How to locate tourism enterprises

door family tourism integrated business website

today, most of the travel agency in the first site, will find one of the most famous local tourism website for reference, this site is the main nine out of ten such a basic architecture: Home / hotel / ticket booking / (car) / (conference services) / resort (or divided into local tourism / domestic travel / trips abroad) / forum or message board, except the home page and forum, several other content of the module is called the general travel agency business, the purpose of such sites is the business enterprise comprehensive display to the customer, and provide the perfect forum membership function and interaction (such as forum etc.), we are accustomed to this kind of website called the door travel apartment layout. read more

Chen ou overseas purchase is too hot lead was hacked

Chen ou: overseas purchase is too hot lead to frequent black

[TechWeb] January 7th news reports, recently, nearly a hundred reporters received an anonymous e-mail on the United States overseas purchase business bid. A person claiming to be a former employee of the United States overseas business, said the United States purchase unsolicited overseas fake cosmetics checked, overseas business has been shut down. This email content from first to last have emphasized the United States overseas business has suffered major setbacks, unable to maintain. read more

Microsoft electricity supplier website plan exposure currently terminated


technology news Beijing time on June 21st morning news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that Microsoft had to consider the introduction of e-commerce website, competition and industry giant, Amazon and eBay, but has terminated the plan.

sources, Microsoft has worked with retailers and technology companies to negotiate, hoping to attract a number of merchants to the site, and plans to launch a unified shopping cart and a wide range of delivery services. Microsoft is also considering providing price subsidies, funding from the merchant in Microsoft Bing (Bing) network search engine or other services into some of the advertising costs. read more

Discussion on the method of website promotion

After two months of careful preparation,

opened my website. As a senior grassroots webmaster, I chose the site as the first site. There are two reasons, one is the threshold of the site is low, do not need complex technology, and even as the individual owners will be able to type the site to build the station. Two is the cost of space, low maintenance costs, web site content relative to other sites do not need to be updated, the amount of space data is also small, difficult to maintain. Of course, there is a trade-off, in the face of the innumerable web site, how to make your site stand out is a big problem, combined with me to do this station experience, talk about web site promotion methods. read more

The site can really rely on speculation

read a lot of "master" article, what promotion trilogy, what website promotion methods, how to make your site quickly on red? In the article mentioned "hype". Seems to have become a popular trend.

      entertainment speculation! Media speculation! The domain name website to stir fry.. Now look at the major webmaster related information website, including a webmaster and related big website. This article can be dug out of many.

    personal Adsense is the need for a propaganda platform, propaganda is equal to hype? What is more to write the soft to the novice reference, perhaps can let a part of the webmaster to improve writing ability.. Or maybe tomorrow’s CCTV news has changed to XX station news.. Isn’t it? read more

The effect of soft writing on the promotion website

see Admin5 on both the authors said: write soft role? The role of soft. Raise questions. Look at some of the critics. Therefore, the author of this article to do a rebuttal.

first point: the original author did not understand what is called soft Wen?

soft text as a whole, divided into three kinds,

1, the content of soft Wen

, for example, enrich their forum, the content of the site article. Write these articles, need more profound work, why? Now a soft beyond literature concept, but to consider the taste of the search engine, so embedded in a soft key will be just perfect, but also to ensure the smooth statement, this is the real skill, not like writing the text, can God shaped scattered and scattered, not to the point of Southeast sea. read more

Web site promotion webmaster

as a new webmaster, in addition to maintaining the site every day, think more should be website promotion. I am a new person on the Internet, every day to see the site, reading books, learning network knowledge. It is easy to build a station, but it is a rare thing to remember a station. Here I will talk about the promotion of the network interpersonal promotion.

we comment on the quality of a web site is based on PR and ALEXA. We all know that PR is based on the chain to decide, so how are we going to get more and better links? Perhaps you give when website email did not respond; you may add webmaster QQ when directly rejected; you may post in the forum no response. These are because we are new, is the new site. So how should we do? I always do, in a forum of stationmaster net or go around, not to publish what exchange links? But to see what the old webmaster talking about? And then write at the back on his own views, remember to leave see solutions must have their own name (recommended to enter big stationmaster net registered members), published an article people tend to look at those comments. So slowly also familiar with, and then is QQ, telephone exchange, after several exchanges, I think those old Adsense will not refuse. When the relationship is a little bit more mature (the degree of their own grasp), you can ask for, let him put your link on the. A high quality and efficient link to do so, I do not know how you are going to exchange it, this is my website in the promotion of network webmaster, ha ha, in fact, is to promote interpersonal. Although such a long time, but the relationship with the old webmaster to maintain good, they have a lot of resources can be used. read more

