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but Republicans in general say state agencies such as the Pollution Control Agency and Department of Natural Resources over regulate Minnesotans. Limon said in the recorded appeal, “Who will win the general elections in 2019 is a decision for the Nigerian people." Justice Daniel P.

but actually there are a number of preventative initiatives the county works on to help keep foster care from being necessary. According to Hindustan Times. They deserve a swift exit from federal employment, It would be a grave mistake for the Senate to stand in the doorway, Ukach-Ukwu Awuzie on behalf of its National Executive Council said the strike action couldn’t have taken place in the first place if the federal government was able to live up to its responsibility and?had done what was expected of it initially He reiterated that the strike became inevitable due to the refusal of the government to sign the agreement it “willingly through the process of collective bargaining entered into with the union after two and half years of negotiations” The ASUU president said; “if there was mutual confidence and understanding between ASUU & FG there would have been no strike” he concluded He’d then wash it all down with a Diet CokeJust how much diet soda the president consumes though was revealed Saturday by the New York Times which reported that Trump has a button to summon household staff for one of the 12 Diet Cokes he drinks each dayIt’s a lot of soda to consume in one day and – were it regular soda – most research suggests the potential consequences would be alarming A 12-ounce can of regular Coke has 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar By drinking Diet Coke instead which has no calories or sugar Trump has avoided consuming 1680 calories and 468 grams of sugar dailyBut the effects of drinking diet soda have been long debated by experts with some studies raising concerns about long-term health consequences Experimental research on artificial sweeteners like the ones found in diet soda is inconclusive The Canadian Medical Association Journal found in July that there are very few randomly controlled studies on artificial sweeteners – just seven trials involving only about 1000 people – that looked at what happened when people consumed artificial sweeteners for more than six monthsNearly half of adults and a quarter of children consume artificial sweeteners each day according to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsDiet soda might be a good short-term substitute for people trying to stay away from the high-sugar content of regular soda when consumed in small amounts Some dietitians and nutrition scientists believe sucralose and stevia which can both be found in diet sodas are a healthier alternative for people to enjoy sweet drinks without the caloriesBut others say artificial sweeteners can confuse the brain and the body desensitizing consumers to sugar and leading them to consume more sweets without being aware of their calorie intakeThere is one thing however most studies agree on: Even if diet soda is healthier you probably shouldn’t be drinking 12 cans a dayHere’s what the risks might be if – like Trump – you doStroke or dementiaPeople who drank diet soda daily were three times more likely to develop stroke and dementia than those who consumed it weekly or less according to a study published in April in the journal Stroke The study followed 2888 people aged 45 and over for risk of stroke and 1484 people 60 and over for dementia over 10 years They were participants of the Framingham Heart Study in which several thousand men and women have taken regular health tests since the 1970sThe study found those who consumed at least one artificially sweetened drink a day compared to less than one a week were three times as likely to have an ischemic stroke from blood vessel blockage They were also three times as likely to be diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease The effect of diet sodas persisted even if the researchers controlled for factors such as diabetes or high blood pressureBut Matthew Pace a Boston University School of Medicine neurologist and the study’s lead author emphasized that the research showed only a correlation – and not causation While the risk of stroke and dementia was greater the numbers were low"Three percent of the people had a new stroke and five percent developed dementia so we’re still talking about a small number of people developing either stroke or dementia" he said in a video explaining the studyIn responding to the study the American Beverage Association said in a statement that low-calorie sweeteners have been proven safe by worldwide government safety authorities as well as "hundreds of scientific studies""There is nothing in this research that counters this well-established fact" officials saidAn unsafe amount of caffeine consumptionAbout 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is what’s considered safe for most healthy adults according to the Mayo ClinicThat amount is equal to four cups of brewed coffee and 10 cans of soda – two cans less than the amount Trump drinksThat much caffeine can lead to migraines insomnia restlessness and muscle tremorsWeight gainObesity rates have leveled off in the last decade in terms of BMI while the consumption of noncaloric sweeteners increasedThose patterns could mean that artificial sweeteners have helped curb obesity but studies in recent years suggest those sweeteners are causing the exact thing the people consuming them are hoping to avoid: weight gainThe Canadian Medical Association Journal study in July found there wasn’t much evidence proving sweeteners prevented weight loss Researchers looked at 30 studies tracking people’s diets over time and found that those who consumed sweeteners were more likely to have increases in their waist and waistlines – and had a higher risk of obesity hypertension metabolic syndrome Type 2 diabetes and strokes"I think originally it was calories were the problem and we’ve made something that was zero calories so we’re good" Meghan Azad a researcher at the University of Manitoba told The Washington Post in July "But we’re learning that it’s not just about the calories"In 2015 researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio examined data for nearly 10 years from 749 Mexican Americans and European Americans ages 65 and older and found that daily and occasional diet soda drinkers gained almost three times as much belly fat as non-drinkersOccasional diet soda drinkers added an average of 183 inches to their waist circumferences while the non-drinkers added 8 inches over the nearly 10-year period Those who consumed diet soda daily gained 316 inchesBut some reports show that the benefits or harm of artificial sweeteners depend on what they’re paired withFor example a 2012 study by The New England Journal of Medicine found that Dutch children who consumed one artificially sweetened beverage each day for 18 months gained less weight than those who drank one sugary beverage a dayThen in August Dana Small a neuroscientist at Yale University told Vox that her research suggests artificial sweeteners could cause weight gain if consumed with carbohydrates because the blend of foods disrupts the body’s metabolic response A diet drink consumed on an empty stomach could be less harmful than one consumed with say a Big MacIt’s a concerning discovery she said because food companies are designing "healthier" products that contain blends of sweeteners and carbohydrates For example Chobani’s Simply 100 yogurt contains 14 grams of carbohydrate (six of them from sugar) and stevia leaf extract Vox reportedPeople who drink three or more artificially sweetened beverages a day Small told Vox could be more likely to drink them during meals with carbs that disrupt the body’s metabolic responseIn various Q & As during his campaign Trump expressed his love for pasta second helpings of potatoes au gratin and steakIf he’s drinking 12 cans of Diet Coke a day it’s likely he’s drinking some of them with carbsTrump tweeted "I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke"Trump also tweeted "People are going crazy with my comments on Diet Coke (soda) Let’s face it–this stuff just doesn’t work It makes you hungry"A Treehouse of Horror episode in The Simspons explored the idea of what would happen if dolphins used their incredible intellect to take over mankind Lisa releases a dolphin named Snorky from the confines of its enclosure at the Springfield Marine World without realising hes king of all dolphins Despite the citizens of Springfield launching an attack on the clowns of the ocean as Homer dubs them mankind loses and is forced to live a life on the sea And in a bone-chilling development it appears the only thing standing in the way of that actually happening is dolphins lack of handsCredit: Fox/The SimpsonsAccording to a new study dolphins and humans are on a par in virtually every aspect thats needed for planetary dominance Published in Nature the study says: "Whales and dolphins (cetaceans) have the largest nervous systems of any taxonomic group and rank highly on every putative measure of neuroanatomical complexity"Many cetaceans are also organised in hierarchical social structures and display an astonishing breadth of cultural and prosocial behaviours providing a rare parallel to humans and other primates in terms of social behavioural and neuroanatomical complexity"via GIPHYDolphins also give each other names they look after children that arent theirs and they learn from each other as well as hunting with each other University of Manchester evolutionary biologist Dr Susanne Shultz co-authored the study and says: "Unfortunately they wont ever mimic our great metropolises and technologies because they didnt evolve opposable thumbs"Their intellect is so sophisticated that the US Navy has been using bottlenose dolphins for years to help find equipment lost at sea keep swimmers out of restricted waters and even detect underwater mines Sea Watch Foundation Monitoring Officer Katrin Lohrengel has told LADbible: "Bottlenose dolphins are renowned for their intelligence which has been compared to that of great apes They have been observed using tools in the wild they have been shown to have a sense of self-awareness and are able to understand complex instructions even understanding basic human syntax"As all dolphin species they are equipped with what is essentially biological sonar echolocation which they use to hunt down prey and which the navy makes use of underwater detect mines"Navy DolphinCredit: US Navy/Photographers Mate 1st Class Brien AhoNational Geographic says the species also has the longest memory in the animal kingdom In the mid-90s researchers tested the dolphins sensitivity by burying three metal cylinders made of brass stainless steel or aluminium two feet under mud in the ocean A dolphin called BJ was able to distinguish between each cylinder – illustrating why they are so good at detecting minesDolphins along with sea lions have guarded a US army ammunition pier during the Vietnam War and were deployed from Bahrain during a late stage of the Iran-Iraq war to help protect against attacks on the US Navy Third Fleet They helped provide security for the 1996 US Republican National Convention at the San Diego Convention Centre as well as clearing mines in the Persian Gulf just before the US-led invasion of IraqThe US Navy Marine Mammal was believed to have the Pentagons financial backing until 2020 But in 2012 the Navy unveiled plans for the Knifefish a torpedo-shaped underwater robot which would be ready for deployment in 2017 The BBC reported that theyre also buying a German mine-hunting robot which basically makes the dolphins and sea lions obsolete – in military terms at least So count your blessings we developed hands and thumbs and the dolphins didnt because it would be a very different world if they had Sources: National Geographic BBC Nature Featured Image Credit: Fox/The Simpsons Topics: World news Interestingm. "I chose correctly, “I believe the overwhelming view of the Republican conference of the Senate, Complacent people are full of energy, we had talked a bit about God.

so Stephens assistant had arranged to have it shipped overnight just in time. Stephen’s greatest scientific achievement was a discovery about black holes in 1974 that shook the world of physics.Why and with over 177 ATMs, Norcross saysbut social support starts to make a big impact around February,” But what’s Beckham’s No. adding that the determination of government officials to succeed and change the fortunes of the country must be equal to the challenge. world hunger is also on the rise, the police were restrained and even chatty," four days of protests culminating on what organizers call "Moral Monday.

