Do Wangzhuan to earn food money mentalityTwo years, the user 20 million company valuation over 1 bil

on September 2015, at the anniversary of echo, Liu Junyi visited the entertainment, fashion star platform of Su Mang, He Jiong, SNH48 and so on. I did the wrong way. One day in April 2006, in the process of examining Wangzhuan nearly half a year later, I determined to be before doing the analysis, planning and so on, all down, began to meet again. For the past 2 and a half hours, I have to say that the decision is correct, and then my analysis is very accurate, planning is in place, so today can be a little higher in. music APP, Liu Junyi is still under the brand name echo to expand the cafes and bars, daily necessities and other product lines, and plans in August hosted a "echo echo Carnival festival in Shanghai. in August, I was drinking a bitter tea cook, to talk about a group, suddenly for a long time no news have come out Mr. A asked me: "people can make money? I want to try." I am speechless. Mr. A has thirty four home, a wife and a woman, life is fairly well-off, actually also joined in the Wangzhuan lively. Immediately, A Jun also showed: "always in the home online, not playing cards, that is, online games, boring very.". My wife saw what "make money online", that I managed to make some food money." I stumble down! Because the A king and I also 10 years of friendship between generations, often in cooperation on square CS killing rookie, so I introduced a network survey of the PPL project ACOP, September 1st has been suspended on the mainland to him, and gave a detailed introduction of the operating practices. she was born in 1991, Pisces, the music product "echo echo" hereinafter referred to as echo in less than two years to obtain 20 million users, and more than 8% of which are paid users. From the first company registered in high school, this is her eighth years of entrepreneurship. , casually piled around the interesting stuff from various countries, a row of shelves of wine. An employee said, "if you know wine, you will know that many of them are difficult to find at home.". adult LaoLa gives people a sense of distance, the energy of young people also makes people awe and. Abstract: she was born in 1991, Pisces, the music product "echo echo" hereinafter referred to as echo in less than two years to obtain 20 million users, and more than 8% of which are paid users. From the first company registered in high school, this is her eighth years of entrepreneurship. in late August, I went to Sichuan on business for one month. Back in September 20th that night, a friend gave me a welcome drink, pitch-dark muddleheaded. 21, more than 10 in the morning woke up, not wash your face, did not brush your teeth, turn on the computer , found that A Jun since September 1st, almost every day withContinue reading

New three board enterprise, sponsor broker, club attention! 2017 semi annual disclosure guidelines c

from a webmaster novice to the current daily income of thousands. Is also a hard way to come, think of many ways how to improve traffic. With traffic, everything is a prerequisite, but when my traffic reaches a certain stage, I am thinking about how to use these resources. For more maney. Tested a lot of alliances, advertising, for life, to make money, if the application cannot be made 5 workdays in advance due to special reasons, it must inform the sponsor broker in a timely manner, and disclose the semi annual report, the time limit for making an appointment and the announcement of the change in time. read three new board researchers summed up, for the semi annual disclosure, listed company and brokers have the following points to pay attention to.   company should be completed in August 31, 2017 semi annual report disclosure before the listing, but in August 31, 2017 after the company does not require disclosure of the semi annual report. webmaster news list www.admin5/top this article comes from "read three new board" 2, according to the requirements of the preparation. Listed company should be based on the semi annual report "semi annual report content and format guidelines Trial", "listed company semi annual report content and Format > according to the announcement, in June 30, 2017 before the listing of the company, to be completed in July 3, 2017 semi annual report disclosure time appointment; listed companies between July 3, 2017 and August 31st, according to the listing schedule timely semi annual report disclosure time. first. Some friends have done shlf1314. And friends have done advertising alliance, but at that time because they are not very understanding of shlf1314, the settlement cycle is also long. So I got the advertising league. The results saw the first nine wins is advertising, there should be no problem. What about. Pay for everything. The fact has proved that the payment is really not. But I found my valid data statistics with the actual traffic volume to me a lot of difference, asked several friends, everybody said the results deduction amount is too serious, it is certainly not, this is equal to wasting my precious IP, then again to find the results, see advertising, premise do a survey. Not bad, but I can’t apply for the ad I want. Hey, it’s depressing. I can only look for it, before June 30, 2017 listed companies, to be completed in July 3, 2017 semi annual report disclosure time appointment; listed companies between July 3, 2017 and August 31st, according to the listing schedule timely semi annual report disclosure time. 1 and the listed company may not be audited, except as otherwise stipulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the national stock exchange company. If it needs to be audited, it shall be audited by an accounting firm with securities and futures related business qualifications, and the audit report shall be signed and sealed by at least two registered accountants of theContinue reading

