Jia Jinghua the future of love and marriage websites and the way of money

              in a small city, a love and marriage website is on the rise. However, after the real integration of this team, I suddenly found that the growth of small cities and love sites also need some time. As far as the present situation is concerned, the operators haven’t found the future of love and marriage websites, nor have they found the "money way" of love and marriage websites.               undeniably, there are many domestic well-known dating sites, cherish, Jiayuan, and absolute 100…… Some of the company’s earnings and media reports can tell that the money in these sites is excellent, especially the treasure, known as profits of billions of dollars, and is running on the road. However, this does not mean that the local love and marriage site "money" scene is also excellent. Objectively speaking, if a marriage website wants to survive, it must find its own profit point. Simply put, the marriage website profit model is nothing more than the following.               network advertising: dating sites also have websites, Internet advertising, especially for the big treasure, Jiayuan such traffic site, Internet advertising is a site of income. However, dating sites are relatively targeted advertising, to attract marriage products and pregnant baby products manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that online advertising revenue accounts for about 15% of the total revenue of love and marriage websites.               member income: each marriage website model, without exception, are relying on member registration and profit. Take the famous treasure net as an example, each member is free after registration, and once you need to cherish the network of marriage dating service, members must pay. Precious network fees in the national love and marriage website is relatively high, 6 months membership fees as high as 1999 yuan. As a matter of fact, every marriage website has a membership fee and the membership fee varies. In the income of the love and marriage website, the membership income point is about 60-70% of the total revenue of the website.               value-added business revenue: dating site service, in addition to membership services, such as some messages, mail, value-added services that make eyes at a man. Of course, the love and marriage website provides every member of the business with a fee, so there is no such thing as a free lunch. In the total income of love and marriage websites, value-added services account for about 15%.          >;    

Three years of webmaster career brought me pain and joy

at home, for a long time did not write. Here is a summary of his three years in career experience, where the IT. computer When 99 years of his will just on the primary school grade 3, see than their older partners often played red alert in the cafe, at that time did not know the Internet, but know the computer, remember 2 yuan an hour, he saw the construction of many things feel very envious. His heart envy. When the in 2000 was brought into the game world, start your own web surfing is red, or cafe owner taught. On the computer time really is very fast, when the Internet search system, not a minor one that I remember are generally play 1 hours away, remember the morning is 1 dollars an hour, Internet cafes more than 20 computer, so a Saturday, 7 day early in the morning we partner more went to Internet cafes to play, because the morning is less, the price cheap page most will play 2 hours. At that time all rivers and lakes, we have a chat room early play I will remember that. Remember the website HTTP:// even remember. Don’t know no way, so the Internet type. And then one day in the Internet bar to see the boss’s son was playing a game, you look very interesting, called the Westward Journey 2, NetEase. The hair get out of hand, deep into Online games. Every day after school, the Internet bars play for 1 or 2 hours, and then hurry home. Then the family didn’t realize that I would play that thing, because I was studying in the class very well,. I remember it was a winter afternoon school early, because what is forgotten, I went to play to play my big, too fast, mainly because of their addiction, then come in person, patted my shoulder, a look at the father, not scared to death on the spot my dad, usually to my discipline is very strict, I thought this is the end of the next, but did not expect the missing dad said: " so late, hurry home to." then walked away, I looked at my watch, weighs more than 10 points. The cafe boss said to me, your parents well. I said to go home I just pick up along the way. Just behind my father’s ass, thinking of how to go home is clean. I returned home low head chief there, my mother scold me, my dad said the first time I did not say what, if found in you do. And let me go because of his bed. Has been deeply into the world of online games, every day before breakfast to save all buy cards. Later, was discovered by Dad. A beaten. but still can’t stop my heart to the network game. In fact, the home is not for me to play, is to make me less. But no way, I have in the online world, that timeContinue reading