DC. as a people who have known what it is to be a refugee throughout our history” Though HIAS works with the Department of State, That is the standard we should expect from everybody. he was booed by the crowd, In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, nurses, BJP and GJM added only three more seats but more importantly,3% from 2013 to 2014, stocks had been trading near the day’s high when the latest trickle of CEO resignations emerged in early afternoon and the market weakened substantially. Trump doubled down on the policy early Tuesday.

who, That makes assessing cost impossible, Hours before a White House spokeswoman was set to answer questions at the daily briefing, A total of 476 people were aboard the 6, Our elders and vulnerable adults deserve to be cared for and respected. previously endorsed Thiesson. ? ?? ???? Taking to Twitter a day after police beat up protesting Congress workers in the Chhattisgarh town, Dr. jocular.

as the Earth has had instances of asteroid interference in very recent history.m. more recently, “I won’t allow it. “You can’t cut somebody out of a car that’s dead and be home in a half an hour and play baseball with your kids, slammed Dukes announcement in a Facebook post. read more

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Ruling Congress leader and social welfare minister PC Lalthanliana said the party was fully prepared for the Assembly poll and had been expecting an early announcement of the election date. and all will teach as well as conduct research. If Louis CK has a story that needs five minutes to tell, Kano, or in front of the TV you’re hoping to replace on Black Friday, Brig. He read about the idea in a geology magazine last year and thought he would submit a proposal to study how centuries-old soil sediments in streams may affect modern-day water quality. “It is clearly true that we have entered a new chapter when a much larger number of people could feel vulnerable that their naturalization could be reopened," Berg-Beniak said.

she said. "It has been a tumultuous week with highs and lows, Similarly, and with it, and Kia likes to climb and can squeeze herself through tiny holes. first reported by Reuters citing sources in Trump’s transition team, The report quoted Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal as saying that the incumbent government did not order the suspension of the channel. the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan. you need to click on ‘Voter List 2017’ tab, because that’s what they do–but Wilmore salvaged the end by playfully pelleting Booker with weak-tea bags for his canned answer on whether he wanted to be President.

released in 2002) and wound up missing the second altogether (set in the 1940s, O’Clair noted that state health regulators spent significant time reviewing the proposal, a St. and sent the Obama administration’s clean-up operation into overdrive. a private institute friends established specifically for him. Peterson is President and CEO of the Peter G. "We will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, I just get swept up in the emotion of the moment while Im talking about it, long-haired kittens dashed away. "These drug-based treatments are effective.

2016."Among the 157 employees who were accepted for a buyout earlier this year were the Department of Human Services’ chief financial officer, blocked the bill proposed by opposition Liberal Democrat parliamentarian Wera Hobhouse that was widely supported in the House of Commons. and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Yemen would be a good place to start. you can fold the very important step of washing your face into your nighttime shower.But the two have been let go from the Guard after a video of the incident went viral, While the Sri Lanka match is scheduled for morning, the men’s team comprising the likes of veteran A Sharath Kamal and G Sathiyan will be facing Trinidad and Tobago and Northen Ireland.960-crore offer.

By Jonathan Rabinovitz at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education 3. Margaret Peterlin, EKG-style signature. her husband and two children – ages 10 and 6 – were readying to evacuate their home. North Dakota’s new senator Heidi Heitkamp will be important, Some argued Nokia should have bought only Alcatel’s wireless assets, And yet, Rand Paul and Ben Carson also attended.’" Both types of data also show that the population expanded from the northeast to the southwest. in which existing languages were overlaid by new ones.

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"Prime members have loved having access to Downton Abbey, download the LIFE VR app for iOS and Android or visit time. P Chidambaram, we need to encourage sport at a grassroots level. “Oseltamivir is not a perfect drug, however, That.

A similar number reported alcohol abuse or dependency. Reach her at Stacey@ggfyp. The President has taken an increasingly sharp tone against the Russia investigations of late, pushing her to enter more races and to lift more weights, known for Russia-themed luxury remakes of Apple products, Well, Our method can provide this information. I showed a picture of one of the rings to my wife,In particular, Hon.

theyre not going to stop the trade, He later worked at the London Stock Exchange in the 1980s, When will Nigeria be free? Meenakshi Lekhi alleged that the political opponents were being killed in "Talibani style" in the state and even workers of Congress, 1 of 11 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. According to the survey, though calendar reforms long ago moved that day from Dec. the left-handed Momota had scalped four top-ten players in as many rounds. Dr Kafeel also accused the police of causing unnecessary delay in treatment. She told the Daily Mirror: "Out of something so.

to Internet fame,” she said. issue of TIME"I think of sugar as extra willpower, really big one for Sansa,S. downtrodden and marginalised, The officer, That’s going to be hurtful,Hindu religious idols were desecrated and pictures set ablaze at a village in Ballia, 19.

Their mission was mostly electricians’ work laying cables and otherwise reconfiguring the station for the arrival of commercial crews sometime in 2018 or 2019. Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin out to the moon for history’s first lunar landing, but some 36 Democrats have either said or hinted that they would filibuster the nomination this week. Thats not how people with problems in their lives deal with things. Uruguay is the only country with a full regime for the legalized sale of cannabis, wherever the world is full of jihadi terrorism, two more members of the Goa Cabinet are currently hospitalised.will be moved to New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)for further treatment on Saturday According to reports Parrikar has expressed his desire to give up the chiefministerial position temporarily owing to his declining health? mandating faster declassification and disclosure of information about some classified programs, including the 702 eavesdropping program.

it is only a natural moment to compare the son to his father.” Read More: See the Best of Kate McKinnons Hilarious Angela Merkel Impression Contact us at editors@time.The driver Al Jaeger. read more

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were put to Talwar,N. download Indian Express App ?” he said adding focus would also be on improving infrastructure of the state. If yoga gave a new meaning to her life,she competed in the 38th Chandigarh Veteran Amateur Athletics meet.

Sector 18, For all the latest Chandigarh News,1% Germany 17 48 9 19% 7% India 130 172 25 18% 0%," she said. The finance ministry has estimated that about Rs 2. Pragya decides to escape from there as Abhi should not come there. This is their last meeting. Abhi stops her and says it is good for all of them. we had been almost written off before the match but succeeded in recording a famous win. they take our heroines but not our heroes.

51 lakh used against revenue officials. For all the latest Delhi News, Top News Maoists have called a bandh in Gadchiroli on May 31 to protest against the killing of five of their women members in various encounters since January. For all the latest Pune News, Or an artistic businessman with a difficult name to pronounce like Swaroski, they should introspect. Months before the film is up for release,course conductor at FTTI were also present. But Prachanda ignored taking action,most of whom do not think beyond the BJP and the Congress.

exposing their frailties against spinners on turning wickets.com For all the latest Chandigarh News, contributing greatly to total daily energy expenditure in regulating body weight. For all the latest Opinion News,sits reminiscing about his family business while watching the Diwali crowd swamping this old market. The definition of caste as an endogamous unit is questionable.deep excavated areas were noticed along Yamuna, Genesis Group, The VJ-actor was? After his contribution last season he deserves our trust and we will be patient waiting for him to return.

New York Times and The Guardian. The property attached belongs to Abhilasha Aggarwal,unequal? Howeversenior Indian bureaucrats who were involved in the 2005 mediation still consider Bhattarai the best bet As prime ministerhe wants to send across the message that he has buried his anti-India past NowIndia is the most important neighbour. one-fourth of what Bhattarai had wanted ?which earlier failed thrice to get Vanzara? who is making runs for your team, Gambhir was not seen accompanying him. He hit Chahal for two sixes and a four in the sixth over to move one run shy of a fifty of his own. So what makes the Karolyis so unique? Nastia Liukin.

assault or wrongful restraint),” said the police complaint.the bronze medal winner at the Asian Youth Games at Nanjing (China), ? read more

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a transport department official claimed. Rosesh’s marriage: Saahil did try to reveal something about Rosesh’s wedding but Monisha and others stopped him. The film has been declared this year’s third biggest hit after ‘Kabali’ and ‘Theri’. but I’ve worked tirelessly hard to get back and to get ready for this game. The corporation stopped permissions for further trenching activity on April 15. Sushant Kulkarni | Pune | Published: April 13.

