A stone Yiguo multi join advantage

as a modern Hot pot of delicious, delicious flavor has been attractive, Hot pot market has always been the hot field of investment business, one stone Yiguo selected materials, carey cooked, for consumers to bring the wonderful experience.

since the reform and opening up, the development is very rapid, has been the main force of China’s food and beverage industry, mainly due to:

1. it is a cultural

Hot pot pot is brass, the fire is red, the bottom of the pot is China for thousands of years of history the food cooked, add various food which is new and fresh, can exist in the pot at the same time, a variety of flavor sauce is mixed, taste is various, when you can eat Hot pot choose your favorite. One stone Yiguo join? The characteristics of Hot pot on behalf of the diet food culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years of heavy, also reflects the modern China open, inclusive, unity of thought. China’s hot pot culture is the country, but also the national culture. read more

The total cost of joining cross strait coffee business

today Xiaobian to recommend for everyone is the coffee chain brand in the heavy item – Cross Strait coffee, want to join the coffee shop friends this will be a good choice. Here’s a small series I come together to understand the brand!

on both sides of Zhejiang food chain Co., Ltd. by the well-known female entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, Ms. Jin Meiyang for the pursuit of greater ideals and better coffee service concept, the establishment of the coffee chain. The implementation of multi brand strategy: cross-strait coffee A Well-Known Trademark in China "cross-strait coffee" is a world famous joint venture brand restaurant chain, in addition to Kaka King steak restaurant, on both sides of the wooden orchid Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant. read more

Our city will add more than 20 roads

In March 3rd, the reporter visited the city’s "smooth Xining" three year action plan for tackling the key construction project of Huangshui waterway (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road) West Street viaduct, the Huangshui River Bridge, Delingha Road (bridge) road project site. Although the chill, but heavy traffic on the construction site, be in full swing, a good school shocking scene construction. It is understood that in the end of February, our city road project has been opened. By the end of the year there will be more than 20 roads completed.

[link] part of the road

– Huang water (Qaidam road – Kunlun Road Viaduct Project)

South of Kunlun Avenue, North Qaidam Road, 1840 meters long, 24 meters wide and 45 meters, 2.5 meters (sections sidewalks) +8 meters (car road) +24 meters (uplink viaduct) +8 meters (car road) +2.5 meters (sidewalk). The project is one of Xining city road network "five vertical and sixteen horizontal" Sixteen vertical, is one of the main traffic channel, connecting the Kunlun Road, 54 Road, three road the East-West main roads, while addressing the Huangshui River in Henan Strait north and Qinghai Tibet Railway in the north and south sides of the traffic conversion.Project read more

Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau to carry out the protection of trademark law enforcemen

in accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial, Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, the city’s industrial and commercial bureau from May 29th onwards, in the region to carry out the protection of trademark rights enforcement action.

branch Party attaches great importance to this action, timely call connection, director meeting and all the staff meeting to convey the higher spirit of the document, extensive mobilization, and set up to the Secretary for the head of the leading group, elaborate organization, careful arrangements. First, to increase publicity, through information and news reports and other forms of propaganda and law enforcement, deter criminals. Two is the unity of thinking, enhance understanding, overcome difficulties, so that the surface of the inspection and dig dens combined, expanding the results. The three is for the production and sale of counterfeit goods more and more features, hidden benefit by mutual discussion to research countermeasure. The four is to communicate with the enterprise, timely grasp the enterprise commodity information, market dynamics. Five linkage, as soon as possible, give full play to the "two stops" and the role of the community to take a variety of forms, a comprehensive inspection and remediation. read more

Provincial Food and Drug Administration issued a reminder of the safety of rice dumplings food safet

China’s Traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, dumplings consumption has entered a peak period, the provincial food and Drug Administration tips: consumers in the purchase, storage, cooking and eating dumplings, should pay attention to three aspects.

is a complete license through shopping malls, supermarkets and food stores and save the corresponding proof of purchase, to see the related logo on the packaging, such as production date, shelf life, name and address of the producer, composition or list of ingredients, food additives, food production license number and other identification is complete; check whether the package is complete or vacuum packing leaks up bag, bulk dumplings are not bad; do not buy no name and address, production date and shelf-life of the product, do not buy more than the shelf life of the product. read more

