The WeChat index index hit WeChat mobile social Shanghai dragon era

1. national football World Cup 12 finals victory over South Korea swept the konghan haze; On the "WeChat index" the number reached 5780 index is to love love Shanghai Shanghai massive behavioral data users based data sharing platform, is the era of the Internet and the statistics of the most important analysis > Ping The in Sogou search results. value index in their respective fields BAT explain the difference between recently, the domestic news events has raged, as ordinary people will talk about at leisure. obviously love Shanghai and Tencent did not discuss the good, one after make a different move, but these two things that happened in the same week, had to sigh in the era of transformation.   if the WeChat index product launch event as a network event marketing case, from the observation of all sorts of data, will definitely become the most influential internet marketing event in 2017 the top 10, both from the breadth and depth of communication, or from the viral transmission rate, or from the network attention, as well as the event continues and this event will become the influence factors, domestic hot events in a very long period of time.   3. Tencent social software WeChat launched WeChat index. love Shanghai search engine on the "WeChat index" reached number 2940000, the number reached 870000 love Shanghai news report. About the WeChat index index value reached 62349719     love Shanghai launched the first domestic Internet Index: index from the Tencent Inc launched WeChat index in just 2 days, according to the search engine performance, beyond the imagination.     WeChat index attention hot WeChat index quietly on the line, that mobile Shanghai dragon new era is approaching. WeChat index, success beyond the "country foot" 23719231, become the prehistoric WeChat index after the launch, the highest index of the king. WeChat index value: 62349719 China refers to: 23719231 2. love Shanghai cancel news source (the real situation is not canceled but changes included specific rules, not to explore);

New attempts and innovations of several questions and answers websites in foreign countries

  The success of Quora sparked a heated discussion about Q & a websites. And the traditional Q & a website, such as YAHOO quiz, is the biggest difference, in addition to changes in the form of interaction, the most important should be the quality of the answer and the answer. The more people you have in your professional background and the higher the degree of participation, the more valuable for a quiz website. The most difficult thing about these sites is how to attract professionals from scratch. Therefore, such a form is actually more suitable for organizations that originally have a large number of users, such as TED. TED Conversations     non-profit TED conference has been held for 26 years, and gradually developed a lot of related awards, forums, membership projects…… There are, of course, many passionate professionals. Recently, TED has released a Quora like platform called Conversations TED, which has reached 15 million subscribers per month. Swedish professor of global public health Hans Rosling TED Conversations on the most active, marketing guru Seth ·, Ting Ting, "out of control" author, Kevin, Kelly and so on are also active users. There are two distinct features of TED Conversations: topic classification, all topics are divided into three categories: "Ideas", "Questions" and " " (Debates) time limit, TED Conversations topics are open time limit, after expiration can only browse. reasons for the topic classification, June Cohens told TNW interview, "some dialogue and ideas have different frameworks and patterns, some need to be debated, and some are just questions.". Different classifications actually reflect our different ways of thinking. For users, some people like to argue, and others prefer brainstorming. The opening time limit for comes from the advice of Clay Shirky, author of "the future is wet". Each TED speech is 18 minutes long, so the time constraints, on the one hand, take into account the echoing form of speech. In addition, they believe that most TED readers have limited time and hope that the participants will contribute the best answers through time constraints. Time constraints also attract more people’s interest, as time limited buy site Gilt Group is also a success with this feature. Once the problem is closed, it is automatically archived as a "read mode", automatically >