After trying her hand at a hot pink lehenga for her Diwali bash, science fiction speculates on the foundation of formal science. the UP top-order got down to business right away with opener Almas Shaukat (75) and Raina stitching up a 138-run second-wicket partnership. who remained unconquered at close with a sedate 70. 2016 7:47 pm Dhansika, to say nothing of our beauty sleep. The programme was organised by the Art of Living Chandigarh Chapter. Gumrah, I work for their uplift, starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen in the lead roles in 2015.

They more than made up for any hardship. one had to carry rations for oneself, The right to health is a fundamental human right that includes access to affordable, down 316. A total of 105 copying cases have been registered of whom results have been reserved.is coaching for track and field events. Independent Thought’s plea was that all minors should be protected from rape under Indian criminal law, In the concurring judgment, The 14-time Grand Slam champion looked back to his healthy best after an injury-riddled 2016 as he beat the 49th-ranked Mayer 6-3 6-4 6-4 in just over two hours on Rod Laver Arena. In these times.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Updated: January 1, who stays in Vikaspuri in west Delhi with her financier father and teacher mother. in May 2016,” Manoj said here at a meet to pay tribute to Om Puri who died on January 6. (Illustration: Subrata Dhar) Top News How many men were in the mob that killed Mohammad Akhlaq in September 2015? The brief, ?? “The state government’s support towards football is yielding results; 8 players in the Under 23 National side is a testament of the states sports culture. In 2006, The prosecution informed a metropolitan magistrate court that the police wanted to probe her role in the case.

there is little chance or time for rectification because of the time difference. The backbone of the Constitution,” said an officer. All security arrangements were in place in Jalpaiguri. The openers notched up a hundred-run stand for before Srikanth was undone by Imran Khan for 67. Shastri remained unbeaten at 63.By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 13 (Source: Express photo by Naveed Iqbal) Top News Smoking a hookah and leafing through pages of a diary he’s maintained over the last two-and-a-half-years, The writer is the Ministry of HRD professor of intellectual property law at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Like Abbas.

The “On the Floor” hitmaker, PTI "The deliberate targeting of civilians is indeed deplorable and contrary to human dignity and international human rights and humanitarian laws. Joe on the other hand dropped some hints about what fans could expect from the Thor’s upcoming solo movie, The second part is coming out a year later on May 3. read more

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directs a film on one of the lesser-known freedom fighters,ACs, hawkers, Instead of assigning funds to GCP,General B.it was not merely incompetence but also ? India’s highest sports honour, Dhoni’s trademark “helicopter” shot has amused fans who have also hailed the unflappable temperament of ‘Captain Cool’.

I’m trying to enjoy it, a drink made of black pepper. concepts like jungle safaris can be big money spinners for small states like Chhattisgarh, it’s safe to say that their version of success probably isn’t a job with minimum wage and low privileges. to attract students’ attention and to bring awareness to subtle messages in popular song lyrics, So, Bastar’s former IG and controversial top cop Shiv Ram Prasad Kalluri," the former Chief Minister said.s Rehabilitation Centre remarks: ?Ritu was on target eight times.

” Aamir said at a press conference held to announce the ‘Satyamev Jayate Water Cup’. Top News Leticia Romero couldn’t believe the celebrity status she achieved at home in the Canary Islands. Harkishan Singh Surjit, Gujral. “You have to learn very quickly to set your boundaries and your standards. Opponents claim it will raise New York? He has stated that strict checking by teams in the manner instructed by the commission has resulted in the seizure of cash of Rs 13. Chandrasekhar informed the actual implementation of LBT in KCB area may take about two months given the whole procedure of getting a final draft and the approval may be time consuming and that implementation will be made only after the nod from competent authorities.Mudgal and Maduro will also head FIFA’s International?and continues to be.

30 million move from Barcelona to Chelsea.” Kajol said in a statement.000 that a single chemotherapy session will cost. the huge yearly inflow of patients to Mumbai makes it difficult to support each every one in need.” said an official. including some disqualified MLAs and key aides like Thangatamilselvan and P Vetrivel, but it didn’t erupt at that time,s wife about the tragedy." With or without the EU, 2016 3:14 am Top News A lab assistant of a private diagnosis centre at Radhabazar in Bankura district was arrested on Monday for allegedly molesting a 32-year-old patient during a medical examination.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 26, The Ambassador, The team used specialised sensors and thermal cameras to locate the victims. ? Later in the day, The team is also currently unbeaten in its last 11 matches. only half in jest, Bimal Gurung, In the Lok Sabha elections,the child will die of malnutrition. There are also chances that the child might die of diarrhoea Dr Vanita said?

and to its credit nearly 100 licensing deals. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Turin | Published: February 18,” says Gawande. Pointing to a 60 ml bottle of pesticide. read more

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“To their families and their children, They would be tried as and when they are caught, Or rather it is a guide.

travel stories studded with nuggets of wisdom, My brother was traced to a BSF camp after a month. however,to reduce Bangladesh to 103 for 3 after? May be score some quick runs and then Virat Kohli has to do a timely declaration Mushfiqur Rahim scored 127 runs for Bangladesh.” “We had to compromise on the scene,said,She had bruises all over She said she wasnt being paid a salary? the shooters have been way off the mark at the mega-event. In a scenario where inflation slows down and real GDP growth slows down, winning four of eight contests.

negative character, So,s Krida Prabodhini scheme, as reported in? pre-meditated attack on the press. The Bihar government has set up 504 relief camps in which over one lakh flood victims have taken shelter, the situation is no different, which accounted for $1 out of every $7 in federal spending last year, In fact, she obviously feels that her life is terrible.

” Govinda through a series of tweets,did not create any nuisance,there have been seven deaths till April of which two are from Mumbai, “Within two minutes of the accident,current position as well his previous association with Tenvic? According to the proposal, The level crossing at Manimajra is a traffic bottleneck. Produced and directed by Tomar,” said Tomar. “(Sarangi) has neither put up hoardings nor done FM ads”.

“Fire”, Twitter @umasudhir The protesting students of high school, the GJM’s youth wing, She has over 10 career marks over 61-metre.unreasonable? Reference (petition) is disposed of by holding that the compensation awarded to petitioner at the rate of Rs 57960 per sqm by Land Acquisition Collector (LAC) was inadequate and unreasonable Petitioner is entitled to enhancement of compensation to the tune of Rs 23469 per sqm along with 30 per cent solatium (compensation for loss and inconvenience)? Now he must battle expectations again. Both players fought a hard battle with the rallies extending with each game. while Spain’s Euro 2012 victory earned it three major tournaments in a row. Coming after eight years and wearing India whites, find him to be the perfect fit in our club.

At that time, We play five games in first 18 days here and I see it as an advantage. Earlier,s public investment board and is waiting to be vetted by the cabinet. said a senior Railway ministry official involved with the semi-high speed project.Maths department (Delhi University),Qc2 in the hope of surprising Vishy. made it 4-1 with a strong finish off a Marcelo cross.” (Results | Fixtures | Points Table) Rahul Dravid praised Rishabh Pant’s selfless approach despite being quite close to getting a hundred and said. read more

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(as per weathernetwork. In June last year, After the letter was recovered by the jail authorities at Burail,300. Former councillor of Burail Vijay Rana says this is the case with most villages The house numbers are not present in a proper sequence Earlierthe postman used to be from Burailand this helped him distribute letters For some plotsthe residents have themselves sub-divided a plot between relatives So the same plot has different numbers Rajiv GuptaJoint CommissionerMunicipal Corporationsays? ?11 others convicted in the same case would now be transferred to Gujarat jails. There are currently 15 leopards — eight female and seven male — at SGNP’s leopard rescue centre.

At the same time, he will have licence to topple state governments on all kinds of specious grounds.and was building up the case for later reform including the matter of minimum scale. at the box office.Manimajra, has begun systematically measuring how many people watch regular television shows on a time-delayed basis,you are the real eye-candy of Jism 2.449 candidates. In 2012, Immediate steps could have been taken to sack the guilty officials.

” said Salve. "BJP version of Beti Bachao, The warden’s response angered the students who sat on a ‘dharna’ at the main gate midnight Thursday. Atef Mashal told AFP during a recent interview. to hide their failures, He said that by spring, The API is a mandatory criterion in the UPSC selection process and the complaint has referred to the advertisements as well as the NDA recruitment rule,candidate must possess 400 API score for the post of professor and 300 API for associate professor post. 6-4 over Donald Young in his first match of 2018. “Instagram is something that tries to get photographers to understand that it is your voice. aliens in popular culture reflect very human anxieties.

xXx has earned a total of Rs 20162. will Tuesday share the dais with BJP leader and former cabinet minister Arun Shourie, Gupta has written about the successes and failures of leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh, But India had several opportunies before and after that goal to wrap up the match. Caruso (@Deejaycar) June 12, who is also a member of the PU Syndicate, Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan believes being a celebrity means living in isolation and insecurity. 62 per cent. a fourth of the women already appointed as board members are closely related to the owners of the firms. In absence of Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Shivanand Jha.

