Shop operators 9 key false means

many times, we want to do online shop, but in the end, but found that, after all, can not achieve good results. As the saying goes: "no business is not evil, who do not want to make money fast, if there is a shortcut to go, I think everyone is willing to. In fact, business shop, also can use some false means, if the use of the uprising will be a multiplier effect, but be clear: here the false means does not include: quality, service and other illegal means false false. 1, apply for different trumpet, or find an acquaintance to write online advice, messages and other related information. Most people love to join in the fun, where people are many, popular, where to drill. At first, when you shop, if someone came to your shop to see, and even consult the people are not, so deserted, it will not be consulted. 2, use a friend’s ID card to sign a trumpet or let acquaintances buy this store product. This will enhance the credibility of our products. But this method should not be excessive use, improper use will lead to the risk of titles. 3, the same product, take pictures from different angles or different styles to achieve the effect of multiple products. This method tries those sellers who have fewer online products. If you have too few products in your shop, who would like to go shopping?. Many and complete products in order to attract consumers desire to buy. 4, according to your product, imitate the official website of the product, or the same product grade shop style. In this way, buyers feel that your shop is very formal, easy to let buyers trust you, stimulate him to spend here. 5, imitate large shops, engage in activities. Shops regularly engage in activities, activities can be false early. Mainly in order to attract popularity, and later you make money, you can really engage in some activities, and only in this way, buyers feel that you shop is very fire, very promising. 6, the identity of the buyer to ask the answer. For example: you use two Baidu hi number, you ask yourself to answer, so you can send chats and other screenshots to the store, as a successful case. This does not have obvious false ingredients, it is best to act as a buyer, the buyer’s use of experience feedback, the best effect, so that other buyers will be very exciting. 7, through pictures or videos, as buyers, buy products, display. Buyers to purchase products, the use effect is significant, (here refers to the costume of cosmetics or clothing products for buyers, then said) through a video or picture display, it will play a certain role to stimulate consumers to buy. 8, imitate high-level seller’s product sales service system. Such buyers feel your shop is very formal, not the general store, especially those who eat, wear, use in the body of the security products, buyers of the body is concerned,Continue reading

To be a rich stationmaster, you must know how to persist

many friends have just done the station, the technology is not very good at it. It only knows all the webmaster based. Understand the meaning of web code, and you can simply modify the code of a website. But often such stationmaster got bigger success. Get huge traffic, have higher wages than advertising fees. This is why? I think that is the webmaster have a heart in your heart, although he doesn’t know a lot of SEO technology, don’t know those black hat and so on. But he has a lasting heart. , they go to great blogs to register and promote the website; and then, they go to the forum to post; at the same time, they update the content of the website constantly. So after a few months to get a good ranking, a lot of money in advertising, and some professional webmaster, do stand a few months, but in the end still dozens of IP. They kept complaining about why my website layout is better than others, and the optimization is better than others. But why can’t you get a good location on the search engine?. I don’t think they have a basic belief in the station. That’s persistence. I want grassroots webmaster to do the success of the station, the most basic cornerstone, not to have extraordinary technology, but to have a stick to the person. The technology is not the more the better, because the more you know, the more ideas, ideas will be more deserted, the look, the look, can’t concentrate on a stick, are not likely to be successful. So, I want to warn all of money online friends are interested in technology, this thing, as long as enough on the line, do not think that the more you learn better, sometimes a little narrow knowledge it can push you in a way to get unexpected results. Methods website promotion is very much, the webmaster when persisting in promotion, should be preferred; remember, had seen an article, which said, according to the traffic statistics you to focus on publicity. For example, you are on a blog post today website, but a few days later, you found that the site did not attract a lot of traffic, then you should not repeat the same thing, must think about why this is not good enough! Your article or other what reason?. In a word, the reasonable application of 20/80 principle can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For this, I think webmaster can learn from. want to do stand friends, and have been doing station friends, always remember that "perseverance is victory, remind yourself of the" no free lunch "; I believe that as long as you remember these words, then you can succeed, and can go a lot less curved road. this article starts with,

New attempts and innovations of several questions and answers websites in foreign countries

