Rival Amazon electricity supplier website Jet has such a coup to save money

NetEase Francisco Beijing on July 22nd news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the United States with on-line membership business website Jet, it is most concerned about the outside world allegedly to help consumers save money and reduce the sensible strategy in the future a substantial loss for several months"". local time Monday "Wall Street journal headline reports, this is known as the Amazon will kill the electricity supplier website Jet is planning to invest $300 million in the next five years to support a shopping overseas project. The site’s "special" service has created a misconception that the site already has thousands of items on sale. In fact, it is reported that if a customer intends to buy goods in short supply, then Jet or the site cooperative retailer will secretly go to other websites to buy back. When the Jet during the erection of their own products, this service still need the help of Amazon dozens of product categories, in this way, the start-up site must bear the freight cost more and pay a higher cost of goods into commodities. in order to save money, according to Jet CEO Mark · (Marc Lore); rolle, Jet employees on behalf of the customer in other sites under the orders, through the link to a roaming can get the Commission website to buy again later. ‘s online affiliate marketing is the key. Online merchants to create such a program to promote cooperation website will link goods pushed to the customer, if the user clicks the link and the successful purchase of a commodity, so the website can get the appropriate amount of cooperation commission. , for example, a blog published a book containing the Amazon link, and the blog readers click on the link inside and the successful purchase of the book, then the Amazon will pay a commission to the blogger. Jet itself sells goods, but when customers want to buy elsewhere, Jet also has hundreds of affiliate links on other sites. , which is called Jet Anywhere, can also return earned commissions to members in the form of "Jet Cash". Members can use it directly as a shopping Cash – similar to the rebate site Ebates. so, Jet Anywhere is a website that helps members to get back the discounts they can’t make in Jet. "It gave them another reason to spend $50 a month on a registered member," he says." or some retailers worry that Jet’s online marketing program exists to buy goods through brokers when retailers are unaware of it. That is, customers can visit their stores directly, but Jet guides them to the member links and buys them, so that the commissions are gone. press >

Webmaster, how much do your attitudes and skills account for

now domestic 80% grassroots webmaster are doing three things, show off yourself, confused, ask for food and clothing. What kind of person do you belong to in front of the computer screen, ? in fact, before writing this article, I have always wanted to find a breakthrough point, and we discuss how to solve the grassroots webmaster widespread criticism, it was said to do stand is very simple, the operation model sets right, you can profit. But I do not think so, I think the fundamental reason is that grassroots webmaster can not "sustained effective self motivation."". I would like to ask you, if you have ideas for the operation of the perfect, and perfect technology, is not really able to do a monthly income of 100 thousand? Or are, technology, is the lack of action, it is the source power of grassroots webmaster can not continue to self motivation. And what this article wants to talk about is the grass-roots station stationmaster how effective self motivation. if a sustained and effective nonprofit site, attitude and skills, I asked many people before they say attitude accounted for 80%, accounted for 20%. There is a skill, a very funny friend told me, he said the attitude skills accounted for 99%, accounted for 1%, in fact I am not, I think the grassroots webmaster to rise, attitude accounted for 100%, someone will ask me, don’t that skill? Otherwise, in fact, skills also accounted for 100%, I think the webmaster to rise, attitude and skill also needs to be accounted for 100%, accounting for 100%, indispensable!How does make sure that his attitude is 100%? first of all, I would like to read this article for you and ask yourself a few questions. If the answer is YES, then add 20 points, and if you answer NO, then no bonus. 1., do you have problems and setbacks, do you act right now? 2., you are always "I must", for example, I must make 100 thousand yuan next month." 3. when your website continued stable profit, whether you can do a follow up a victory with hot pursuit, ? 4., do you work as a webmaster for your family? 5., do you get up every morning, whether you are wondering how your site should be improved, how to profit? ? friends who have answered the question, if you score 100 points, that means you don’t have a problem with your attitude. if less than 100 points, then read on. just asked the question, I believe you also know what I am trying to figure out what you psychology. if you don’t succeed yet, and you’re still upset about your food and clothing, then ten to one is your attitude. if a person has a problem with his attitude, even if he gives you a perfect plan and gives you perfect technical support, you won’t be able to make a profit. well, if you’ve got these attitudes, let’s talk about skills, what skills? I think >