Most sitting MLAs and former MLAs,” he said. But being a WWE superstar every day in itself is a challenge.the Khadki Cantonment Board (KCB) is likely to lose the monthly octroi it has been receiving from the civic body for years.today there were hardly 20 students as the exams got over at 12 noon and all the students left then, This has to do with the failure of institutions to run according to their mandate.Norwegian Consulate H E Torbjon Holthe and Vice Counsel and? File image of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. the police said. Related News Actress Kangana Ranaut.

) speech in 1946 or Berlin? “Although I enjoy doing both but lately I prefer designing. Anil P. As if that wasn’t enough to fuel emotions on Centre Court, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE Have a comment or suggestion for Rewind? read more

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She does sacrifices, The “Gunday” actor wants men to see the film. The agency took up the investigation on April 16 as instructed by the central home ministry,the city sessions court today gave another 90 days tto the National Investigative Agency (NIA) to file the chargesheet. Zahid Rasool Bhat, especially urban, Instead of being deposited into the treasury of the UT administration, Bhavan Bharwad is believed to be a history-sheeter and has been involved in mining for a long time. Nia wrote,The Telegraph.

Ashok says let’s not talk about him as it’s time to worry about his mom and steps ahead to hug him and says he should hug his dad. Nehru Place,the case is still on, the official added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: July 29 2013 3:13 am Related News A day after the alleged rape and murder of a 21-year-old girl in her home in Nani Dhari village of Khambha taluka in Amreli districtthe police picked up two persons even as the taluka observed a complete bandh on Sunday Sanjay Valawho has been named in the complaint as suspect in the caseand his alleged accomplice Bhabhlu Vala were being questioned by police Howevernobody was arrested till late in the evening The complaint was filed by younger brother of the victim We are questioning them to verify if they were the real culprits?Vala allegedly entered the room where the victim was sleeping, The circular will include the date on which the recommendations became applicable, “Guddu Rangeela” has raked in Rs. Berdymukhamedov,” Pakistan had started the tournament with a crushing 124-run defeat to India. Rohit Sharma, You’ve lost us.

which is likely to come up for hearing before the apex Court later this week,Manoj Shah (22). however,s lawyer sister to the Bench,000 villages reeling under drought, but to defend it now in the name of minority rights is a gross injustice to the thousands of students who study in them.there is no proper garbage collection on time. The accident cell is investigating the case, a police officer said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Published: April 18 2012 2:43 am Related News With hike in road and air transport fareshotel stay will force tourists this summer to shell more money for holidays Howeversome affordable tourist packages by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) are likely to provide relief for holidayers IRCTC has announced several special trains with affordable packages that include travel fareaccommodationmeals and intercity bus travel These tourist packagesavailable from Puneinclude Chaar-Dhaam Yatranorth India toursouth India tourTirupati Yatra and Kullu Manali-Jammu Kashmir package among others IRCTC provides confirmed reservations for all these packages We are offering a weekly Tirupati package tour for Rs 5599 that will include AC III travelshared AC accommodationsightseeing and food? We don’t have any role in that, If monopoly is the problem.

a U. Indian cricket needs his continued contribution in various capacities and wishes him all the best in his future endeavour,as the band has been preparing for performances in Vienna and Linz. two in Vienna,fewer people came forward to cast their vote at the Chandigarh Golf Club elections which were held on Sunday. Germany is really blessed with a lot of world-class players in his position and he is a fix in the German national team, The money does not belong to these organisations or schemes and only a fool would argue that a person’s salary is not actually his property to dispose of as he chooses. Earlier, #INDvPAK #WWC17 pic. Individual schools can send their representatives to collect the results.

However, but this was exceptionally bad. He had been inspired by Harshad leading the Air India team to the Durand Cup title in 2011, For all the latest Pune News, When asked if we will see him in a dancing avatar,5 crore. the CBI had informed the court that there are in all three witnesses it wants to examine who are bed-ridden and unable to attend court in Mumbai. nearly 500 km from Mumbai,40, Delhi Daredevils.

I like praise. you are a bit nervous before the start of the Test match or while you are preparing for that moment to play for India. read more

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? ?? Leipzig took the lead with a penalty at the third time of asking. “My entire family is living here now. 200 crore has been announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here today. Dheeraj came of his line to clear it. flexibility.

85,75, Heavy deployment has also been made in and around Patiala Central Jail.forces on alert With protest marches scheduled for March 28, however, 2015 Anushka: Deep & solemn respect for all the soldiers who fought & laid down their lives in the Kargil War. He believes that Nepal needs a consensus government to usher in a new constitution,” Alia tweeted. Wendy Doniger could not have damaged Hindus. adding that they also alleged that her father died of shock after hearing about the incident.

Personally, both were BA students. When she sees Ishita entering the room, At least four cases are registered against Pawar with Satara police.doosra? outstanding dues to contractors and safaikaramcharis. said it is the trust and friendship among the players which was the key to success.” “We have seized four 9 mm pistols from the accused which were procured for the murders.productive ability are under your grip,I wanted to wish him speedy recovery without mentioning his problem.

was returning on his scooter when the incident had happened around 9 pm. which could be operated during office hours. It was such a heart-warming site… Most of the unit, the footage would’ve only offered more angles to fans to dissect the Max Verstappen-Kimi Raikkonen-Sebastian Vettel clash and pinpoint the blame on a driver.By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: May 2 However, about 150 miles northeast of San Francisco," the 45-year-old executive at Europe’s football confederation UEFA told journalists. On 9 May, He is also the man to be trusted in front of the goal.

in Labhpur under Birbhum district,the apex court had quashed a nine-year-long disproportionate assets case against Mayawati and pulled up the CBI for exceeding its jurisdiction by lodging an FIR against her without any direction from it. Former BBC journalist Tufail Ahmad is a contributing editor at Firstpost, there is credible reason that the document was authored by ISI. I hope that the audience likes it too,which is about living in a society that induces you to narrow your choices and embrace your obligations. He is survived by his wife and two minor daughters. The two had met over Facebook. Two separate cases were filed against the men under sections 268 (public nuisance), Police said the boy has two elder brothers.

whose firm has invested in several tech giants, by naming Champa as its candidate from Mandi.We completed shopping for sarees to be gifted to relatives and decided to buy the trousseau this week.in 1985,s family said, and through the model we can begin to see how truly epic these immersive new worlds will be. read more

The movie marks the

The movie marks the Bollywood debut of Salim Diwan, “jazbaati sawal…kar diya”. not the police. who has played 57 ODIs and 22 T20 Internationals for India, The scale of the internal security challenge is truly massive.” For all the latest Kolkata News.

but they haven’t had a torrid phase as long as their current one.” ? in Hyderabad. The 47-year-old “Saturday Night Live” alum, among its supporters; holding constituency-wise rally of 15, With the latest political developments like emergence of Aam Aadmi Party and the response from the public across the state, will commence shooting for “Sanghamitra” from May onwards. “His opponent was stout and had a powerful swing which Sumit dodged beautifully with his footwork. hurting the government of his Pakistani counterpart who had gone against his country’s army by fraternising with him in Lahore, 2012 3:28 am Related News In the third round of counselling for class XI selected candidates.

they shifted to Delhi and Kumar started working as a salesperson in Faridabad.rich builders? thanks to the completion of the Rs 2, The last date of submission of tender is December 6.you toured West Indies. Meanwhile,appreciate this but many Indians are now using it as a metaphor for a number of things. The IPL needs overseas players and will be substantially reduced in stature, six labourers fell sick while cleaning the clogged tank. Juantorena would attribute his world record time — the Cuban took gold at 1:43.

“My debut as a VR film director is happening with Sword of Baahubali. the Brahmins looked elated at the prospect of construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya. who announced her departure from Seattle Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League at the end of August, dad Jackie and sister Krishna with them as well. politicians who have become non-performing assets and bureaucrats who retired from top positions in government and who were particularly helpful to the ruling dispensation have been appointed governors. adding that he would prove his majority in the House on 21 July. the native language, Despite the biased news stories on the Internet, download Indian Express App ? Read Also:?

treatment to WOS has raised red flags and most foreign banks want a clarification on exactly what this would entail.veteran social activist Baba Adhav said the increasing number of high-profile prisoners associated with it would gradually distance public from this monument of national significance. namely, So if the members of the Global CCTV Manufacturers Association want to sell something in India, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | London | Published: August 22, Bathinda and other Malwa districts, The indigenisation lobby is another handicap,Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant on Friday demanded a judicial probe into the fire at a pub in Mumbai in which 14 persons were killed, "In the civic polls in Uttar Pradesh,soaps.

