IPhone 6S Plus station network broadcast head start shipping grass come from

1 on the XcodeGhost event, you need to know the ten question

A report published in the September 18th

source cloud network: analysis of Ghosts – XCodeGhost sample XCode compiler analysis, many developers report iOS. The ecological chain Chinese pure technology. Some programmers use third party Xcode compiler, the compiler compiles the APP security problems, when they are uploaded to AppStore users to download and install the basic information, they will secretly upload software package name, application name, version, language and state system. read more

In the end of the capital in the winter which companies will die on the way forward

text / South seven road (WeChat public number: nanqidao)

2014 China Internet circle, if you do not venture or not to mention the idea of their own businesses, are embarrassed to greet people. Emphasize the concept of "mass innovation entrepreneurship peoples" in many national leaders, entrepreneurship is a national level high things, as if everyone business is coming. The business street extending from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, incubators blossom everywhere of all sizes, various price financing sources emerge in an endless stream looks better in 2015, everything suddenly stopped, the winter capital to read more

Four points of new media social marketing

Marketing are not necessarily be solved by money, although no money is totally unacceptable, first make clear all kinds of marketing products first, as I understand it skills.

1 product services accounted for 40%

this product is a narrow range of products.

e-commerce as a supplement to the traditional industry, more often just a marketing tool, a supplement to the offline channels.

traditional marketing factors such as user group, product line, brand building, logistics, warehouse management, supply chain management and so on a series of in the traditional brand reflected on the need in this link to be fully reflected. read more

Ali mother through the station to add flow

recently in the Ali Mama advertising trading forum to observe for several days, we all know that Ma Yun’s action, let the station can not help but chuckle, the station can also make money. The forum is the Webmaster Station will come to, first of all we see advertisers area post: here is my March 9th 19:04 cut the picture:

everyone is concerned about the day, advertisers to buy, the volume of the post is far greater than other posts, we open one of the posts to see:

You can see the tricky read more

Third party platform to sell drugs in case of policy robbery Listen to Tmall senior pharmacy

[Abstract] these days, Tmall Medical Museum "reorganized" halt "the news everywhere, and the common mode of the third party platform Shop No. 1, eight hundred party also came will face the risk of being halted. Is rendered out of the policy crisis, whether business or platform are simmering.

businesses to increase self B2C investment, the platform tries to self, become the two most obvious trend in the policy of pharmaceutical electricity supplier trends. And these two trends really represent the correct trend of pharmaceutical electricity supplier?. Billion state power network with a number of pharmaceutical business platform, businesses learned to communicate, both for the food and drug administration policy, or to the pharmaceutical business model selection, their attitudes are not the same. read more