  The success of Quora sparked a heated discussion about Q & a websites. And the traditional Q & a website, such as YAHOO quiz, is the biggest difference, in addition to changes in the form of interaction, the most important should be the quality of the answer and the answer. The more people you have in your professional background and the higher the degree of participation, the more valuable for a quiz website. The most difficult thing about these sites is how to attract professionals from scratch. Therefore, such a form is actually more suitable for organizations that originally have a large number of users, such as TED. TED Conversations     non-profit TED conference has been held for 26 years, and gradually developed a lot of related awards, forums, membership projects…… There are, of course, many passionate professionals. Recently, TED has released a Quora like platform called Conversations TED, which has reached 15 million subscribers per month. Swedish professor of global public health Hans Rosling TED Conversations on the most active, marketing guru Seth ·, Ting Ting, "out of control" author, Kevin, Kelly and so on are also active users. There are two distinct features of TED Conversations: topic classification, all topics are divided into three categories: "Ideas", "Questions" and " " (Debates) time limit, TED Conversations topics are open time limit, after expiration can only browse. reasons for the topic classification, June Cohens told TNW interview, "some dialogue and ideas have different frameworks and patterns, some need to be debated, and some are just questions.". Different classifications actually reflect our different ways of thinking. For users, some people like to argue, and others prefer brainstorming. The opening time limit for comes from the advice of Clay Shirky, author of "the future is wet". Each TED speech is 18 minutes long, so the time constraints, on the one hand, take into account the echoing form of speech. In addition, they believe that most TED readers have limited time and hope that the participants will contribute the best answers through time constraints. Time constraints also attract more people’s interest, as time limited buy site Gilt Group is also a success with this feature. Once the problem is closed, it is automatically archived as a "read mode", automatically >

Why do we need robots online production

I recently saw net ( on the home page of a new online robots production function, the user opens, the search engine is not allowed to access part of the input to the Disallow:, click the "generate robots.txt files, can immediately generate. This is a practical and efficient webmaster tools. maybe a lot of webmasters are familiar with robots.txt, but for some new people, it might be a little vague. I’ll talk about some of the related content of robots. 1, what is robots? What’s its function? search engines automatically access web pages on the Internet and obtain web information through a program called robot (also known as spider). can create a text file robots.txt in your website, the website does not want to be part of the robot access, declared in this file so that the site is all or part of the content can not be included in search engines, or specify the search engine included only the specified content. In fact, that is, through robots.txt can control SE included content, tell spiders what files and directories can be included, which can not be included. 2, why do you want to set robots.txt? properly set up robots.txt, you can better maintain the Web server, improve the comprehensive performance of the site. studies suggest that, if the site uses a custom 404 error page, then Spider will take it as robots.txt, although it is not a pure text file – this will give Spider index. A great deal of distress, affect the search engine on the web page included. robots.txt can prevent unnecessary search engines from occupying the valuable bandwidth of the server, such as image strippers, and it doesn’t make much sense to most non graphics websites, but consumes a lot of bandwidth. . Robots.txt can stop search engines from crawling and indexing non public pages. 4. For sites rich in content and large in number of pages, configuring robots.txt can prevent flooding Spider access, and if not controlled, it can even affect the normal access of the site. from the point of view of SEO, the robots.txt file must be set, because this is often the case on websites: different links point to similar web content. This is not in line with the principles of web content interaction, which is written on SEO". Using robots.txt files can shield secondary links. website revision or URL rewrite optimization when the original >

My local website experience

select site type: local website, I choose to do is classified information, I personally think that in the local web site, there are three types of sites easier to develop: is the local news website, or the local gateway based on news. Local news has a great attraction for local netizens; second is a local forum, as we all know, the forum user stickiness is very good, many local sites are chosen from the forum began, such as Xiamen fish, Fuzhou convenience, etc., are like this; third classification information is my choice, depending on the local classification information is very large, although the classified information website nationwide have been many, there are many have risk investors inject funds, but because of regional restrictions, I still choose the classified information, one is because I do the city is small; two is even with large companies, but the company could not go to a small city and put all their energy up to ; website program interface selection: interface, I personally believe that must be fulfilled: the interface is simple, easy to operate, is simple: website interface is not messy, Internet users to see that that is what to do, let visitors find the needed information in the shortest time, the website column distribution, not too much, not too fine, not what are swept, the biggest taboo is one station column too much, what are, what are included, but what is not updated in time, not enough energy to update information. I see a lot of local websites are all what, including what columns, but which column is not a few days of information, there is a long time information, especially local portal. : operation must be simple, especially we do local website, because the local users of cultural quality, complex operation, a few people will, I think the classified information should pay attention to this point, we must do 80% simple operation, classification of information people need, but why website every day did not release information of several people? It is because fewer people know, this is the website promotion problems, while I am speaking, another important reason is simple, operation is not enough, there are a lot of people, although want to release, but not operating, it should be simple, more simple better, best can make the Internet for the first time, for the first time, people will operate computer. site space selection: web site doesn’t have to be all over the country to access speed, but must let the users of your site access speed, local website, buy the best buy space in the local server, the choice must be in place, each place has a lot of IDC, can go to the IDC web site to find home owners to evaluate credit evaluation some of the space that I don’t do this, I often.