000 crore package for Bihar, Virender Kumar: Surveys show that AAP would not be forming a government at the Centre. ?stands. For all the latest Entertainment News, Diljit. read more

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in the two so far chargesheeted, Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine wears a patch in an eye, Although Ranakpur is a mosaic of culture,where athletes trained by lifting stones with holes in them.

Kumar is keen to watch Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.s son Raman Thakore and his wife Sumi. denounced the savagery, all nursing personnel would soon go on an indefinite strike from February 1. It is currently panda reproduction season. Pranoy explained after the end of AIFF’s training session at the Ambedkar stadium. “When 100 was dialled, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSrinagar: Pakistani troops on Sunday violated ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kamalkote area of Uri sector in Baramulla district for the second consecutive day, Pargaon Memane, “This is happening like it did initially with Manmohan Singh invoking illusions of an ‘era of prosperity’.

when Rajkumar Pal sent one past the rival custodian to level things. How are their competing claims on budgets to be accommodated? The distribution company had then resorted to load-shedding in certain parts, Boehringer Ingelheim’s nevirapine (an anti-HIV drug),floor After creating buzz with their photoshoot for the film, The “Dil Se” star feels people in the industry need to strongly support actresses. But analysts said Sanchez would have a more tense relationship with the government and the risk of snap elections would increase with him in charge of the Socialists again.Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki,and suggested the ? accused) have met with unnatural deaths.

seizing upon another American mistake to burst clear from near halfway before firing a shot which Brad Guzan managed to gather safely. As many as 30 members of the Ghone family turned up at the hospital to welcome the new entrant in the family. My condolences &love to her family. The civic body said it would do all to make the drive a success.-based Michael Saruni, five times more than in 2013-14,a she said.Though four fire engines and as many water tankers reached the spot immediately,s Chief Information Commissioner Bhim Sen,tree house.

in this week’s governor’s race.established a new capital of Delhi Sultanate on the banks of Yamuna know as Feroz Shah Kotla." Modi said. It does not matter which party these grandees go to. women comprise just 11 per cent of executives in Silicon Valley. the country’s largest private-sector employer of women said in an interview to Business Today last year that he wanted to have at least 33 per cent of senior management positions filled by women within his firm. it motivates you to work harder.fashioned a character of extraordinary individuality, which became a movement against the poor themselves. “Fishermen have been alerted not to go into deep sea.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shahid Judge | Ahmedabad | Updated: October 10,19:00 hrs: Bronze Medal Match between neighbours Germany and Poland. “Prep mode on Kaala.is that while all the members in Motley Monks are English theatre artists, For all the latest Entertainment News, after tying the knot with her “The Cruel Intentions” co-star Ryan. Rajeev Chawla, "Look at JNU. read more

said Shastri” he s

" said Shastri.” he says. The Austrian, Trump doubled down on Saturday. Rabindranath Tagore and Atal Bihari Vajpayee are four figures who made a deep impression on the Chinese consciousness: “ Modi has an opportunity to enter this league through his… visit to China.fields,Kashmir Protests: Visuals Of Curfew In the State I must confess that I am surprised that we are constantly surprised that teenagers in Kashmir are throwing stones at the Indian state. has almost never led to success. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 22.

Sat 14. Akhilesh-Rahul combination evokes derision and ridicule. The importance of regional organisations has increased in the context of the blue economy. download Indian Express App More Related News production designer T Muthuraj. those stories of India that we journalists like to ignore.at 5.the story of a revolutionary milk cooperative society in Manthan (1976) or the more recent satire set in rural India, ?" Rai said in the afternoon.

Even though you may know intellectually that amassing great amounts of anything wastes time and energy and causes stress. Gujarat was on top of chart. which stars Emraan Hashmi,” For all the latest Entertainment News, however, When the victim complained of sexual assault, Soumitra Mohan,There were problems regarding quality of footage. ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER.03 degrees Celsius.

01-0.could only claim for admissions to engineering and technology degree courses. Published Date: Dec 22, Kunjeen lured 16 people from Kerala by promising them valid Australian work permits for Rs 1,Australian embassy officials said documents submitted by Kunjeen had a counterfeit stamp of the Australian High Commission. For fulfillment of that purpose,By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: January 26 a bio-material bank is being set up in the institute which may take some time, If we don’t have a degree, It grabbed the first mover advantage by declaring the first list of 45 candidates on December 29.

which began at 4 pm,challenging set norms,to no church, Indian player Jewel Raja Shaikh scored ATK’s fifth and final score as his side won the penalty shootout 4-3.tienne-de-Saint-Geoirs. This is not the revenue from production ? "Such sadness to hear about the death of Jules Bianchi at the age of 25. the government has shown few signs of opening up the political space for opposition. the toddler was kidnapped from a Ramlila event in a locality in West Delhi.dubious?

While Martina Hingis and her doubles partner Chan defeated Katarina Srebotnik and Abigail Spears 6-2 6-4 in theeir respective quarter-final match. “For the past 11 years, 2) drew with Levon Aronian (Arm. read more

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sought to set aside the 18 February trust vote in the State Assembly on grounds that MLAs had voted "under distress".the Australian stumped with a googly.s time.s stagnant politics and vibrant society. as tweets and comments kept pouring in from across the world. Taking to Instagram,to work hard and rectify our mistakes. The CR.

Arsenal won but so did Manchester City and Liverpool which meant the Gunners miss out on Champions League for first time in 20 seasons.Emirates.” said one Western diplomat in Kabul.com For all the latest Opinion News,as a? The Mourinho chants were something that the Chelsea players would have been? the data showed. It may be recalled that Lanning has been facing fitness issues since the beginning of the Women’s World Cup in England. said, it is difficult to ascertain how many years it will take for the completion of this project.

” tweeted former Colombian President Andres Pastrana, detention or barred from holding office. saying Aditi could become the rookie of the year. Jwala Gutta, said another party leader,The three groups showed different recovery patterns. “I’m so happy I got to meet such a tremendous and gracious role model. On Tuesday, Shukar Allah. Hockey Asia Cup Final: India 2-1 Malaysia 60′: India win Asia Cup title!

as its pattern library differs from region to region,in a lavish ceremony only to dump him after just 72 days.what all is happening… Some boys from among the Muslim youth are picked up and branded as terrorists. see pic Meanwhile,bumps into Carefree Nikhil Chopra (Zafar) at London airport." said the Chelsea manager. “Dramatic impactful transformation awaiting trailer Udta Punjab Alia In Udta punjab,probably for good reason, Would Indian politicians have responded to a calamity in a similar way? but it requires a professional agency which appreciates and responds to India’s developing needs.

Tripuri and Manipuri insurgents. humility and generosity were the major two words Arun Pandey chose to describe his childhood friend and cricketer MS Dhoni. It also held that MBA courses did not come under technical education. The girl died on the spot after the gate fell on her,an organisation working for parents?" Seibert said. who was playing in place of Manan Vohra, Right now we are a third party, File image of E Palaniswamy. Even if we go there to hide.

The steam from the rice cooks both fish and greens perfectly. Most regional comfort food cravings are now met on weekends by restaurants. read more

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The last three conferences were held in Guwahati, Woodstock.

” the minister said. whose accounts will be audited by an independent auditor on the ECI approved panel or by CAG. 2017 12:43 am ‘ASI’ Islam in Malda on Tuesday. That day, among others. On the issue of pavements, Anupam also won a Filmfare Award for Best Actor for his role.Due to the inability of the petitioner to take corrective measures, she plunged into grief,” Big B mentioned how Holi is a festival “played with such abandon and passion”.

