Expose the big scam – no time – fast

green I accompany you
more speculation more Yong you threaten me?
Pizi your server intrusion is I now you look like a warning to the
Pizi responded to more speculation more Yong 20:19:25
Yong more speculation more the more you threaten me more speculation more afraid of a
Yong is the new labor station
more speculation more Yong is not my server 20:19:50
> more speculation more Yong 20:19:58
more speculation more Yong didn’t want to make the
you a Pizi garbage when you mix Lao Tzu it was a chicken,
you more speculation more courage to the
I Pizi tonight with you to play
Pizi 20:21:00
now Pizi is not too late to go to the police read more

Cloud network head resistance mainly from BAT big three

founder of the cloud network side Dayton


Times reporter Pu Dongfeng photo as the white magic and black magic, in the field to be divided hacker white hat and black hat". As "information police", the small square Dayton in the past 8 years are at play in the field of hacker "Gandalf" and "Voldemort", specifically on. Ctrip recently exposed loophole incident, let the small square Dayton and create a network vulnerability reporting platform cloud network come to the stage again. This year, just over 27 years old Fang Xiaodun said he now has gathered 5000 scattered in various areas of the white hat hackers, security vulnerabilities site investigation and major domestic. Fang Xiaodun said, "the cloud is the cloud cover in the era of information thief and Internet companies head a warning curse, hope every time the clouds see the fog is a progress of network security. read more

College students spend a dollar to do Obama Chinese network

Xinhua news agency Reuters Obama became the first African American president in the history of the United States, the world’s attention, China is no exception. Obama confirmed the election of the president of the United States 4 days later, Shenzhen users will create the Chinese language network in. Reporter contacted the site by the webmaster, found that the founder of the Obama Chinese network was actually a sophomore of Shenzhen University li.

Click to enter the "Obama Chinese network", the forum has a "Obama and economy", "Obama’s New Deal", "Obama" Obama and China resume "," and "Obama speech", "Obama’s family" plate. Forum there are some professional analysis, such as "Obama China on future policy effect" and "after Obama was elected to the Chinese stock market effect" and so on, and even the Obama campaign strategy slideshow. However, users are still interested in Obama’s "lace news", "playing basketball", "Obama singing" and other posts are relatively hot. read more

The same is why O2O drops everyone shouting little brother and it has received rave reviews

I believe that most people would agree that only the ride is really sharing, and ran full-time is still a taxi drops, even worse than a taxi. But the probability of the wind is too low, the driver and the user, the same time, the same starting point, to reach the same location. This probability is too small, so most of the time is the driver to pay a little more.

is also a shared car, why drops in the doghouse, and its brother Mobell bicycle but received rave reviews from the


1, who is the most cattle business model? read more

Head reader club activities around the expansion

New Year approaching, the winter cold did not stop the pace of the webmaster can not stop people’s desire to communicate, communication between the owners are still booming. Even Japan, by "stationmaster" Readers Club around the segmental organization of the FB party, mountain climbing, exchanges and other activities are rich and colorful stationmaster party party launched more wildly beating gongs and drums, is preparing for brewing.

in November 15th, the "master" Readers Club NanJing Railway Station preparatory purple purple mountain activities held successfully, 12 local owners from Nanjing to participate in the leisure party activities. The folk Garden owners Zhang Jing, 3D Nanjing chief Dou Mingliang, speed master Shen Dongjian, art Wu Yongbin and long signature site from Admin5, China media editors and students in activities together to discuss the business and technical aspects of the topic do stand. read more

Why can’t we change an interview with the city of Linyi, 517 passenger space co-founder Wang Hao


small city

cancer tail lion head

dual character

no Niubi background identity


grew up in art,


in the Academy of Fine Arts

sophomore dropped out to Beijing to pursue his dream of animation

slept in the basement, overpass, over the railway station

traveled more than a dozen cities nationwide

took cartoons, drama, CCTV ad

motto: a dream for the horse, gallop Tianya

he is such a person

a few years ago, Wang Hao is still holding a lot of money, to live nine nights to the life of six. At that time he was in a TV series as a "new" journey to the west "" loyalty Yue Fei "late effects and guidance, filmed long animation work, busy with their digital animation dream. A few years later, he wanted to do something, do not want to be bound by the stylized work. Less stable income, but he is very happy. So now he has a special status: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center a co-founder, space founded by his organization in Linyi a customer line: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center, to create a joint model of Linyi local office. read more

What are the 4C of social media marketing

we pay attention to the traditional marketing is 4P, that is: product, price, promotion channels, as well as promotions. And social media marketing it, it becomes a 4C, the 4 C is our last few years or in the next few years, the Internet marketing must be considered, then what are they?

