Luo please convince me by product pricing and marketing analysis of the hammer mobile phone

[core tip] just the end of the hammer phone conference, let us from pricing, marketing, customer and hammer phone analysis, in addition to buy a mobile phone, you pay not only 3000.

author attitude:

: I am neither a pink nor a black. I strongly recommend those scripts, he said in the New Oriental, is already 8, 9 years ago.

– I just hope and believe I Luo to do amazing products of interest.

stand above the position, I do some analysis from my point of view.

do not know if the hammer may refer to: [], before the release of the hammer mobile phone conjecture [mobile phone release] [hammer, hammer mobile phone to impress people 3 details] and [Robert Brunner] a hammer Mobile Phone Designer behind read more

DEDE infighting and Empire

November 27, 2007, the emperor of the software company’s core products, imperial website management system ECMS4.7 test version was officially released before the DEDE2007. In the Empire’s forum, WC posted a post quite mean, the title is: the water is not sweet – Imperial website management system 4.7 beta release. "Water is not sweet", the language of a, they will lead to a burst of conjecture.

Lenovo’s two famous PHP content system DEDE and ECMS release notice, are scheduled at the end of 11, some coincidence. The degree of attention to the individual owners, like Japan and the Chinese lunar satellite enthusiasm. Which function is more powerful? Which is more suitable for webmaster? Every webmaster seems to be very interested in understanding. read more

People network Wang Jianshuo ten years running away from the hustle and bustle

in the entrepreneurial environment change radically, Wang Jianshuo often questioned "not aggressive". But he believes that the world should be diverse, each company, everyone can choose their own way, not only on the spire to be successful.

text / Shiga

this is an important milestone in the people’s network." Wang Jianshuo sat on the sofa, his face relaxed to NetEase science and technology reporter said.

this summer, the people started the demolition of the VIE network architecture, the plan to return to the market, and now, this program has made new progress. In October 30th, people network (full name: Shanghai people network Kijiji Limited by Share Ltd) for officially listed on the new board, the "public transfer instructions" disclosed in the National SME share transfer company official website. Wang Jianshuo told NetEase science and technology, if it goes well, the people’s network will officially become a new three board listed companies within two months. read more

The Spring Festival poor performance test the electricity supplier years after the delivery of speci

"to send special purchases for the Spring Festival years", "let me go to the warehouse to take delivery of the goods", "a lot of only a small part of special purchases for the Spring Festival sent"…… These two days, people have complaints about online shopping online shopping special purchases for the Spring Festival encounter, shop No. 1, Jingdong mall, Yi Xun, Amazon and other electricity providers almost spared. During the Chinese New Year suck traffic and express service, become the main reason for not timely special purchases for the Spring Festival sent to the hands of consumers, electricity providers face the Spring Festival exams, transcript does not seem to be ideal. read more

Flash purchase site Fab com seek 100 million financing valuation of 700 million

May 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, the United States and the United States and creative products flash purchase site is seeking a total amount of $100 million C round of financing, sources, the company is currently valued at $700 million.

American creative products flash shopping site CEO Jason Goldberg said in an interview, he took the retail giant IKEA as’s essential competitors, rather than other e-commerce sites.

reported that Atomico venture capital company has expressed interest in investing $50 million to, other investors have already confirmed that it will continue to invest $25 million. Allegedly, some investors even expressed a willingness to invest in a larger scale, but has not yet finalized. read more

Daily topic carry Cheng and go where marriage online travel market is dominant

A  5 webmaster network ( October 29th news, this month, the evening of 26 Ctrip announced a deal with the Baidu Inc to achieve equity swap. After the completion of the transaction, the total voting rights to Baidu as Ctrip where the network "golden master" with Ctrip common stock represents approximately 25%, and became the largest shareholder of Ctrip, Ctrip will have about 45% of the total voting rights where the network.

is reported that Baidu and Ctrip will cooperate in the field of products and services. At the same time, Baidu will continue to go and where existing business cooperation. Including four Ctrip Ctrip executive chairman and CEO Liang Jianzhang and co president and COO Sun Jie, will be appointed to where the board of directors, Robin Li and vice president of Baidu mergers and acquisitions and investment director Ye Zhuodong will be appointed to the board of directors of ctrip. read more

China hit farmers selling gold Twitter average price of less than 1 cents

eBay Twitter information on the sale of


technology news Beijing time on February 1st morning news, according to foreign media reported today, Twiiter on sellers shopping website eBay, the user can from eBay to less than 1 cents to "buy" on Twitter.