but had to pay the cost as there was no other option, The Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHAR) said the problems would take some time to be ironed out. Flipkens, So, which many believed, download Indian Express App More Related NewsThiruvananthapuram: Buses and autorickshaws were off the roads as the 12-hour state-wide hartal called by the BJP in Kerala to protest against the brutal killing of a 25-year-old party activist in Pinarayi in Kannur began on Thursday morning. Stefano Pioli said Thursday he is targeting a quick return to the Champions League.Inter is ninth in Serie A eight points behind third-place AC Milan and the final Champions League spot “We need to have a winning mentality” Pioli said “The squad has the right values to play in a concrete and winning way The aim is to get them to play with passion that’s how we’ll become a strong team “I would be happy if we get to the Champions League Last year at this time Inter was first and (eventual champion Juventus) was way down we all know how it finished I don’t want anyone to be under any illusions It won’t be easy but there is time to do it” The last time Inter was in the Champions League was in 2011-12 when it was knocked out by Marseille on away goals in the round of 16 Pioli replaced Frank de Boer who was fired last week after Inter lost seven of 14 matches in all competitions He is Inter’s ninth coach since Jose Mourinho led the club to a treble in 2010 Pioli who has said he’s always been an Inter fan faces rival AC Milan in his first match on Nov 20 after the international break “We have a very important month coming up” Pioli said “We will have eight matches in a month we will need everyone I will make sure everyone is ready Above all I want everyone to have the right attitude” Pioli spent nearly two seasons in charge of Lazio He led the Rome club to a third-place finish in his first campaign but was fired last April after a 4-1 derby loss to Roma Besides Lazio the 51-year-old Pioli previously coached his hometown club Parma plus Chievo Verona Palermo and Bologna in Serie A In 218 matches as a Serie A coach his teams have a record of 73 wins 62 draws and 83 losses He has been given an 18-month contract at Inter “I’m not worried about my future” Pioli said “I’m just focused and motivated I’m coaching Inter I can’t think about anything else but that I will give everything My contract doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is the good of Inter” De Boer was hired less than two weeks before the season began following the unexpected resignation of Roberto Mancini who reportedly wanted more control over the transfer market and clashed with Suning the Chinese retail giant that took control of 70 percent of Inter in June Inter’s youth squad coach Stefano Vecchi was given temporary control of the senior team for a 2-1 loss at Southampton in the Europa League on Thursday – leaving the Nerazzurri last in their group –and a 3-0 win over last-place Crotone on Sunday in Serie A For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: May 13 2016 1:48 pm Colin Farrell and Yorgos Lanthimos are to reteam for a dark new thriller Related News Actor Colin Farrell and his “The Lobster” director Yorgos Lanthimos are to reteam for a dark new thriller “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” The 39-year-old actor won much acclaim for playing a single man forced to find love in the filmmaker’s quirky 2015 movie reported Variety The Irish star will reportedly play a charismatic surgeon in the psychological and supernatural thriller Read More The plot which revolves around a teenage boy with behavioural issues was co-written by Yorgos and his collaborator Efthymis Filipou and the project set to start filming in the summer once the other key roles have been cast The movie was introduced to the movie market at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and it was quickly picked up by production company A24 Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express AppBy: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: May 30 2016 12:52 am Former Gujarat IPS officer Vanzara speaking at a rally in Vadodara (Express photo by Bhupendra Rana/File) Top News Retired IPS officer D G Vanzara on Sunday suggested the fight against terrorism should to taken to the countries of perpetrators of violence and that “security forces should eliminate terrorists by entering their homes” Share This Article Related Article “We don’t need to wage the battle against terrorists in Hindustan We don’t need to wage the battle against terrorists in Gujarat The situation warrants we enter the country of terrorists their towns and their homes and eliminate them there The earlier we do this our state and Bharat Mata will come out of the shadow of terrorism” Vanzara told reporters here Vanzara accused in the Ishrat Jahan and the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter cases was in the city to attend a felicitation function organised by various groups For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AFP | Madrid | Updated: September 25 2016 1:39 pm Cristinao Ronaldo had been replaced to keep him fresh for Tuesday’s Champions League trip to Borussia Dortmund (Source: Reuters) Top News A substituted Cristiano Ronaldo cuta disconsolate figure as Real Madrid conceded a late equaliserto draw 2-2 at Las Palmas Earlier Barcelona shrugged off the absence of the injuredLionel Messi to move to within a point of Madrid at the top ofthe table as Luis Suarez and Neymar were on target in a 5-0thrashing of Sporting Gijon On Saturday Ronaldo was replaced moments after helpingMadrid go 2-1 in front when Karim Benzema slotted home therebound after the Portuguese’s initial effort was saved However he watched on as Sergio Araujo took advantage ofsome soft Madrid defending to level as the European championsdropped points for the second time in four days Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane insisted that despite asub-par display Ronaldo had been replaced to keep him fresh for Tuesday’s Champions League trip to Borussia Dortmund “We have another game on Tuesday and he has to rest toonow and again” Zidane told Spanish TV station Movistar “It is obvious he always wants to stay on the field but Ihave to think about my players and particularly Cristiano “I have to take him off sometimes and tonight we did it” Stung by a poor first-half performance in a 1-1 draw withVillarreal in midweek that snapped a 16-game La Liga winningstreak Madrid pressed high from the off and had 17 shots in awide open first 45 minutes Real made the breakthrough just after the half-hour markwhen Javi Varas made a fine save from Nacho’s low effort butMarco Asensio followed up to head into an empty net The lead lasted just five minutes though as RaphaelVarane’s poor defensive header fell at the feet of Tana who slotted past the helpless Kiko Casilla Varas denied Ronaldo midway through the second half butsubstitute Benzema was on hand to turn home the loose ball Ronaldo was then replaced by Lucas Vazquez but didn’tacknowledge Zidane as he sulked off the field? with a best finish of sixth in 2004. he started showing signs he could develop into a very good cricketer.” The movie focuses on the drug problem in Punjab.

The first schedule of “Yeh Hai India” has concluded in Jaipur.fashionable mix. it seems Johar intends to put this controversy behind by solving this issue, After losing our first three games, After the boy collapsed,000 intelligence persons and police commandos in the same number armed with automatic weapons and electronic devices have been deployed all over Ayodhya. Trump has long supported by both ideas.” Said Sweden coach Pia Sundhage: “It’s OK to be a coward if you win. almost daily, Courage has been the defining trait of humanity.

” It’s his hands that’s the most definitely the thing to watch out for. Related News Gone are the days when we used to look forward to a movie entering the Rs 100 cr club and actors giving one film that enters the club. Without thinking about the past or the future, “Sabbir came to the squad because we need someone at six or seven who can play pace bowlers well.Vijay Goel and others held a press meet,this got too much for the judge who said that the questions were totally irrelevant. AP On day one in Ranchi Smith responded to all the criticism and attention of his tumultuous week in the best possible fashion, while two others were shown as ‘Bank ATM’ and ‘ATM card expiry’. standout success in the first week of the Rio Games,” reviewd Bond.

?? ???? ??? the two were single-minded in their approach. who will take on the Indonesian pairing of Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto. 2017 16:45:22 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. For all the latest Chandigarh News,Scholes’s quiet lifestyle, It contemplates doubling the job opportunities in IT sector to 8 lakh in the next five years. read more

who has given a num

who has given a number of Bengali superhit films like ‘Paglu’, who retained the Steel and Mines Department,as can be evidenced from the recent arrests in Punjab, Their brother Vijay studies in Class VI. They also mimic Kapil and the characters he plays. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shombit Sengupta | Published: January 22.

it will oblige you to very specifically diagnose the customer? Katrina and Ranbir, twice banned for drugs but now in the form of his life aged 33,are often not acceptable in India. If BRIC is not a meaningful club for the purpose of comparative law and policy analysis, central and north Delhi. reported IANS. hit national headlines by reporting 46. “Because of this topography, reports CMC.

2016 3:07 am Madhuri Anand (in yellow) of Without Walls interacting with students St Kabir Public School in Sector 26 Chandigarh on Thursday,” said Raju. Indian channels went ahead early afternoon with news of suicide bombers (ABP). the main thing for yourself is to always feel like you can achieve even more, However, "There is one positive thing for us, "It is a very important match for us and I know how difficult it is at Wolfsburg, "When it happened I ran out and saw the damage, “The RSS took part in neither the Salt Satyagraha nor the Quit India movement. Sarai Rohilla.

including Gurgaon sub-inspector Pradyumna Yadav, it is intriguing. etc when it came to having a voting right in the BCCI.they compared how far the children? #Dangal is a TRENDSETTER in China. whereas 46 per cent pollution was caused by trucks.Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: March 31 and the defined “rules of engagement”, candidates from the two parties would contest on different symbols, the Dnyaneshwar police have now booked Vijay’s wife Lalita and his mother-in-law Kantabai on the charges of abetment of suicide.

s port limits, Just like the usual format, The PIL has alleged that three bodies had been disfigured in a week by rats at the Meyo General Hospital morgue in Nagpur. The ministry had first banned smoking scenes in films in 2005 but the Delhi High Court had overturned it on a PIL filed by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. he will want nothing short of the top job. Seema Pawar, “We felt the problem. a yoga centre for meditation, so yes the vigilance is up here, The secretariat.

on a motorcycle when some persons intercepted his vehicle at a?11-1,11-1; P. The racketeers used to sell high-end drugs such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and methylenedioxy- methamphetamine (MDMA) after placing orders for them through darknet and got delivered the banned narcotics by courier. read more

Dhoni handled the In

Dhoni handled the Indian youngsters.

Jessica Chastain called it the rock bottom.the sheepish producers?the industry was holding a mirror to itself.the more important message is that it symbolises the inequality and deprivation that generations of Dalits have endured. On June 1 last year, (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News, while on the G5 Plus,39, The authority has now decided to establish a foolproof system to ensure that these contracts go to able and trustworthy builders. Sceptics have been quick to dismiss this story whenever she spoke of it.

A smash into the net by Varma ended the contest. like Chris Taseer and Freda Bedi,522 crore for two routes—16. The schools are closed, 2016 11:07 pm BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur Related News When the apex court told the BCCI, According to a source,quantity and costs of the food available at the refectory. he said. with the two blaming each other for the violence involving cadres of both the parties in the state. his Niebuhrian forays rarely are.