A portal experience

in 2007 October, from the hands of others to buy a domain name, and then excitedly began to engage in the website, in under the help of the brothers finally also make up.

is also in this time it was discovered that the domain name Google normal included, but Baidu did not see even a shadow, when my heart is anxious like ants on a hot pan, then check the check, when the domain name before the 2005 Baidu has been to seal, then know my heart panic, do not know how to do, always only Baidu legend letter puzzled, to make it not difficult to learn. read more

51 social security to complete the $10 million round of financing B pig eight quit investment

51 Social Security announced that it was completed in May this year, B round of $10 million financing, this round of financing led by the pig eight quit, A round of investment in broadband capital to participate in investment. At the same time, 51 social security and pig eight reached a strategic cooperation, pig eight quit platform will be the development of enterprise social security business, and social security cooperation with the 51 services.

is currently on track players have a lot of social security, two months ago, its network has just announced 100 million yuan B round of financing, social security also announced last month that the bright younger generation in the 30 million A round of financing, said outside the single energy efficiency up to 15000. read more

How to promote the initial station in the circle

a new analysis of "why" to promote why everyone in the circle to the early site promotion for the webmaster circle, write felt not enough, today with everyone together to share, how in the early site webmaster webmaster circle of some methods and thinking of promotion.

for the establishment of the initial stage, which can be done after the completion of the work in the webmaster circle to promote it?. Enterprise station may be as long as the company’s business and related products can be released. For a general class of personal site, or the need to build out the overall framework of the site, pre planned columns are built, and each column of a certain quantity and quality of the content, characteristics such as the second is different from the other sites, such as Logo, contact address, etc. to the search engine for new station is different from other the personal qualities of the same site. With these basic, you can in the webmaster circle promotion, to achieve some of the early goal. read more

Dashing down crude Biao After reading these wonderful name of start-up companies…… I was drunk

Abstract: when entrepreneurs in their company name must be simple, easy to remember, and let people know than those complex name, can leave a deep impression in the minds of the name is clearly more important.

every entrepreneur treat their entrepreneurial projects like their own children, the first thing the child was born named. So, to own the company or product name is naturally cautious, today 100 Junlai with you talk about those things about the company’s name.

at the Walter · AI Isaacson authored named "Steve ·"; Jobs (Steve Jobs) wrote the biography: talking about the Apple Corp name, Jobs tells Isaacson that apple is one of the fruit weight loss often eat fruit. When he came back from an apple orchard to name the company, he thought the name sounded "fun, full of life, and not to be feared."". Of course, there is a saying once in the Atari (Atari) worked for Jobs, like apple in the phone book inside (Apple) in Atari (Atari) before. read more

Papi sauce this connotation faction red is the best proof of the era of short video content

Abstract: we have to admit that the importance of "Yan value" is gradually being replaced by individuality and taste in this era. In the production of social content on the platform, with the ability to produce creative short video, people will probably become the real potential for some time in the future."

your circle of friends, must have to brush a set of talent and beauty in a woman and her series of short video – and yes, that relates to the "poor + ratite" women: Papi sauce. read more

Defeat hao123 achievements feature site navigation

mention site navigation, it is definitely Mr. Li Xianping started on the hao123 website home". From the birth of hao123 to be high priced acquisition of Baidu, Comrade Li will pay a great effort.

in the current web site to stand in the case of warlords, want to stand by the website to take the idea of an absolute world can not be achieved. I see the "web site" the end of the gold rush road. But this does not mean that the site has no way out of the station, do any stand in fact, are the same as the survival of innovation, the development of the market segments". The establishment of the characteristics of the site navigation, innovation achievements of the road. read more

Mysterious big data company Palantir $880 million financing

[Abstract] as of today, Palantir has received $2 billion financing, valuation of $20 billion, and there is no sign of going public.