Fangshan joined has the characteristic

in our lives, for the selection of features to join the food project, has been a very strong choice. I heard Fangshan to join the project, is very distinctive choice. The quality of entrepreneurship Fangshan project, small business preferred. Fangshan joined the agency, Fangshan court dishes about 800 species, among them, Jin Chanyubao, a tail of shark’s fin, bird’s nest with prawns, save oil fish, chicken and other palace offer the most distinctive name slipped; point pea, Kidney Bean Rolls, small head, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork etc.. Fangshan’s most famous dish is "manhanquanxi". Manhanquanxi the mountain, sea bird, eight eight eight, grass and other valuable raw materials by eight, stew stew techniques such as barbecue and Han Manchu, Hui is the essence, the North-South style rich and colorful, splendid. Complete Manhanquanxi need 4 to 6 meals out. In order to meet the needs of guests, the restaurant launched the "Manhanquanxi selection menu", so that guests can enjoy the exquisite characteristic meal feast. Fangshan joined the agency, Fangshan in dozens of years of operation, has always maintained a palace flavor characteristics. In order to exploit the palace dishes, Fangshan sent several trips to the Imperial Palace Museum, sorting out hundreds of dishes Qian Long, Guangxu years in numerous imperial archives. Fangshan agent, Fangshan services focus on standard and flexible combination, formed their own service characteristics. The Fangshan yuan with the former royal life, and the restaurant is located in the royal gardens, so many dishes have exquisite name allusions, many pavilions Gallery plaque has a history of calligraphy and painting, the banquet waiter tacty say, often make the guest with fun. restaurant often receive state banquets and undertake the large-scale banquet. Foreign dignitaries received the heads of state and former US President Nixon, Secretary of state Kissinger · Schultz, former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, Ohira Masakata, former British Prime Minister Heath, former president of Philippines Marcos, the Cambodian President Sihanouk and Song Shuang, Josepan, Italy bin nun, former Prime Minister Craxi, former president of Malta, Barbara, the former Secretary General of Waldheim. with the choice of brand stores for consumers to join the project, is a very wise choice. Join the Fangshan Restaurant? Advantages, brand strength. Less investment costs, but very good profit margins. Join the Fangshan, it is worth joining!

Alternative pet derivative business opportunities

pets become an opportunity to get rich, which is very common in the current era, the number of operators is also increasing. However, in addition to traditional pets, alternative pets began to enter the vision of a lot of people, it also derived a wealth of opportunities to help more investors to achieve the goal of getting rich. friends, a man suddenly took out a green Thailand Physignathus, on the head show up, scared some girls screamed; office, a "small white-collar" all eyes staring at the transparent glass bottle on the desk, because there are ants holes…… in fact, this scene is becoming more and more common around us. In addition to leading lizards, ants, spiders, including green snake, mice, pigs and even steal oil po". In the offbeat pet shop, their names are called: hamster, pig, American cockroach. These small animals that make ordinary people feel creepy, are now becoming some of the personality and enjoy the appreciation of alternative pets. At the same time, also created a new business opportunities. Yuzhong District People’s Park in the depths of the alley, Miss Shi and her partners are from the alternative to the pet to start this alternative business. more than a year ago, Miss Shi was an offbeat pet lover and breeders, she is the trustee from the field back to a length of about 1 meters of the small green snake, when friends, take out of play, or frighten others, each time the results can stimulate the interest of everyone. and others often ask her where to buy, there are friends often play while asked curiously, want to also have a green snake, out at any time to show off a. This allows Miss Shi sprouted the idea of doing alternative pet business. Last year, she and her friends in the people’s Park under the disc of a pet shop, began to engage in alternative pet business. Miss Shi said, advocating modern fashion and individuality, the pursuit of love fresh and exciting, dogs and cats are rare, only like spiders, scorpions, breeding lizards, pythons, hamsters and other mysterious animal, in order to cater to the psychology of their. Moreover, the current market in Chongqing, the sale of this kind of alternative pet shop is not much, if you can find the price is not expensive, not demanding on the breeding conditions of alternative pets, we will be able to get their own market in Chongqing. After the opening of the alternative pet shop, it is confirmed that Shi Shi prior to the judgment of the market, a number of young people in the alternative pet rush, sales situation is very good (Figure). But she did not expect that some older people are not as interested in these alternative pets. Miss Shi Shi recalls that there is an old lady in Qijiang has purchased five in this store >

