Why is Silicon Valley no longer the Mecca of venture capitalists The battle for talent is as hellish

fourth: promotional products also known as product blog marketing is an almost all ignore the problem is that there are many reasons to lead international entrepreneurs and top talents from shlf1314 to leave, and they set up their business park in other places. The main Silicon Valley believes itself to be the ideal place for all software developers. Under the background of Silicon Valley is well documented, the success of Paul · Graham wrote an article in which he urged the U.S. government to encourage the 95% Silicon Valley software giant, added to 5% has been stationed in Silicon Valley software company ranks. fifth: soft service also known as soft announcement, implantable advertising ? first: one of the most popular – advertising alliance blog has gone through the popularity of the 2005, experienced the rapid development in 2006, and now, blog status has been replaced by the SNS community and micro-blog. Today, the blog I’m talking about is not a BSP blog in the traditional sense, but an independent blog with independent domain names and space. with the growing global entrepreneurship Park, Silicon Valley should not just see the benefits of introducing talent, but also pay attention to the negative factors that make brain drain. But the development of Silicon Valley is very optimistic, so what time do we have to consider the dark side of these foreign businesses in Silicon Valley, technology and social commentary, from the technical level can help the interaction between independent bloggers and readers’ demands, more blog readers and stickiness, thus further increase from the horizontal to the blogger > later, the more difficult is that you have to endure unspeakable sense of doubt. If you’re trying to develop products and create jobs, try entering in Silicon Valley talent immigration, showing a domineering attitude, the specific performance allowed some people to come in, but the other people away. From my experience of building Skype’s 10 office locations in 16 time zones across the globe, it’s clear that what we need to do is to take the initiative to pursue top technology talent rather than watch out for brain drain. So when I saw Graham put forward in this paper the nuances, I felt refreshed, he wrote: "Silicon Valley in the introduction of talent issues, are too wishful thinking, the specific performance: we have a one-sided view, if we allow more top programmers to Silicon Valley, they will want to come." second: advertisers third: sell link note: Silicon Valley has become a mecca for global technology entrepreneurs. The world of science and technology talents and technology companies have to squeeze through the bridge, to the Silicon Valley agglomeration. But Silicon Valley is not as we imagine you want to reach, endure all kinds of suspicion and doubt. So, do you continue to go into Silicon Valley or choose to stay away from Silicon Valley? This question brings you another interesting point of view. is above some profits, but the reader to understand, in front of threeContinue reading

The process of building a station is endless

Although the to the Internet was exposed in 1997, also heard that the Internet can earn money, but he still don’t know how to make money through the network, and finally in 2007, some basic ways to make money online through a friend’s advice to know, and know the long net, and slowly began to feel a bit have a fever the road of the site. Of course, do not know how to make money to earn some money, regardless of the network location problem, or personal promotion, or a matter of time, on the road to the station for nearly a year, I also with all the webmaster, hard to walk! Sleep less, red eyes, even thinner. Although, did not make any money, but still in constancy kuzhongzuole, narcissism. Remember that is the late summer of 2007, neighbors (guide I started Wangzhuan road "culprit") to find me, and I talked about some of the things I was building the network, in the company is also responsible for the company’s website, which also has a point of interest, and know a lot of knowledge from him: CMS, SEO Google Adsense, union, etc., really convince me is the income he showed me his advertising every day! And a day is ten pieces or even dozens of pieces, but the real dollars! In addition to the network advertisement, he seems to have other sites to make money by charging a commission every day, there are one hundred or two hundred yuan income! Counted his day’s income is much higher than me a month’s wages! How can not let people like him? Life is my ideal life: you can not go to work, and Every day there are income, and can meet the needs of life and even there are savings! So I can free, take time in less than one year old to take care of my son, if there is time, you can also engage in my favorite photography ! because he has a server, free to provide me the space website, and because I love photography, photography from the first start! Do digital photography website! Perhaps the digital photography website I have features, or my poor promotion, Baidu hundred has been bad, the flow also has not been in addition to search! "Digital photography website" is still ranked in front of Baidu, "according to the input digital photography" can’t find my station! Most of the time one day is more than 100 IP, even now only a few IP, the server was attacked because he, later may be expired, but I believe enthusiasm have been unbelievable high, please yourself through the stationmaster net rented a virtual host to continue to adhere to, has also been the Baidu K, but later included! Though, but Flow less! Except that the domain name is pretty good, I to the station did not hold what confidence, but still insist! Some say persevering! I do not know that the status quo of the stick, orContinue reading