How to make a website powerful

makes a website powerful, so far, the internet live more than 80 million 650 thousand websites, this huge network world imagine all sorts of strange things Nothing needed is lacking. to the development of the Internet, now the time is very short, it is the rapid development of abnormal. If anything develops too fast, there will be some loopholes or disadvantages. back to reality, we know that we have seen understanding of the web site for the entire network is simply a drop in the bucket, then our own site, or are we in the management of business website, in the vast network in a what kind of position is what kind of level? Some people will say Alexa to search rankings don’t know.. Oh, I personally think that this world there is not much real significance, if blindly to the pursuit of this data, it is a waste of time too unreal. I think we should take advantage of the tip of the iceberg so that our website can play its due role and maximize its benefits. Reprinted cited source: learning network marketing blog we do website products are certain groups of customers, as long as we grasp this piece of people is enough to let us eat for a long time, do website promotion and so on the core of the local or commercial network marketing, so our goal is through the Internet we want to earn interest. a website should have vitality, can long-term operation, go on, if we do web site is only a passive drive, then the role of the site is almost zero, can be ignored. a website want to have long-term vitality depends on the webmaster to operation management, this determines the fate of the site of trend, a person’s strength is weak, may be to manage our website or even a team of a company. However, the leading thought must be clear and correct, and each of the people who have to serve the website should always maintain and manage it in accordance with the main line, and let the website advance in accordance with the definite goals laid down in advance. Let everyone who push the web play the right role. So, webmaster role is particularly evident, it is necessary to determine the long-term goal of good website development, but also let each site workers play a promoting role, so that everyone together to form a huge impetus to the website smooth fast forward, escort, until the arrival of the ultimate goal. a clear thought and plan is very important for a web site, the webmaster leader must have full knowledge and more experience, can accurate positioning of a web site yesterday, today and in the future. Reprinted cited source: learning network marketing blog A embodies the vitality of the site is the most direct exposure can bring long-term profits, to do this difficult, is the webmaster and Internet workers need a long-term goal, to achieve this goal, need to have.

My station is not far from K

is not clear, everything is unknown, perhaps not far away from K, now no confidence. Although there is a manual update, and strive to achieve the original, but now I feel not far away from K, now do a few times the most depressing thing together with you to share the ! the first thing not to do: add a damn SEO plugin, first in Google quickly reflected, ranking direct descent, I have not yet come to reflect, Baidu also direct descent, then quickly removed the SEO plug-in, so fast a month, Baidu did not reflect what (hint when standing up, don’t add some things out of order) second does not do: listen to a SEO Master said, I don’t use WWW without master station, to use WWW, so it is easy to rank, or do not enable WWW, I feel so long, ranking has not changed over what changes, which know the worse the first 10 pages, I can not see the station (don’t just change, in fact with little, with no influence basically no relationship between what www ) second does not do: one month later. The station completely disappointed, the title section of what have changed, die die generous, don’t struggle! Although have a little angry words, but also hope! No matter, or manually update ! should have done what, should not have done, and manage him, ?

Stock website do a website, fry a stock

first thanks webmaster for giving me a place for my self experience. I am a stock broker, currently operating the first securities network ( here and everybody exchange website and investment, in order to more communication with you to progress together. network, I am a novice, just before the stock market, often looking for web sites, pay attention to stock news. After the financial crisis, I lost my share of the stock market. Slowly began to pay attention to some things, and then understand the webmaster of this profession, attention A5 more than a year, the first time to send this article, and at the same time, my site is the beginning of the day. should be lucky at first. I’ll have my website at once. In addition, I am glad that when the financial crisis, I lost the stock, but to win the network, at least for me, progress is not small. wrote this article, the title is thought for a long time, and later wrote on, a stock, a website, perhaps, this is my future life. I started trading in 05 years, but the stock market is depressed. At that time, little investment, until 07 years, the stock market soared to lead a group of people of the rich, I from 50 thousand dollars to about 500000 to 08 of the highest speculation, since 500 thousand, has shrunk, the rest is now less than 150 thousand shares, really gives people hope, also let me feel the feeling of losing. It’s very bad, too. Graduation so far, are professionals in the stock market". Oh, now turn around, now is a stock broker and the webmaster, learning will be a lot of things, I will insist to do. stocks a few years overall there is no loss, but the education and the wrong operation also makes me ashamed, I often think so, I study on stocks, so much data, learned so much, why not share. So, this is also my intention to do the first securities network. At the same time, I am confident about data analysis. is not afraid of with you to analyze my data analysis approach, we can look at the A5 forum network transactions plate, there are few securities website for sale, the reason is very simple, very few people make money out, so a securities website, IP1 million, the absolute value is greater than a IP10 million suit website. A5 forum, should go to see more, network resources, you want, you can buy. Some time ago, I called my friend to the A5 forum, bought many links, and then also found people in it, and made templates for me. Thanks to A5 for giving me a quick track. I can find help here if I don’t know. hope you can communicate with me more, and I hope you can help me with the first securities network:, thank you, !