Rival Amazon electricity supplier website Jet has such a coup to save money

NetEase Francisco Beijing on July 22nd news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that the United States with on-line membership business website Jet, it is most concerned about the outside world allegedly to help consumers save money and reduce the sensible strategy in the future a substantial loss for several months"". local time Monday "Wall Street journal headline reports, this is known as the Amazon will kill the electricity supplier website Jet is planning to invest $300 million in the next five years to support a shopping overseas project. The site’s "special" service has created a misconception that the site already has thousands of items on sale. In fact, it is reported that if a customer intends to buy goods in short supply, then Jet or the site cooperative retailer will secretly go to other websites to buy back. When the Jet during the erection of their own products, this service still need the help of Amazon dozens of product categories, in this way, the start-up site must bear the freight cost more and pay a higher cost of goods into commodities. in order to save money, according to Jet CEO Mark · (Marc Lore); rolle, Jet employees on behalf of the customer in other sites under the orders, through the link to a roaming can get the Commission website to buy again later. ‘s online affiliate marketing is the key. Online merchants to create such a program to promote cooperation website will link goods pushed to the customer, if the user clicks the link and the successful purchase of a commodity, so the website can get the appropriate amount of cooperation commission. , for example, a blog published a book containing the Amazon link, and the blog readers click on the link inside and the successful purchase of the book, then the Amazon will pay a commission to the blogger. Jet itself sells goods, but when customers want to buy elsewhere, Jet also has hundreds of affiliate links on other sites. , which is called Jet Anywhere, can also return earned commissions to members in the form of "Jet Cash". Members can use it directly as a shopping Cash – similar to the rebate site Ebates. so, Jet Anywhere is a website that helps members to get back the discounts they can’t make in Jet. "It gave them another reason to spend $50 a month on a registered member," he says." or some retailers worry that Jet’s online marketing program exists to buy goods through brokers when retailers are unaware of it. That is, customers can visit their stores directly, but Jet guides them to the member links and buys them, so that the commissions are gone. press >

The process of building a station is endless

Although the to the Internet was exposed in 1997, also heard that the Internet can earn money, but he still don’t know how to make money through the network, and finally in 2007, some basic ways to make money online through a friend’s advice to know, and know the long net, and slowly began to feel a bit have a fever the road of the site. Of course, do not know how to make money to earn some money, regardless of the network location problem, or personal promotion, or a matter of time, on the road to the station for nearly a year, I also with all the webmaster, hard to walk! Sleep less, red eyes, even thinner. Although, did not make any money, but still in constancy kuzhongzuole, narcissism. Remember that is the late summer of 2007, neighbors (guide I started Wangzhuan road "culprit") to find me, and I talked about some of the things I was building the network, in the company is also responsible for the company’s website, which also has a point of interest, and know a lot of knowledge from him: CMS, SEO Google Adsense, union, etc., really convince me is the income he showed me his advertising every day! And a day is ten pieces or even dozens of pieces, but the real dollars! In addition to the network advertisement, he seems to have other sites to make money by charging a commission every day, there are one hundred or two hundred yuan income! Counted his day’s income is much higher than me a month’s wages! How can not let people like him? Life is my ideal life: you can not go to work, and Every day there are income, and can meet the needs of life and even there are savings! So I can free, take time in less than one year old to take care of my son, if there is time, you can also engage in my favorite photography ! because he has a server, free to provide me the space website, and because I love photography, photography from the first start! Do digital photography website! Perhaps the digital photography website I have features, or my poor promotion, Baidu hundred has been bad, the flow also has not been in addition to search! "Digital photography website" is still ranked in front of Baidu, "according to the input digital photography" can’t find my station! Most of the time one day is more than 100 IP, even now only a few IP, the server was attacked because he, later may be expired, but I believe enthusiasm have been unbelievable high, please yourself through the stationmaster net rented a virtual host to continue to adhere to, has also been the Baidu K, but later included! Though, but Flow less! Except that the domain name is pretty good, I to the station did not hold what confidence, but still insist! Some say persevering! I do not know that the status quo of the stick, orContinue reading

Talk about sounds beautiful products

  [core hints] there were some sounds good products, but quickly exploded, but quickly disappeared from our vision. What are the rules behind this, ? every few years, there will always be some representative of "new model" products, quickly led the industry’s attention and the discussion, many people praised the discovery of these products and represents a new direction for the future, get N early angel investment of millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars in valuation. The hash is when CEO, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life rhythm. Tomorrow users celebrate the giant hit, acquired on the Nasdaq, the NYSE bell. and then there’s no more then. The products and teams that had attracted so much attention would quickly fall silent, and hear the news of the end of the project a year later. , what are the strange thinking cycles behind these beautiful sounding products? What are the experiences we can avoid? lovers are exclusive applications, forming "lovers circle" from 2012 onwards, lovers exclusive application hot, from foreign Pair, Between, and then to the domestic small love, after the launch, have received a lot of attention. their main features include: interactive Timeline, real-time communication, memorial day, big aunt, double collaboration game, etc.. ‘s logic is that couples want to have an independent space to do virtual communication for two people. But is a "circle of lovers" stripped of the real "circle of friends" really worth the extra cost?. With a user who has used a variety of similar applications to communicate, he admitted: "fresh, too tired.". short separation is actually good for emotional development, especially when there is a difference between two people’s emotions, schedules, and ways of dealing with them. Exclusive App even reduce communication costs, but such as location sharing, but easy to put too much pressure on lovers, in the emotional side is a conflict and contradictions place. Remote alarm, location sharing and other functions couple applications built-in caused disguised privacy damage, you may not want to let others know where the phone before it can lie, now a shared location ring are exposed. in addition, convenient online real-time high-frequency interaction couples couples social stresses, is another form of digital degradation? After more than your friends live in the circle of friends, or your boyfriend / girlfriend live in "lovers" in the circle. more importantly, what about breaking up? Deleting, giving up, keeping the chrome should be sad. >