Wang Huiyong investigation of the eastern part of Handan to promote orderly economic construction

requires the development of a city has a relatively uniform pace, at the same time, with some depth research work between various government departments is an indispensable content, since recently, the mayor of Handan will conduct research in positive engineering and economic planning of Handan local focus. 7 16, 2009, the mayor of Handan, Wang Huiyong, led by the relevant departments responsible comrades of the use of a day to investigate the situation of the Eastern construction, on-site coordination to solve the problem. He stressed that, according to the municipal government’s decision to deploy, overall planning, scientific control, focus, accelerate, to build regional center city high-grade, modern city, cultivate new growth point of economic city. City leaders Cao Ziyu, together with the research or participate in the forum, Wu Jinliang. research, Wang Huiyong a line on the ground to see the scene of Xunzi street, North Main Street extension, Qin Lianfang Road East extension, new weft five road road engineering, further west division fort the movements of the housing, "three road a" housing movements, passenger hub, science and technology center, Youth Activity Center, east division two fort "contrary to" governance, eastern water, heating station, gas station project construction site, detailed understanding of the situation of construction, visit condolences to front-line staff, coordinate and solve difficulties and problems.

Tie ten brands list

for any one man, in at the same time also need in Western dress and leather shoes, natural tie of collocation, so, as a part of the apparel market, have begun to tie countless people’s attention, the brand is increasing constantly. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the tie of the top ten brands, so as to bring greater convenience to men’s choice. tie ten brands list NO.1: Goldlion Goldlion Goldlion trademark is the founder of the company Mr. Ceng Xianzi personally designed in 1970, which includes trademark logo, the name of the British GOLDLION Chinese Goldlion, the three constitute a whole. The Chinese translation of the brand name GOLDLION means " Golden Lion " it is a symbol of auspiciousness and happiness. The lion is the king of beasts, showing in the apparel industry in the exclusive " "’s top man in the world. With the king’s style, creating Chinese famous brand, world famous brand. However, the "Golden Lion" and "the Cantonese lose" homophonic, in order to avoid some customers think taboo, then GOLD GOLDLION English translation for Kim, LION transliteration for benefit, and then be made one, is today " Goldlion ". tie ten brands list NO.2: crocodile Lacoste French LACOSTE brand legend was born in 1933, as a reflection of the French elegant lifestyle brand. Set off a revolution in men’s clothing, thus creating now known as the LACOSTE classic POLO shirt. Over the past 80 years, LACOSTE continuous innovation, the pursuit of elegant and comfortable style. tie ten brand ranking NO.3:Gucci Gucci Gucci, Italy fashion brand, Austria by Gucci · Gucci in 1921 in Italy founded Florence. Gucci products including fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, perfume, Home Furnishing supplies and pet supplies, Gucci Chinese. GUCCI has always been to high-end fashion brand, luxurious, sexy and famous, "the symbol" identity and fortune brand become rich consumer society darling, has been favored by the business community, fashionable and elegant. Gucci is now Italy’s largest fashion group. Gucci – the eternal classic and popular stars of all ages, the brand is inspired by the actor, outstanding female Princess and socialite etc.. tie ten brands list NO.4:Burberry Bo Bo people who are familiar with Burberry see "Burberry lattice" on

Analysis of the development of pet industry

development of the pet industry offbeat has gradually over time and surfaced, the pet industry has now become popular with people in a leisurely and carefree mood, some of them like dogs and cats pets have also listed slowly become the preferred maintenance. Analysis of

