From the QQ domain name domain name on the significance of thinking

from 2007 to enter the stationmaster industry fought in a few years, there have been used in high and vigorous spirits, frustrated desire. It started out as a free forum and created hundreds of online wonders. Now I do website countless, general gaming sites and local portals have been brilliant. And I recently started building a QQ professional website in recent years. QQ is not only widely distributed, but also has a large number of development. The high degree of coincidence between service areas and objects is bound to result in fierce competition among these QQ types of websites. Although each relying on QQ as a carrier of professional websites have begun to take shape. But the QQ type website to search through the search engine, the domain name is not very old, advertising has been like a game patch, full name, did not get angry. See a lot of stationmaster is talking about the experience that he does a station, I also talk about the experience that closes QQ website domain name to choose. Thus lead to more profound significance of the domain name read more

Soft Wen promotion to seize the viral marketing two key features

website lacks the chain, how to solve,


in addition to exchange links, to the high PR forum hanging signature link irrigation, the best way is soft text. Soft Wen access to high quality of the chain, and word of mouth.

analysis, soft Wen is out and out of viral marketing! Starting from the basic knowledge of viral marketing, soft Wen promotion to be successful, must carry on the plan from the two most key link of viral marketing: virus source, delivery source. Namely: "valuable content", "appropriate" means of transmission". The following details: read more

Why Jingdong can not counter attack Tmall only for these three reasons

electricity supplier industry is now extremely competitive, the ultimate reason is nothing more than a big data era unlimited money dispute. As the electricity supplier industry’s two giants, Tmall and Jingdong’s strategic struggle continues.

tactics, "has not yet ended, cats and dogs" strategy, Tmall press Jingdong is a foregone conclusion.

8 7, Jingdong 4 billion 300 million yuan strategic stake Yonghui supermarket, holding 10%, as of August 8th the president handed and tea sister wedding, send a gift. read more

Which projects are aimed at married women

want to start a business is more and more, the choice of the project often determines success or failure, we must be careful. For married women, their home is the most important "work", not only to take good care of the elderly, but also to manage the child, then there is no what entrepreneurial project is targeting them?

the snack bar open snack bar, snack bar, this is due to low investment, simple operation, not on credit. What kind of food do you want to open a snack bar? How can you make your business flourish?.

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Shanghai Fengrui nnovation Forum 8 opening

small and micro enterprises is the main trend of the development of China’s entrepreneurial projects, many small and micro enterprises together to promote the development of economic development. Insiders suggested that the future development of small and micro enterprises will take the trend of joint office, to achieve the optimal allocation of entrepreneurial resources.

12 8, by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission guidance, Shanghai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the United States Keluoni capital Shanghai 2015 sharp innovation forum, opened in a space WE+, to help the Shanghai construction science and technology innovation center with global influence. read more

How to do the work all goods inventory

shop to do business, the commodity is very rich, if you do not do inventory, it is inevitable that there will be expired, if these goods can not be handled properly, is undoubtedly a loss. However, there has never been a phenomenon of expired food, especially food expired.

because I have to check the date of goods every day, first of all in the time of purchase should pay attention to the production date of goods, followed by FIFO, lifo. General food shelf life is short, such as yogurt, shelf life of only 20 days, while the dealer is two days to a new batch of goods, I will consider to purchase, two days to sell how much, how many boxes into, avoid yahuo. read more

Xiao Bian for your detailed analysis of the impact of venture capital companies to survive the 7 cha

with the change of people’s ideas, entrepreneurship has become a good choice for life planning. Entrepreneurial companies are the hope of the future, I have always believed that those who are committed to the study of the existing business model entrepreneurs, will be in the future through the efforts of income. This means that before you start your business, you need to identify and take advantage of the current situation, which is making many big companies unsustainable.

1. of disruptive innovation. When a new product, service, or business model makes the old method of doing business seem out of date, that means disruptive innovation is taking place. In the past, disruptive innovation has happened only a few times a century, but now, in almost every business plan I’ve read, I have stressed disruptive innovation. This means. If your startup doesn’t start planning how to innovate, your company may never get its rightful place. read more

Three disciplines allows you to choose a good brand of tea stores

Chinese people love tea, tea industry chain construction is relatively perfect, so join the tea chain can be rapid development, to achieve profitability. Open tea shop blindly operation is undesirable, the person concerned that, in order to successfully join a tea chain, before joining the following three discipline".

A: discipline for more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand.

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Strengthen the role of performance appraisal to boost the development of Xining

since last year, Xining City, give full play to the target responsibility assessment office performance appraisal of the "baton" and "wind vane" role, innovative assessment methods, improve assessment methods, expand the assessment of democracy, strengthen the use of evaluation results, a strong impetus to the work of the city to carry out the task. Practice has proved that the scientific performance of the target responsibility assessment mechanism is to promote economic and social sustainable development booster, is the Party committee and government to promote the work, to grasp the implementation of the master". read more

Xining pedestrian overpass full loaded with a business card

Recently, the Yangtze River Road in front of the building of the Howard platformbridge have their own "name card", "Simon bridge". Reporters from the Xining Municipal Bureau of civil affairs Quhuadiming Management Department learned that the current Xining City, including the West Gate Bridge, built and put into use the footbridge have been installed with a beautiful "name card" blue logo prominent brand.