Win+apache under the home page open slow solution

has been busy installing server systems for the past few days, and has never been in touch with a server, a virtual host or a shared computer before. System providers are configured, as long as the upload files, you can run the web site. But the past few days or first contact. I chose the system is win2003+apache+php+mysql+zend+phpmyadmin., it is convenient to find a lot of installation tutorials, according to instructions, installation is not difficult. The problem is some trivial places that are not very clear, and make with it. , but upload website program, install, import data, found the home page is very slow, about 3 seconds after the home page all loaded finished, and the other pages are fast. Search for a long time, check the configuration can not find the reason. in the end what is the reason? Hard to find, suddenly thought of the web directory in the index.html file and index.php file, two exist. Then the Apache server which is read first? If it is to read the index.php, because the index.php is installed, since the installation had not executed index.php file, then go to the index.html file, then the read time will cause the page slow? I try the default page file sorting to index.html index.php, because the site is the PHP program, only to the two page document, so directly to the other default page file names. Indeed, web page open speed with the same page. summary: win+apache system website home page open speed ultra slow solution: set default home page file for your web site, default home page file for the first.

This is what the local gateway does

(Note: I witnessed a net Xiasha development in recent years, the local portal content, promotion, management and other aspects to talk about a regional portal development way shallow suggestions and opinions to share with you all, I hope everyone together to explore the local portal development. Discuss how to do the content of the local gateway, and then will gradually withdraw from other aspects of the discussion. ) introduction: if you in the world’s major search engine search "under the" "Xiasha net" "Xiasha real estate" and "Xiasha talent" with "Xiasha" and other related a series of keywords will be found, Xiasha network ranked the forefront. Up to now, Xiasha net day visits amount to more than 200 thousand, day IP amount more than 50 thousand, it is the first portal website of Xiasha area. several years of experience, they have done from the network of the entity service industry, based on Xiasha, diversified development, to build Xiasha service one-stop, in the Xiasha area to establish their own business empire. What are the factors that make the local portals become a reality step by step in their dreams?. website first impression must have a sense of belonging, Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone (Xiasha) built up after a large number of enterprises settled, the rapid economic development, but the new land there is no formal media to guide public opinion. The development of the development zone was blocked by information, and the exchanges between people were not timely. Xiasha was once regarded as a forgotten industrial place. Xiasha network is precisely found the inconvenience, landed here rooted. Originally founded by three Xiasha college students "e Lu Ya Ya campus network" developed, mainly sold some necessities. "E Lu Ya Ya campus" successfully opened, quickly spread in between the students, so the accumulation of popularity, every day there are a lot of users to issue purchase sale information, reached the City Trading effect. 04 years in March 18th "e Lu Ya Ya campus network" officially changed its name to Xiasha network. Buy sell information, open channel alone, changed to "Xiasha used"". to the current position, the secondary trading platform is still the largest area of the Xiasha Xiasha second-hand trading data, more than hundreds of daily, sell resale scope, including train tickets, bicycles, computer, mobile phone, MP3, water heater, TV and so on. in addition, Xiasha by more than 15 foreign entrepreneurs, in Xiasha basically rely on rental housing to solve the problem of accommodation, which naturally lead to Xiasha rental hot phenomenon. At this time, Xiasha network property channels came into being, the daily rental, sale of information as high as hundreds, almost accounted for more than 80% of the entire Xiasha housing information. Xiasha these two popular information services, so that users find a sense of belonging, but also led to the impact of Xiasha network throughout the region. Xiasha features a large amount of second-hand transactions and a large population of renters. What are your regional features? Take a fewContinue reading