Xining new small and micro enterprises 844

September 11th, reporters from Xining city to implement the Small and micro businesses support policy report at the meeting was informed that the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Economic Commission actively for the city of Small and micro businesses to solve the doubtful and difficult, the healthy development of Small and micro businesses to create a good atmosphere and environment, to achieve internal and external economic good and fast development. in recent years, Xining city to strengthen policy guidance, financial support and business support, the backbone enterprise demonstration park construction, business support, promote the implementation of doubling plan and other measures to promote the rapid development of Small and micro businesses. It is reported that as of the end of 2012, the city’s various Small and micro businesses amounted to 11249 households, of which a production of 393 households, accounting for all enterprises 3.5%; stage 2479 households (1249 households, industrial) accounted for 15.4% of enterprises; micro enterprises accounted for 9516, 84.6%. Last year, the following industrial output value of 18 billion 186 million yuan, an increase of 55.84%; private enterprise employment of 185 thousand people, an increase of 6.32%; private enterprises registered capital of $27 billion 122 million. At the same time, the Municipal Commission for economic research to solve the problem of financing small and micro enterprises, and advocacy of the implementation of small and micro enterprises to support policies and fully support the construction and development of entrepreneurship park. It is understood that in 2013 1 to August, the city’s commerce Small and micro businesses in 5098 households on the basis of last year added 844 households, has reached 5942, is expected by the end of 2013, the city’s commerce Small and micro businesses will reach more than 6100 households; is expected to end the year above the limit of trade circulation enterprises can add 3 to 5. (author: Zhang Chengrui)

The province to establish a cooperative mechanism to prevent and punish crimes involving forest

recently, Qinghai province forest related crime prevention and punishment of the collaborative work mechanism formally established, marking the Qinghai forestry ecological resources protection has entered a new stage by the Department in charge of law enforcement to single joint law enforcement departments change, will further promote the province’s forestry work. Qinghai has an important strategic position in the country. In recent years, our province forestry ecological construction and forest, wetland and wildlife and achieved remarkable results and plant protection of forest resources, especially the public security organs, procuratorial and close cooperation, mutual cooperation, the effect in the fight against poaching of Tibetan antelope, snow leopard and other rare wild animal protection obviously, without the occurrence of large poaching case. The first half of the year organized by the Qilian Mountains nature reserve and surrounding "Kekexili nature reserve and surrounding" joint patrol, "sword action", "sword action No. 3" and other kinds of special action against regulation, forest and wild animal were investigated in 632 cases, comprehensive investigation rate of 98.26%, including 37 criminal cases since administrative cases 595, a total of 1800 combat criminals who deal with all kinds of people. Concentrate on investigating a number of major cases, such as 1· of Qilian County Forestry Bureau of Forest Public Security Bureau to supervise the handling of the "; 11 serious illegal purchase, transportation, sale of rare and endangered wild animal and its products, effectively deter criminals, effectively safeguarding the security and stability of the ecological resource and safety zone. according to the provincial forestry department responsible person, at the beginning of this year, the State Forestry Bureau in Xi’an forest resources supervision office, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial public security department, the provincial forestry department four units jointly established Qinghai province to prevent and punish forest crimes involving the collaborative work mechanism, this is the implementation of ecological protection practice priority. Is also a polymerization force, promoting innovation and strengthen management of law enforcement, prevention and punishment of forest related crimes, has important significance to promote the forest resources protection and supervision.  