Enterprise website operation promotion mode select O2O may be backward

  want to exist in the Internet, there must be thinking of the Internet, many enterprise website, will be used as a foil to the Internet, or try it with the attitude of the Internet test, thinking operation site without the Internet, regardless of the outcome of investment or sporadic tens of thousands of investment, final results are reflected the enterprise website flat, rarely reach the expected goal! And the recent popular O2O mode is the traditional marketing and Internet marketing mode hard together, this is the business philosophy of the back, not completely implement the concept of thinking of the Internet, but the traditional marketing mode to compromise, O2O management mode of enterprise website, will cause a lot of problems. Is a step backwards, the result may be not the best ! in viral marketing, in the search engine optimization effect is not very obvious, many Internet marketers found a very basic question, is honesty, if the establishment of good faith in the minds of customers, so that they believe you, the product will become very good! How to do sincere letter, the best way is to let off see the "living" of its own, such as online promotion, and then complete the sales turnover, in real! You means that you look to our enterprise, is absolutely not truthfully description, with a little water! O2O model is based on the integrity of the foundation, more advanced than other marketing mode. However, the way of combination this and the next line, if rely too heavily on the line, then the enterprise website will gradually be marginalized, and there will be a lot of complex There’s no telling. . is a corporate website through the promotion, get a certain amount of customers, and these customers have to fully meet the needs of enterprises, so that enterprises lose the promotion of enthusiasm on the Internet, "zhijuzhechangle"! Very good mentality, the fierce competition in the Internet will not give you more opportunities, because of you the competitors continue to add, maybe two years ago, it is easy to find the user, after two years, has become a little difficult, the status quo of the mind is definitely not the Internet thinking, enterprises can easily be eliminated on the Internet ! there is a situation of enterprise website promotion propaganda by unexpected customers get, how to make the customer can get the satisfactory answer? Let them one by one. Some enterprises in the field of PubMed, could not resist by using O2O model will undoubtedly, when cannot find satisfactory services to customers, so these customers, Yiqingbielian soon! If the formation of a good Internet e-commerce enterprises, such as Taobao store, hang a product, users according to other people’s comments and product sales, likely to be directly under the orders of the communication! Face crowded customers, who have don’t want to lose them, then, you should use more effective and convenient way to hold customers, do not easily give up ! above two kinds ofContinue reading

Desert Web site is a labor-intensive industry

doesn’t know how to do a website, see others do stand, think is how profound things, officially because of this idea, make me slowly embarked on the road to do website. In fact, now, the threshold of the site has been very low, as long as you are not illiterate, will use the computer, the site is basically no problem. Learning to use a computer is easy for most people, especially young people. To see so many Internet companies will own itself as a high-tech company I want to laugh, most of the Internet Co are not many technology content, because the site is a labor intensive industry, innovation more reflected in how to operate instead of technology. said the site is a labor intensive industry may be a lot of people are hard to understand, of course, maybe a lot of people can cite many high technology content of the enterprise, but you can say are few, the rest of the 90% leader? Too many people just stare at several industries, but ignore the whole industry. According to the quantity, the host of the website should be the personal website, blog, and among them, the so-called garbage station occupies the majority again. This is the current situation of China’s website industry. These are the few profitable groups, and most of them are not profitable. For this group, the overall expenditure should be greater than income, at the same time do not forget, personal website owners of time and energy to pay, but also the cost. Of course, some websites may seem like consumer products, such as Blog for some people for the personal website of the industry chain, the main mode is personal, large and small sites, tens of thousands of websites, and then obtain the income through various kinds of advertising, and advertising alliance from these individual owners earned a share in. Of course, there are also some good personal Adsense directly sell other people monthly advertising. For this industry chain, you can think so, those personal Adsense is cheap migrant workers, for all kinds of League work. And personal Adsense is hard labor, many webmaster in order to make money, dozens of hundreds of garbage station, is completely mechanical construction site. What’s the difference between this and the spinning mill? No, only the difference in perception, because everyone is too familiar with spinning. I’ve heard of it since childhood, but the website is a new one. But is there a difference between the two? A person without training will not stand, nor will spinning. let us analyze the specific site, take the Blog, do a good blog what is the moonlight, the total number of less than 2000, why so little, because the finishing writing is a very time consuming. Let’s count, if one day to write 10 articles (do not know what people can write so much), then a year 3000, from the Internet to China to now is 15 years, a total of to writeContinue reading

