05 years did not dare to write the soft Wen computer expert

05 years to write an electronic commodity trading + resources of all front desk management download, he wrote a soft, but with this program I run for a few months, sales fell more than and 60 second-hand books, and more than and 20 mobile phone. After the discovery of electronic products warranty after-sales problem is too complicated, and I want to be responsible for the customer, so spent a lot of energy in the sale. But because I do not have the source here, all in Shenzhen’s brother to help me pick up the delivery of goods, the cost is relatively high, the cost of maintenance is also very high, so I closed the shop to concentrate on operating the local store. This program is also available in a number of free source code to download (now search to play cool electronics, but also find a lot), so this article also did not publish soft. Now attached to the address is the program demo, the price is 05 years, the statement in advance, do not scold me black. read more

A portal experience

in 2007 October, from the hands of others to buy a domain name, and then excitedly began to engage in the website, in under the help of the brothers finally also make up.

is also in this time it was discovered that the domain name Google normal included, but Baidu did not see even a shadow, when my heart is anxious like ants on a hot pan, then check the check, when the domain name before the 2005 Baidu has been to seal, then know my heart panic, do not know how to do, always only Baidu legend letter puzzled, to make it not difficult to learn. read more

Inventory cross-border electricity supplier five wonder category you guess it

[editor’s note] foreign trade electricity supplier exports tend to have made in China, such as the standardization of electronic products and related accessories, as well as low price clothing accessories, etc.. However, in addition to these ears can be cooked in the category, but also some of the more distinctive products sold overseas, to bring a lot of sweetness to Chinese businesses. At the same time, these categories are also the major foreign trade business platform and the majority of self B2C will get involved in the field. Accordingly, the state power grid summarizes five characteristics and category of foreign trade electricity market related conditions. read more

Amazon won the free new top-level domain name .Free

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) in the March 17th hearing, following the new top-level domain.Wow recently, Amazon beat its rival Google, Donuts and other companies, and obtain a new top-level domain name ".Free" (free).

figure: Amazon

".Free" translated as "free", Amazon said that the new top-level domain name ".Free" mission is: to provide a unique and specialized platform, while protecting the integrity of Amazon’s brand and reputation. Amazon intends to use.Free to provide a stable and secure online communication and interactive platform. read more