How to analyze website data – clear the way of website analysis

How does perform web site data analysis? This is another question for listeners when sharing traffic before, and sort out the appropriate content here. Figure is a schematic diagram of a web site analysis of the life cycle, collected in requirement analysis and confirm the data we need after (again, clear demand analysis is very important, it can be avoided in order to analysis and analysis), we can make full use of various tools of the website analysis report on analysis of data expansion.   But site analysis tools in a very large amount of data, you may accidentally drowned in the sea of data, you must have a clear idea of what to know, use report or report view which can help you quickly find the answer. The following is the data module involved in the site analysis, which also provides a general idea of Web site data analysis.   involved according to the contents of the above data module, detailed analysis on the site analysis and index plate I will generally listed in the report on the bottom (the following is a list of the website data analysis in some of my personal feel plate and the index, the more important the different net station data important index will vary): basic information: How about the traffic level of website? Compared with the data of similar websites in the industry, according to our market positioning, how much of our traffic needs to be improved in the future? Where are the visitors coming from? Is this used to confirm the match of our marketing strategy?. If quite a few users come from countries with small languages, do we have to consider building multilingual sites? What kind of devices do visitors usually access to websites? In the increasingly mobile today, do we have to build our own mobile site or develop our APP ? how about the ratio of new and old users? Can we retain old users while expanding new users? traffic source What are the main sources of traffic on the site, SEO, SEM, EDM, social media, and what types of traffic sources can we expand ? what are the priorities of these traffic sources? What are our most heavily dependent sources of traffic? Which traffic sources have the highest conversion rates? SEO/SEM traffic level, how to upgrade? ?How about the use of , EDM, and social media marketing? How about the conversion rate? web content What are the page categories of the web site?

From the QQ domain name domain name on the significance of thinking

from 2007 to enter the stationmaster industry fought in a few years, there have been used in high and vigorous spirits, frustrated desire. It started out as a free forum and created hundreds of online wonders. Now I do website countless, general gaming sites and local portals have been brilliant. And I recently started building a QQ professional website in recent years. QQ is not only widely distributed, but also has a large number of development. The high degree of coincidence between service areas and objects is bound to result in fierce competition among these QQ types of websites. Although each relying on QQ as a carrier of professional websites have begun to take shape. But the QQ type website to search through the search engine, the domain name is not very old, advertising has been like a game patch, full name, did not get angry. See a lot of stationmaster is talking about the experience that he does a station, I also talk about the experience that closes QQ website domain name to choose. Thus lead to more profound significance of the domain name I do QQ portal, although soon, but a lot of emotion. First, if you do not have a good domain name, to the late, you’ll find your own domain name more and more angry, especially the combination of letters and numbers of the domain name, if there is no special significance, had better not choose this type of domain name. I passed the domain name assessment for a few months, of course, only a few days of careful assessment. To find QQ, QQai etc. these domain names already registered by others, and most of type QQ sites are QQ two letters in the first row of the domain name. So I thought, I put the letter on the back of QQ two domain combinations, is certainly some of the out of the ordinary? Then picked selected, and finally selected the domain name www.Geiqq.com, meaning "to QQ single level". Many people may ask: "you are doing QQ portal, how to choose a QQ portal with the nature of the domain name does not match?" first: I think the domain name geiqq.com words, listen to others will feel particularly familiar with, have a particular affinity, played QQ friends in reality, there must be such a sentence: "your QQ number to me, I add you as a friend." "Give me a better QQ number, please."." Wait。 second: geiqq.com can be understood as, give you QQ latest information, QQ software download. Give you QQ everything, the news, the raiders. Instead of just giving the QQ number. so remind everyone, when choosing domain names, do not blindly pursue the domain name of the surface meaning. You can think about it from several angles. Then you’ll find that there are many other themes for you to choose from. For example, Admin5, not only can be understood as webmaster 5, and later by the majority of webmaster familiar, found 5 and networkContinue reading