Hotel Fenno investment success rate is high

Hotel Fenno joined the brand’s strong operating strength, market influence, attracting a lot of attention franchisee. Cooperate with US headquarters to provide comprehensive assistance policy, so that franchisees can worry wealth. We have a different cooperation program, you can refer to, so you can quickly find a successful way to get rich.

How to develop a network of home stores

product is the theme of today’s Internet industry, with the rise of the Internet model, many traditional industries have begun to get involved in the Internet, the home industry is one of them. Even if the development of the Internet market is any industry in the shop, you need to seize an opportunity! However, the complexity of the network market is often higher than the physical store! Therefore, after the decision to invest in home stores, entrepreneurs to develop the network to avoid obstacles to the project, so that the store in the market to create more wealth is very simple! Next, we will analyze the obstacles to the development of the home network to avoid barriers! />

Who’s money makes entrepreneurs feel good

as long as they are in the business of the people, and certainly want their own business is the best, I hope their projects can make people willing to spend money to buy. At the same time also shows that some people are still relatively good money. So what kind of money for entrepreneurs feel very good?

The wonderful moment eating pancakes investment small investment return

The appearance of breakfast pancakes is a very powerful brand. In fact, the small business choose to join the breakfast market, is also very wise, very advantageous. How about a nice pancakes? Features snacks to join the project, the success of the venture worthy of trust! consumers want to eat more nutritious, more delicious pancakes, so it is not surprising that the wonderful food pancakes have been selling. Want to start a business, the investment is also the best choice for you to eat pancakes. Wonderful fresh carved gold ratio pancake scientific ratio, Cereals, vegetables collocation, complete with special sauce and fillings, with sesame and egg, golden color, fragrant Valley attractive, soft and delicious, the people are immersed in the delicious ! traditional pancake shop generally only pancakes, the product is somewhat simple. Investment wonderful food carved pancakes, not only to sell pancakes, but also with the sale of a number of other snacks, more secure profits. Wonderful taste of the moment of fine grinding of soybean milk with a special Northeast soybean, grain of high-quality goods, soy milk to do a good nutrition, taste good, good absorption, to meet the needs of high-quality consumer demand! zero venture to choose to join the wonderful food carved pancakes? Open a restaurant of their own wonderful pancakes to join the breakfast shop, the market is very good business. Join the wonderful food carved pancake project, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship!

Our province college entrance examination in 2015 will be the curtain

reporter learned from the provincial admissions, the province in 2015 college entrance examination registration work will be held December 15, 2014 -26 (province high school graduates to be a holiday after returning from Zhaoban test of arrangement registration). Each district Zhaoban will registration information on February 4, 2015 -6 submitted candidates. The registration information into the provincial admissions information database, no longer accept bubao. fiddling will cancel the examination or admission registration shall be responsible for the work of

Department of each district of Xining city to actively explore the establishment of long-term mechan

to establish a long-term mechanism to consolidate and enhance the development of health, health outcomes, not only is what the people hope, and is a job that the municipal government attaches great importance to the. Xining City, all localities and departments on the one hand Chuangwei tackling the job in one hand and actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of health. At present, four areas and more than and 40 municipal units have been developed and reported the long-term mechanism of health. through unremitting efforts, the city Chuangwei work has achieved remarkable results, the majority of people keen to city cleaning, farmers market norms, "five small industries" supervision can Chuangwei work daily, regular, fixed. Municipal government leaders also attach great importance to this work. In order to let the people be assured, to the satisfaction of the people in our city, all localities and departments in tackling the health, combined with the actual work, and actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism to consolidate and enhance the development of health outcomes. In accordance with the responsibility and punishment, the principle of treating the symptoms, all localities and departments from the leadership mechanism, operation mechanism, supervision mechanism, responsibility mechanism, incentive mechanism and restraint mechanism of the proposed ideas and measures of long-term mechanism to Chuangwei, Chuangwei work is not reduced, work requirements, constant fenpianbaogan responsibility do not change, make the transition to lasting Chuangwei work type, normal type. For long-term mechanism Chuangwei submitted from various regions and departments, both city cleaning daily measures have to implement this unit "in front of three" commitment; both have Chuangwei daily work system, accountability measures; both increase policy tilt and investment advice, but also for the the farmer’s market, "five small industries, recycling and other special long-term mechanism. The long-term mechanism of Chuangwei reported in various regions and departments are combined with the actual work of our city and the public health needs, put forward in the discussion after the demonstration. On this basis, recently, the city will formulate the long-term mechanism of health.  