Xining municipal government executive meeting two new initiatives to promote slow blocking Paul chan

The morning of October 31st, Xining mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government executive meeting on the fifty-third, the city Department of transportation, Municipal Propaganda part submitted the "Xining slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the intelligent transportation construction plan", "Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling traffic civilization construction 2015-2017 Year Plan" were considered. Two programs from the improvement of the construction of hardware facilities and civilized behavior to guide the development of transport, will promote the effective implementation of the Xining slow blocking Paul Chang plan action.According to the read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to participate in the national pig slaughtering industry managem

To implement the Food Safety Commission Office of the State Council "food safety education outline (2011-2015)" and "national pig slaughtering industry development plan (2010-2015)", raising livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management level of business enterprise and slaughtering of livestock and poultry meat safety responsibility consciousness, strengthen standardization, standardization, branding industry the idea of development, July 19th to 20, the Ministry of Commerce in Baotou city hosted the national management of pig slaughtering industry and large-scale pig slaughtering enterprises responsible for training, training more than 200 people. Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Xining Zhang (industrial) Group Co., Ltd., Xining Xinyuan meat slaughtering companies to participate in large-scale slaughter enterprises. On the training course, the Ministry of commerce circulation industry promotion center Professor Fang Fang on the national pig slaughtering industry audit work significance, laws and regulations, procedures and standards of the audit work, 3 large-scale slaughtering enterprises were presented on behalf of the enterprise management practice experience and the audit work of the. Through this training, the management personnel of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses slaughtering industry in our city (factory) set requirements and audit standard had the further understanding, laid the foundation for the city to do the slaughtering of livestock and poultry industry audit work, and promote the city of livestock and poultry slaughtering industry management standardization and institutionalization. (author: Gu Yan) read more

Shandong college students enjoy tax deductions and micro credit policy

to promote and support college students to start their own businesses, the Shandong provincial government to implement the preferential policies for their own college students, unemployed college students can enjoy three years of tax incentives to support preferential policies.

to support business students, proposed recently in Shandong Province, college graduates hold "unemployment registration certificate" in the year of graduation (graduate of the natural years, from January 1st to December 31st) engaged in self-employed, minus the actual year should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge and personal income tax 3 years 8000 yuan per household per year in order to limit. read more

What are the advantages of pizza

new year home with something good? Pizza is a small gift to bring home this year. Of course, a small token bearing is deep feelings of homesickness. Today, our topic is this little pizza. Western fast food among the pizza snacks, with unique taste, attracted the majority of Chinese consumers. Is pizza, well-known brand, the Italy production technology, well cooked a delicious pizza snack, let everyone enjoy the delicious feast sinseong hoe. So join the project, as long as the investment of several million yuan, easy to create. read more

How to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business


entrepreneurs, many people want to through the way of changing our current situation, but many people still have a blind spot for entrepreneurship, more and more people joined the army of entrepreneurship now, many people gain wealth and experience in the business, is a very successful business people, but also some people in the road came a cropper, lose no loss of capital. This is likely to break into a number of errors in the business, in order to let everyone in the business less detours, and we talk about how to avoid the misunderstanding before entering the business. read more

Business needs to maintain a good attitude

modern society, if you want to make a fortune, light by working that money is not enough, can only solve the problem of food and clothing, but most of it is to save money to live under the pressure of a mortgage. Entrepreneurship is a way to change the fate of business, but doing business is actually a very difficult thing, you need to learn a lot of things, in addition, do business also need to maintain a good state of mind.

read more

How to master the operating skills of KTV franchise stores

KTV is one of the most common places of entertainment and leisure in our life, and friends always like to communicate with KTV. Invest in a style KTV stores but very important. How to open? This problem has been hanging in the ear, but not a unified and exact answer, in fact there is no answer, no answer is the answer, only continuous exploration, practice, management and methods will have good, Xiao Bian today will guide you to any implementation of these three steps.

no matter what projects on the market, entrepreneurs in the business when properly the project marketing strategy, then the project in a tough market is good business, for entrepreneurs, but also conducive to the development of this project. Although this issue is very important for entrepreneurs, but the specific needs from what aspects are not very important to each other. Below, we have for the style KTV stores business to do marketing strategy has made the following analysis. read more

