Why do we need robots online production

I recently saw net (55.la) on the home page of a new online robots production function, the user opens robots.55.la, the search engine is not allowed to access part of the input to the Disallow:, click the "generate robots.txt files, can immediately generate. This is a practical and efficient webmaster tools. maybe a lot of webmasters are familiar with robots.txt, but for some new people, it might be a little vague. I’ll talk about some of the related content of robots. 1, what is robots? What’s its function? search engines automatically access web pages on the Internet and obtain web information through a program called robot (also known as spider). can create a text file robots.txt in your website, the website does not want to be part of the robot access, declared in this file so that the site is all or part of the content can not be included in search engines, or specify the search engine included only the specified content. In fact, that is, through robots.txt can control SE included content, tell spiders what files and directories can be included, which can not be included. 2, why do you want to set robots.txt? properly set up robots.txt, you can better maintain the Web server, improve the comprehensive performance of the site. studies suggest that, if the site uses a custom 404 error page, then Spider will take it as robots.txt, although it is not a pure text file – this will give Spider index. A great deal of distress, affect the search engine on the web page included. robots.txt can prevent unnecessary search engines from occupying the valuable bandwidth of the server, such as image strippers, and it doesn’t make much sense to most non graphics websites, but consumes a lot of bandwidth. . Robots.txt can stop search engines from crawling and indexing non public pages. 4. For sites rich in content and large in number of pages, configuring robots.txt can prevent flooding Spider access, and if not controlled, it can even affect the normal access of the site. from the point of view of SEO, the robots.txt file must be set, because this is often the case on websites: different links point to similar web content. This is not in line with the principles of web content interaction, which is written on SEO". Using robots.txt files can shield secondary links. website revision or URL rewrite optimization when the original >

Search engine marketing to small and medium-sized enterprises is easy for beginners to learn to use

as one of the emerging network marketing methods, search engine marketing (SEM) has been favored by many enterprises. In particular, a large number of small and medium enterprises, because of insufficient funds, please do not promote professional talent, can not afford to invest in traditional advertising, so the search engine marketing as a preferred means of business promotion. Even during the two sessions this year, more than NPC deputies suggested that the search engine marketing should be written into the SME Promotion law. , however, from my experience for many years engaged in the Internet, search engine marketing easy entry, seemingly in Baidu, Google and other search engines can open an account, but if you want to do, is not an easy thing. Whether it is keywords, creativity, selection, delivery, bidding, or ranking management, all of them need some professional knowledge and experience. enterprise search engine marketing in the first interview, usually there is a misunderstanding, think that as long as the words put out, you can wait for the business volume growth; or choose a few keywords, then crazy money, intended by simply being ranked first to promote traffic breakthrough. But often the effect is not satisfactory, and did not bring more customers and business growth, and some companies therefore have doubts about the search engine marketing this way. in fact, this situation is caused by two reasons. Objectively speaking, search engine marketing management background is very complicated, keyword creativity, search ranking management requires a certain professional knowledge and management experience, especially the search rankings, all may change, want to maintain the ideal search position is really not easy. subjectively, it is because of the shortage of talent in the medium and small enterprises, the lack of funds, the ability to make good keyword creation and management search rankings. Especially the first search engine marketing, keyword selected are special direct words, these words search general price is relatively high, ranking after the launch of more intense competition, if there is no good management and maintenance, the result can only be submerged in the flow of information, business related information and no chance of exposure to potential consumers front. so, companies want to make a difference in the search engine marketing, you should first learn the detailed search engine search keywords ranking principle and principle, and the background of SEM management and maintenance of related knowledge, the use of coincidence to win in the market competition. first of all, in the key words, put different keywords for different customers. Consumers from contact with the purchase of a product, there will be a process. General needs from the "contact – cognitive – familiar – trust" and so on several stages, and then may produce purchasing behavior. Therefore, enterprises should be based on potential consumers at different stages of the psychological, and put the appropriate keywords to guide. That is to say, the key words should be in line with the search habits of potential customers. secondly, keyword ranking management should beContinue reading

