An average of 30 hours to invest in a start-up company which is the giant in 2016 layout

by the end of October 31, 2016, 10 Internet Co (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, millet, ant gold clothing, 360, NetEase, Sina, Shanda) the total investment reached 244, average every 30 hours a startup is big fancy.

venture capital is no longer the privilege of investment institutions.

micro chain has combed "Chinese unicorn, found the best investment catcher" Tencent has hit rate and business is not lost on the sensitivity of professional investment institutions. This time, the micro chain finishing 10 domestic Internet Co investment projects in 2016, designed to allow entrepreneurs to better understand the giants of every move". read more

Simple logic to see why the Internet 11

most people like to use adjectives to describe things, and rational people like to use logic to reason. Some people can break out of things, and directly to the essence of every hue, and through a simple logic, quickly concluded that this is a rare ability. Although most of the time, this type of reasoning is no more than 3 steps, the logic is no more than "because – so", or "if – so". A senior Internet I respect, have the ability of such incisive logic.

1, why Baidu traffic is higher than Sina, but Baidu brand advertising revenue as Sina? Why QQ traffic is higher than Sohu QQ portal advertising revenue as Sohu? read more

Constellation goddess was 30 million yuan A round of investment

constellation goddess culture media Co., recently officially announced, left Yu capital lead investor, Mizuki capital, millet, Wei Yue venture joint investment A round of financing totaling 30 million yuan, Pre A round of investment for the entertainment workshop, two rounds of financing more than 50 million yuan. It is reported that the funds will be used for data development and new media video content intelligent astrological team expansion and layout.

constellation goddess culture media limited by actor Mo Xiaoqi and senior manager and a producer in the end of 2014 co founded, committed to creating a constellation of packaging in the new media video content and social constellation APP, build online constellation ecological chain sharing. The constellation goddess culture media at the end of 2015 launched the first domestic constellation of social reality show "strongest Star Wars", by virtue of contemporary young people hot topic "constellation" and sophisticated production standards, in a single platform Youku playback volume exceeded 150 million times, the average single set playback volume 14 million times. read more

2008 to do what the site the most money way

      more recent contact with the beauty industry, this article may be the last time I wrote about the beauty of the article. Come back to our topic today, in 2008 to do what the site has the most money way? Some estimates you see the front, is to know the answer.

      according to authoritative forecasts, China’s annual output value of beauty economy will be more than 500 billion yuan. China Association of plastic surgeons said the news that the number of plastic surgery in China exceeded 1 million people, and an annual growth rate of 200%. The above data sources Nanfang Daily, China beauty Yearbook, not my personal statistics, I think, I personally have not yet been able to statistics the entire industry data. read more

Thirty percent tips for advertising

In the process of

we do the bidding would let us most headache is invalid click, click malicious, we can call this section click on garbage flow, had spent 20 yuan, 50 yuan of money can be a single, can be sold, because the waste flow, we can even spend 100 yuan, 200 yuan can be sold to a customer, it may also be the reason we do not make money products, the traditional industry is even higher, thousands, tens of thousands of consumer may only transactions of a customer, if we put all the rubbish flow to kill it, we can easily save advertising costs 30%, and to Wu Longjie share today is to get rid of garbage flows read more

Look at the 100 most popular B2C sites in the United States in the past 09 years

In this paper,

was recorded in 2009 100 B2C the most popular sites in the United States, summarize them in Internet retailing is how to motivate the customer, customer retention, customer service, and a lot of successful experience in how to keep in touch with customers outside the site.

Don Davis: "if this paper can draw a conclusion, that is: the success of e-commerce is not only to have a powerful website, but to maximize the use of the Internet to connect consumers whenever and wherever possible." read more

Baidu intends to hold India discount shopping site Mydala

[Abstract] Baidu recently made it clear that it intends to invest in India and Indonesia.

Tencent science and technology news on November 10th, India media quoted sources said that Baidu intends to share India’s largest discount shopping site, the two sides are currently on the matter to negotiate. If the transaction takes place, it will be the first time Baidu will invest in India.

two claimed to know the source of the negotiations, said Baidu has expressed interest in the acquisition of most of the shares of, the maximum amount of investment may reach $100 million. The two sources also revealed that the site’s parent company Kinobeo hope that the valuation of the company increased to between $1.5 to $200 million. In addition, Malaysia sovereign fund Holdings (Khazanah Nasional Berhad) also want to control the. read more