My local website experience

select site type: local website, I choose to do is classified information, I personally think that in the local web site, there are three types of sites easier to develop: is the local news website, or the local gateway based on news. Local news has a great attraction for local netizens; second is a localContinue reading

Share my bit of experience

below is what I have done a little bit of experience: one, do not do too popular category website. For example, QQ space code and other sites, personal webmaster do too much, there are a dozen QQ station some webmaster, too much competition, difficult to have the light of day. Some popular keywords, personal websiteContinue reading

How to manage a jewelry store chain strength

with the improvement of living standards, people demand for fashion accessories are also increasing in popularity of jewelry industry acclaim, many entrepreneurs have to set up a jewelry chain to entrepreneurs, and jewelry stores have a strong strength to help partners easy money.