Henan environmental protection industry has become a new industry

in the process of rapid economic development, our environment has been seriously damaged, for our human body caused a subtle influence. But the beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan, along with the green development concept deeply rooted in that fear of one-way thinking of environmental protection of economic development were abandoned and environmental protection has become the upgrading of traditional industries, environmental protection industry has become a new industry, and great potential, good momentum of rapid development. 9 month 26 days to 28 days, 2016 energy saving and environmental protection products of Central Plains Economic Zone Exhibition held in Zhengzhou, organized by the Henan provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association, attracted hundreds of units in more than and 10 countries and regions exhibitors, showcasing the latest achievements of energy saving and environmental protection technology, involving water pollution, air pollution treatment and disposal of solid wastes disposal. new technology to bring new momentum, the reporter found at the scene, many of the province’s environmental protection enterprises to bring new technologies, refreshing, with good prospects for development and market potential. "we are energy artist", this is my province engaged in the development and utilization of shallow geothermal energy saving technology company slogan ratttan. According to the company’s business staff Zhang Haojie introduced, with their patented technology, a 200 meter deep wells in a residential area, the installation of central air-conditioning heat energy, can make the temperature of the residents of the home in summer at about 24 DEG C, winter kept at about 20 DEG C, than the traditional air conditioning heating energy saving 40%~50%. At the same time, their "same well recharge technology" will not pollute the natural distribution of groundwater damage. At present, Anyang, Hebi, Puyang and other places have begun to use this patent. big data technology is a hot technology in recent years, and now began to apply in environmental protection. A province of industrial water treatment of environmental protection enterprises, in recent years, the introduction of large data technology in environmental protection services. Business personnel of the company Du Xueqing said, through the water treatment program on the installation of sensor nodes, the black box to the real-time monitoring data, and then use the network connection with the cloud platform, on the realization of the environmental protection facilities of intelligent remote operation. Hazardous waste, dust removal equipment, all smooth silver landfill power generation technology, environmentally friendly disposal technology in Tianchen environmental protection material…… Some of the province’s environmental protection enterprises in the forefront of the industry. Henan environmental protection industry has become a new industry? Rely on the support of new technologies, the majority of the people rely on the concept of environmental protection in place, so in the life of green development, as long as the determination to implement, everything is possible. At the same time, according to the provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association President Ma Fuli introduction, at present, the province’s environmental protection enterprises have nearly 2000, with the development of recent years, some of the company’s productsContinue reading

How to do a good job in the home textile store Christmas Market

  festival marketing is regarded as the best marketing opportunity, but also to create a traditional brand market radiation range of the moment. But how to use the holiday home textile brand marketing, the real win the user’s mental resources in order to achieve the user’s recognition of the concept of leather brand, which for each market people are a cruel task. Really can never win the number, the number of people relish will one day be refreshed. More attention should be paid to the concept behind the brand.

Indoor children’s paradise decoration style is very important

is now in the social life, many children are more love to some children’s Park to play, and parents are fond of taking the children to play, there are a lot of people to see the opportunities for investment, investment in indoor children’s playground to learn business, today we have to know about the investment indoor children’s playground renovation.

How much money to open the video game shop

our main business start-up, naturally need to take into account the issue of funds. After all, money is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. So, how much money to open the video game shop? This is a problem almost every one want in the video industry entrepreneurs have to consider, because for most entrepreneurs, capital is limited, so the limited funds range, you can open a video store? In fact, for the video store how much of this problem, the answer is certainly not the only, according to your different grades, different scale around the rent, the investment difference is very large, this article is mainly based on the size of the shop is different, divided into small and medium-sized shop stores and luxury stores three scale, are introduced. Entrepreneurs can use this as a reference. 1, small store (20 square meters area) video store not too large, so the small shop is currently the most video store form of investment, may be a corner of a computer inside the city a few counters around it, may also be a small residential area or around the pavement around the school, following their investments: rent and transfer fee: this part of the market in accordance with the different circumstances, the difference is very large, the rent is about 2000-5000, the transfer fee of about 0-10000 yuan between. The specific amount of investment is based on the actual situation of the local market. decoration: mainly including counters, sofas, chairs, TV, shop posters, as well as the layout of the wall, ceiling and so on, due to the shop is not large, generally about 20 thousand yuan to complete the renovation. first purchase: mainly including the current mainstream models as well as various types of host peripherals, software, etc., usually in the 3-4 million. working capital: more than 10 thousand of the recommendations can be used for business promotion, publicity, and to prevent the use of various types of emergency. Since the beginning of the business often requires an accumulation of the process, if there is no such peripheral funds, the problem will be difficult to cope with. 2, medium-sized stores (area 20-50 square meters) relative to the small shop, open shop business video store medium more flexible will, entrepreneurs can provide some demo space for consumers, especially the game is popular today, the demo can easily evoke the interest of consumers, but also can collocation animation together with its surrounding sales, expand the business scope, the following is the main investment situation: rent and transfer fees: the same according to the local market environment is different, the difference is very large, the rent is about 3000-8000 yuan between the transfer fee of about 0-15000 yuan. >

