South Korea also has double eleven Online Shopping Festival aimed at Chinese nternet users

[Abstract] in order to allow outside Korea overseas consumers also enjoy preferential, Korea post with this activity: international express mail exchanges between China and South Korea (EMS) the average tariff reduction of 36%.

following the United States, "black Friday", China’s "double eleven", South Korea will also usher in its own shopping festival, in order to drive the economy has been hit by the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

according to the South Korean Ministry of commerce industry responsible person told the "First Financial Daily reporters, the South Korean government will joint South Korea circulation industry and tourism industry, jointly launched the" star Korea "plan (SingSingKorea), in order to boost China, overseas consumer confidence in the product of South korea. read more

Multitray logic thinking of selling moon cakes five g WeChat electricity supplier

introduction: when Ronaldo encountered white crow

more than a year, Luo fat mentioned logic thinking to do moon cake on a number of occasions, as to why to do the moon cake, has become a big secret, quietly buried in his own heart, who do not know. The logic of thinking has been selling cakes, only a hypothesis, but when the fat white fat white Luo Zhenyu met black handsome handsome black white crow, the little secret became a difficult task. (a good friend for a lifetime!)

Who is the

of the white crow? Pocket through micro mall CEO, Internet Product Manager in the great God class character. When in office when the Alipay chief user experience division, is sensitive to the role of social relationships in the business, so Alipay launched someone to pay the product project. Although this last little product successfully, but because Alipay and Taobao are the lack of a "social attribute", so that the product has not been able to play the original idea of the power and pleasure. When the white crow start again, choose the WeChat platform to launch a new business revolution, naturally, he must also play a big " read more

LETV and iCNTV court has terminated cooperation licence

source: Zhonghua

once again become the focus of public opinion on the Internet when the TV box, LETV iCNTV and decorum court people once again stunned. According to media reports, as the iCNTV court, and piggyback on the platform equipped with iCNTV hardware company.

iCNTV the future of television yesterday announced that due to the requirements of music boxes and TVs in broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the broadcasting management, iCNTV future of television has terminated with music as the company’s license relationship, but the content of cooperation in accordance with the original contract to continue to perform. read more

Electricity supplier package tax can let the sea Amoy family continue to Hey Amoy

yesterday, the formal implementation of cross-border electricity supplier retail import tax new deal. According to the new tax reform program, in April 8th, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer according to postal items parcel tax levied on goods, but according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax.

days ago, the General Administration of customs also announced the adjustment of tax rate and the dutiable value of imported goods. Although the new deal of cross-border business impact is far greater than the direct purchasing, the formal introduction of specific tax rates had led to "the attention of hand chop party, rose up?? how to choose between the electricity supplier and purchasing in read more

Cross border electricity supplier new play the koala sea to buy the three stunt fight the future

the price war, the sea waves for the emerging cross-border electricity supplier, and added a touch of red.

April 22nd, the NetEase launched koala sea purchase on-line since the second round of large-scale promotional activities "koala sea purchase stockpile Festival, promotional merchandise covers imported baby, beauty care, health care, food, daily Home Furnishing light luxury fashion etc.. Most products to do the whole network is the lowest, the price of a German imported infant milk powder is as low as 110 yuan. read more

Wang Xing U S mission network sales this year is expected to reach 1 billion 600 million

March 4th news (reporter Shang Jing) March 4th, group purchase website of the U.S. mission network CEO Wang said on the first anniversary of the conference on the site on the line, is expected to 2011 meituan will be opened more than 300 city, annual sales reached 1 billion 600 million. At the same time will be 50 million yuan acquisition of more than 50 domestic buy site.

U.S. mission network on March 4, 2010 on the line, the United States for a year the total net sales of 230 million yuan, for the user to save $840 million, the average price of goods discount of 80 percent off. Average monthly revenue growth of 71%, the current registered users of the amount of 7 million. Wang Xing introduction, the current U.S. mission network in the country to open the city 53, the daily page traffic of 7 million 500 thousand, the cumulative participation of more than 6 million consumer users. read more

Food online shopping is not a brand can solve

Baidu’s B2C platform settled in Japan’s Meiji chocolate brand, set up the first flagship store. Analysts believe that this move is a sign that can ensure the quality of goods B2B2C platform is to promote the high quality of wind shopping era, and get rid of the problem of food online shopping security. But is this really the case?

in today’s China, food safety has become a major event for the whole nation, not only a brand or a certificate can represent its security. For the current food safety, the most important issues are: read more

Amazon acquired screen technology manufacturer color or push eBook

Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 14th morning news, Amazon announced on Monday that it has acquired Samsung’s Holland display technology company Liquavista, but did not disclose the price of the transaction. The industry believes that Amazon may use Liquavista technology, launched a mobile e-book reader.

Amazon last year launched an upgraded version of the black and white screen reader Kindle Paperwhite, which provides an electronic screen backlight function, while maintaining a low price. However, users still expect Amazon to launch a mobile e-book reader. read more

Amazon to expand Prime services external electricity providers post

[Abstract]Prime member benefits are expanding from the courier to cloud storage and video entertainment and other fields.

Tencent Francisco Prime membership, is the success of e-commerce "secrets of the amazon". The Christmas season in the electricity supplier war broke out on the occasion, Amazon once again raise the Prime membership benefits, including the company’s first free shipping service will be extended to the external website, in addition, Prime users will also get unlimited photo storage space. read more

Kindle6 a monthly income of China bears disturbing Amazon

repeatedly heard "engagement" news, K indle and Chinese market finally tie the knot".