Xining west district with 80% financial resources to build a happy city

2012, Xining City West District financial arrangements for 850 million yuan for the construction of a harmonious and happy city, accounting for the district’s total financial resources of 81%, social undertakings have made new breakthroughs. Give priority to the development of education West District, the lake district and primary school officially put into use, Wenhui Road and the Yellow River Road Primary School, the tiger Taiwan primary school safety project fully completed, Xingzhi Primary School indoor stadium under construction, 54 primary school, Kunlun Road Primary School Information education facilities have been updated. In accordance with national standards for the purchase of school buses 5, to solve the problem of remote rural school students to go to school. Invested 45 million yuan, the introduction of public trust, management office separation, limit business model, a new public kindergarten in the sea lake district. Members of the public to solve the problem of "difficult", according to "create 15 minutes of health service circle" ideas, build a comprehensive business building, West West District community health medical rehabilitation centre, Hu Tai Street Community Health Service Center and West community health service center health room, continue to do the 14 kinds of basic public health services, steadily everyone enjoys the equalization of public health services, the natural population growth rate remained at 3.19 per thousand. at the same time, in recent years, the west area has successfully held the third session of the Xining City local special snacks Festival, held the West New Year Concert and a series of activities in various forms, the year 4 siting new fitness plaza. Gazelle troupe and other performance groups formed spontaneously by the people in more than 3 thousand people. District financial arrangements 3 million yuan of special funds for the development of the cultural industry, the focus of national cultural industry demonstration base of Xining new Qi culture and Arts Co. Ltd., provincial cultural industry demonstration base to support the Tibetan holy Pavilion, bone carving series of product development, ethnic customs are performing the new breakthrough; new Xing Sea Street administrative affairs center, built 1 community service centers, 8 elderly day care centers, community service sector continued to expand, the service function and service quality enhancement. (author: Xiao Liu, Tang Zhonghai)

What is the key to the nine shop management

a store if you want to get success, under the current fierce competition in the market situation, nature also need managers can master more business tips. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce nine key shop management, which can be a reference to the more. : a key pre service customer service as flattery. case: a few years ago, Mr. Zhang’s sister to buy a video recorder, ask him to help. Came to a more familiar "reputation" electrical store, the boss is very enthusiastic, strongly recommended to him a new Toshiba video recorder. However, Toshiba moved home, but found no match with the old TV video interface. Mr. Zhang’s sister request to return, however, Mr. Zhang returned to the "reputation", only to see another side face of the boss. products have been opened to the boss 2000 to sell on the grounds, refused to change, attitude and previous like a different person, so Zhang angry. Finally, in the case of threat argument, Mr. Zhang cut more than more than and 200 yuan in exchange for a table and the old television, video recorder. So many years later, he mentioned still hate. tips two: do not in front of the customer or the clerk scolded the quarrel, which is equal to the customer off the premises. case: Mr. Wang couple rented a facade near the residential area, selling computer supplies. The house belonged to the high-end residential, with a computer, many people, and not far away is the facade of the two schools, from the geographical point of view, there should be a strong source of. At the beginning of , the business was good. But, as Mr. Wang and his wife often quarrel, but also have a few back in the shop, so that the new customers and repeat is rather baffling, distress, so business a lot of light. Mr. Wang believes that his wife is a net purchase method, unsalable goods. While Mr. Wang believes that this is because she always looks scared to do business, customer. Such quarrels often occur in the shop, the customers are afraid to come back. tips three: do not stare at the customer dogged, the non-stop chatter without stop. case: Xiao Li has been very afraid to go home only a dozen steps of the Pharmacy – it’s facade is very stylish, shelf design is open, is a typical drug supermarket, and sales staff is very enthusiastic…… , but the problem is just on the "very warm". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, mouth kept asking "what to buy?" "What’s wrong with the body?"…… Even if you have bought one, they will introduce another. When you go out, you will not be able to give you a promotional leaflet, said

The achievements of the taxi industry Huang Jinnian

in every city there are many taxis, for the majority of consumers, in recent years the rapid development of the taxi industry, especially the taxi ushered in the golden years. "At home and abroad of tens of billions of dollars in venture capital is ready, ready to hit the car rental business," an industry veteran so described. Abroad has been very mature car model, has burgeoned in the country, and after years of market cultivation, multi-channel capital began to gamble the domestic car market.