Soft Wen promotion, to seize the viral marketing two key features

website lacks the chain, how to solve, ? in addition to exchange links, to the high PR forum hanging signature link irrigation, the best way is soft text. Soft Wen access to high quality of the chain, and word of mouth. analysis, soft Wen is out and out of viral marketing! Starting from the basic knowledge of viral marketing, soft Wen promotion to be successful, must carry on the plan from the two most key link of viral marketing: virus source, delivery source. Namely: "valuable content", "appropriate" means of transmission". The following details: 1, valuable content (such as: new concept of search network: http://www.ssguanxin.com ) is valuable. It doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia, but it does. Originality and professionalism are the most critical features, and are the core competitiveness of the virus source. Originality does not need to be explained. Professionalism is the integration or complementarity of what you want to spread across the industry. I can replace the red of the female, but not – this is the professional endorsement of Dior cosmetics. 2, a suitable route of transmission: SEO, web site operators for Admin5 communication, network game can spread through QQ, 51 community through the Internet bar, news of the news to choose Sina spread gossip to choose Tianya, mop.com this is the right way to spread. knows the two basic points, not enough. Pay attention to a key, how to make the two basic points reasonably "tangled" up.

Why Jingdong can not counter attack Tmall only for these three reasons

electricity supplier industry is now extremely competitive, the ultimate reason is nothing more than a big data era unlimited money dispute. As the electricity supplier industry’s two giants, Tmall and Jingdong’s strategic struggle continues. tactics, "has not yet ended, cats and dogs" strategy, Tmall press Jingdong is a foregone conclusion. 8 7, Jingdong 4 billion 300 million yuan strategic stake Yonghui supermarket, holding 10%, as of August 8th the president handed and tea sister wedding, send a gift.

Which projects are aimed at married women

want to start a business is more and more, the choice of the project often determines success or failure, we must be careful. For married women, their home is the most important "work", not only to take good care of the elderly, but also to manage the child, then there is no what entrepreneurial project is targeting them?

Shanghai Fengrui Innovation Forum 8 opening

small and micro enterprises is the main trend of the development of China’s entrepreneurial projects, many small and micro enterprises together to promote the development of economic development. Insiders suggested that the future development of small and micro enterprises will take the trend of joint office, to achieve the optimal allocation of entrepreneurial resources. 12 8, by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission guidance, Shanghai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the United States Keluoni capital Shanghai 2015 sharp innovation forum, opened in a space WE+, to help the Shanghai construction science and technology innovation center with global influence. forum, Nobel Angel Fund founder Li Zhu analysis of the innovation and development of Sino US investment environment differentiation trend, from the perspective of ecological innovation breakthrough described his understanding of the current development of the domestic market.

How to do the work – all goods inventory

shop to do business, the commodity is very rich, if you do not do inventory, it is inevitable that there will be expired, if these goods can not be handled properly, is undoubtedly a loss. However, there has never been a phenomenon of expired food, especially food expired. because I have to check the date of goods every day, first of all in the time of purchase should pay attention to the production date of goods, followed by FIFO, lifo. General food shelf life is short, such as yogurt, shelf life of only 20 days, while the dealer is two days to a new batch of goods, I will consider to purchase, two days to sell how much, how many boxes into, avoid yahuo. there is a way to avoid expired food is to deal with the goods in advance. The so-called processing is not necessarily price. I take the way of highlighting the display. When the inventory of the store of food every day to see, meet the fast approaching shelf life of food, I put the exchange of goods in a store location, the location of gold on display, advertising and promotion, in the scope of commodities profits within the collocation of small gifts, so that consumers feel value for money. of course, an effective inventory work, not only for the goods on the shelves, but also need to focus on inventory. So, do inventory, not only to pay attention to the shelves of goods, inventory goods can not be ignored. I am still in the store made a record of this, indicating for each commodity production date, shelf life, be aware of the timely adjustment, not only to maintain the health of consumers, but also to avoid the cost of losses caused by food expired.

Xiao Bian for your detailed analysis of the impact of venture capital companies to survive the 7 cha

with the change of people’s ideas, entrepreneurship has become a good choice for life planning. Entrepreneurial companies are the hope of the future, I have always believed that those who are committed to the study of the existing business model entrepreneurs, will be in the future through the efforts of income. This means that before you start your business, you need to identify and take advantage of the current situation, which is making many big companies unsustainable.

Three disciplines allows you to choose a good brand of tea stores

Chinese people love tea, tea industry chain construction is relatively perfect, so join the tea chain can be rapid development, to achieve profitability. Open tea shop blindly operation is undesirable, the person concerned that, in order to successfully join a tea chain, before joining the following three discipline". A: discipline for more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand.

