done so far,” Mohammed stated.However, despite efforts to reverse this action, some residents are resorting to their last choice which is to create illegal dumpsites and dispose of waste items while others are constantly calling the NDCs with queries as to how their garbage will be discarded.last_img read more

Harry Kane sets Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi target

first_img“We have been in Russia a long time and were all excited to get started but you are never sure until you get out on the pitch. There are those moments when you need a goal but we did not panic, we looked calm, we did not look like conceding and we are always a threat at set pieces.”talkSPORT will be with listeners all day and all night at this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with over 800 hours of World Cup content and all 64 games live across the talkSPORT network. Stadiums revealed for 2026 World Cup in USA, Mexico and Canada 2 2 UNITED Harry Kane scores the winner for England against Tunisia England striker Harry Kane believes he can be one of the best footballers in the world – alongside the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.The Tottenham Hotspur star scored both goals in England’s 2-1 win over Tunisia in their opening 2018 World Cup game on Monday night. Latest World Cup Newscenter_img 10 amazing football facts you won’t believe are true Gareth Southgate said he is going to keep challenging the world class skipperAfter scoring two goals against Tunisia – his second coming in injury time – Kane is hungry for more.England next face Panama on Sunday and Kane said: “I have been itching to get out there and showcase myself on the big stage.“I want to prove myself at a major tournament, to be up with the best in the world, and the only way to do that is to perform on the big stage.“It gives me confidence doing that and I want to do that in the games ahead. I have been itching to get out there and showcase my talent. ‘THEY FAILED’ Kane has developed into one of the most prolific strikers in European football at Tottenham, scoring more than 100 Premier League goals over the past four seasons.Now he is setting his sights high, with the 24-year-old seeing no reason why he can’t one day be considered in the same bracket as Ronaldo and Messi.He said: “To be the best player in the world you have to aim high. Put no limits on yourself, nobody should.“I worked hard to get where I am, I have a lot of determination and it is about stepping it up.“Ronaldo is the best in the world, with Lionel Messi, but the challenge is there to be with them.” German icon blames Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and another star for World Cup exit The sharpshooter scored both goals in England’s win over Tunisia on Monday last_img read more

Humboldt State announces 2016 Hall of Fame class

first_imgARCATA >> The latest group of Lumberjacks to be granted enshrinement has been announced.One team and five individuals will be inducted into the Humboldt State Athletics Hall of Fame as the Class of 2016 on Friday, Oct. 7. The Hall of Fame event will be part of the weekend’s homecoming celebration. Social hour begins at 6 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room.This year’s honorees include the 2001 softball team, Katie Franci (women’s basketball), Natalie Galletly (softball), Dave Banducci (football …last_img read more

Kurtenbach: The Raiders’ offensive woes are (literally) larger than Carr, Gruden

first_imgThe Raiders’ 26-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday felt like a rock-bottom result.It’s hard to characterize a game where the defense was a sieve and the offense couldn’t move as anything else.And, of course, in situations like that, negative attention was immediately focused on the two most important people on a football team: the head coach and quarterback.I’m not here to say that Jon Gruden and Derek Carr don’t deserve criticism for Sunday’s loss and the Raiders’ 1-4 record — no …last_img read more