Yan Youpeng team is the key to network development and success

Not only may the founding emperor Dajiangshan since ancient times, could not only the emperor and the soldiers, the founding emperor must have a team to succeed. Only the founding emperor has the team to have the mountain, if a founding emperor only have millions of soldiers and I think he can not put Jiangshan down, because no one and he really common battle, a common mission, common discussion and common progress. from the previous emperor to lay down a Jiangshan understand the use of the team, and why modern people do not understand the use of the team to build their own web site, in the final analysis is that these factors. 1. single thinking, unable to communicate effectively with people 2. is not willing to share and share results with others 3. is afraid to lose all of its revenue from its own website 4. is not looking for people who have common interests, common goals, and common dreams, the reason why wolves can defeat all animals that are superior to themselves is the team. Most of the failure people only know how to use their individual ability to do things. Most successful people know how to use the team to do things. Such as A understand the website operation, website design and development technology, understand the promotion, understand the document. He is now an independent operation of A website, I want you to think about a problem which is that the A site will launch to? Can defeat the opponent? I can’t answer you, A know these in a company or team he is very popular, but he is only one person he lost in the speed (here we put some promotion and technical aspects of the main is excluded). now, let’s talk about one of the hottest websites to promote the industry recently, 28 push, which is set up by Mou Changqing and his disciples. Let’s analyze why Mou Changqing started building a web site with the help of 28 disciples. 1. mouchangqing ability in strong, strong in the relationship if he does not push his team now 28 disciples will lose at the speed above, because he knows is the promotion, operation, for the program, artists may not understand it, when dealing with relationship between strong understand these people will help him but others will not have things hurry, and the 28 disciples and their mission to push these people. 2. Mu Changqing in the purpose of recruiting disciples, I guess in order to build a team, and then and 28 disciples in the search for a good project, choose entrepreneurship. And "28 push" is their way of finding projects and finding talent. 3. mouchangqing generalization ability, operation ability, count the people face wide community operators is about a data flow, data like the website is that we do not know, but the community is about the popularity of data is public, so there are 28 disciples of the joint efforts of promotion, marketing, post.Continue reading

Looking for building materials to join the brand reference

building materials market, there are many business opportunities, it is an indisputable fact, so we want to invest in a building materials store, looking for building materials to join the project, many people feel a little difficult to start. Entrepreneurs in the choice of building materials to join the brand how to investigate it? Looking for building materials to join the brand has to refer to the following aspects: 1, industry experience: experience from the days and months multiplying, and reaction in the production, management, management, excellent comprehensive strength can largely help manufacturers to dealers to provide professional advice to avoid many troubles, business shop. 2, the scale of production: as the saying goes, the real estate, dealers personally go to the factory site visits is particularly important, you can focus on observing the plant area, the number of workers, the production scale of these three areas. The first is to avoid being cheated OEM companies, and secondly, can be more intuitive understanding of the manufacturer’s production, such as the ability to deliver on time, the production process is up to standard, the material is tricky, etc.. Generally speaking, the relatively small enterprises are prone to experience, management is not standardized, backward production technology and other issues. 3, industry reputation: wine is also afraid of deep alley, in the era of information explosion, there are new things every day, the commodity renewal speed is well-known, so be struck dumb, the credibility of the brand more and more important. Join operators can view the building materials enterprises recent promotional activities, whether there is a good relationship with the industry magazine media, network media, the local media, to a certain extent reflects the importance of corporate brand promotion degree. 4, research and development capabilities: the purchase of products, consumers in addition to the quality of attention, functional practicality, more emphasis on the beauty of the product art. In terms of design, brand invited well-known designers as a design consultant, and has a can integrate the world architectural style, mainly to high-end design team, continuous innovation, constantly optimize the details, create consumer favorite products. 5, the pre-sale customer service service quality service in all industries is important for both the manufacturers service providers or dealers to the end consumer services, which are related to the brand image, directly affect the sales performance. Big brand has always uphold the principle of "customer first", the consumer first, as soon as possible to deal with the problem of consumers. In addition, the big brand, for the protection of this piece is also very secure.

No longer show Li Xiaolu daughter sweet sweet sweet sweet is no longer on the show