April 3rd in the afternoon, reporters in the ward of Changjiang Road in front of the building to see the pedestrian bridge in central People are hurrying to and fro. hung with a blue and white sign, saying "Simon Bridge" several characters with Chinese characters and english. "Before the pedestrian crossing in Xining, there is no sign, not outsiders, that is, many locals can not call out their names in Xining. Now there are signs, not only facilitate the public travel, the city also played a role in the beautiful." During the interview, the pedestrian overpass has a new name and installed their own business card, the public have expressed their praise. read more

That you don’t know the tricky Zhengzhou hotel should switch to Moutai

in our daily life, with the improvement of living standards, the number of people go out to dinner is also more and more, many people like eating in, but for some tricky one does not know. After the introduction of high-grade drinks into the restaurant to eat, pay attention to. In September 5th, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Zheng Dong Bureau recently uncovered Hotel Diaobao Moutai liquor theft gang, 21 people were arrested, involving more than 60 yuan, the specific details of the specific understanding. read more

Join the catering industry need to pay attention to what issues

we all know that the choice of business engaged in the catering industry, is a very profitable choice. Food and beverage to join the project, is always a sunrise project, is always full of business opportunities. So, the small business choose to join the catering industry, we need to pay attention to what?

first, sure to enter in the catering industry before joining the catering industry is interested, if not interested, the best seriously consider, because interest is the best motivation of entrepreneurs to overcome the difficulties, but also the essential elements of success. Consideration should be given to the food and beverage industry is a business catering to join before dusk, if I didn’t do this hard to also consider the best. read more

Potato snack bar to join a strong magic potatoes

snack bar, in our side has been very common delicious. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial choice has the very high popularity of snacks, always have the advantage of the choice to join. How about magic potatoes? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also joined the magic potatoes project, or a very good choice!

magic potatoes?

Chengdu potato snack shop franchise which generally requires investment? How many money? There is no doubt that magic is the best snack potato, potato salad dressing, independent research and development of magic magic potato salad sauce, sesame sauce, potato magic sand sauce spicy sauce, potato potato magic magic desktop sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce and other characteristics of magic potato sauce French fries, potato chips, and collocation edible varieties, good taste, easy to gain more profit read more

What are the warm tips

shop set prompt, customers feel warm after seeing do also, this prompt is undoubtedly successful. However, although there are a lot of shopkeepers also thought of the need to set up some tips, but they do not know what kind of language can not know how to set. So, what are the warm tips?

1, note to count, the cabinet is not responsible.

this is the most common in many retail stores a reminder, this is meant to retailers posted to remind customers face money and materials, to prevent errors, the starting point is very good, as the first, to prevent the post emergence of conflicts and disputes. But I think the "door is not responsible for" tone a little stiff, as read: "please to count the money, so you are my comfort." This is not only to achieve the purpose of reminding, but also very warm. read more

How to operate a fashion jewelry store

small ornaments can also bring considerable benefits for the people, now Orlando accessories are in great demand, fashion jewelry loved by a lot of people in life, people would love the pursuit of fashion things, especially the living conditions are good, also can choose some small ornaments to decorate their own. Many entrepreneurs, saw the huge demand for jewelry industry, the idea of opening a jewelry shop opened. So, how to operate fashion jewelry store.

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30 strokes of the nternet marketing M promotion

is a site designed to be as beautiful as a flower, but the promotion does not go out, no one to visit, there is no value. So starting today I give everybody to share the actual website promotion, website promotion will be how to go out, we need to insist for a long time, not a day of fishing, three days, I hope my friends can have your website launched to increase website traffic.

today we share is IM promotion, just IM, is our internet almost everyone some like QQ, Taobao, MSN, Fetion etc. want now, so QQ in the current market, the occupancy rate is the largest, so today we are mainly is about the promotion of QQ, the other IM friends you can get a promotion experience from QQ, and implemented in different IM tools. read more

Luo please convince me by product pricing and marketing analysis of the hammer mobile phone

[core tip] just the end of the hammer phone conference, let us from pricing, marketing, customer and hammer phone analysis, in addition to buy a mobile phone, you pay not only 3000.

author attitude:

: I am neither a pink nor a black. I strongly recommend those scripts, he said in the New Oriental, is already 8, 9 years ago.

– I just hope and believe I Luo to do amazing products of interest.

stand above the position, I do some analysis from my point of view.

do not know if the hammer may refer to: [], before the release of the hammer mobile phone conjecture [mobile phone release] [hammer, hammer mobile phone to impress people 3 details] and [Robert Brunner] a hammer Mobile Phone Designer behind read more