Wedding Gown Turns Into Pillar of Salt

first_imgAn art project demonstrated the crystal potential of Dead Sea waters.This story is not about science per se, even though it was told in Live Science. Tia Ghose reports about a new work of art by Sigalit Landau: a crystal wedding dress. He made it by dipping the wedding dress in the waters of the Dead Sea for two months. A gallery on Live Science shows the progression in a series of underwater shots. Within days, salt crystals form on the black gown. At the end of the experiment, the entire dress is pure white, studded with salt crystals.Ghose explains the science behind the art. The supersaturated waters of the Dead Sea look for places to nucleate crystals. Those tend to grow and merge as salt comes out of solution.The initial salt-crystal nucleus still contains a fair amount of water, but as more salt gets deposited and the crystal grows, that water diffuses out of the crystal matrix, according to that article.As the dress initially caught bits of extra salt, that led to a locally higher concentration of salt, spurring the salt molecules to line up into crystals that eventually grew and transformed this deathly dress into a sparkly saline jewel.Now stiff and solid, the dress has become a pillar of salt reminiscent of Lot’s Wife (Genesis 19:26).We’re not claiming that this is how Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt. It is interesting that the area is heavily salt-encrusted, though. Har Sodom, a ridge on the western shore of the Dead Sea, is a mountain of rock salt. However Mrs. Lot suffered her fate, the point of the story in the Bible is not to turn back after fleeing from sin to salvation. Many years later, Jesus used the story as a warning to his followers about the last days: “Remember Lot’s wife” (Luke 17:32). Here is the quote in context:“Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot—they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, 29 but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, fire and sulfur rained from heaven and destroyed them all— 30 so will it be on the day when the Son of Man is revealed. 31 On that day, let the one who is on the housetop, with his goods in the house, not come down to take them away, and likewise let the one who is in the field not turn back. 32 Remember Lot’s wife. 33 Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.”(Visited 46 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Winter brings higher carbon monoxide risk for farmers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As winter temperatures fall, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning may go up on farms if equipment and vehicles are run with improper ventilation, Purdue Extension safety specialist Bill Field said.“Knowing the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is one way to protect yourself and your family or employees,” Field said. “Many types of farm vehicles and equipment are fueled by gas or oil and in the winter, some strategies used to keep warm can lead to unsafe levels of exposure.”The most common source of accidental carbon monoxide exposure on farms is running tractors or other vehicles in shops or garages with the doors closed, which keeps the carbon monoxide in the exhaust fumes from escaping, said Field, professor of agricultural and biological engineering. Some older vehicles can leak exhaust backward into the passenger cab and gas- or oil-fueled equipment, such as high-pressure washers and heaters used in livestock buildings, can also pose a risk if used without sufficient ventilation.Installing carbon monoxide monitors in enclosed work areas and checking them periodically is an important way to prevent or detect exposure before it reaches unsafe levels, Field said. The use of gas-powered equipment or vehicles should be prohibited in unvented or poorly ventilated spaces and exhaust systems should be regularly inspected to check for leaks.Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas produced as a byproduct of burning carbon-containing fuels, such as propane, natural gas, wood or kerosene. When humans breathe in carbon monoxide, it interferes with the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, leading to symptoms that can quickly change from uncomfortable to deadly.Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headache, nausea or vomiting, weakness, dizziness, mental confusion, loss of muscle control, unconsciousness and eventually death. Severe poisoning can lead to permanent brain or heart damage that sometimes shows up weeks after other symptoms have improved.If a farmer experiences symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning or if the carbon monoxide detector alarm sounds, he or she should immediately leave the building, get to fresh air and call 911, Field said.For more information about preventing carbon monoxide exposure on the farm, visit https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/co-comp/, or contact Field at 765-494-1191 or field@purdue.edu.last_img read more

Google Wave Use Cases: Education

first_imgGoogle Wave is a much hyped new Internet-based communications and collaboration platform. It was announced at the end of May, released as a ‘Preview’ product shortly after and 100,000 more invites were made available at the end of September.Early users reported mixed feelings. But one month after Google Wave was opened to tens of thousands of people, how are people using it now? What use cases are being discovered? Let’s start with the education sector. We’ll explore other use cases in upcoming posts.What is Google Wave Again?A quick reminder of what Google Wave is. In a nutshell, Google Wave is a new form of real-time communications. Google describes it as “equal parts conversation and document.” In our first ‘hands-on’ post at the beginning of June, we described it as “real-time email with a big dose of IM built-in” – although we noted that “this only describes a small part of what Wave can do.” In a recent CNN profile, Wave creators Lars and Jens Rasmussen described it as making email “collaborative and instant.”Wave in ClassAfter searching some public ‘waves,’ we came across an educational wave. Entitled ‘Wave in Class,’ this wave was started by Loren Baum (a self-described “collaborative learning enthusiast” and graduate student at Ben Gurion University) and Sam Boland (a Politics student and “Tech Enthusiast” at Occidental College, Los Angeles). The wave was started to explore concepts like “Collaborative Note Taking” and “Wave as a Debate Host.” Nearly 100 people are included in the wave, ranging from teachers to PhD students to IT professionals to high school students. richard macmanus Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Tags:#Features#Google#NYT#Product Reviews#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Manny Guendulay responded that “reading those notes and participating in the collaboration of those notes hold totally different of levels of thinking.” He argued that “the person simply reading the notes (passively learning) has no chance to perform at the same level as someone who helped collaborate (active learning) on those notes, or even watched and read along while they were being created.” In other words, engaging with Google Wave – and the Web in general in fact – will lead to smarter, better performing students. That sounds reasonable to us, but time will tell for both Google Wave and Wolfram Alpha on that score.ConclusionOverall, it is clear that Google Wave has potential to be very useful in the education system, particularly as a real-time collaborative note-taking tool. Three students experimented with just that in a lecture; the resulting notes were said to be “more complete” than if Wave hadn’t been used.If you’re interested in exploring other education waves, check these out:Higher Ed Directory (meta)Software Roles in Education – a structured, goal driven exploration Wave for Notes – about note taking Student-side Class Management: a Wave template 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market This particular wave was framed at the start as being “a set of collaborative documents, supported by a chat.”As a note-taking tool, Samuel Boland wrote that “there appears to be a concensus that this [Google Wave] will work as a note-taking tool, the only disagreement is over how to implement it.” Options for note-taking include voluntary extra-curricular groups, rotating in-class groups and small in-class groups.A few users enthused later in the wave that “Google Wave combines a lot of the best features from different applications” – but with a real-time twist.It was noted that while Google Docs can be used to share notes and collaborate on assignments, with Google Wave students can collaborate in real-time. This could be important in education for things like notetaking, asking questions (a.k.a. a backchannel) and collaborative projects. Another feature of Wave that would be useful for education purposes, according to this 100-person wave, is the play-back ability – “so instructors can see exactly who did what, and see the progression of ideas.”Will Wave Make Students Lazy?One concern that seemed to pop up several times in the wave was that Google Wave could make it too easy for lazy students to get by. As Justin Neitzey succinctly put it: “I don’t think kids should be allowed piggy back off the work of others.” This is a similar concern that some in the education system had with Wolfram Alpha, another innovative Web tool that is set to change the way education is delivered. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Apple’s Debt to Jailbreakers Grows as Hacker Finds iOS Security Flaw