Twiiter users can be purchased from eBay on the price of less than 1 cents. To buy 5000 Twitter followers for $20, the average price of each concern is 0.4 cents. There are $40 for each of the 5500 followers (an average of $0.7 per cent) or $1100 (0.9 cents per share) and so on. read more

Some people slander rumors expose ma

in December 2, 2006, by 2006 China management excellence magazine, the Beijing Youth newspaper,, CCTV economic channel, CO sponsored by the Alibaba group site cooperation in support of 100 years and ten valuable manager, popular entrepreneurs annual festival, held in the Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel.


group chairman of the board Ma attended the ceremony and delivered a speech at the luncheon, the following is the speech excerpt:

I have some ideas about social responsibility and philanthropy right now, and I’m here to talk to you for a few minutes. In fact, I have two years to do charity when they feel very ashamed, because every time they go out, they always say, "Ma Yun, you donate too little, you look at the people of this donation fifteen million, the donation of twenty million". I think, if people do charity but do not feel too embarrassed, worried that their aid will be too few words, the Chinese charity into a special read more

Google announces URL shortening service g co

Beijing on August 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Google official announced today, the new acquisition of domain will take the lead in serving Google map. When the user needs to shorten the location on the map link, the user will be able to obtain format link address.

last month, Google announced the acquisition of short domain name, and plans to use it for Google’s website. Google also has another URL shortening service, the service will continue to operate. It is reported that the.Co domain name reserve price of up to $1 million 500 thousand. read more

Henan began remediation network order Hwang blog will be closed

yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, launched by the provincial public security department, the information industry department and other departments jointly remediation network operation in the province, the Internet is set on the dew point, emptied, candid, adult literature column will be cleared off all.

the joint action will focus on the four types of objects: a large number of dissemination of pornographic information illegal profits using the Internet and mobile phone; the pornographic website launched overseas to domestic dissemination of pornographic information and develop members; organizing online pornographic performances and online fraud, prostitution; engaged in network theft, gambling and sale of contraband and other criminal activities. The relevant departments will urge the website according to the requirements of the blog service self-regulation, clean up the dissemination of pornographic information, pornographic pictures, pornographic films, pornography and other content of the blog, podcast. read more

The video market has paid members breaking flowers not in differentarmed how processes


will be in 2016 as the "practice" stage, so in 2017, the major video sites "into at least 1 times, feather business hot paid market running into the harvest period".

take advantage of the holiday together to open the trend, the major video sites playing a battle, and welfare, sugar, and dog food…… Here is the "sansei III" platform, there is a "Datang pesticide abuse" Wang, Iqiyi began selling single "antidote". From Online to Offline, from the flow of charge to fancy play, in the brand marketing layout, the number of the original "pioneers" biancha their flag.   read more

Get rid of Facebook dependent Zynga to push their social networks

According to

, social gaming giant Zynga company will launch its own social network, to get rid of the fate of Facebook depends on the famous social networking site.

, according to Zynga, a social gaming giant, CEO Mark, according to news from the famous blog site TechCrunch on Saturday. Pinkus local time on Thursday confirmed at a company meeting held on the game "Farmville" and "Mafia Wars" and "Cafe World" will appear in the company of a named "Zynga Live" on the social network. It is said that this had benefited from the well-known social networking site Facebook gaming giant Zynga company will abandon the reliance on the Facebook company, and launched its own social network reason alone because it is with the Facebook company in Facebook Credits on dividded into proportion. read more

The digital domain name storm again swept the 33 com one million gold

May 23rd hearing, foreign media news, digital domain names in the overseas market is good, recently sold a high price, boutique digital domain name to $358 thousand price auction, about RMB 2 million 320 thousand yuan.


: foreign articles screenshot

currently uses domain name domain name has not been enabled, no clear understanding of the Whois query, domain name was registered in April 1997, has 14 years of domain name registration time, is now being paid to 2017, the current domain name buyers identity a mystery, insiders speculate that the buyers may acquire a domestic domain name system of large enterprises, the current mainstream suffix domain has been registered. read more

Daily topic out of the doldrums Bitcoin prices soared 3000 yuan breakthrough

A5 webmaster network ( November 5th news, China bitcoin trading platform recently showed that bitcoin prices in October 17th rose to 1835 yuan / month, a record high of nearly 3 months. As of 19:30 yesterday, bitcoin prices reported 3130 yuan /, or 22.6%, a record high since last September.

caused a sensation in 2013, the virtual currency bitcoin in 2014 continued negative news, this once the financial star was dim starlight. However, since the end of September, bitcoin hype prices rose for 7 weeks, since November 2013 the longest continuous rise time, the current price is low in January this year has risen more than 123%. Yesterday, the dollar price of bitcoin was approaching $420 level. Domestic trading platform fire currency network data show that bitcoin prices have rebounded to 3300 yuan, nearly a month since the price has doubled. read more