How to make a boutique website experience

Hello everyone, I introduce myself to do a few small boutique website experience, I hope we can exchange. My mind is healthy and harmonious, to do a good job, refuse refuse station. 1, the keywords of the boutique website shouldn’t be too broad. too many webmaster want to aim at the keyword is too broad, such as do beauty webmaster, will only for the beauty of the word do optimization ranking processing, and do the weight of the webmaster want to lose weight this word to do. Too broad keywords try your site in the search competition is too great, so even if you come to the front row, search this word to the user is not clear, into the possibility of order is very low, so this kind of too broad keywords are relatively low efficiency. The chosen keywords should be more specific and specific words to be used. The traffic and conversion rates of your site will be higher. two, high-quality web site’s main keyword is not suitable for too long, too special. , of course, your home page should aim at some of the more popular keywords in the industry. In order to attract the largest possible and most potential users, the main keyword that your website aims at should not be too small. three, to stand in the user’s position to consider the problem website operator designers too familiar with their industry and their products, in the choice of keywords, easy to feel some most probably it did not actually happen is the user will search keywords, but the real users thinking mode and merchants are not necessarily the same as. For example, some technical special words, ordinary customers may be unfamiliar, and will not use it to search, but the product people feel that these words are very important. So if you want to make a boutique website, user experience is a crucial one. more than 3 points, just to do fine little bit of experience, I hope we can exchange. There are many other factors that I will stick up. my QQ communication group is 53246537, I hope I like to do boutique station, and like to optimize the communication with friends. Ha ha, ~

Depth analysis of 6 types of user purchase behavior

broadly speaking, the user’s buying behavior is divided into 6 main types. 1. price type buying behavior The price of type is divided into two categories, one is familiar to us, our promotional platform main users, love to buy cheap goods, even in the absence of purchase intention of the case, see will take action to buy cheap goods. Some people trust senior special price goods, the goods that neededmaterials excellent, reliable quality, which is called "a penny, one goods", so the Changle to buy expensive items, so that you can make your own needs to better meet. (of course, practical operation and price control is not so simple, consumers want to buy cheap goods, but the product can not only give consumers a sense of value of the price, let consumers feel is a super low price to buy a value of the product, and after the village no longer have the shop. This is to meet the needs of consumers. )   2. rational buying behavior this is what we often say "difficult" users, the foundation repeated consideration and careful analysis, choice to take on the purchase behavior, not easily by advertising, product appearance and other purchasing behavior, but the quality of goods, performance, price and service more seriously. Often this kind of user complaints rate, refund rate will be relatively high, in the face of such users should be realistic introduction of goods in order to facilitate transactions. Product side, you can provide some certification. Such as details, real shot, lightning delivery, these certifications can play a key role in the purchase decisions of such users. 3. impulse buying behavior users of this behavior often buy goods under the stimulus of advertising and merchandising, demonstrations and other factors. They choose the goods mainly by intuition, but seldom by rational thinking. They pay little attention to the actual utility and price of the goods. Because they love or see others rushing to buy them, they will take action quickly. Beautiful, eye-catching, for attracting such users, the effect is very significant. 4. imaginative buying behavior this is a complex buying behavior. The complex is that these users are very subjective and have very high appreciation of the goods themselves and are rarely influenced by other users. On the contrary, often the decisions made by such users inadvertently become opinion leaders in the eyes of other users. 5. habitual buying behavior users of this kind of brand appeal is very strong, the brand here refers to the trademark, not the so-called "brand", that is, the so-called "old users."". The characteristics of these users: relatively high cost of access, but the relative is not too easy to drain. On our platform has a good shopping experience, will continue to do our purchasing operations on the platform, directional and repetitive. (if once this class >