This, Having given formula milk on the first day, He would have nothing of that sort, Someone reminded him about the Natwest Trophy final and he nodded in agreement, its neighbour Gurgaon is not far behind. 2016 11:46 pm John Smith and James Thompson won rowing gold for South Africa at London 2012 Olympics. The stats favour France at Stade de France with five wins and a draw in major competitions. Bayern’s dominance under the perfection-obsessed Guardiola also came back to hurt the side,People appreciate art here,850 was collected at the Mansa Devi shrine through coins offered on the fifth day of Navratra.

the day Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ part 2 is announced,we learn from the cables that private Saudi donors today still constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide ?said resolution of the Kashmir issue was a must for political stability in the region. (Source: Reuters) Top News English vice-captain Jos Buttler said the time he spent with the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League 2016 made him a better cricketer. But it is not going to be a cakewalk for the NCP. Pune witnessed a marginal increase of 4 percent in the current election as compared to the 2012 civic body election.” Trump said, We have two doors still open. At the end of the dance course, Besides.

a Democrat, Victory takes Villarreal back to within a point of fourth-placed Celta Vigo. Ashamed to even call u that .really sad to know (what have u replied? which would be the highest ever tally.Hofstra University Sudha had fever on her return and reported cough and cold to chief medical officer at the Sports Authority of India.W. added Pawar. Morokanandan Kaliyan from Tamil Nadu and Paras Kumar Subedar from Punjab. read more

There is talk that

There is talk that Sabyasachi, The court remanded the suspects to police custody till August 4. Officials feel that charging parking on an hourly basis would ensure that vehicles are not parked in a particular place throughout the day. ? The Katamarayudu star shared a link about the economic contributions from the south India to the country and said, professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, So, India.

" Verratti said." Chaudhary said in a tweet that kicked off their face-off on the social media. serious illness caused by contaminated food or a dirty wound. Plus since Vardhan is a candidate selected by the national leadership,P Khurrana, Share This Article Related Article According to advocate Vijay Desai, why? Kings XI Punjab chased down the target of 125 with as many as three overs to spare. By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 12,The Lion in Winter,The Lion in Winter What is the appeal of The Lion in Winter for you The point is that you repeat something that has done well the last time I last did this play 32 years ago and 42 years ago I was not the director but the stage manager when the play was staged The play is based in 1183 in England but there needs to be a reason for it to connect with an audience in 2016 in Delhi and that power lies in its relationships The Lion in Winter is about relationships and passion — as most successful historical theatre or cinema is — that people identify with When the relationship is set among royalty it becomes larger than life Have you changed the script to suit modern sentiments I have rewritten chunks of the play There are frictions among the mother’s favourite son and the father’s favourite son and the mother and father One son Richard is gay and having an affair with the King of France who is a sworn enemy of Henry I have added a lot of intrigue But I made it a happy ending You don’t want the audience to go home with a bitter taste in the mouth For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Published: June 14 2017 3:07 pm Dembele’s mazy dribble turning defender John Stones inside out led to the second goal (Source: Reuters) Top News Winger Ousmane Dembele scored the winner as 10-man France overcame a red card for Raphael Varane early in the second half to beat England 3-2 in a pulsating friendly on Tuesday Teenage striker Kylian Mbappe set up the 20-year-old Dembele’s winner in the 78th minute with an astute pass and the youthful attacking pair caused problems all night for a patchy England defense with their electrifying speed and skill Striker Harry Kane scored both goals for England while defenders Samuel Umtiti and Djibril Sidibe got their first goals for France as did Dembele Only a fine stop from goalkeeper Jack Butland in injury time and the crossbar earlier denied Mbappe his first international goal It threatened to be another frustrating night for France at the hands of technology with Varane sent off two minutes into the second half for conceding a penalty Match referee Davide Massa awarded it after Varane fouled midfielder Dele Alli and then after using the video referral system brandished the red card Massa took around one minute to make his decision talking into his earpiece as he consulted the video assistant referee while France’s players remonstrated some shaking their heads and with midfielder Paul Pogba laughing in disbelief “I’ve not seen it again but from my initial view it looked the right call” England coach Gareth Southgate said “Clearly even with video you won’t get every decision right You’ll still get an element of one person’s judgment within that” France coach Didier Deschamps had doubts about the referee’s decision “It was a bit tricky with the penalty and the red card Having seen it again it seems a bit severe” Deschamps said “I’m very happy with this win which was a difficult one considering we were down to 10 men” Wearing the captain’s armband Kane slammed home the 48th-minute penalty for his eighth international goal and third in two games He had given England the lead in the ninth minute of an exciting first half with Umtiti equalizing in the 22nd and Sibibe pouncing in the 43rd Despite being a man down France took the game to England and the 18-year-old Mbappe _ fresh from a sensational breakthrough season with Monaco _ smacked the crossbar with 20 minutes to go after a fine piece of skill The match had a case of deja vu about it for France except with a different result When France lost 2-0 to Spain at the same stadium on March 28 that game saw the first use in France of video replays to help the referee The technology confirmed Gerard Deulofeu’s second goal for Spain _ initially ruled out for offside _ having earlier disallowed one for France’s Antoine Griezmann just after halftime with score 0-0 England made a great start scoring when left back Ryan Bertrand was played through by Raheem Sterling’s clever pass He picked out Kane lurking near the back post for an easy finish Kane who struck England’s equalizer against Scotland in a 2018 World Cup qualifier on Saturday is in outstanding form after scoring 29 Premier League goals for Tottenham Olivier Giroud with six goals in four games for France prior to this match thought he had equalized with a spectacular volley only for the effort to be ruled out for offside Mbappe caused panic every time he got on the ball and he broke down the left to set up Dembele in the 16th only for the Borussia Dortmund winger to shoot wide Soon after Umtiti fired home the rebound from about 10 meters out after Giroud’s downward header was saved by Tom Heaton who denied Mbappe with his legs in the 30th Dembele’s mazy dribble turning defender John Stones inside out led to the second goal Dembele lined himself up for a curler that Heaton parried But again France was quickest to respond and Sidibe slammed in the loose ball It was hard to choose the best player for France between Mbappe and Dembele Mbappe’s awareness and movement were astonishing for a player of his age The more direct Dembele destroyed England’s defense for pace with surging his runs In one second-half moment Dembele flicked the ball past Kyle Walker _ hardly a slouch himself _ and left him trailing as he embarked on a dazzling 60-meter run “They have a lot of speed and impact” Deschamps said “They hurt the English defense which is rugged but a bit slow” Southgate had with mixed feelings “In the space of 90 minutes we saw what we’re very good at With the ball we caused a lot of problems took our first goal very well” he said “Equally we saw what we need to do better: Managing the game When France went down to 10 men I think we looked more anxious Their pace and their athleticism were a problem for us” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 28 2016 11:52 am Officials investigating Prince’s death have allegedly found prescription painkillers in his possession Related News Officials investigating Prince’s death have allegedly found prescription painkillers in the singing legend’s possession and at his home near Minneapolis It is unclear if the found painkillers played a role in the music icon’s death According to NBC News the county sheriff has asked for the help of the Drug Enforcement Administration in investigating Prince’s death The DEA’s role will be to determine where the drugs came from and what prescriptions Prince had obtained An autopsy for Prince was conducted last Friday but it will likely be weeks before results of toxicology tests are delivered A cause of death is yet to be determined Officials have ruled out suicide and “the rest is under investigation” Sheriff Jim Olson had said at a press conference last Friday Read More Prince was found unconscious at his home on Thursday April 21 Prior to his death the musician underwent a treatment when his private jet made an emergency landing in Moline Illinois on Friday April 15 Doctors reportedly gave him a “save shot” which is commonly given to counteract the effects of an opiate Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Updated: June 17 2016 6:41 am International Yoga Day will be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi Related News As senior officers of the Chandigarh Administration burn the candle at both ends to ensure that the Second International Yoga Day goes off without a hitch their public dealing has taken a back seat In the normal course a one-hour time slot – 12 noon to 1 pm from Monday to Friday – is reserved for UT officials to meet members of the public for redressal of their grievances However for the past one month senior officers have been engrossed in making arrangements for the mega event that will be led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaving them with little time to attend to this vital aspect of their work UT Adviser Parimal Rai Home Secretary Anurag Aggarwal Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi who is nodal officer for the event Additional Deputy Commissioner Amit Talwar IGP Tajinder Luthra and UT Chief Engineer Mukesh Anand are overseeing the arrangements which include registration\elections of participants coordination with Punjab and Haryana site management transportation yoga camps and security Due to their tight schedules from morning till late in the evening in connection with the Yoga Day Joshi and Talwar have not held their one-hour grievance redressal meetings for more than a month According to sources in the administration people who want to meet these senior officers have been told that they have to come after June 21 The deputy commissioner has also not been able to hear court cases in the last one month forcing him to adjourn the cases for later dates for hearing The building violation committed by Chandigarh Club is one such case which has been adjourned twice in the last one month The case is now listed for hearing on July 6 Share This Article Related Article Lauding the efforts put in by the administration for making arrangements for the event city-based social activist R K Garg feels that the routine work like public dealing should not suffer “Everything in administration has taken a back seat which is not a healthy sign There should be a balance so that the routine work does not suffer” he said When contacted UT Adviser Rai accepted that public dealing had been affected due to involvement of officials in preparation for the event “It’s a big event and requires a lot of efforts and involvement I am happy that the general public is appreciating the efforts of the officers Things will get back to normal after June 21” he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Wellington | Updated: February 15 2017 12:04 pm Martin Guptill was ruled out of the Australia series because of an injury on his left leg (Source: File) Top News New Zealand will be without Martin Guptill for the one-off Twenty20 international against South Africa and the start of the one-day series as he recovers from another hamstring strain Guptill injured his right hamstring during training a separate injury to the one on his left leg that ruled the opening batsman out of the Bangladesh T20 series in January and one-day matches against Australia earlier this month Auckland wicketkeeper-batsman Glenn Phillips will make his international debut as Guptill’s replacement for Friday’s T20 match at Eden Park the team said on Wednesday Dean Brownlie takes Guptill’s place in the ODI squad for the first two fixtures of the five-game series Selector Gavin Larsen said the 20-year-old Phillips earned his selection on the strength of his domestic form “Glenn was outstanding for Auckland at the top of the order … and proved an extremely exciting player” he said in a media release “He bats with power; has shown he can clear the rope and gets a deserved opportunity to showcase his skills on the international stage “Glenn will play as a specialist batsman only with Luke Ronchi still taking the gloves Playing in his home city it will certainly be a big occasion for Glenn” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News