Expose the big scam no time fast

green I accompany you
more speculation more Yong you threaten me?
Pizi your server intrusion is I now you look like a warning to the
Pizi responded to more speculation more Yong 20:19:25
Yong more speculation more the more you threaten me more speculation more afraid of a
Yong is the new labor station
more speculation more Yong is not my server 20:19:50
> more speculation more Yong 20:19:58
more speculation more Yong didn’t want to make the
you a Pizi garbage when you mix Lao Tzu it was a chicken,
you more speculation more courage to the
I Pizi tonight with you to play
Pizi 20:21:00
now Pizi is not too late to go to the police read more

Cloud network head resistance mainly from BAT big three

founder of the cloud network side Dayton


Times reporter Pu Dongfeng photo as the white magic and black magic, in the field to be divided hacker white hat and black hat". As "information police", the small square Dayton in the past 8 years are at play in the field of hacker "Gandalf" and "Voldemort", specifically on. Ctrip recently exposed loophole incident, let the small square Dayton and create a network vulnerability reporting platform cloud network come to the stage again. This year, just over 27 years old Fang Xiaodun said he now has gathered 5000 scattered in various areas of the white hat hackers, security vulnerabilities site investigation and major domestic. Fang Xiaodun said, "the cloud is the cloud cover in the era of information thief and Internet companies head a warning curse, hope every time the clouds see the fog is a progress of network security. read more

College students spend a dollar to do Obama Chinese network

Xinhua news agency Reuters Obama became the first African American president in the history of the United States, the world’s attention, China is no exception. Obama confirmed the election of the president of the United States 4 days later, Shenzhen users will create the Chinese language network in. Reporter contacted the site by the webmaster, found that the founder of the Obama Chinese network was actually a sophomore of Shenzhen University li.

Click to enter the "Obama Chinese network", the forum has a "Obama and economy", "Obama’s New Deal", "Obama" Obama and China resume "," and "Obama speech", "Obama’s family" plate. Forum there are some professional analysis, such as "Obama China on future policy effect" and "after Obama was elected to the Chinese stock market effect" and so on, and even the Obama campaign strategy slideshow. However, users are still interested in Obama’s "lace news", "playing basketball", "Obama singing" and other posts are relatively hot. read more

The same is why O2O drops everyone shouting little brother and it has received rave reviews

I believe that most people would agree that only the ride is really sharing, and ran full-time is still a taxi drops, even worse than a taxi. But the probability of the wind is too low, the driver and the user, the same time, the same starting point, to reach the same location. This probability is too small, so most of the time is the driver to pay a little more.

is also a shared car, why drops in the doghouse, and its brother Mobell bicycle but received rave reviews from the


1, who is the most cattle business model? read more

Head reader club activities around the expansion

New Year approaching, the winter cold did not stop the pace of the webmaster can not stop people’s desire to communicate, communication between the owners are still booming. Even Japan, by "stationmaster" Readers Club around the segmental organization of the FB party, mountain climbing, exchanges and other activities are rich and colorful stationmaster party party launched more wildly beating gongs and drums, is preparing for brewing.

in November 15th, the "master" Readers Club NanJing Railway Station preparatory purple purple mountain activities held successfully, 12 local owners from Nanjing to participate in the leisure party activities. The folk Garden owners Zhang Jing, 3D Nanjing chief Dou Mingliang, speed master Shen Dongjian, art Wu Yongbin and long signature site from Admin5, China media editors and students in activities together to discuss the business and technical aspects of the topic do stand. read more

Why can’t we change an interview with the city of Linyi 517 passenger space co founder Wang Hao


small city

cancer tail lion head

dual character

no Niubi background identity


grew up in art,


in the Academy of Fine Arts

sophomore dropped out to Beijing to pursue his dream of animation

slept in the basement, overpass, over the railway station

traveled more than a dozen cities nationwide

took cartoons, drama, CCTV ad

motto: a dream for the horse, gallop Tianya

he is such a person

a few years ago, Wang Hao is still holding a lot of money, to live nine nights to the life of six. At that time he was in a TV series as a "new" journey to the west "" loyalty Yue Fei "late effects and guidance, filmed long animation work, busy with their digital animation dream. A few years later, he wanted to do something, do not want to be bound by the stylized work. Less stable income, but he is very happy. So now he has a special status: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center a co-founder, space founded by his organization in Linyi a customer line: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center, to create a joint model of Linyi local office. read more