A stone Yiguo multi join advantage

as a modern Hot pot of delicious, delicious flavor has been attractive, Hot pot market has always been the hot field of investment business, one stone Yiguo selected materials, carey cooked, for consumers to bring the wonderful experience. since the reform and opening up, the development is very rapid, has been the main force of China’s food and beverage industry, mainly due to: 1. it is a cultural Hot pot pot is brass, the fire is red, the bottom of the pot is China for thousands of years of history the food cooked, add various food which is new and fresh, can exist in the pot at the same time, a variety of flavor sauce is mixed, taste is various, when you can eat Hot pot choose your favorite. One stone Yiguo join? The characteristics of Hot pot on behalf of the diet food culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of heavy, also reflects the modern China open, inclusive, unity of thought. China’s hot pot culture is the country, but also the national culture. 2. it’s eating, taste diversification, there are levels, can be flexible change fresh. Using different methods of fresh ingredients wok, the purpose is to ensure that the bottom of the pot soup is fresh and fragrant. With the addition of a variety of fresh food, whether vegetables, mushrooms, meat, to ensure the freshness of food. Hot pot with fire, fire, fire, gas or alcohol fire, or other fuels, in the process of proper grasp of diners eating cooked food is delicious guarantee. hot. First of all, the hot pot from the following hot pot heating, followed by a source of hemp pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and other raw materials to add. The right amount of food with a modest amount of cooking achievements of the hot pot, so that the instant cooked food, which is the secret of Shabu shabu. the word for a moderate taste. Eat the most worried about is Tastes differ all tastes., but Hot pot solves this problem. As a result of the hot pot from the bottom of the spicy taste, taste distinction is very thin, and the most important thing is the uniqueness of hot pot utensils, he has a small pot, the bottom of the pot. The pot bottom is divided into a mandarin duck pot and three or more pots. So many people at the same time, you can choose to eat their favorite taste, so eat more satisfied. A stone Yiguo easy to enjoy. Chinese people are family oriented, generally like collective life, and family reunion. China has thousands of years of food culture, diet has become a way of life, life, work is an important means of communication. Especially in family life, communication between each other is optional, so the family dinner is also more concerned about a casual, relaxed, lively way. And the rise of hot pot culture is positive

The total cost of joining cross-strait coffee business

today Xiaobian to recommend for everyone is the coffee chain brand in the heavy item – Cross Strait coffee, want to join the coffee shop friends this will be a good choice. Here’s a small series I come together to understand the brand! on both sides of Zhejiang food chain Co., Ltd. by the well-known female entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, Ms. Jin Meiyang for the pursuit of greater ideals and better coffee service concept, the establishment of the coffee chain. The implementation of multi brand strategy: cross-strait coffee A Well-Known Trademark in China "cross-strait coffee" is a world famous joint venture brand restaurant chain, in addition to Kaka King steak restaurant, on both sides of the wooden orchid Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant. "cross-strait coffee" in 2008 was ranked first in the world of investment banking, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises "Goldman Sachs Group" and "Wahson investment" favor, invest more than 200 million yuan, the "cross-strait coffee" have rich human resources and strong financial strength, determined to more perfect enterprise architecture, more pragmatic business philosophy, to create a Chinese belongs to his own coffee Western-style food chain brand. "cross-strait coffee" future development blueprint has been drawn up four distinct purpose, the layout of the regional development plan of progress, including in Hangzhou as the center of the East China region, with Wuhan as the center of the central region, with Tianjin as the center of the North China, and Chongqing as the center of the western region, "the two sides will be in the coffee" within two years of the Hangzhou headquarters of the central kitchen, training school, coffee factory and logistics distribution system, Wuhan, copied to Tianjin and Chongqing three central city, and nearby surrounding areas to do food, taste, service consistency and standardization, health service. "cross-strait coffee" has been successy operating coffee restaurant, Teppanyaki, wood of blue Huaishi food catering brand number, is expected in ten years according to the company’s shop plans to complete the 5000 "cross-strait coffee restaurant" chain planning, provide convenient national chain business casual platform for all domestic success business people, and hope and identity "around the country on both sides of the coffee" successful experience and mode of operation of the investors together to work together to create one of the Chinese their coffee chain Western-style food national brand ! the national chain of "cross-strait coffee restaurant" sincerely welcome you to join and coming! so how much would you like to invest in the brand? How much is the cross-strait coffee join fee? cross strait coffee to join the cost: join fee 160 thousand yuan /4 years (Note: chartered to obtain the franchise for four years) margin 50 thousand yuan (Note: contract expires)