1, content

content in our previous advertising inside, is not so important. In the previous years of marketing, most people spend money on the channel, such as: CCTV CCTV, it is a distribution channel, but for the spread of the content has not been concerned. But when social marketing, the core words is "content", what you represent? What to say in micro-blog, Baidu know, Baidu library, Sina blog on what you write, you what to say at the end of the world forum, the 55BBS, and how your business? The most important is that we speak of social marketing is a word because you have the user’s communication content marketing and speak of things, it is a content. read more

These real estate copy see my copy of the soul burning

copy of the dog, come to live again! This time your service customer is some real estate brand. How to write the real estate copy more innovative? How to write the literary style of the real estate? How to write funny forced wind of the real estate copy? Let the copy to a new idea, you need to look at this article.

copy dog, come to live again!

this time you have to serve the customer is a number of real estate brands. Of course, the customer’s request is still very simple, as long as you have a copy of the novel, in line with its brand tonality on the line, do not always those routines. You can be realistic, you can warm heart, you can literature, you can tease force. read more

Easy financing era has passed 2016 China’s technology industry to further reshuffle

can be expected in most of the time in 2016, the days of startups is far more difficult than before, active and passive integration shuffle also more and more.

Chinese growing pains once again shock the world, A shares fuse affect global stock market, the Dow fell 1.58%, shares a aihong. Chinese before this has been favored by venture capital fund market, and over the past year, billions of dollars of venture capital investment can bring huge returns, but from leaking out of the financing agreement, venture capital Chinese expectations of old and new science and technology companies have gone up, the first trading day of 2016 in a pot of cold water indicates that the financing and IPO the market will not be improved. With the change of economic Chinese, China tech start-ups easy financing era has gone for ever, 2016 Chinese technology industry will face reshuffle. read more

In ChinaJoy to see these are red, VR surrounded by two dimensional companies

young energetic, and in the confusion of the growth of the two dimension

with the end of ChinaJoy2016, this year’s largest pan entertainment industry event has fallen curtain. For the vast majority of ordinary people, all kinds of network red, live, VR, as well as the focus of the outbreak of the game product, the venue of the world’s largest central machine model, may be the most impressive ChinaJoy.

in the huge crowds of people, the two dimension and related areas of the company did not like the game industry that together on the same stage, but scattered in different venues, waiting for the two dimension, the public and the capital found. Of course, in the current wave of Pan entertainment, these two dimensional industry related companies, they participate in ChinaJoy is also a variety of reasons. read more

Users know almost full disclosure they are what kind of person

as a new type of question answering platform, known almost since its inception has attracted a lot of popularity, so they also provide answers many high quality, so this group of "if the party who is what kind of people are in reality?

last month, users know almost nationwide ten city conducted a survey covering many aspects of income, education, life style, media habits and reading habits, the following is the official interpretation of survey data obtained according to the taste.

Daily topic liar time to postpone the listing of Wo Wo Group’s funk

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 3rd news, Wo Wo Group has bounced! Scheduled for the NASDAQ listing in Beijing yesterday evening but also postpone. Wu Jianguang, executive vice president of Wo Wo Group in the United States by telephone said to the media, listed on the Nasdaq stock market also need to schedule, there are still some problems need to be solved. The specific time to market can not be determined.

from Wo Wo Group submitted IPO prospectus, the NASDAQ listed on Wo Wo Group news is a push again! The official listing in February 25th? Was given in response to the February 25th listing is forecast of foreign media, listing is not the end. After the updated Prospectus Documents must be completed before March 31, 2015 IPO, after the results are not; there is news that Wo Wo Group will be local time in the United States in April 1st, listed on Nasdaq, maybe this is just an April Fool’s joke; listed on the NASDAQ Wo Wo Group said read more

Wowo listed postponed to April 7th after sometime or entertain

night toss, Wowo also fail to market.

yesterday evening, a large number of reporters were convened in Zhongguancun a meeting room in the hotel waiting for our listed bell. According to the plan, the media will be 22:00-22:30 and listed on the site Wowo mall CEO Xu Maodong line, and then watch the bell live.

in Beijing on Wowo mall headquarters, a similar scene staged simultaneously. Wowo mall some of the staff gathered in the two meeting of the Ministry of manpower reserved room, waiting for the "success" of listed companies. read more

Daily topic everyone film and television, the right to shut down the network under the subtitles gro

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 24th news, major news seems to love released over the weekend! As American TV fans chase drama two site that television and the network chose shooter released the same day off the news station. The difference is that everyone is temporarily off the screen, while the shooter is announced shut down. A ten year, a fifteen year old site that without warning closed, a sob