How to do a good job in sales promotion

people have money, at home is higher requirements, also let the demand for related industries increased, is a very good business, home decoration carpet has become many families will choose products, in recent years, carpet market prospects, some entrepreneurs see this phenomenon, choose to open his own carpet the franchise, so entrepreneurs how to do the store promotion? in fact, the impact of many factors affecting the sales promotion of the carpet shop, which is the most critical. If the promotion is only empty talk, it will result in 1915, even The whole army was wiped out. When the carpet shop planning promotional programs, according to the carpet cloth market, especially with the carpet marketing executive communication, develop feasible solutions, so that the enterprise is easy to monitor, so that customers can easily participate. in the carpet stores before carrying out promotional activities, call related personnel in-depth communication program of activities to understand the essence of the programme of activities, to fully understand the activities, time, promotional products, personnel division, target groups, cost and area of the implementation details, to ensure the promotion plan can be fully implemented. finally, the carpet shop in the promotion activities to clear the sales staff responsibilities, business assessment standards, business tracking and supervision. Promotion performance appraisal regularly implement effect evaluation, constantly sum up the promotion schedule of the achievements and shortcomings, and make the appropriate adjustments according to changes in the market. The above content from the global network to provide you with small series, I hope to give you help and reference. enterprise can choose the industry are many, like this industry is very promising and worth in the business when considering start carpet stores, business promotion is the key to success, therefore, entrepreneurs should have executive power, to achieve a targeted marketing store staff to do their job, is the foundation to ensure the sales promotion! related recommendations

What are the qualifications for Investment Development Center

early market hot, but this industry has certain requirements for investors, not every investor for this piece of early childhood. The investment center operators should have the quality? Today we take a look at. center investors as a manager should not only listen and listen to. One is the center of investors to listen to the opinions of specific management, practice is consistent with students’ interests, the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, appeared as a leader or check the identity of the person, not a specifically looking for teaching staff error mentality, also cannot with a kind of thinking First impressions are strongest to listen, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. Two is the center of investors to take classes into class, class. In the lectures in improving their ability to "know", only in this way can we improve the management decision-making ability. center thinking. The center operators should pay attention to cultivating their own understanding at work, think about all kinds of problems, to be good at from different angles, different levels and different form of entry. To be good in operation before, during and after the end of "thinking" and "thinking" and "thinking", to find their own things from it, can not put their head on their shoulders, not casually, without being assertive, without a head to go to work. On the contrary, the initiative becomes passive. center multi pen. The successful experience of performance managers a good early education centre, to be good at "write to learn", "write to think", "write to tube", again good brains better to break through, remember to write written, the workings of the brain, resulting in some good methods. should pay attention to their own academic and life experience, took written write their own lack of success and failure. So after a considerable period of time, it will continue to enrich their own management philosophy, teaching ability and overall quality level.

What are the tips for snack food stores

in today’s era, if you want to make a shop business booming, do not take a certain promotion is impossible. However, in the end what kind of marketing skills can be taken, and this is the countless shopkeepers can not grasp. So, what are the snack food store promotion tips? And let Xiaobian for you to analyze. snack food stores to promote the use of holiday products, is nothing new. Consumers of these promotional tools is also common. Want to make your promotion to bring better results, we should do a good job in advance planning, so as to allow you to receive a certain promotional effect, you can make money. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to share several promotional skills. snack food franchise promotional information to be in place. Store promotions, not only can enhance the store’s sales, but also enhance the visibility of the store in the market, access to more development advantages. In the coming holiday promotions early, will be carried out by some publicity, advertising, posters, web site, color and other promotional theme, to be consistent, to impress consumers. snack food stores to promote efforts to large. You do promotions, others will do, want consumers to pay attention to your shop, you have to increase promotional efforts, for example, preferential measures is relatively large, giving more affordable products, business time, small gifts and other gifts are popular, as long as it is able to stimulate consumer desire to buy tricks, can beat your competitors, bring sales increased greatly as you shop, let you shop profit. snack food store new release. Can be used during the holidays will show you new shops, and through free tasting, the way to buy gifts, to store product sales. At the same time, the use of the theme of the festival to promote, through good promotional activities to enhance the sales of your store products, so you get more revenue. a store business in the end can be unpopular, and many factors related. Among them, the sales promotion is also a very important point. In short, leisure food stores sales, has become a shop often take the means of sales promotion methods, are similar, you want the promotional activities to attract people, talent shows itself in many brands, can I compiled a few said a hand, I believe we can play a good effect.