Our city will add more than 20 roads

In March 3rd, the reporter visited the city’s "smooth Xining" three year action plan for tackling the key construction project of Huangshui waterway (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road) West Street viaduct, the Huangshui River Bridge, Delingha Road (bridge) road project site. Although the chill, but heavy traffic on the construction site, be in full swing, a good school shocking scene construction. It is understood that in the end of February, our city road project has been opened. By the end of the year there will be more than 20 roads completed.

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to carry out the protection of trademark law enforcemen

in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial, Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, the city’s industrial and commercial bureau from May 29th onwards, in the region to carry out the protection of trademark rights enforcement action. branch Party attaches great importance to this action, timely call connection, director meeting and all the staff meeting to convey the higher spirit of the document, extensive mobilization, and set up to the Secretary for the head of the leading group, elaborate organization, careful arrangements. First, to increase publicity, through information and news reports and other forms of propaganda and law enforcement, deter criminals. Two is the unity of thinking, enhance understanding, overcome difficulties, so that the surface of the inspection and dig dens combined, expanding the results. The three is for the production and sale of counterfeit goods more and more features, hidden benefit by mutual discussion to research countermeasure. The four is to communicate with the enterprise, timely grasp the enterprise commodity information, market dynamics. Five linkage, as soon as possible, give full play to the "two stops" and the role of the community to take a variety of forms, a comprehensive inspection and remediation. the evening of May 31st and June 1st at noon, bureau dispatched vehicles 10 times, more than 40 times, the area of 50 shopping mall (supermarket) and tobacco stores were examined, seized suspected counterfeit "mutual aid" 2 bottles of wine, "wuliangchun wine 16 bottles, 14 bottles of wine," Wuliangye "," Silk Road the rain of flowers "4 bottles of wine. (correspondent Chi Ping)  

Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder of the safety of rice dumplings food safet

China’s Traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, dumplings consumption has entered a peak period, the provincial food and Drug Administration tips: consumers in the purchase, storage, cooking and eating dumplings, should pay attention to three aspects. is a complete license through shopping malls, supermarkets and food stores and save the corresponding proof of purchase, to see the related logo on the packaging, such as production date, shelf life, name and address of the producer, composition or list of ingredients, food additives, food production license number and other identification is complete; check whether the package is complete or vacuum packing leaks up bag, bulk dumplings are not bad; do not buy no name and address, production date and shelf-life of the product, do not buy more than the shelf life of the product. two is for vacuum packaging and quick-frozen dumplings, after the purchase in accordance with the label shown in the way of preservation, and in accordance with the labeling method of edible food processing. Pay attention to the amount of bulk dumplings to buy, it is best to eat now buy, to avoid dumplings deterioration. Raw and cooked dumplings separate storage, open dumplings placed at room temperature shall not exceed 2 hours. three is to wash hands before eating, chilled or frozen dumplings too, to be thoroughly heated, repeated heating leftover dumplings do not, do not eat fillings have been sour, bitter taste or not is dumplings. recently, the province’s food and drug administration departments to carry out special sampling dumplings, found that a lot of commercial sterility of the dumplings are not up to the standard and the detection of sweeteners, honey and sodium saccharin. Acesulfame-K and saccharin sodium is a synthetic sweetener commonly used, but not for dumplings, if consumers buy dumplings dumplings and production units to food safety problems, food and drug supervision and management departments can call to report complaints telephone 12331.  

Xining municipal government executive meeting two new initiatives to promote slow blocking Paul chan

The morning of October 31st, Xining mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government executive meeting on the fifty-third, the city Department of transportation, Municipal Propaganda part submitted the "Xining slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the intelligent transportation construction plan", "Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling traffic civilization construction 2015-2017 Year Plan" were considered. Two programs from the improvement of the construction of hardware facilities and civilized behavior to guide the development of transport, will promote the effective implementation of the Xining slow blocking Paul Chang plan action.According to the

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to participate in the national pig slaughtering industry managem