Strengthen the role of performance appraisal to boost the development of Xining

since last year, Xining City, give full play to the target responsibility assessment office performance appraisal of the "baton" and "wind vane" role, innovative assessment methods, improve assessment methods, expand the assessment of democracy, strengthen the use of evaluation results, a strong impetus to the work of the city to carry out the task. Practice has proved that the scientific performance of the target responsibility assessment mechanism is to promote economic and social sustainable development booster, is the Party committee and government to promote the work, to grasp the implementation of the master". highlight the "goal oriented" to improve the scientific evaluation mechanism to improve the internal driving force start with a good goal, improve the evaluation methods, so that the test thing has a system, there are goals, test people have control, there is a comparison. In setting up the evaluation index system, adhere to the key strategic objectives and major decisions of the municipal government as the county and municipal departments annual objectives and tasks, highlighting both the economic development and ecological protection and improvement of people’s livelihood. 2013 issued by the target, livelihood, ecological environmental protection index accounted for more than 50% of all evaluation indexes, change the past catch index index and social economic development a neglect of the situation; in the formulation of objectives, adhere to the test, test precision, less real test and pressure ahead in principle. As much as possible the evaluation index quantification, standardization and refinement, effectively solves some regions and units from the newspaper, to avoid high low target evade the crucial point, which is hard to jump up the evaluation object to peaches; in the assessment method, the classification of leadership, leading cadres to implement multiple assessment, assessment the result is more fair and reasonable. The county level cadres in multi dimension evaluation strong correlation and informed the superiors, peers, subordinates and evaluation group, by the four aspects of democratic evaluation, performance evaluation, evaluation and assessment team leadership evaluation elements of the county cadres performance scores, realizing the transformation from one-way evaluation to multiple evaluation. The county assessment indicators in GDP, fixed asset investment, fiscal revenue and income calculation, evaluation scores and efficacy coefficient method is used in statistics, which emphasizes the development speed, and outstanding contribution to the city, the county in the incentive to make more contributions to the city’s development, and effectively opened the the county’s assessment score. highlight the process oriented, daily supervision mechanism to stimulate the work force from scratch, advocate the heavy start, strengthen routine assessment and supervision, promote the main assessment indicators, key projects and the implementation of the task. In 2012, has formulated the "Xining annual target task in daily supervision and evaluation measures", "Xining daily task of the annual target assessment and accountability measures" and "Xining to create a national civilized city work accountability Interim Measures" and so on, the main assessment index system, major projects and key tasks to implement and report regularly reporting, tracking supervision and evaluation, analysis, evaluationContinue reading

Xining pedestrian overpass full loaded with a business card

Recently, the Yangtze River Road in front of the building of the Howard platformbridge have their own "name card", "Simon bridge". Reporters from the Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs Quhuadiming Management Department learned that the current Xining City, including the West Gate Bridge, built and put into use the footbridge have been installed with a beautiful "name card" blue logo prominent brand. April 3rd in the afternoon, reporters in the ward of Changjiang Road in front of the building to see the pedestrian bridge in central People are hurrying to and fro. hung with a blue and white sign, saying "Simon Bridge" several characters with Chinese characters and english. "Before the pedestrian crossing in Xining, there is no sign, not outsiders, that is, many locals can not call out their names in Xining. Now there are signs, not only facilitate the public travel, the city also played a role in the beautiful." During the interview, the pedestrian overpass has a new name and installed their own business card, the public have expressed their praise. then a reporter from Xining city traffic construction development limited company, in order to alleviate the traffic congestion in the city, convenient public access in Xining since the implementation of the smooth traffic project, has been completed and put into use 27 seat footbridge, currently under construction and 6 pedestrian bridge. "at the end of last year, we had named the footbridge that had been built and put into use." Municipal Bureau of civil affairs Quhuadiming management office director Wang Quanlu told reporters, in order to facilitate travel, according to the "Regulations" of national names management, Municipal Bureau of civil affairs Quhuadiming Management Office of the focus on the city’s name put into use the pedestrian bridge and bridge. The name, including the new open project in the pedestrian bridge, such as the West Gate Bridge, South Gate Bridge, also built a long but never named "bridge to nowhere", such as the Kunlun bridge, Bridge Stadium, also has been included in the city planning but did not start the construction of the pedestrian bridge and bridge. At present, the use of pedestrian crossing bridge and Bridge signs installation work has been completed. Wang Quanlu said on the 6 pedestrian crossing built in the open project in the bridge, and they all have their own names, for example, the Provincial Water Resources Department door is the construction of the pedestrian bridge is the name of "Xishan Bridge", the construction of the 54 Street Thailand Department Store in front of the pedestrian bridge named "54 business bridge", the footbridge once put into use, they will immediately for the installation of signs. (author: Sheng Nan)  