Small and medium enterprises even wind blowing fashion department store B2C Yao point 100 suspended

  Yao point 100 to suspend operations of the official announcement (Tencent technology plan) Tencent Francisco (min XI) July 31st news, the domestic fashion department stores B2C website "100 recently announced that, for office and room upgrade relocation, suspend site operations, and no longer accept orders for July 28th. On the occasion of the major integrated electricity supplier platform price war, the survival of small and medium enterprises have become increasingly difficult. Yao point 100 said in the announcement, will be completed as soon as possible relocation, return to normal operations, but did not disclose the exact time of recovery. Currently Yao point 100 official website has been unable to visit, enter the domain name directly after the jump to the official micro-blog. However, Yao point 100 official micro-blog has just released a notice, micro-blog content has not been updated for half a month. it is understood that the headquarters of Shanghai Yao point 100 was founded in 2009, located in the city of women fashion department stores, from the six degree of trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation. Yao point 100 COO Zhang Tian Hong had boasted of its main competitors include Jingdong, Dangdang and Amazon China all wish to enter the department store category of e-commerce website, aims to become the vanguard of the domestic B2C website second group. August 2009, "Yao point 100" won the children’s Shihao Qiming A $40 million round of investment. In May 2010, the Baidu Inc and the fashion brand Daphne $60 million. August 2010, Intel invested 10 million yuan. Since November 2010 formally launched operations, Yao point 100 has maintained rapid growth, single day orders once broke through the 30000 single monthly sales exceeded $30 million. December 2010, Yao point 100 visits up to 27 million 760 thousand times, ranking in the electricity supplier in the top ninth. since then, Yao point 100 but continue to spread bad news. First, all kinds of layoffs rumors, after March this year, even more exposed bankruptcy. Some analysts pointed out that Yao point 100 in the business model and not much problem, mainly the price war hit too far, in addition to the loss did not leave any valuable customer resources. The Yao point 100 to suspend operations because of money or burn, to bear the pressure and the rent is forced to move to suspend operations. at present, the domestic electricity supplier price war into the tragic white hot stage. Two major chain Suning, Gome (micro-blog) are due to excessive investment in the field of electricity supplier led to a sharp decline in the first half results. But the fate of small and medium business more critical, in the "point 100 announcement to suspend operations, the luxury electric providers to share network also confirmed that 200 employees cut more than half.

How to do a good job Details are the key to success

do network promotion work, I think the most important thing is to be good at observation, the so-called details determine success or failure, every aspect of the negligence may affect our final marketing results. No matter what you do, as long as it must strive to do well, there is no free lunch, but as long as can not necessarily give a harvest. Today, my main purpose is to process and friends going on network extrapolation of how to do this, it is my personal opinion, say wrong welcome advice. first of all, I think it can not be extrapolated as a matter of view, it should be composed of a lot of things. So in the discussion of the process of network extrapolation how to do this problem, I think we should start from the details of one. said the first content, content is king is always the truth, but the news media forum Post Bar promotion or promotion, even the most simple question answering platform promotion should be serious to planning content, good content can lead to huge traffic, but no any effect. Moreover, the choice of platform, which is also an important part of the extrapolation process, the income is good, the flow of high platform drainage effect is also very good. Come to talk about traffic monitoring, this is often a lot of people directly filtered out, but in fact it is an important link to promote the success of the network, not just so simple extrapolation of information release, tracking effect after the release of information, see the specific income, which platform high traffic which did not effect we need to take the time to understand, and then combined with the actual development of a more perfect extrapolation plan. If you are afraid of trouble, you can use some comprehensive functions such as extrapolation tools, cloud network marketing at Shanghai claw technology’s analysis and management system, these can be a step for you. It is understood that the Shanghai Qibo Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading domestic high-end software product development business, its products have cloud computing platform and network marketing management system analysis of claw Bo Yang, cloud software.