BI Chinese station on December 24th reported

Palantir Technologies is difficult to be called a start-up company, because the company was founded in 2004, the staff size of 2000 people. However, the company is still a large number of start-up companies, such as a large number of equity investments, and did not show signs of going public. Recently, Palantir has received a round of financing up to $880 million, its valuation has reached $20 billion. read more

A website development must go through the promotion of the road

The success of the

website four stages of what should be done? (recommended for novice and new owners must see), now do a website is not what happens, but the site still need to do. Novice in the station when there is no experience is always going to take a lot of detours according to my experience in the past few years, and now on the Internet to see some of the knowledge in particular to sort out some of the text to share with you hope to help novice!

a, site preparation phase

as the saying goes "quicken work", website for the node section should not be ignored! In this stage, we must want to clear the site in the face of the user group is? What is the characteristics of the Internet users? What do these users on the Internet habits? Want to know after this information is recorded. Then the custom website structure, website promotion planning, do not do "without a head" expected to do what. read more

2008 to do what the site the most money way

      more recent contact with the beauty industry, this article may be the last time I wrote about the beauty of the article. Come back to our topic today, in 2008 to do what the site has the most money way? Some estimates you see the front, is to know the answer.

      according to authoritative forecasts, China’s annual output value of beauty economy will be more than 500 billion yuan. China Association of plastic surgeons said the news that the number of plastic surgery in China exceeded 1 million people, and an annual growth rate of 200%. The above data sources Nanfang Daily, China beauty Yearbook, not my personal statistics, I think, I personally have not yet been able to statistics the entire industry data. read more

Talk about Facebook’s new advertising model

Facebook has launched a new form of advertising in the ad, to win the heart of advertisers.

"advertising" is a new form of advertising, which makes the boundaries between marketing and social networking sites more blurred. When a user logs on to the Facebook for the first time, the ad is displayed on the home screen and prompts the user to operate in the advertisement, such as a film.

users after the completion of the operation, such as the Bravo TV television series "Project Runway" (Project Runway) was added to the individual event list, Facebook can share the message to Bravo TV advertising to more users. read more

How to improve the site traffic and traffic my web site is about four months like this! I started on this website or do not understand, do not understand and asked friends understand! But professional SEO friend they are by this dinner so they may and you are on the increase flow! A better approach is to improve the first external links to other sites is relatively high visibility of the site to send posts such as large portal points inside story! News and that classified information website can send 1 a website but the best one! Don’t send too much! If within a week. Baidu has not been included words that you are to send a! But don’t send a word too much! The more will be deleted! In addition to the forum is the best content rich What the article with your site address what! Don’t blindly send advertising posts that will be deleted! Is white busy! As long as you put the above points to the external links the site allows you to increase traffic and traffic but also cannot rely on this to also! Your site should be rich! What is not your own website! Others recently next time will not come! At least guarantee can update 5 to 10 new messages every day! News articles only what 1 ah you ensure your website content of Baidu and GG will be a day to your site grab your update 1 above so traffic and traffic will certainly will be up update every day! My website is doing real estate website now visits every day about 3000 IP at about 1000 read more

Blog message is also a marketing tool

my blog, I very love! Here, I can not only writing exercises, also can do now under the SEO experiment. Have time to go shopping, write things, share their experience. For visitors to the guests, I am also very treasure, who can leave a sincere comment, I am happy to play the bottom of my heart. For each comment, each message, I sincerely reply. Very early to know, in the blog is actually a kind of promotion and marketing of their own, you can say: everyone in life is more or less a little narcissistic, always love more people to pay attention to their blog is not like. What a good friend write Bo don’t want more attention, get to know people? I am an ordinary person, I also. read more

Four points of new media social marketing

Marketing are not necessarily be solved by money, although no money is totally unacceptable, first make clear all kinds of marketing products first, as I understand it skills.

1 product services accounted for 40%

this product is a narrow range of products.

e-commerce as a supplement to the traditional industry, more often just a marketing tool, a supplement to the offline channels.

traditional marketing factors such as user group, product line, brand building, logistics, warehouse management, supply chain management and so on a series of in the traditional brand reflected on the need in this link to be fully reflected. read more