To implement the Food Safety Commission Office of the State Council "food safety education outline (2011-2015)" and "national pig slaughtering industry development plan (2010-2015)", raising livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management level of business enterprise and slaughtering of livestock and poultry meat safety responsibility consciousness, strengthen standardization, standardization, branding industry the idea of development, July 19th to 20, the Ministry of Commerce in Baotou city hosted the national management of pig slaughtering industry and large-scale pig slaughtering enterprises responsible for training, training more than 200 people. Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Xining Zhang (industrial) Group Co., Ltd., Xining Xinyuan meat slaughtering companies to participate in large-scale slaughter enterprises. On the training course, the Ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center Professor Fang Fang on the national pig slaughtering industry audit work significance, laws and regulations, procedures and standards of the audit work, 3 large-scale slaughtering enterprises were presented on behalf of the enterprise management practice experience and the audit work of the. Through this training, the management personnel of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses slaughtering industry in our city (factory) set requirements and audit standard had the further understanding, laid the foundation for the city to do the slaughtering of livestock and poultry industry audit work, and promote the city of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management standardization and institutionalization. (author: Gu Yan)

Shandong college students enjoy tax deductions and micro credit policy

to promote and support college students to start their own businesses, the Shandong provincial government to implement the preferential policies for their own college students, unemployed college students can enjoy three years of tax incentives to support preferential policies. to support business students, proposed recently in Shandong Province, college graduates hold "unemployment registration certificate" in the year of graduation (graduate of the natural years, from January 1st to December 31st) engaged in self-employed, minus the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and personal income tax 3 years 8000 yuan per household per year in order to limit. Shandong, the future will focus on Colleges and universities for college students and graduates of college graduates within a period of 5 years, the implementation of the students start to lead the program, guided and led a large number of entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial ability of college students in employment through entrepreneurship. " 12th Five-Year" period, Shandong each districts will set up at least 1 students in business incubator has a certain scale of college business park and more than 1 of a certain size, the county (city, district) and universities have set up undergraduate poineering garden or incubator. Shandong Province, said the colleges and universities each year to arrange a certain amount of funds to support college students to start their own businesses, encourage and support college students to carry out their own entrepreneurial activities. From January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, college graduates founded on annual taxable income of less than 30 thousand yuan (including 30 thousand yuan) of small-scale enterprises, the income by 50% included in taxable income and pay enterprise income tax at the rate of 20%. in addition, the Shandong provincial government also proposed to meet the requirements of the business students who can apply for small business loans in the local, can get a maximum of 2 years in small loans up to $100 thousand, of the partnership and organized employment, according to the actual needs of the loan amount is increasing. To apply for small loans in low profit projects, by the factual full discount. related recommendations

What are the advantages of pizza

new year home with something good? Pizza is a small gift to bring home this year. Of course, a small token bearing is deep feelings of homesickness. Today, our topic is this little pizza. Western fast food among the pizza snacks, with unique taste, attracted the majority of Chinese consumers. Is pizza, well-known brand, the Italy production technology, well cooked a delicious pizza snack, let everyone enjoy the delicious feast sinseong hoe. So join the project, as long as the investment of several million yuan, easy to create. venture capital to open a pizza shop, you have to find a brand project with investment potential. Pizza is jiamengfei? Is pizza franchise? Brand culture has a long history and famous products, authentic taste, leisurely hot, huge market. Now put a few million yuan of funds, a simple shop, sitting on the wealth of business opportunities. How much do you charge for a pizza? Let’s have a look at it! is the pizza franchise fee: is off the pizza handmade, raw materials imports, good fruit quality, taste very good, memorable. Venture capital to open such a pizza shop, learn the production process technology, we can bring you the quality assurance of pizza snacks, easy to earn pizza food profits. what are the advantages of pizza pizza one, the international brand, the public more recognized pizza is always a guest endorsement of food, not only by Western consumers, but also very popular in china. Through the continuous innovation, the standard of market changes, continue to provide our partners with new ideas, new models, new products, new sources of profit. Among the many international pizza brands, positive pizza in the hearts of consumers has been among the best. two, based on the direct shop, training talent company management experience, after joining, can rely on these experience shop. Management experience is pizza China headquarters has many years of training, training system and standard system has a complete, systematic training of students by trained staff have many years of pizza restaurant management experience. The company for the students to be a combination of theory and practice of the training mode, (appointed by the headquarters manager, chef, long-term resident of actual work, training within 12 months), to ensure the efficient management and operation of chain store. is joining the pizza, as well as various training to reduce the difficulty of entrepreneurs shop. The training system is divided into three parts: the general staff training, management training, manager training, basic knowledge training covers the opening and operating is pizza pizza, including staffing, equipment maintenance.