The video market has paid members breaking flowers not in differentarmed how processes

If will be in 2016 as the "practice" stage, so in 2017, the major video sites "into at least 1 times, feather business hot paid market running into the harvest period". take advantage of the holiday together to open the trend, the major video sites playing a battle, and welfare, sugar, and dog food…… Here is the "sansei III" platform, there is a "Datang pesticide abuse" Wang, Iqiyi began selling single "antidote". From Online to Offline, from the flow of charge to fancy play, in the brand marketing layout, the number of the original "pioneers" biancha their flag.   according to the recent release of art grace data show that as of December 2016, the scale of China’s video users have paid a breakthrough 75 million, the growth rate of 241%, the United States market is more than 9 times. App Annie annual report shows that in 2016 the global hot application of comprehensive income ranking in TOP10, Netflix, HBO, video application of Iqiyi and Hulu occupy 4 seats. Iqiyi entry means that Asia has been paid video platform users income scale par Europe market. In the face of such a huge member of the demographic dividend, the video site is naturally reluctant to miss this late as Yi gan. "I want to from Iqiyi" VIP brand new slogan, and invited William Chan, Zhao Liying served as the chief officer, members recommended "to enable young Youku logo in content based on the user concept go hand in hand, infinite zoom. Perhaps, for the first echelon of the era oligarchs, the precision that users crowned the user experience, is the "best strategic breakthrough". 1, content is still the biggest thrust All flowers bloom together., head of review of the past two years, the video industry open fast – running network drama to mature, comprehensive network large outbreak of huge growth, blossom everywhere, from the training mode on IP…… To effectively promote the quality of content platform user increment has been the most sharp weapon as a giant challenge. Yi en according to relevant data, in 2016 Chinese drama video pay amounted to 239, growth of 564% over the previous year, the network drama accounted for nearly 50%. Fast play network homemade content within a short period of time, a faction, and its strong vitality, as it is never outdated content is king.   according to the relevant data, as of December 11, 2016, the major domestic video pay self-made drama a total of more than 112, Iqiyi and Tencent video reached 30 or more, 29 more than Netflix. Among them, in 2016 broadcast TOP5 homemade drama, Iqiyi accounted for three, "best", "old nine door", "we" remaining crime series played a total amount of 18 billion 400 million, accounting for nearly 60% of the TOP10 player; large, on-line Iqiyi 1780, refresh the homemade content data coverage. 71%. The surge in data in the pre Market

IPhone 6S Plus station network broadcast head start shipping grass come from

1 on the XcodeGhost event, you need to know the ten question A report published in the September 18th source cloud network: analysis of Ghosts – XCodeGhost sample XCode compiler analysis, many developers report iOS. The ecological chain Chinese pure technology. Some programmers use third party Xcode compiler, the compiler compiles the APP security problems, when they are uploaded to AppStore users to download and install the basic information, they will secretly upload software package name, application name, version, language and state system. news September 19th, the last few days, in the App Store shelves NetEase cloud music multiple applications into the Xcode third party malicious code, sends the user information to the virus author server, thus maxed circle of friends. a mobile security laboratory today finishing answers on 10 hot XcodeGhost events, called by XCodeGhost events APP may have more than 30, based on security considerations, it is best to password, payment and other modifications to. 2 – Evernote faced a $1 billion valuation to decline of   ; impression notes, valued at $1 billion in 2012, only registered users in China in 2015 has reached 15 million. This icon is cute baby notes, not only launched a little creativity and emerge in an endless stream, at any time any place can be synchronized to log in to your account, so many people give up Word to a new recording mode, it is also a change in the Silicon Valley of the American Technology Corp in Chinese only lessons of cognition, is created an era. however, when the famous Silicon Valley investor Bill · Gayle predicted that 2015 will have at least one dead "unicorn" company. Impression notes, unfortunately, has become recognized in 2015 will be the first to die "unicorn" company (company of venture capital industry, valued at more than $1 billion called the "unicorn" company) today to analyze why investors have serious impression notes to decay. 3 "head grass" come from, why overnight become explosive?   some time ago, I was in Yunnan on vacation in Lijiang, at Old Town of Lijiang, filled with young lovers " head grass " feel very wonderful. after returning to Beijing, found the head long strands of " " detonated in the country. this is known as selling Meng artifact of the grass hairpin, the first prototype is a cartoon character Yan

