What kind of distribution management software should be chosen by the running team to solve the prob

reduces your overall cost of ownership, we come!

makes its own brand, originally suggested by Shen Napeng,

tailor made proprietary software, we come!

5, the position of the customer at any time, without rapid reminder, control error rate!

then how do city distributors, entrepreneurs and managers manage their distribution staff?

, "first find one of the most famous stars, then start doing research from what his fans like, and then develop, so that we can save a lot of advertising and not be so blind."." Li Jing said. read more

Secret Wangzhuan training insiderHow to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan friends just to contact

1. if a person on their own projects, if it can earn hundreds of words, it is impossible for him to take out the training project. One is not necessary, since their operation can earn so much, why to earn that tuition, another is tiring to do the training, the energy, its own research projects well, there is so many people, is sure to be competitive.

2, should have mentality: see more, search more, think more, summarize more. Some master also need to do the first three steps, but only a little summary, through my personal experience point of view, summed up is the best teacher, by summing up to leap and breakthrough, do Wangzhuan, smart to have great wisdom, but also have, what kind of attitude will depend on your money on the Internet more or less, that I hope you digest. read more

My local website experience

select site type:

local website, I choose to do is classified information, I personally think that in the local web site, there are three types of sites easier to develop:

is the local news website, or the local gateway based on news. Local news has a great attraction for local netizens;

second is a local forum, as we all know, the forum user stickiness is very good, many local sites are chosen from the forum began, such as Xiamen fish, Fuzhou convenience, etc., are like this;

third classification information is my choice, depending on the local classification information is very large, although the classified information website nationwide have been many, there are many have risk investors inject funds, but because of regional restrictions, I still choose the classified information, one is because I do the city is small; two is even with large companies, but the company could not go to a small city and put all their energy up to read more

How to make a boutique website experience

Hello everyone, I introduce myself to do a few small boutique website experience, I hope we can exchange. My mind is healthy and harmonious, to do a good job, refuse refuse station.

1, the keywords of the boutique website shouldn’t be too broad.

too many webmaster want to aim at the keyword is too broad, such as do beauty webmaster, will only for the beauty of the word do optimization ranking processing, and do the weight of the webmaster want to lose weight this word to do. Too broad keywords try your site in the search competition is too great, so even if you come to the front row, search this word to the user is not clear, into the possibility of order is very low, so this kind of too broad keywords are relatively low efficiency. The chosen keywords should be more specific and specific words to be used. The traffic and conversion rates of your site will be higher. read more

Share my bit of experience

below is what I have done a little bit of experience:

one, do not do too popular category website. For example, QQ space code and other sites, personal webmaster do too much, there are a dozen QQ station some webmaster, too much competition, difficult to have the light of day. Some popular keywords, personal website to do less, in addition to several portals and several personal websites, in front of the row containing the keywords of the blog post, this is what we want to do the site.

two, space, domain name, links, I do not say more, Admin5 on a lot of articles say very clear. read more

How to manage a jewelry store chain strength

with the improvement of living standards, people demand for fashion accessories are also increasing in popularity of jewelry industry acclaim, many entrepreneurs have to set up a jewelry chain to entrepreneurs, and jewelry stores have a strong strength to help partners easy money.

to analyze your project what is suitable for your city, the first plan, to make a feature, have a distinct theme, one is others do not project, the project is not much, the risk is great. read more

The upcoming college entrance examination this year to recruit 6086 people in Sichuan Sichuan Univer

college entrance examination is closely watched by the whole society. Now is the end of 5, there are half a and around the time of college entrance examination is coming, thousands of students went to the entrance of the battlefield, for these years = try to do a summary, for his own life, it will be a new starting point. Here we look at this year’s Sichuan Province, Sichuan University enrollment.

college entrance examination is approaching, the evening of May 17th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education announced the news: in 2016, the province’s college enrollment will achieve 5 increase. Including: general undergraduate enrollment increased; ordinary undergraduate enrollment to further increase; a lot of education enrollment increased further; "211" university enrollment is further increased in Sichuan; Sichuan in the ministries of higher learning is further increased enrollment in sichuan. Please the majority of candidates and parents at ease, dedicated to pro forma, for good grades. read more

A lane casserole to create their own unique brand

food and beverage industry to make money this is recognized as the fact that the food and beverage industry is easy to enter, but in order to stand out in the strong competitive pressures and invincible is a very difficult thing. The most important thing is to have their own characteristics of the brand. Take the noodles the variety, all sorts of strange things, new tricks. But there is nothing particularly attractive, so the noodle industry has always been so lukewarm business. A lane casserole is different, he in the original casserole on the basis of innovation, to create their own unique brand. Catering enterprises only have their own core competitiveness in order to have a grasp of money. read more

Community shops investment survey what are the main points

from the current development of the housing market, the investment can not only buy a variety of residential, at the same time, shops have become the target of many investors. However, with the new real estate policies, real estate speculation gradually no longer regarded as an ideal way of investment, and recently around the shops investment seems to have warming trend. How to choose commercial real estate projects, gradually become a matter of concern to the masses of investors.