Investment to open a tea shop to do what plan

The so-called 360 line, adventure.has, regardless of success are likely to do what business, but we must make adequate planning and preparation in the process of joining the investment in the network today Xiaobian to open a tea shop as an example, tell you what to do plan to open a tea shop. A, industry analysis. To have a certain degree of understanding of the industry, do not just look at the surface of the phenomenon of thinking to do, or to see friends or others do well on the thought that they can do. There are some things that can’t be copied Some shops business is very prosperous, its management level you can do? Some stores are very high, can you do it? Some shops are very profitable, it has gone through a number of wind and rain, you know? The man is afraid of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong lang." This is the truth. When you analyze the basic trend of the industry and the market, the next step to prepare. two, analysis of their own. As the saying goes: the enemy, victorious! It’s not that easy to say here. 1, the first analysis of personal management ability, logistics ability, character, see if it is suitable when a shop owner. It’s very important. 2, second in assessment of their environment: one is the degree of family support; two is the economic ability (see how much can the investment, will not affect the other existing business or industry, not only do the tea shop to know tea can’t be eaten.) ;

Wang Nana incident investigation results released by the investigation of the incident, Wang Nana

19, Henan "Wang Nana false university" incident joint investigation team announced the conclusion of the investigation, the incident is true, 9 people were punished. The reason is "punishment to work irresponsible, not even a serious dereliction of duty of duty". However, the conclusion of the investigation or replace event is triggered debate: replacing single handedly fix it? If it is "through the intermediary to spend money to buy the index", then the so-called intermediary is how to get the "index"? Intermediary "index" and how can all the way? Don’t just drill existing "loopholes" management loopholes? This is the only way to buy indicators of behavior? Should not be held accountable? The

How to open a car beauty shop location

car beauty shop is now becoming more and more, many people want to engage in auto beauty shop investment. So, if you open a car beauty shop, then how the site is better? Xiao Bian introduced. choose the shop principle according to different target store types, because different types of shops, such as independent shop, shop, shop, shop and so on monolayer multilayer corresponding location principle, different. In any case, the following principles are general principles that should be considered: (1) has enough target customers. Including human flow, potential and realistic purchasing power. (2) has convenient traffic conditions. If the customer’s level belongs to the car race, then you should also consider the parking problem. (3) to facilitate the distribution of goods. For large commodities, commodity distribution, a large number of frequent goods store, this is particularly important. (4) can be achieved at a cost-effective price. It is not simply to consider, because in general, and the rent amount obtained from the address of the income is proportional to the. Economic considerations can not be a single item of cost expenditure or income, but should be the difference between the two. (5) local public security conditions are good. (6) public infrastructure complete. (7) neighbor store the address of the content, style and other aspects of the passenger flow will not store this system of contradictions and disharmony. (8) operating in the lot is in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations. is more than some of the car beauty shop site selection, I hope we can play a certain role in the help, only the choice of a good address, so shop in order to thrive, we need to pay more attention to.

2012 small entrepreneurial projects recommended

many people are looking for some small businesses, in the summer of 2012, the project is more popular, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend some simple. 2 million yuan to open the peanut square in the market, instant tofu room is already a very mature project, welcomed by the public, the profit is relatively stable. In fact, peanuts have the same potential for development, if you do a peanut square must be able to make money. 2 million bay leather maintenance shop

2015 suitable for people to start a few big projects

a good venture can be said to be successful people get rich first, especially in the modern society, the choice of a good project can be said to have become the first step of success, then Xiaobian for everyone to bring some good business and get rich items. 1, food and beverage industry: takeaway + hall mode popular