How to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business

Many entrepreneurs, many people want to through the way of changing our current situation, but many people still have a blind spot for entrepreneurship, more and more people joined the army of entrepreneurship now, many people gain wealth and experience in the business, is a very successful business people, but also some people in the road came a cropper, lose no loss of capital. This is likely to break into a number of errors in the business, in order to let everyone in the business less detours, and we talk about how to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business. understand the status and development prospects of the industry to join any industry has its own law of development, from rise to decline. What time to enter the industry and what form of business strategy, to a large extent determines the success of entrepreneurship. The development of an industry can be roughly divided into: cognitive stage, primary development stage, rapid development stage, peak stage, decline stage. to assess their own operational capabilities to join or venture, you must conduct a careful assessment of their own operating capacity, at the same time figuring out how to manage the project you want to join, you must have the ability to operate. The key factor in the success of ‘s business is your desire for success, which is the belief in success. successful entrepreneurs of everyone, have a firm belief and even the cause of faith. Only with this excellent quality, in the business on the road, Buweijianxian, ready to challenge themselves, to break through the self, the ultimate success. Many entrepreneurs often underestimate the difficulty of running a shop, a shop did not think what, in fact the store is small but complete, require operators to have more comprehensive management and marketing ability, only with a passion and impulse, it is difficult to succeed. Entrepreneurs must have the basic qualities of entrepreneurs, to have a protracted war preparations. set up a correct concept of joining, recognize their real needs. I asked a lot of joining the losers, why did you start the business did not succeed? The answer is 80%, because the product problem. I asked them: "you have so many places in the store, they do not have the product, why not make money, or even a lot of failures?" in the current competitive environment, the product alone is impossible to win. Now ask yourself: in the "price war" flying all over the sky, products serious homogenization situation, how do you manage their stores and eventually win? If they do not have this ability, then choose the one with such ability brand, business success rate some high. if you want to start, first of all to recommend distraction

Business needs to maintain a good attitude

modern society, if you want to make a fortune, light by working that money is not enough, can only solve the problem of food and clothing, but most of it is to save money to live under the pressure of a mortgage. Entrepreneurship is a way to change the fate of business, but doing business is actually a very difficult thing, you need to learn a lot of things, in addition, do business also need to maintain a good state of mind.

How to master the operating skills of KTV franchise stores

KTV is one of the most common places of entertainment and leisure in our life, and friends always like to communicate with KTV. Invest in a style KTV stores but very important. How to open? This problem has been hanging in the ear, but not a unified and exact answer, in fact there is no answer, no answer is the answer, only continuous exploration, practice, management and methods will have good, Xiao Bian today will guide you to any implementation of these three steps. no matter what projects on the market, entrepreneurs in the business when properly the project marketing strategy, then the project in a tough market is good business, for entrepreneurs, but also conducive to the development of this project. Although this issue is very important for entrepreneurs, but the specific needs from what aspects are not very important to each other. Below, we have for the style KTV stores business to do marketing strategy has made the following analysis. Two stages of , a style of KTV development: A, hard pioneer stage. The early opening stage is hard, and money shortage, at this time we have to face many difficulties, so this time we should take the excellent service, reputation, lay a good foundation after the opening of the quality, for future work to pave the way for. B, development stage. In the early stage of the establishment of a good marketing offensive, the attack on the best defense, the use of marketing tools, occupation of the market. The two stage, two style KTV Management: A, fuzzy management stage. Business style KTV stores were not clear early on several management, only by virtue of experience, so we need strict management measures, make specific measures and steps for everything, for the future management position. B, quality management phase. Opened after a period of time, the basic division of management, and gradually has been clear, at this time, we must adopt the positioning system management, system management orientation of every thing, in strict accordance with the regulations, in order to facilitate management. three, in the management of these are in place, to serve vertical quality, quality vertical image, and finally to the image of the vertical brand!! to be honest, style KTV stores the main emphasis that layout of the environment, pay attention to the taste, so the design of the environment accounted for sixty percent, location services accounted for twenty percent, accounted for ten percent, a good management also have played a big role, remember that no rules no Cheng Fangyuan, so what are.