community shops are different from the theme of shopping malls, professional market, the lower the price of the video, the main face of community owners. Community shops have not only the right to operate a regular shop, but also has a flexible operation, fixed consumption, steady earnings and other advantages. With the saturation of the professional market and shopping district shops, community shops will become a new investment and business shops hot. read more

About how much money to spend on a cake shop all over the

entrepreneurship seems to be a normal life, the concept of Chinese entrepreneurs have also undergone great changes, do not seem to like the comfort of the day. Start challenging things become pursued, entrepreneurship is a good choice to consider, how to open a bakery cake shop to join? Good? Cake franchise fee? If you choose to join the shop, then, how much money to shop? For this problem, many choose cake shop join the person is not particularly clear, today for you to introduce


how much does it cost to open a cake shop? read more

Pizza brand reputation selection

in today’s era, many people love to eat Western-style food, pizza is subject to a lot of chowhound sought after, pizza pizza tastes crispy, civilians prices, stores in the pizza, consumers can enjoy the experience. As a popular food, pizza off the style of the beautiful, delicate and compact, so many consumers still want to eat.

[pizza guest how to join]

now the consumer price high delicacy is more and more common, many products of high prices also taste difference, give consumers a good experience, how about pizza pizza? Let the senior enjoy the price close to the people, let them meet with vanity, also eat the delicious. The product line rich, hundreds of kinds of taste, aftertaste and praise; rich ingredients, attractive color, various flavors stir your taste, it is quite suitable pricing, please, for the vast majority of the general public consumption. read more

Xining City North District procuratorate to carry out five activities

to conscientiously implement the procuratorial organs of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate proposed to carry out the "Five" activities, the day before, Chengbei District of Xining City People’s Procuratorate carry out grassroots prosecutors into the organs, enterprises, into the countryside, into the community, into the school’s "Five" activities, to further strengthen and enhance the ability and level the prosecution service grassroots masses.

It is reported that read more

Xining city launched five clean package

Xining City area for the cadres of the recent distribution of five honest package".

send cheap book". To organize the compilation of "breeze." — the Runde literary works, distributed free of charge to Party cadres hands; bearing "Lian nobel". As cadres and spouses for 29 new promotion, exchange all honest conversation, signed the "undertaking" and the "clean family commitments" than "low season". August, held in the region cadres in the ancient and modern knowledge contest of corruption; blowing cheap wind". Through the mobile phone text messages, web sites, newspapers and all cadres to promote the party’s anti-corruption policies and the latest trends, a total of more than 3000 messages sent to the ICAC; on the cheap". This year, the organization of the "top" lectures, visiting anti-corruption education base, organized crimes prevention knowledge lectures and other forms of activities. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)
  read more

City Seismological Bureau to participate in the city’s 2011 national science popularization day

  in September 17th, the Municipal Seismological Bureau in the central square in the "save energy resources and protect ecological environment, protect the safety and health, promote innovation and create" as the theme of the 2011 national science popularization day campaign.
the event, featured panels more than 10 pieces, issued the "earthquake to do", "4.14 Yushu earthquake does not fall, Qinghai Changqing knowledge of popular science knowledge, more than 400 copies of promotional materials, to provide on-site consulting hundreds of passengers. I closely linked to the theme of the Bureau, highlighting the key to play the advantages of the science popularization day and earthquake prevention and disaster relief work closely together, publicity work has achieved results. read more

Caring for you and me, he North meteorological Lane community health service station to send medicin

the morning of May 20th, the provincial capital of West Street Office of the North Lane community to carry out meteorological songyisongyao send health, Guan Ailian you and me "activities, the community health service station area for the elderly, low-income residents sent to the drug and health care knowledge.

at 9 in the morning, more than and 40 people came to the North Lane meteorological community health service stations, a family of commonly used drugs, free of charge through the clinic, residents learned about their physical condition. Scene, residents Wang Hong said to the medical staff: I was the first time to participate in such activities in the community, I did not expect to receive a free medicine, really thank you." Wang Hong’s mother is disabled, the family was not well-off, and now the community to provide them with free medical services and medicines, so that they reduce some of the burden. read more

City investment will highlight the county busy with the scattered business card

in the afternoon of September 10th, as an important part of the forum will be the theme of the county project seminar will be held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center B hall two floor conference room, the city voted for the hot spot for the eye.

Xining four districts and counties, the delegates have their own items printed into a refreshing "golden card", in the promotion of the spread to the province and outside the merchants and entrepreneurs in all walks of life. read more

What is the value of the coffee shop

coffee has now become a lot of friends are more favorite casual drinks, coffee profits are high, many friends see the existence of the coffee business opportunities, want to open their own coffee shop. A cup of white snow melt, like a small snow capped mountains of delicious coffee in front of us. So, if you belong to their own brand coffee shop, pay attention to what?

now, when people who drink coffee grow up, they will need to use expensive coffee beans, baking the freshest coffee, train the best barista, and use the most high-end coffee machine to make coffee. Yes, everything has changed. When the popularity of the coffee industry is becoming more and more in-depth, then people who drink coffee are turning into a cafe. They profit in the capital market, but also in the capital market to achieve a childhood dream. read more