Edible oil brands list ten

speaking of edible oil, almost everyone will feel very familiar with, after all, every person’s life is not the lack of. It is precisely because of such a demand, will make the current edible oil market is more and more broad, the birth of a very high visibility of a very high brand. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce the ten major brands of edible oil brands, so that we have a better understanding of China’s edible oil market. common edible oil to vegetable oil, including corn oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil, heat olive oil etc.. Good oil can not only cook delicious things but also to protect the health of the human body. So choose a good oil related to the health of the whole family, now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce ten edible oil for reference. ten edible oil brand ranking NO.1, arowana arowana: is the world’s top 500 Wilmar’s famous brand of grain and oil, with excellent performance in Chinese arowana brand market, its parent company, Wilmar international since March 2012 topped the U.S. "fortune" magazine global food production industry the Most Admired Companies after topping. In July 2012 topped the "fortune" the world 500 strong 223. edible oil ten brands list: NO.2, Luhua Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong city of Laiyang, is a large private enterprise, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. edible oil ten brands list NO.3 and Fulinmen: COFCO Food Marketing Co. Ltd. was founded in January 2007, its predecessor is Shanghai Fulinmen Food Co. ltd.. COFCO Food Marketing Co. Ltd. is Chinese foodstuff (Group) Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, responsible for the overall investment in the domestic production of the "fortune", "universal", "marketing and brand operation, transaction color" and other series of kitchen food. edible oil ten brands list NO.4, MIGHTY:1992 standard Chinese force was established, and the creation of brand force. Sales of high-end products related to health edible oil, Chongdiao nutrition, snacks and other diversified products. edible oil ten brands list NO.5, orchid peanut oil ten brands, Chinese large vegetable oil processing enterprises in oil plant group and Qingdao joint venture, Kerry oil (Qingdao) Co., ltd.. edible oil ten brands list NO.6, Shengzhou: in 1993, Fujian province famous brand, Fujian famous brand, high-tech enterprises, large edible oil production enterprises in Fujian Province, Xiamen Zhongsheng grain and Oil Group Co. ltd.. top ten brands of edible oil

What is the name of the beauty salon skills

do a good job of the name of the shop, for the development of the entire store is critical. For this reason, now the major investors will be so attached to the name of the shop. However, for many investors, the shop name is not good to do. To this end, Xiaobian for you to introduce the name of the beauty salon tips. So, what is the name of the beauty salon skills? named by nickname or slang in fact, many foreign brands are to name as the name basis, and in Chinese, to name names do have some, such as Wang Zhihe, but this naming method is not suitable for the shop floor. What are the names of beauty salons? It is best to use the nickname little store, or say, it can highlight the name of intimacy, to attract customers. For example, the small Iraq candy house, selling some cute little things or snacks, can make people feel affinity. beauty salon named what skills? Also let a person feel friendly and known, like Tianjin’s "Goubuli", Chongqing’s "strange taste" and so on, this kind of name, although it sounds very vulgar, but it is the most homely, the name of the district is amiable and easy of approach, if mixed commercial and residential type, then there will be a lot of customers need some of this homely food, life sundry goods and so on. use homophonic idioms or phrases name This method named is a very tricky method named. What are the names of beauty salons? The use of homophonic words or idioms to people with the attributes of the commodity and commodity characteristics, as the name of the store. For example, the bottom of the sea floor, to discuss their own. "The decoration sector" business shells, coral jewelry, the name is that the operation of the business but also points out the types and scope of business, at the same time, it sounds very pleasing to the ear, is threefold. "for his brilliant" is more clever, to hear its name will doubt, hate yourself? Why is this? Look at the word and will only see light suddenly, think overwhelmed with admiration for. "To discuss their own" means to make their own beautiful, beautiful meaning, there is a kind of "Yue himself," the noble sense. At the same time, listen to the name can probably know, this is a business of jewelry, cosmetics, clothing of this kind of dress goods store, so as to deepen the impression of. The advantages of – type boast his show to others beauty salon named what skills? This is called a promotion, especially their business philosophy into a customer name, convey information. For example, an office building in Chongwenmen is a wedding company with "honest to win" as a prefix, to show my sincere hospitality business philosophy, obviously than the other name of a heavy meaning. >