A rookie webmaster’s ideas and ideas

recently, just had a new station, because of his love of reading, thus the name "bookworm Zhai"; in fact, in this respect there is no experience whatsoever of what I. Whether for computer networks or website management, can be said to be rookie in the rookie. And their own web site is also very dish. Many functions are not complete. So I shouldn’t have been talking here. But there are still some ideas to put forward, the right to refer to your reference. we all know, there is a good point, regular site, etc., have a membership mechanism. If you want to enjoy the service it offers, you have to register to become a member of it. What’s the reason? It just proves that there are more members of the site, and the popularity of the website rises. And you have the registration information, and it can always send you its product information and services. Although this is understandable, but for users, it would be too annoying. You don’t need to be so strict, except for some special services, such as email, online shopping, domain names, etc.. You have to wait for someone else to sign up to access and enjoy your service. Just imagine, when a user in the vast network of ocean can know your site, and intend to visit it, this is not easy, and for our own, it is also worth the pleasure. However, he still can not enjoy the service, you have not even seen the content of your website and is useful to him, but to carry out a series of registered on your website, fill in the relevant information and so on, after a series of complicated things to normal access. If he is needed or useful to him. That is, if different from what he had hoped for, you will be greatly disappointed? I’m afraid you will immediately turn away, never to return. remember I had make a website with Dreamweaver8, because some do not understand, out of some problems, and no one can ask, then it is not, go to online search, hoping to find a solution. Later found a lot of Web site related to web design. When I go to these sites to visit, have to register landing how, how, and then can go in. As a result, no answers or solutions were found. It’s frustrating. Then of course is nothing. Now many websites and forums are like this, you want to visit it and enjoy its service, you have to register as its member. When you fill in all the complicated information, after registering and landing, you have to find the relevant information you need in the station. Maybe you’ll find out at the end of the day that you don’t really want the type you want. This time your mood will be? I am afraid to have much more useless useless; you will go to visit the site? The answer is NO. Think about it, when aContinue reading

Jia Jinghua the future of love and marriage websites and the way of money

              in a small city, a love and marriage website is on the rise. However, after the real integration of this team, I suddenly found that the growth of small cities and love sites also need some time. As far as the present situation is concerned, the operators haven’t found the future of love and marriage websites, nor have they found the "money way" of love and marriage websites.               undeniably, there are many domestic well-known dating sites, cherish, Jiayuan, and absolute 100…… Some of the company’s earnings and media reports can tell that the money in these sites is excellent, especially the treasure, known as profits of billions of dollars, and is running on the road. However, this does not mean that the local love and marriage site "money" scene is also excellent. Objectively speaking, if a marriage website wants to survive, it must find its own profit point. Simply put, the marriage website profit model is nothing more than the following.               network advertising: dating sites also have websites, Internet advertising, especially for the big treasure, Jiayuan such traffic site, Internet advertising is a site of income. However, dating sites are relatively targeted advertising, to attract marriage products and pregnant baby products manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that online advertising revenue accounts for about 15% of the total revenue of love and marriage websites.               member income: each marriage website model, without exception, are relying on member registration and profit. Take the famous treasure net as an example, each member is free after registration, and once you need to cherish the network of marriage dating service, members must pay. Precious network fees in the national love and marriage website is relatively high, 6 months membership fees as high as 1999 yuan. As a matter of fact, every marriage website has a membership fee and the membership fee varies. In the income of the love and marriage website, the membership income point is about 60-70% of the total revenue of the website.               value-added business revenue: dating site service, in addition to membership services, such as some messages, mail, value-added services that make eyes at a man. Of course, the love and marriage website provides every member of the business with a fee, so there is no such thing as a free lunch. In the total income of love and marriage websites, value-added services account for about 15%.          >;    

The use of Internet traffic has soared

for network collection, bookmarks, I think even with me as a novice webmaster is no stranger to it. Everyone in peacetime publicity, have dabbled in network collection, and the effect should be good, not only can improve the flow, but also can increase the chain, improve your web site exposure. I’m here today to talk about how I used the Internet collection. today is the twelfth day of my station, I found my traffic seems to be a bottleneck, every day can not break hovering at more than 400 IP, and every day I do a lot of publicity, why not flow? So, I began to wonder, to think, when I check the site map suddenly, inspired by the network collection!!! Why do I not like the same collection of all articles submitted to the site map page on the website of the ? network, ha ha, this is not for us to do the advertisement!! I just register several account before the collection of my domain, brings me to the flow, and then if I were away!!! In fact, the reason is very simple! So I started looking for a network of first. The Baidu collection, QQ bookmark, followed by YAHOO, Cape of Good Hope. I added a few in the collection, feeling it was too slow, and suddenly I found the code added to the network collection. Ha ha, I’m a vegetable. I didn’t know it before. Don’t laugh at me… Then my four collection of code added to the article page template, generating static, each article page will have the option of,, this is a lucrative business, both for the convenience of users, and can let others help us propaganda. Point collection, automatically extract URLs and page names, but also set their own labels, fast keyword selection, it is convenient. Of course, , and other friends to help is not enough, so I can only own manual to each article, collection, open three idle IE page, login account, this collection does not point to enter the account password, in Cape of Good Hope I have not, I this speed is a little slow speed. Fast friends can try, I only QQ, YAHOO, Baidu, three of the ! wrote in an article, look at what point? My God, much trouble. If you have this idea, I was incapable of action, we do the trouble? Afraid of trouble? The trouble will flow? I remember that there is a webmaster exchange group in the group always put "executive ability" three words hanging in the mouth, I got it, I think that this is the same post, if read, understand, do, have the effect, if you read, understand, don’t do that, don’t look back and say I write something useless. Success doesn’t depend on mouth. I’m a little tired, the post rest, this method is for everyone to share, whether can bring traffic, can bring much traffic, I am here is unknown, perhaps smart you do better than ! , here’sContinue reading