10 entrepreneurs should learn a lesson of the error

in the entrepreneurial tide, countless people have always wanted to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but the risk facing this industry is very large, if a mistake is likely to let their entrepreneurial journey ended in failure. Therefore, entrepreneurs only to avoid more mistakes, to be able to make their own business is more likely to succeed. Entrepreneurs always blindly make some typical mistakes led to the failure of the company, through the summary, there are ten most common mistakes. Today, a small Yin and entrepreneurial enthusiasts together to learn about it, before the Man Kam, a good foundation for the future of entrepreneurship. read more

What are the good points from the open shop

different times, the development of various industries will be different, but no matter what time, if you want to let the shop business is booming, a good name will naturally be very important. Along with the progress of the times, many young people either follow the trend or want to start a business, have opened a shop, a lot of people think it is easy to open shop, fact is not like this, first say a first to solve things, is the name, the name also need to have the skills, not just take on the line, the name represents your shop, and shop linked you directly, so how to take a good name? read more

Chinese nternet 20 years please do not forget my name is webmaster

the wheel of history rolls forward, if history will record the Internet era that shine like a star network influential man don’t know whether this time, the wheel of history can remember some of them, or can only use two words to sum up this group in the history books: webmaster.

this is a group of natural wild growth 20 years group, they may just keep in a rental house in front of the computer in real life, smoking a cigarette, sitting on the bed, a computer desk worn on yesterday ate lunch, drink a bottle of cola fast, material perhaps is extremely poor, but the spirit is extremely happy, because they called the webmaster with a computer and a network connection of the social reality of countless friends in various sites, is their greatest happiness. read more

The fifth annual meeting of the Webmaster fine domain auction will be wonderful

May 29, 2010, the fifth annual meeting of the Internet will be held at the the Great Wall hotel in Beijing, more than 3000 owners and insiders participated in the annual meeting. In the afternoon of the venue in the venue C auction will be more exciting. A total of 40 boutique domain name to participate in the auction.

it is understood that the domain name auction by the famous domain name trading website rich network organization, to participate in the auction of 40 domain names, including binguan.com, music.cn/music.com.cn/, xiongmao.com.cn, chuangtou.com, feima.com and mobi. Both the starting price of a few hundred dollars of the creative domain, and the starting price of hundreds of thousands of quality domain names, to meet the needs of different levels of the webmaster site. The auction will be a very warm atmosphere, a lot of domain name is after many rounds of bidders increases only the final transaction. read more

ndia love story venture capital investment has exceeded 20 million

online matchmaker crazy

Zhang Feifei

if you happen to see some new love Bollywood movies, do not easily believe that the male and female romantic plot. In today’s India, marriage is still a serious incident of parental involvement. Interestingly, this may seem to be an example from the top jewelry brands India Advertising – beautiful modern version of the female lead in the title fell dejected said, "our marriage is an arranged marriage".

, of course, can be more modern. If you ask how India "80" youth marriage, the answer is probably through dating websites. Originated in the late 90s of last century, India marriage and love network market has experienced a boom in development, one of the largest Bharat Matrimo-ny (India). When the founder of Murugavel Janakiraman in the eyes, it is difficult to imagine the Tamil young entrepreneurs have entwist refined and cultured the marriage of nearly one million, is the biggest "matchmaker India". read more

How to refuse death

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die


personal site cause of death

1 content can not keep up, the point of the surface is not brilliant, coupled with the reorganization of content is not a person can easily complete, the need for open knowledge and novel personality involved. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast 2015 China nternet business released beauty group wholly acquired kuxun

1 meituan confirmed has confirmed the purchase price for the acquisition of a wholly-owned kuxun tens of millions of dollars in  

yesterday, the U.S. group net that has been determined to wholly acquire kuxun to the media, the current acquisition has entered the final stage. According to media reports, the acquisition price of tens of millions of dollars. It is understood that after the acquisition of Beijing, the U.S. mission network layout of the hotel tourism, the improvement of the industrial chain will continue to accelerate the pace of. read more