YYeTs is the predecessor of everyone in the film subtitle group, on June 1, 2006 formally established the independent forum, is one of the earliest established, one of the biggest influence of subtitle group, after years of development, the broad strokes of subtitle translation lovers, gradually formed the yyets. However, the film and television not only provide subtitles sharing, but also to provide video resources download service. read more

Baidu mobile search will be officially released on the ice bucket algorithm of low quality mobile si

A5 station network August 22nd news: Recently, sponsored by foreign charity bucket challenge quickly to Chinese, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi and other Internet heavyweights have received public love take transfer. Ice bucket challenge "has become a hot topic at the same time, Baidu officially released the bucket algorithm. According to the relevant announcement of Baidu Webmaster Platform revealed that the ice bucket algorithm based on Baidu mobile search, will be adjusted according to the low quality sites and pages. For the mobile site with the behavior of user experience to pop app download, user login, a large area of advertising effect remediation. Ice bucket algorithm the first phase will officially launched next week, A5 webmaster to remind the webmaster, please make some optimization of the mobile site, improve the user experience, to avoid the mobile site in Baidu mobile search rankings are affected. read more

Website promotion is generally cast or focus on good fish

website promotion is generally cast or focus on fish? Contact network promotion also have a period of time, learn a lot, there are a lot of confusion. Network channels are too wide, all types of sites, you can not think of, only you do not use. The proliferation of a variety of B2B sites, the direct result is that we are doing network promotion when the choice of blindness. Just a contact network promotion, the first is to find the site, registered information, daily update maintenance. One after another of the registration, do not know where to put the emphasis on blindly registered website, release information. Later registered too much, the beginning of the day, one by one to open the site, an update of the information. Most of the day is spent on these things. However, these works did not receive any effect. Only a few sites received some feedback. read more

The secret of Pinnacle Technology Corp in recruiting talent

like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, such as large technology companies, they do not know how many resumes every year. To be sure, they must have their own screening candidates? What is the method of screening them? It is not on the Internet you can easily search to a lot of things in Google interview questions. In fact, their recruitment screening methods are far more than just asking questions about basic algorithms and quantum mechanics. In order to select the top candidates from the countless candidates, in addition to the interview questions set, they also have their own mysterious recruitment strategy. read more

How to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the tracking effect

tracking extrapolation effect and efficiency how to do

all the people know the importance of tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of the network extrapolation extrapolation, but we do in this regard is good enough? We really know how to do the tracking effect and efficiency extrapolation? I would like to have at least half of the people the answer is no, then today Xiaobian Jiehuaxianfo to share most of the people are interested in the topic.

is a small series of ideas and some people, think this thing is tracking the effectiveness and efficiency of extrapolation is not necessary to own a little manual collection, so do not say low efficiency but also spend a lot of time and energy, time of the compact for the promotion is one of the most time-consuming. So here I want to share system is a powerful software for everyone, but also before a netizen to share, I spent some time later felt very smoothly, so I would like to recommend to those who are still trying to figure out the effect and efficiency of tracking extrapolation of how to make friends, hope that the management system can you share cloud claw network marketing analysis. read more

Using Baidu marketing model to promote our website (two)

in the last message, Jerry and friends to share the research through marketing behavior on the Baidu customer service, we find the website promotion skills, it says, I will through the Baidu marketing Baidu Inc meticulous planning activities to explain how to let more users love your website.

at the beginning of September, Baidu Inc in Shanghai JadeLink Hotel held a marketing, the theme is: economic rebound, the enterprises expand marketing efforts. I have been talking about, Baidu’s sense of smell is very sensitive, this is worth every one of us to learn. The venue is divided into three blocks, each participating personnel according to the regional seat by my friends, I learned that this area is Baidu elaborate, close to the platform C is Baidu’s potential customers, these customers are Baidu’s sales staff to have done detailed tracking, it is purchasing power, B is also very near the podium, is Baidu’s old customers, A far, Baidu customer service tracking no purchase intention of single service. The whole event I found that the host’s eyes are concentrated in the normal A District, lottery links generated in the focus of the B area, C area only allow staff to communicate. A very simple venue distribution, what can we learn? read more

Sources said word of mouth to start a new round of $3 billion financing to participate in the sea fi

[TechWeb] reported on April 11th, according to sources, the king of the golden clothing of the takeaway takeaway a new round of financing, the amount of about $3 billion. Many investors have the intention to invest in reputation, the current sea fishing has been identified to participate in investment.

word of mouth to start a new round of $3 billion financing to participate in the investment of

word of mouth takeaway was established in June last year, jointly funded by the Alibaba group and ant gold service 6 billion yuan was established, while Cai Chongxin, chairman of the board of directors of the group as the new chairman of the new reputation platform. read more