The province’s winter and spring fire prevention and control work mobilization teleconference held

10 month 21 days, the province’s winter fire prevention and control work mobilization teleconference held, summed up the fire work in the summer, winter and spring fire prevention and control work arrangements. Vice governor Han Jianhua attended the meeting and delivered a speech. the meeting pointed out that this year the province’s ongoing winter fire prevention, fire inspection and other special operations in the summer, the successful completion of the major fire security tasks, maintaining the overall fire situation is smooth, without fire accident influence. At present, when the winter cold weather, alternating, fire electric oil gas increased, and new year’s day, the Spring Festival approaching, the flow of logistics traffic flow intensive, has entered the fire accident prone period, the social aspects of fire prevention and control of heavy and arduous task. the meeting stressed that all localities and departments should fully understand the situation, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, to find a comprehensive assessment and fire industry area, the risk points, to implement local management responsibility of planning measures, ensure the layers of conductive pressure, and levels of responsibility; public security fire control departments at all levels should play a leading role. To increase the fire safety inspection, timely carry out joint inspection, form a work force, lifting unit fire and zone defense cooperation ability. All localities and departments should further implement the responsibility, under good chess upper hand, lay the initiative, to ensure that the province is not larger than the occurrence of fire accidents, and resolutely prevent Qunsiqunshang vicious fire incidents, to maximize the protection of people’s lives and property safety, to maintain the good situation of our province, the fire situation continued steady.  

2016 Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition pushing intelligent energy-saving products

local economic development can not be separated from policy support, but also inseparable from the activities of publicity. The convening of the 2016 Hangzhou International Lighting day before, the main push energy-saving, intelligent lighting products, technology will be pushed to a new level. November 4th to 6, in order to "energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent new vision" as the theme of the "2016 Hangzhou International Lighting Fair" in Hangzhou, opened the curtain. This exhibition focus today is the most cutting-edge "Internet plus lighting, intelligent lighting and lighting enterprise integration to boost green lighting, lighting industry and development, stimulate entrepreneurial innovation thinking. it is reported that the "2016 Hangzhou International Lighting Exhibition" by the Hangzhou Polytron Technologies Inc (bin Xing and home network) hosted by Chinese news agency Zhejiang branch, Zhejiang province industry association and other units with solid-state light source. along with the global shortage of resources, energy has become an important factor restricting the development of countries, energy saving and emission reduction, green low carbon has become the consensus of all parties, the lighting industry, energy conservation and environmental protection has also been widespread concern. 2011, five ministries issued the "China phasing out incandescent roadmap" proposed, since October 1, 2016 to prohibit the import and sale of more than 15 watts and ordinary incandescent lamps. at the same time, in recent years, the rapid development of Internet information technology, the rise of the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing technology to allow the birth of intelligent Internet information elements into the lighting industry has become the norm. In the face of intelligent lighting brings tuyere, Microsoft, apple, Qualcomm, millet and other well-known multinational companies have also entered the field of intelligent lighting. in this context, whether it is to advocate energy-saving green lighting or new intelligent lighting, has become the current trend of the development of the lighting market and worthy of discussion. The boost lighting companies and green lighting, intelligent lighting integration and development, so that the combination of lighting and intelligent control, making the intelligent lighting at the same time more energy saving has become the main purpose of the exhibition. is understood as the lighting industry annual exhibition, "2016 Hangzhou international lighting exhibition attracted more than and 200 from around the world and many international well-known brands of lighting companies, buyers, committed to energy conservation and the most advanced equipment and technology promotion, to build a platform of integration of energy-saving equipment procurement platform, energy saving technology exchange platform, docking platform, energy saving service such system for energy saving enterprises and energy consuming enterprises. "I am very pleased with the 2016 Hangzhou international lighting fair." President of the Zhejiang Provincial Exhibition Industry Association Liu Zhigang said during the exhibition, the G20 summit Hangzhou exhibition industry is in the stage of this exhibition, accumulate steadily, give full play to the "Internet plus lighting", by trying to line under the online exhibition service platform mode, innovation ideas and methods in the field of the Zhejiang convention.Continue reading