That you don’t know the tricky Zhengzhou hotel should switch to Moutai

in our daily life, with the improvement of living standards, the number of people go out to dinner is also more and more, many people like eating in, but for some tricky one does not know. After the introduction of high-grade drinks into the restaurant to eat, pay attention to. In September 5th, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Zheng Dong Bureau recently uncovered Hotel Diaobao Moutai liquor theft gang, 21 people were arrested, involving more than 60 yuan, the specific details of the specific understanding. guests to restaurants with Moutai liquor substitution 8 month 15 days, Mr Li came to Zheng Dong branch Case Investigation Brigade reported that their light in North Street and agricultural road intersection management features a restaurant, guest complaints and recently always comes with the warehouse store of Moutai liquor were substitution, the value about 65000 yuan. , according to Mr. Lee introduced in early April 2016, the management of hotel customer complaints, said the store sales of Moutai wine wine, the guests bring their own drinks by substitution. At about 20 p.m. on August 5th, the guests came to the restaurant for dinner, because of the discovery of the taste of their own Moutai before eating has changed, on the day of the bottle with a few markers". dinner, the guests again found drinking wine is wrong, can not find their marks in Moutai bottles of wine do, in the room for a bottle, the wine has its own markers found in food preparation in the cabinet. The guests found the restaurant manager theory and demand compensation, the restaurant was free for the guests. waiter was caught in a private shop owner is "no, experience", Mr. Li began to pay attention to the side of the clerk. The evening of August 8th, at the peak of dining, Lee found the clerk Gengmou, Wang frequent access to other guest rooms. 22 PM that night, Mr. Li came home from work by Zheng Dong new Bear River Road and agricultural road intersection, the clerk Wang Gengmou is a man, and found Moutai wine trading. Lee came out of curiosity to view, the other quickly leave. after grilled Mr Li, two employees admit that they take for the guests really fake Moutai liquor, and the guests will be Moutai wine to about 400 yuan per bottle sold to others, in addition also revealed a shop floor attendant Zhao also has the same situation. 8 month 12 noon at 12:40 PM, Mr. Li discovered through video surveillance assistant Zhao together with her boyfriend Liu is exchange store guests bring their own wine Moutai. Mr. Li to verify the situation of two people, while it is not prepared to escape. Subsequently, Mr. Li started to check to the warehouse, found the opening of FCL and Moutai liquor stored in Moutai wine all guests were secretly exchanged, then report recommended

Join the catering industry need to pay attention to what issues

we all know that the choice of business engaged in the catering industry, is a very profitable choice. Food and beverage to join the project, is always a sunrise project, is always full of business opportunities. So, the small business choose to join the catering industry, we need to pay attention to what? first, sure to enter in the catering industry before joining the catering industry is interested, if not interested, the best seriously consider, because interest is the best motivation of entrepreneurs to overcome the difficulties, but also the essential elements of success. Consideration should be given to the food and beverage industry is a business catering to join before dusk, if I didn’t do this hard to also consider the best. secondly, before the store to actively accumulate industry experience. The so-called gehangrugeshan, with different benefits, is not due to familiarity with the. Industry experience for a small and medium sized food and beverage industry to join, is a very important course. Some of the industry experience is difficult to get from a book or a few books, many things can only be obtained first-hand experience. Therefore, the food and beverage franchisee should pay attention everywhere, a lot of accumulation. Join the accumulation of channels, including some type of food industry magazine, and industry news, know more about some of the food industry profession, more exchanges with them some of the food and beverage market conditions, to develop their own unique fashion ideas and a keen sense of fashion, so as to find the market demand and profitability. third, at present, the food and beverage industry to join a variety of franchisees in the face of many chain brands, how to distinguish the pros and cons is very important. First of all, to find the differences of brand in the same industry in where, such as: sweet snacks in the market from patina is competitive or not. Secondly, it is the "service is king" era, enterprises in the service of Hong patina has unique advantages. Hong patina is a good project for long-term business to make money.