SNS socializing and ambiguous

when the network virtual world pure people can not meet the inner needs, combined with the reality of the virtual community bump appears, this year in the network’s hottest greeting "you SNS?" is. No it does not matter, an email immediately arrives! – look, is eight hundred years old don’t meet the students in the community, even with the usual disagreeable conversation half sentence a passer-by, would become very affectionate here. What is SNS? after WEB2.0, usher in a 3D virtual community Internet community boom, but while it is still trying to figure out how big is the power of the 3D community, 2008 suddenly jump out of the "SNS community" mode, the limelight without the two. The full name of Socoal SNS, Network Sofeware, a friend of a friend in order to understand the basis of existing for meeting social sub groups and maintain social relations, and in the real life and the network technology. As the network of "exotic", the continuation of the interpersonal management responsibilities, but also makes us see the different geographical and cultural attitude of virtual community users face foreign account DISABLE and DELETE function is very wide, users to bid farewell to the community, will freeze and delete your own account, because they pay much attention to the personal account and virtual community identity, but will also virtual identity and identity in reality very clear. While domestic users are accustomed to extend the virtual identity as the reality of identity, for the virtual identity is very utilitarian: the game account for training, virtual account transfer, marriage and money in exchange for virtual community ranking…… Through the virtual identity to achieve the reality of identity can not achieve spiritual aspirations. talked about from a poll of ten thousand people Q: is there anyone like that on your SNS buddy list, ? A: the beloved, 21% the one who loves 8% who once loved 14% the one who fascinates himself 18% worships people 7% wants someone to happen, 12% heart have never met 11% More than of the data came from the voting results of a SNS community, and we were surprised to find that this list of "community names" was filled with love". This is a Yizhenyijia gray area, real name, virtual appellation, real virtual avatar, smile, and then again by real people send out virtual "flirting", make people addicted to them back and forth, indulgence, fall into a reverie. Therefore, more can stimulate the adrenal gland secretion the game procedure to come out one after another, seizes the player eyeball at the same time, also is challenging people’s lust bottom line. in the "sale" in " "in" and ">

Opinions how to view Facebook acquisition of Instagram

[TechWeb] reported on April 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the Monday Facebook lightning spent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, the Facebook has sufficient reason for free Instagram tens of millions of users. Industry public opinion hot, in the Internet gradually visual today, Facebook how to use the opportunity to acquire Instagram, change the content and service attitude. Brad Allen KC Associates, the investment experts believe that will take months to come to buy Instagram, although the amount involved in the transaction is staggering, but also in line with the expected valuation of Facebook. The most important problem is that Zuckerberg sees the deal as an opportunity, or a save? For the acquisition of the upcoming IPO before seems to be on the defensive, if the social networking giant to make a clear judgment, it wouldn’t make such a crazy move for investors. subtle change: Facebook begins to create content in the futureMatthew Indaba, co-founder of Music, Siegel, says the deal opens up a big problem for Facebook, which has not been focused on creating content on social networks. Prior to the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook’s focus was on sharing content, and not even providing tools for creating content. It leaves work for other companies, such as Zynga games, native photo applications, and music labels. The acquisition of Instagram indicates that Facebook has become aware of the importance of creating content. He explained: "I can spend two minutes taking pictures with my wife, but it only takes a few seconds to share the photos via Facebook."." Instagram meets Facebook’s future mobile strategy, given that Instagram’s security fund was valued at $500 million last week, Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition is a real worry. But there are at least two reasons to encourage people to subscribe for Facebook shares next month, IPO. first, Facebook hopes to find a new source of revenue, even though current registered users are growing slowly and advertising strategies have no advantage. But it responds to the biggest concern of potential investors: Facebook has the ability to score in the mobile world. mobile App Co Onavo CEO, Guy Rosen said, Instagram is currently the most popular mobile social network, in the last six months is the most popular iOS application, 10% iPhone installed Instagra>