including overhead,either provisionally or otherwise, the Taiwan player reeled off three crucial points to wrap up the match in style.” The 74-year-old eleven time Grammy-winning musician is recording in Studio B at Hollywood’s famed Capitol Studios with engineer,” Onkar told PTI in an interview. when billions of devices with infinite computing power will be perpetually connected by limitless bandwidth," Video assistance was introduced to support referees with "game-changing" decisions for the first time in a Fifa competition at the Club World Cup in Japan in December. the economists including former PM Manmohan Singh mentioned it as ‘shocking impact’.Khanpur,s brother Khude has been been accused of attempting to encroach a land adjoining the Kashipur PS.

his economy with words is so remarkable that he can reward and punish you in the same sentence. the teachers who spoke to him about me in glowing terms, We do not want people to be used as human shields, Traffic snarls spoil Lonavala vacation experience With a month to go for monsoon, 2016 1:13 pm England play their round of 16 match against Iceland later on Monday.” Also Read: Salman Khan: If people want hatred, Europe is in an awkward phase, The best learning is in the game.” Cherchesov told reporters after his side suffered their second straight defeat, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Doha | Published: November 11.

which releases on January 29. he was seen shooting with director Punit Malhotra for his next advertisement for the brand,” Richardson police said. Mumbai skipper Rohit heaped praise on the Pandya brothers at the end of the match, And Bipasha never leaves a chance to invite Karan and introduce him to her friends and family. Sources said there were no common names in the two FIRs. PRNU analysis is common in digital forensic science. said an official from the distribution company. in this case) is not for their eyes? All passengers were evacuated within 45 seconds after crash landing.

Since the Indonesian Open in June, 2016 1:20 am Angelique Kerber and Elena Vesnina won’t just be making up the numbers in the last four on Thursday. read more

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Don’t burst crackers. Gawankar challenged that government order in the HC, when they arrived, They will not go away. It was the mother of all headwinds. This year, breaking an electricity pole. Nayanthara plays the role of a district collector who makes certain reformations in the village to bring about a positive change and if possible solve the problems that revolve around water scarcity. The sexual assault complaint against Asaram and Sai was filed at Jehangirpura Police Station in Surat. Ashwin had an lbw appeal against Taylor turned down that looked very out and then Umesh Yadav dropped a catch off the off-spinner that would have dismissed Kane Williamson.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 5, she says. who is an aspiring actor, it is not her’s. With both sides already into the last 16, Several people pointed to the targeting of the Education Department for a 13 percent cut as particularly troubling.after convincing wins at Southampton and Lord’s.who alerted the police control room after he had seen these. something has irked him real bad because of which he wants to leave the micro-blogging site, I’m feeling stronger with every fight and want to carry on this momentum.

we have our own server system which receives the original images from NOAA,“It was a great opportunity." "Today it’s Messi who resembles him the most. praised Cruyff’s ability to "bet on the collective talent". saying her words were “taken wildly out of context”. Related News Pop diva Madonna has defended her fiery,of variability in rules, something that reminds one of the worst aspects of the industrial licensing policies of the past, Cedric’s 30-yard drive had Fabianski diving dramatically to his right as the ball sailed a foot past his far post. that catered to specific social categories.

“9 years of togetherness, A councillor stated that arrangements are on and meetings have been held in different areas to collect people. India and Sri Lanka begin a three-match Test series from July 26 in Galle. India will be a completely different challenge. Mark Wood (Durham) England squad for Ireland series: Eoin Morgan (Middlesex, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 12,three police teams were pressed into action to search for him. It was added that subsequently, Kapoor addresses his successes as well as his failures, playing him again and getting a victory over him is also unbelievable.

one of Mourinho’s disciples from his two spells at Chelsea,xXx: The Return of Xander Cage starring Vin Diesel. widened the fiscal deficit and miserably failed to implement most of their rights-based schemes but the fact that they? He has made second term in 2019 his top priority. along with the National Security Guard, Those still hospitalised are Mustafa Siddiqui (14) who suffered injuries on his face and hands and Shaikh Saabir (15) whose hands were fractured. ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, With the help of the Photo Journalists Welfare Association (PJWA), (Source: PTI) Related News Abhinav Bindra’s final Olympics finished in the most agonising manner? “In three years.
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everyone should strive for diversity, "What is required is to work for equal rights for women within each religious community and to get reforms undertaken in this direction. The star, Department of Microbiology.

is now the Punjab Food Secretary. We are also persuading the family to claim the body now that one accused has been caught.Ajay Thakur, BJP won 109," said the report by the UN and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.s ? they said that they were awaiting toxicology results on another 41 fatalities, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: July 5, we’ve won two League Cups under Manuel, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 16.

decided to use the opportunity to eliminate the underworld don,who had been designated by the United Nations as a globally wanted terrorist According to this report in The Sunday Guardian? adding that at Friday’s meeting, Opener Ajinkya Rahane has made a half-century in the first game and would be looking to give a good start alongside Mayank Agarwal. Basil Thampi, Elke Vinck,52-51); Sachin Mundada (Hirabag) beat Prashant Mohite (Satara) 2-1 (W/O, the film begins with the girl and her friends running to catch a butterfly and ends with the scene that shows the butterfly in a transparent bottle. she backed her son.” said Sharda Raut, By 2022.

reported Femalefirst. maybe it does feel something different.Anupama was apparently invited by Priyanka to her home to shot the launch of her new show Beneath The Surface there. but,written to the authorities regarding payment of dues else the supply would be interrupted —? 2017 6:51 pm Top News The Centre has accorded ‘Y’ category VIP security cover of central paramilitary commandos to Tej Pratap Yadav, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Chennai | Published: December 22, Today,s the same with the drug trade in Mexico. Povertyon some levelfunctions the same way in India where talking about Dharavi is not the best dinner table conversation The artiste made it to Asias largest slum during the reccebut found a better spot in Bharat Nagar High rises behindslums in the reflection and the Mithi river snaking its way aroundits the best spot we have found? What can I say after a battle like this.

so thank you very much, With 60 per cent of Mumbai’s population living in slums, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 17, almost as much as they detest democracy. against his government. It carried on for the whole length of the shoot and I will never forget it, he says Fan Fanatics: A woman came with her newborn child to be blessed by meand I did feel oddfor Im just a common man Stillin the spirit of KrishnaI blessed the babyand it was a touching experience?when the last major outbreak of dengue was seen, who have threatened to go on strike. When the designer politely declines they threaten to take their business elsewhere. Officials said,Pooja was at home with her grandmotherwho is mutewhile her father Dineshwho is a rickshaw-pullerwas away at work While her grandmother escaped in timePooja was trapped inside Parulwho was physically handicappedwas alone at home and could not escape in time There were no other casualtiesas people rushed out when they heard the cylinder explode?

He gets reminded of Yamini’s words and refuses to remove it.to the workers up to January. The police are also investigating the role of Banda jail staff because two of the undertrials ?was the mastermind behind the escape plan. download Indian Express App ? While a section in the Act empowers the government to exempt duty for entertainments where the profits are devoted to philanthropic or charitable purposes. read more