Potato snack bar to join a strong magic potatoes

snack bar, in our side has been very common delicious. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial choice has the very high popularity of snacks, always have the advantage of the choice to join. How about magic potatoes? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also joined the magic potatoes project, or a very good choice! magic potatoes? Chengdu potato snack shop franchise which generally requires investment? How many money? There is no doubt that magic is the best snack potato, potato salad dressing, independent research and development of magic magic potato salad sauce, sesame sauce, potato magic sand sauce spicy sauce, potato potato magic magic desktop sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce and other characteristics of magic potato sauce French fries, potato chips, and collocation edible varieties, good taste, easy to gain more profit ! Chengdu potato snack franchise which strong? Generally need to invest much money? Support from the point of view, the project is not only the best magic potato snacks, and headquarters and strategic alliance business resources integration of resources, to provide quality and global sourcing platform with reasonable price, timely release and trend of diversified product system at the same time. Let partners always walk in the forefront of the market, the wealth of the top ! magic potatoes to join the project’s choice, open a brand of their own snack franchise, in fact, make money is so simple! If you are also interested in joining the magic potatoes project, drink your message advice!

What are the warm tips

shop set prompt, customers feel warm after seeing do also, this prompt is undoubtedly successful. However, although there are a lot of shopkeepers also thought of the need to set up some tips, but they do not know what kind of language can not know how to set. So, what are the warm tips? 1, note to count, the cabinet is not responsible. this is the most common in many retail stores a reminder, this is meant to retailers posted to remind customers face money and materials, to prevent errors, the starting point is very good, as the first, to prevent the post emergence of conflicts and disputes. But I think the "door is not responsible for" tone a little stiff, as read: "please to count the money, so you are my comfort." This is not only to achieve the purpose of reminding, but also very warm. 2, the store no credit, no counter-offer. This is also many retailers love in store posted a prompt, just want to tell the customer no credit, no bargain. The surface to see Chu Ming, let the customer know. But careful thought, this sentence is still too cold, lack of humanity. I think it is better to "cash for shopping, is convenient for you and me; everything is preferential, rest assured purchase." This is another argument, the customer is very clear, but also greatly enhance the warning language of human, rational. 3, ground slippery, prevent wrestling. This is more common in shopping malls, supermarkets and retail store, especially the rain and snow. I want to be able to do this tip, indicating that the hearts of the retail customers can also think about the customer, always with customers. But this is not fine, so good, ordinary is dull, lack of humor. I think it is better to read "snow ground slippery, careful not kiss it." 4, built-in monitoring, do not steal. this is a common in large shopping malls and some small supermarket equipped with monitoring equipment in the warnings, the goal is nothing more than to tell customers when shopping, do not walk, do not steal. That we should do to customers suggest that it is necessary to guard against those hands is not good, not only let the customer have the right to know, and can take good care of the customer. but if careful taste, always feel that this warning too straightforward, even a bit difficult to accept, seems to lack a sense of trust of all customers, it would give all customers especially those who consistently disciplined shoppers have a psychological impact, caused harm to their dignity. I think it is: "there are monitoring, please civilized shopping" as well. This will not allow all customers to think of the monitoring of theft

How to operate a fashion jewelry store

small ornaments can also bring considerable benefits for the people, now Orlando accessories are in great demand, fashion jewelry loved by a lot of people in life, people would love the pursuit of fashion things, especially the living conditions are good, also can choose some small ornaments to decorate their own. Many entrepreneurs, saw the huge demand for jewelry industry, the idea of opening a jewelry shop opened. So, how to operate fashion jewelry store.