In the end of the capital in the winter which companies will die on the way forward

text / South seven road (WeChat public number: nanqidao) 2014 China Internet circle, if you do not venture or not to mention the idea of their own businesses, are embarrassed to greet people. Emphasize the concept of "mass innovation entrepreneurship peoples" in many national leaders, entrepreneurship is a national level high things, as if everyone business is coming. The business street extending from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, incubators blossom everywhere of all sizes, various price financing sources emerge in an endless stream looks better in 2015, everything suddenly stopped, the winter capital to ! so including entrepreneurs, investors, media and so on are beginning to discuss the global economic situation, economic fundamentals, the first tier two market factors and so on. But in addition to these situation, insiders and impetuous atmosphere and flicker caused by the industry cliff turning outs. in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, society of people taking a drug called "wushisan" became a kind of fashion and culture, taking wushisan, wushisan due to drug was a very violent and complex, the body dry, must eat cold food, cold water bath, sleep cool Kang to heat, but also take a walk through the floor and even move to distribute the drug. Because of the expensive wushisan, taking the trouble, so was popular with the nobility. So wushisan became a kind of social status label. Many can not afford to eat "wushisan" poor, often disguised as a poison, roll on the ground screaming on the ground, to prove that he is the "mainstream society". and now, wushisan entrepreneurship has spread, either meeting or gathering, if not say in business, they feel shy to greet others. The founder of the streets, investors more than dogs. Suddenly, entrepreneurship has become a popular label, before doing the product, do the operation, writing the code to do the design, when the reporter, run the market, after 70, 80, 90, 95 after 90. Even some college students said, can not find a job, go to venture. Entrepreneurship has become the last refuge and retreat. All business is clearly an idealistic argument, which in fact and universal, universal calcium zinc, people practicing Qigong is a reason that is plausible but quite funny things. Saif Yan said in his speech, the profit is the first rule of enterprise. But the domestic Internet appeared an absurd phenomenon in recent years: rational burn money, shameful. So we discussed is that burn intensity, burn size, no one said profit, everyone wants to burn a BAT, especially in the field of all kinds of O2O fire exuberant, burn, various concepts, massage, home wash, wash the dog home, home cooking, door-to-door delivery of food and so on, and finally come to the is a feather. O2O the meat and potatoes of the second half of 2015, suddenly became a hot potato in. Like koala bus, meal, etc. These have been the teacher to the media is investors "

Four points of new media social marketing

Marketing are not necessarily be solved by money, although no money is totally unacceptable, first make clear all kinds of marketing products first, as I understand it skills. 1 product services accounted for 40% this product is a narrow range of products. e-commerce as a supplement to the traditional industry, more often just a marketing tool, a supplement to the offline channels. traditional marketing factors such as user group, product line, brand building, logistics, warehouse management, supply chain management and so on a series of in the traditional brand reflected on the need in this link to be fully reflected. this part is to determine whether consumers will be word-of-mouth spread your important factor. For example, Newegg, long ago I have been very respected because Newegg, feel once they return service, quickly and not looking for an excuse to deal with any problem in terms that will not back to the consumer, will like friends recommend new egg. In addition, Jingdong things cheap so a few dollars, but I will also be a clear introduction to the people around the Jingdong said that the return must even be able to get rid of the curse with a smooth. products and services will always be the main theme of business, whether or not engaged in e-commerce, is the truth. 2 website ease of use of products accounted for 30% The website is itself a product includes all aspects of UI design, usability, user experience and design of the data after level, also reflects a user with a process of exchange and communication. Psychology has a course called human-computer interaction theory. this one, the site’s UI accounted for only 40%, is a relatively large proportion of local place, the site’s overall information architecture, logic, accounting for up to 60%. many sites look professional, security index rose sharply, with the first time no longer, such as Alipay utilities, can let the head. also some sites do not look so professional, so he will go to other users of his evaluation to determine whether this is worth trying. User comments and comments on the three party is a good complement to this point. the future of the Internet this way will become the enterprise through each link of the mouthpiece lifeblood, so the underlying structure design, must want to long term to make the cost of losses. 3 operating strategy accounted for 15% Twitter is red, but his victory in the market is not just a technical victory. business strategy is the key to the user you want to become what kind of person, or you want to become what kind of thinking. The Diogenes club so far still maintain a fully closed community form, very good filtering the outside world >