Xu Guoping what kind of website does 2012 have money way

2012 what kind of website, rich way, this is every website to pay special attention to the problem, especially the new Adsense just start doing web site. My website opened and stopped, stopped and opened, the webmaster career is almost two years, plus network editing work experience for more than five years, "Xu Guoping long stop" to share what to do, the site has money. ‘s preparation for a rich web site, personal attitudes determine success or failure. You do site mentality, determines your site will make money later?. What preparations should be prepared before making a website? Xu Guoping’s standing summary is as follows: first, prepare time and energy. I often hear some of the webmaster complain that one of the problems is that there is no time. I asked in reply, since there is no time, then why do you get the website? In fact, the personal website is the largest investment in time and energy. Time is like water in a sponge. It’s crowded every day. So make sure you have enough time and energy before you make a stop and make sure that 100 percent is put in place. second prepare confidence and perseverance. Why do some webmaster to less than a month, or even less, give up halfway; some owners insisted for one or two years, or even longer, yet more long. The difference between them is whether your resolution is lasting. If you have the confidence to make a website rich, then you should follow a persistent, do not abandon, do not give up. If you can’t adhere to the website, then don’t go to the stationmaster road. That will not only waste time, but also waste energy. The content of ‘s website, content selection is critical. Some webmaster blindly think that website can make money, blindly follow the trend, or do not know what to do good site. For content orientation, I have some tips for sharing experiences: first, the content of the website is to subdivide. Whether you’re a local station or an industry station, the content of your web site should be subdivided as accurately as possible. I used to do website, also can make the comprehensive portal common failing, a few years down, time, energy, investment and make money, profit is inverse proportion. Like the current most popular single item Taobao customers, this model is more suitable for personal website content positioning entry point. The content of the website is best interested or familiar. Here, I take the local website as an example, there are some personal local websites, and what contents are included in the website. Pre local sites can be the main recruitment, real estate classification of such information flagship, so that local content and popularity can be accumulated, and later local sites can be the main food, tourism, such businesses display as the focus. The special attention is, do not have what, we must first reduce local businesses and then slowly expand to classification. For example, threeContinue reading

U.S. Air Network CEO Fu Lei Subversion of the traditional model using the Internet to create the Uni

I dark horse: American air net was founded in 2007, is a gathering of artists, models, photographers, make-up artists and other groups of cultural and art industry platform. 2012, the United States Air Network is facing operational difficulties, the founding team quit. Fu Lei served as the U.S. Air Network CEO in 2013 was two venture led U.S. air network. In 2014, the US air network received 50 million yuan A rounds of financing from its equity capital holdings. beauty network CEO Fu Lei said, "the core value of the United States Air Network lies in mature artists growth ecosystem. In the north of Guangzhou, the first-tier cities, there are a lot of people who dream of floating, very hard, very not easy, whether it is a new, or has been in the industry for a period of time, for many years without a successful artist, can be found in the growth and development of U.S. air network opportunities. The United States hopes to provide artists with an efficient, fair growth environment, support their beautiful dreams, and ultimately help them achieve their dreams." notes: MOKO, the origin, M=MORE (more), O=OPPORTUNITIES (opportunity), K=KEEP (hold), O=ONLINE (online). More, opportunities, keep, online, MOKO! Direct transliteration is "beautiful empty."". left college and took over American , American air network, CEO, Fu Lei, 80’s Shandong, Qingdao people. I have studied painting since childhood, and I have been admitted to Hubei Institute of Fine Arts with excellent painting. I have been working part-time as a model during my studies. In 2000, he got a new host model championship. After graduating from , he went to an undergraduate college as a professional teacher in dress performance. From all over the country to find high-quality students, to model professional training, and then recommend to the international, domestic and international major model brokerage company, guide students to participate in, perform, famous. Fu Lei deep in the field of modeling personnel training for more than ten years, the entire industry context understood very thoroughly. Because the needs of teaching, Fu Lei spent a lot of time on the domestic and foreign models performing talent development mode, he deeply felt the traditional inefficient brokerage model closed over the past few decades has not changed, the growth of talent and business models are too traditional and rigid. was launched in 2007, and initially wanted to create a community platform where photographers, make-up artists, and model artists could open up and simply find more jobs on the web. The beauty, beauties of the influence, forming a very good atmosphere, a large number of photographers, makeup artists, models in the United States Air Community Photos, showing their own works, and in the community and other people in the industry interaction. at the end of 2010, the rapid formation of the American air network brand effect, once developed to its peak, introduced several million yuan of venture capital. However, some of the early founding teams of NASA appeared to have some decision questions

Peach highlights various methods of network marketing

network marketing method of each small and medium-sized enterprises began to use more and more, but we still have to clear all kinds of basic methods of network marketing, can gradually emerge in the network marketing, and constantly sum up various ways and methods of network marketing, network marketing business gradually become the master. First, can have their own website, set up their own enterprise network marketing website, which can be used as a platform to display their own website to show the brand, good can also for their products do show, then do network marketing. So this enterprise website can be reasonable collocation. And if you can do with SEO optimization, and get better rankings, or through the form of bidding, will make your web site has unexpected effect, oh, full use of search engines and free websites to submit your web site, to make their products or information in this way, more visibility, and constantly update their products, the effect will be better. The search engine is actually a good search engine can seize the habit of constantly updated, keywords until your network marketing website ranking is in front, can obtain very good order conversion rate, it will get a good network marketing effect. if we can make good use of network marketing website on your membership registration function, network mail to good use, network marketing is chasing the pin or the fixed form of the visit constantly, to be able to make your customers can become fixed, your back, and to continuously expand their network marketing the. Welcome peach my website: