To support innovation and entrepreneurship in Xiji County, promoting the development of economy


in Xiji County is not large, but for innovation and entrepreneurship policy implementation is very comprehensive, the effort to support innovation and entrepreneurship, now their entrepreneurial policy is getting better and better, more and more people do not go out to work, start in the "home" is a good choice.

Xiji County belongs to the south of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, six Shanxi lu. Belongs to the Loess Plateau arid hilly areas, low-lying South High North, 1688 – 2633 meters above sea level. Things 67 km long, north-south width of 74 km. 63 kilometers east of Guyuan, Ningxia, north of the city of Yinchuan, about 391 km. Total area of 3144 square kilometers. Xiji County has jurisdiction over 3 towns, 16 townships, 4 neighborhood committees and 306 administrative villages, 1909 villagers group. In 2011, Xiji County, the total population of 510 thousand people, of which agricultural population of 468 thousand people. read more

Do business must say no to fake


can sell some of the industry’s high imitation products, due to the cost of the purchase price is low, can often create higher profits. However, if you want to make a successful business, Xiao Bian here to suggest that you do business must say no to fake, this is a guarantee of business success.

fake, not only let him hate each consumer, but also the most likely to give us businesses bring losses and troubles.

I just open a shop, due to lack of experience, lack of inspection, had been in several cases of inferior toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo and other daily necessities, that had thrown into the trash, therefore suffered some losses. As the saying goes, you live and learn. Since then, every time I purchase special care. read more

How to open a small supermarket location

open the small supermarket business investment also many, this kind of store is mainly to provide daily consumables for people, so the general election in the district or near the school. This kind of shop how to manage it? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. If you want to know, you can learn more, master the relevant management skills.

opened a small supermarket, lots of choice is not good will source is not much, it is difficult to obtain profits, so the small supermarket stores is superior is the core, the address decide whether to hurry back to the success of any franchisee must recognize the importance of this election, joining in a population are concentrated here. Many people will have more opportunities to you, if you put in a not open shop sales of similar products, no one will go to see, to meet the needs of consumers is concerned about the future from the site, so the address to choose, then the product must be ranked first in many shops, so you can to improve the probability of repeat. read more

One week news review the 12306 verification code baffled passenger MMM monthly interest rate of 30%

1 WeChat cleanup hundreds of illegal accounts, including Uber also includes drops

December 7th news, recently, Uber claimed that the public was blocked WeChat news, WeChat team responded that attention to the recent Uber, drops of related services account clearing has aroused widespread concern, and that as of now, the platform was cleared on 168 Uber related services account and 136 pieces of relevant service account. (Anne)

relevant information is as follows:

end of the year, the WeChat public platform will be malicious marketing, induced sharing, illegal collection of user information and illegal operations and other acts of centralized clean-up, the relevant information is as follows: read more

Tomato garden Hong Lei prison interview with CCTV I did not expect to go to jail

CCTV "CCTV-12 green bookmark action day in prison before an interview with tomato garden pirated Microsoft case principal Hong Lei, the first case of exclusive decryption software copyright: before and after the disappearance of the tomato garden. "I think the most is to pay a little money to solve, did not expect to go to jail." In an interview with CCTV12 green bookmark action reporter Wang Xiaolei, Hong Lei admitted from the beginning that is wrong, I know it is wrong, but to what extent do not know". read more

The lesson 230 million yuan turnover by senior vice president of Jingdong

just 6.18 weeks away from the war is less than a week, Jingdong executives once again came out of the voice, this time to leave, is the former senior vice president Cheng Junyi.

Liu Qiangdong once said, most of the success and failure of the enterprise because of people, I can not think of second factors". But he also said forthrightly, Jingdong need fresh blood, leaving one or two executives is a normal phenomenon, which is inconsistent with the values of the Jingdong store can leave, has always been my old legs. read more

Please solve these 4 puzzles before product innovation

dilemma 1: research conclusions have been obtained in the past

an industry veteran put forward three criteria for judging business opportunities:

Internet industry degree

market capacity and funding status

choose the lowest Internet, and the market capacity of the industry cut

verification in the stage of thinking, the author made a market research conclusion is mainly the current industry in the line, including the giant deep industry for many years, were not involved in the mobile terminal, the Internet is low. The volume of the target population is also at the level of one hundred million, can be said to be blue ocean, there is not yet a large amount of mature products occupy the market. Doing this research is 7 months ago, and last month to track a competing product has been based on the mature products cut into the market, began to do almost the same thing. Their new version of the APP and even the product form and can imagine the functions are similar, and we are still in the MVP stage. read more

People network Wang Jianshuo ten years running away from the hustle and bustle

in the entrepreneurial environment change radically, Wang Jianshuo often questioned "not aggressive". But he believes that the world should be diverse, each company, everyone can choose their own way, not only on the spire to be successful.

text / Shiga

this is an important milestone in the people’s network." Wang Jianshuo sat on the sofa, his face relaxed to NetEase science and technology reporter said.

this summer, the people started the demolition of the VIE network architecture, the plan to return to the market, and now, this program has made new progress. In October 30th, people network (full name: Shanghai people network Kijiji Limited by Share Ltd) for officially listed on the new board, the "public transfer instructions" disclosed in the National SME share transfer company official website. Wang Jianshuo told NetEase science and technology, if it goes well, the people’s network will officially become a new three board listed companies within two months. read more

Henan began remediation network order Hwang blog will be closed

yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, launched by the provincial public security department, the information industry department and other departments jointly remediation network operation in the province, the Internet is set on the dew point, emptied, candid, adult literature column will be cleared off all.

the joint action will focus on the four types of objects: a large number of dissemination of pornographic information illegal profits using the Internet and mobile phone; the pornographic website launched overseas to domestic dissemination of pornographic information and develop members; organizing online pornographic performances and online fraud, prostitution; engaged in network theft, gambling and sale of contraband and other criminal activities. The relevant departments will urge the website according to the requirements of the blog service self-regulation, clean up the dissemination of pornographic information, pornographic pictures, pornographic films, pornography and other content of the blog, podcast. read more

Liu Chunning Ma Huateng Liu Chiping was a corruption case trial acquiescence


technology news October 29th morning news, according to Hongkong News reported today, Tencent holding four former employees accused of misappropriation of Tencent contract fee case yesterday at the Shenzhen trial, one of the defendants pointed out that the behavior of a senior acquiescence, chairman of Tencent holding the board of directors Ma Huateng and President Liu Chi informed the average.


case in Shenzhen Nanshan District people’s court trial, the accused four employees of Tencent occupied property, are subordinate to the Alibaba has been transferred to the Tencent of former president Liu Chunning’s assistant. In July this year, Liu Chunning has been arrested by the police. The four men were accused of trying to lure a Tencent and one of the defendants to control the company’s contract between 2011 and 2012 to get a TV contract, and to get a rebate. read more

Teach you how to do Baidu Encyclopedia of high quality chain

Hello, I’m Meng Tianlin, here today and share with you the high quality Baidu encyclopedia chain, all the time, we do the chain is a very troublesome thing, every day we released the chain it is deleted, it is to be included and did not bring a certain weight. Not only does it cost a lot of time, but also it does a lot of useless work.

for Baidu encyclopedia so high the weights of the transfer platform, is worth us to do outside the chain, Baidu encyclopedia as the first encyclopedia of Baidu’s China, every one of us Baidu users have right to edit entries, as long as you meet the entry contents, then you must be approved by the entry. read more

Jiangsu fifth Internet webmaster conference video broadcast

fifth Jiangsu Internet webmaster General Assembly today (September 18) 2 pm in Xuzhou Zhongshan hotel hall, the station network ( hosted Internet entrepreneurs Club ( Shanghai Wan Yi Technology ( jointly organized by phpwind (, Xuzhou nets (, enterprises win Planning Co assembly has been caifutong, bana net, 731 games, Sina micro-blog, Jiangsu information port ( support unit.

in order to better promote the exchange and interaction between people in the Internet industry, the conference is divided into two parts, the morning is the national chess contest, the afternoon for the meeting to discuss the exchange links. I believe that this meeting will be for small and medium-sized webmaster website development guidance maze, the guests for traditional industry using the Internet to get more benefit direction, to provide more ideas for the Internet industry companies, to promote the progress and development of the Internet industry. read more

Qzone address for the Trojan carrier, a hacker weapon

due to the QQ in the desktop IM occupy an absolute dominance of the field, in which a variety of products derived from the body has become increasingly popular, and Qzone has gradually become the user to write logs and display of personality. Therefore, the security of Qzone is also of concern. However, Qzone recently broke a cross site vulnerabilities, this vulnerability is very easy to be used by hackers. So, how hackers will generally attack ordinary users through this vulnerability as a user, how can we prevent the vulnerability of the harm it? read more

Emotional marketing can impress people is good marketing

consumers buy and use goods in many cases in order to pursue an emotional satisfaction, or self-image. When a commodity can meet some of the psychological needs of consumers or fully express their self-image, its value in the minds of consumers may go far beyond the commodity itself.

as the product homogeneity serious, consumer demand for products from the function to meet the increased emotional satisfaction and personal values, so relative to the rational appeals, emotional advertising appeals can cater to consumers, to attract consumers. read more

Viewing the changes of users from SEOWHY

SEOWHY basically can count is the founder of SEO, the original SEO one hundred thousand why, can say we are searching the SEO must be going to the SEOWHY 100 thousand why, but the passage of time, now this was the originator of SEO now is also confused, since Baidu talk about the chain of judgment that can be said for the SEO forum is a ruthless blow, SEO forum situation is Yixieqianli, tens of thousands of online at the time, but now more than five thousand, the other forum basically is, at this time some people chose to quit, for example when noise and a light in the forum, there are many difficult choice I kind of like the switch, A5 later directly chose to directly cancel the forum signature, and some time ago the domain separation forum directly enabled a new domain name, these give It is worthy of approval, can think of, but A5 members of the opening 10 yuan once Oh, so all the A5 for the short term is not a small loss, but the courage to determine success or failure, home owners actively respond to Baidu about buying and selling links of the announcement, direct closing link until now, A5 trading platform, and the webmaster has become a king, then we again in SEOWHY, only one is looking for ways to the forum has been looking for a way out, remember that only made several investigations, said to the forum how to change, then SEOWHY launched Search ask read more

Wang Xiaofei’s Tmall international store opened in April flagship Taiwan goods

news March 29th, learned billion state power network, CEO, former South Beauty Group Guangdong Anna technology logistics company (hereinafter referred to as Anna Technology) revealed in micro-blog CEO Wang Xiaofei day before, under the name "nine fair" Tmall international flagship store will be officially opened on April.

Wang Xiaofei micro-blog screenshot

Wang Xiaofei micro-blog said, as early as last July, the leading Lake university students visit, he had decided to do a major selling Taiwan commercial platform for cross-border electricity supplier in Tmall international. read more

Liu Qiangdong open individual WeChat public document why Jingdong has been fighting

DoNews May 26th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) today, the Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong WeChat launched its personal public numbers, and released the first article, sharing his thought of long-term strategic development of the Jingdong.

WeChat public number to Liu Qiangdong in the name of its profile shows that the public number is mainly used to share with you the Jingdong’s information and entrepreneurial insights, together with the exchange of food and reading experience."

in the first article, Liu Qiangdong reviewed the development of small counters from Zhongguancun to today, Jingdong has been fighting. Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong to cause so much is not law-abiding is not a Jingdong, the pursuit of short-term interests of the company, "a security is not safe, immediate success is always a great success, the company should have a long-term strategic vision, and the successful implementation." read more