Nandu reporter confirmed from multiple sources, Amazon’s K indle will be officially listed in the domestic market in June 7th, including Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire Tablet PC two categories of consumer electronics products.

yesterday exposure K D Le domestic price display, P aperw Wifi version priced at 849 yuan, KindleFireHD price of 1400-1500 yuan in hite. In addition to their own Amazon website, also choose as the exclusive online sales channels. In addition, Amazon will also cooperate with Suning and other offline channels, set up in the store brand area. read more

No 1 Shop 6 anniversary will push the global domain name three spell hit

renamed Chinese ( yesterday (July 10th) news, it is reported that tomorrow will usher in the 6 anniversary of the Shop No. 1, will be officially launched a new zero day anniversary group purchase products overseas "global group", and will continue for 7 days. The overseas shopping website "Ocean Terminal" to provide low-cost products for group purchase of overseas direct mail users, and the domain name is also much loved.

figure: shop 1

Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, the launch of the "global" activities, including maternal and child nutrition and health care products, personal care and cleaning 5 categories. The United States, Canada and other regions covered in the whole network, to ensure the lowest price of similar goods in direct mail. Earlier, the 1 shop also launched the "Mission 1", "brand", etc.. That "Chinese whois query system," the global group "three spell domain name already registered the domain name, today was registered. read more

Jingdong set up 10 million anti corruption fund whistleblower protection

news December 14th, Jingdong announced today, once again to upgrade the construction of credit system, the establishment of 10 million year anti-corruption reward special fund, used to report violations and verified reports of individuals or units to report high reward.

for individuals to report, after investigation and verification, the Jingdong group will be given to the informer 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards according to the effectiveness, the nature of the case and provide clues for the serious program; the cooperation unit report, after investigation and verification, to give 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards, or a combination of the reporting unit needs to reporting unit corresponding advertising and promotion resources to provide incentives; direct and effective evidence report embezzlement, bribery cases of non national staff, and finally by the police for qualitative criminal case report, minimum amount of 50 thousand yuan reward. read more

Double 11 warm war detonated war Ali Tencent mutual exploration mobile market hinterland

every reporter Tao Li from Shanghai, Beijing,,

with the electricity supplier eagerly looked forward to "double 11" is coming, Ali and Tencent in the mobile terminal contest also triggered at any moment.

November 1st, Tmall "double 11" shopping Carnival 200 million yuan without restriction on the use of red delivery officially started. Data show that as of 3 p.m. that day, through the Tmall interactive city, Taobao and the number of red packets from the client to accumulate more than 20 million. read more

Baidu intends to hold ndia discount shopping site Mydala

[Abstract] Baidu recently made it clear that it intends to invest in India and Indonesia.

Tencent science and technology news on November 10th, India media quoted sources said that Baidu intends to share India’s largest discount shopping site, the two sides are currently on the matter to negotiate. If the transaction takes place, it will be the first time Baidu will invest in India.

two claimed to know the source of the negotiations, said Baidu has expressed interest in the acquisition of most of the shares of, the maximum amount of investment may reach $100 million. The two sources also revealed that the site’s parent company Kinobeo hope that the valuation of the company increased to between $1.5 to $200 million. In addition, Malaysia sovereign fund Holdings (Khazanah Nasional Berhad) also want to control the. read more

The ocean domain name Goubuli worth soared three hundred times

in media and 25 well-known catering enterprises in Tianjin city to carry out the "give me a good restaurant from a foreign name" activities, Tianjin catering brand — "Goubuli" Internet domain name, in less than a month time, bullish, worth from 10 thousand yuan suddenly soared to 3 million yuan.

this activity to seize the opportunity to greet Olympic Games, the promotion of "Goubuli" and other beverage brands to the world, have attracted attention and active participation of all sectors of the country. read more

Jingdong Zhang Xiaolei Jingdong will push lightning refund

in the realization of the industry low repair rate, and the promotion of home renewal service, Jingdong (scroll information) began to explore the convenience customer service service. Jingdong customer service management department director Zhang Xiaolei said the day before, the Jingdong will launch lightning refund within the year, consumers can get a refund and return "".

, according to Zhang Xiaolei introduction, Jingdong will be launched by the end of this year, lightning refund service is based on the user’s trust. In this service system, as long as the Jingdong can confirm that the sale of goods is indeed a problem, you can return to the user before the user returns to the user account. In the Jingdong "customer orders, customer service personnel of Jingdong will according to the professional ability to track customer experience, if users buy goods after open or encounter other problems, customer service team will use professional skills to guide customers through some users to upload photos, and according to the professional judgment to confirm whether the goods have problems." Zhang Xiaolei said. read more

Nanjiren shot acquisition Teddy P classic a brand new business


electricity providers already is not familiar to us underwear brand "nanjiren".

recently, the electricity supplier announced that a wholly owned subsidiary of the electricity supplier limited company or third party designated by the company 50 million yuan in cash through the acquisition of Xinyu Co. 100% stake in the company to complete the "Classic Teddy" (classic Tactic) series and Chinese graphics trademark category 1-35 acquisition. After the Tactic bear trademark belongs to Meng Da Antarctic electricity supplier. read more