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Apple#security#web High-profile jailbreak developer pod2g has uncovered what he calls a “severe” security flaw in iOS that allows people to spoof SMS text messages. Note to Apple HR: Hire this guy immediately.An Open Invitation to HackersThe issue, as pod2g explains it, has to do with a piece of data that’s included in every text message. In what’s known as the user data header, there’s an option to swap out a different reply-to number. This allows hackers to spoof texts as they do email messages. “In a good implementation of this feature, the receiver would see the original phone number and the reply-to one,” pod2g writes. “On iPhone, when you see the message, it seems to come from the reply-to number, and you loose track of the origin.”This loophole could be used to spoof for any variety of  purposes, from pranks among friends to phishing bank account details from unsuspecting iPhone owners. Surprisingly, there haven’t been any major reports of this exploit being used, even though apparently it has been present in iOS for years. Why Apple Needs JailbreakersWhat would Apple do without hackers like pod2g? His discovery is just the latest example of how Apple has benefited from the efforts of the jailbreak community. The community of developers who specialize in jailbreaking iOS are constantly doing huge favors for the company, free of charge. Nonetheless, Apple’s relationship with jailbreakers is complicated. On one hand, the company discourages users from jailbreaking their devices by voiding their warranties and, until recently, took a hard line against developers who produce jailbreak software, going so far as to accuse them of being in league with drug dealers and terrorists. On the other, more than a few features developed by jailbreak developers have found their way into iOS over the last few years. Notification Center, one of iOS 5’s biggest enhancements, was evidently borrowed from a feature previously available only in Cydia, the digital storefront of unauthorized iOS apps and tweaks. Not only has Apple lifted features from the jailbreak community; it has brought a few jailbreakers into the fold, too. Nicholas Allegra, the hacker better known as Comex, ceased development on his widely popular JailbreakMe tool last summer when Apple hired him. A few months earlier, Peter Hajas, the programmer who created the aforementioned overhaul of iOS notifications, started working in Cupertino himself. Four former jailbreakers have landed jobs with Apple to date.Apple hasn’t responded publicly to pod2g’s latest findings, but all eyes will be on the iOS team to see if this flaw is fixed ahead of the public debut of iOS 6.  Related Posts center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market john paul titlowlast_img read more

₹3 lakh compensation for death of pregnant woman

first_imgThe Odisha Human Rights Commission has directed the State government to pay a compensation of ₹3 lakh to a man whose pregnant wife died because of the negligence of the doctors at the district headquarters hospital, Subarnapur.The victim, Reetanjali Sahu from Takarla village in Subarnapur, was left to be handled by a nurse despite a doctor diagnosing earlier in the day that her baby’s heartbeat had stopped in the womb.Taking a strong exception to the “nonchalant approach” of the doctors, leading to the death of the young mother, OHRC acting chairperson Justice B.K. Mishra directed the authorities to realise the compensation from the salary of two negligent doctors.Left unattendedReetanjali was admitted to the hospital on May 22, 2016, and examined by Dr. Utkal Naik, a gynaecologist, the same evening. The doctor asked the attendants to wait and left for home.Around 11.44 p.m., Reetanjali gave birth to a stillborn baby. No doctor turned up to attend to her and only one staff nurse was present in the ward at that time.Reetanjali’s family members alleged that immediately after the delivery the staff nurse shifted her to the general ward although she was bleeding profusely. According to the complainant, Reetanjali’s mother, the doctor on emergency duty, Nanda Kishore Naik, did not pay any heed to the relatives’ plea to attend to the patient. The doctor claimed that said such type of bleeding was normal post-delivery.When the bleeding did not stop, Dr. Utkal Naik was called. He examined the patient at 2.45 a.m. on May 23 and declared her dead. Not a single doctor came to attend the critically ill patient for three hours. According to the inquiry conducted by the Chief District Medical Officer of Subarnapur, the patient died due to “severe pre-eclampsia with disseminated intravascular coagulation which occurs when a dead foetus remains inside the womb for some time”. After studying all reports, Justice Mishra came to the conclusion that Reetanjali had died as she could not get timely treatment.last_img read more