sweet hope will no longer on the show, Jia Nailiang denied by EVA fishing gold. Actor Jia Nailiang Guo Hongbo broker said, Jia Nailiang is no longer going to let his daughter in the sweet hope related programming, want her to enjoy childhood, and denied by EVA fishing gold statement. in recent years, a large number of different types of variety show frequent screen, which became a hot parenting reality show multiple tv. The day before the press and Publication Administration issued a notice, the guidance and regulation of reality show from the number of programs, content, broadcast time, broadcast star making children to participate in the reality show is not allowed in principle. Jia Nailiang, former agent Huo Siyan broker Guo Hongbo said, "in fact, setting out before we reached a consensus, not to let the sweet sweet (Jia Nailiang’s daughter) and hum (son of Huo Siyan) to participate in any program, let the children to grow up, they enjoy some of the childhood". As for the by fishing gold children questioned, he denied: "Mom and dad have enough economic conditions to create a better childhood for the children, they do not need to make money, this is not itself the child of this age should consider." star two generation after the popularity of excessive consumption is expected to grow a number of artists are not disturbed children With " ", "Dad Dad where to go back" to test the success, "Mom listen to me", "hot mom", "School of life for the first time", "the second time" program came into being, a number of "star two generation" which became popular, and even began to take advertising. However, the children have been questioned excessive consumption will also appear, which, Li Xiang daughter also had been due to frequent attendance of all kinds of activities led to the body can not afford to be sick, temporary absence of activities. in this regard, a number of artists have published views, including Liu Ye, have been holding communication with the original intention of recording "son to father where" the third season, but with the rising popularity of Liu Nuoyi, Liu Ye and his wife began to feel troubled, he frankly do not want their children to become a child, "we will slowly forget about him, really the". Sun Li also bluntly because of fear of being 24 hours with the film will not bring the child to participate in a reality show; Taiwan host Momoco Tao revealed received parenting reality show invitations, but she didn’t want him to be disturbed, "each of the parents of children’s education in different ways, called me and my husband to do what you can, but let the children sleep he can sleep, if not only recorded interference, may also be"; Yalin Gao also said the firm will not bring the child to participate in parenting show. related recommendations

How to promote the popularity of jewelry store

with the improvement of people’s consumption level, now the jewelry industry is in rapid development for such a thing, to female consumers as the main consumer industry is now facing tremendous pressure of competition, how to attract the attention of consumers is the key is to make money, how the jewelry store promotion in order to arouse the attention of consumers?

Wang Ruixu a net worth of 90 billion entrepreneurs

90 has become the main force of college students, they are full of vitality and passion, confidence in entrepreneurship. After identifying business opportunities and the market, after a 90 year college students have experienced four years of hard work, now worth billions of dollars valuation. "mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" inspired many 90 and college students to join the tide of entrepreneurship, part-time cat founder Wang Rui Xu had with the label identity into the Zhongnanhai by Li Keqiang met with Prime minister. But it is such a success is regarded as a typical example of 90 college students, but also does not recommend blind college students, but they hope to be able to get into contact with the community before the start of business, planning. by the influence of Chaozhou Zi entrepreneurial gene

Entrepreneurship must do rule let you start on the road more easily

the most important thing is to do business with huge profits. Want to earn the first pot of gold, the most intelligent way is to start their own business when the boss. But for those who do not have any experience of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is very difficult. How can we reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? Recommended here must do business already let you start on the road more easily. 1, to start to make money or money for

The fresh taste of exquisite life – time

for catering entrepreneurs, need to have a keen perspective, clear market decision. Know what is the current market demand, to know what is the prospect of unlimited. For example, now the hot drinks market. As a hot beverage industry, Shanxi Datong fruit time store has helped many entrepreneurs realize the entrepreneurial dream. This makes Shanxi Datong fruit shop has become very hot time to join, today Xiaobian for you to share the fruits of Shanxi Datong fruit shop to make money secret. first of all, entrepreneurs should be clear development goals. Join Shanxi Datong fruit shop is a gradual process, it is impossible in a very short period of time there will be revenue. Want to Shanxi Datong fruit shop franchise business is good, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily operation of Shanxi Datong fresh fruit shop. From product research and development, production to sales, which should be done in every aspect of the non serious, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the store. fresh fruit time   taste exquisite life stocking is the basic guarantee for the profit of Shanxi Datong fruit store. The whole process including the delivery of raw material selection, logistics, and distribution of goods. The selection of raw materials, Shanxi Datong fruit time to join the headquarters for the franchisee who are free to recommend a market advantage of raw materials, which joined the business to eliminate the choice of distress, but also to ensure the quality of raw materials. according to the Shanxi Datong fruit time franchise headquarters training institutions, mostly investment to join the Shanxi Datong time fruit shop entrepreneurs are inexperienced entrepreneurs, to provide professional guidance for their courses, including the Shanxi Datong fruit store operation and maintenance time, recommend and purchase will have a professional staff to do special guidance. headquarters in order to ensure the benefits of Shanxi Datong fruit time stores, franchisees also actively cooperate with the headquarters of the product promotion and promotional activities. Then a series of activities for consumers to promote, you can improve the spread of the fruits of Shanxi Datong time, in order to attract more customers. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

Join join – net worth of doors and windows

home market, has been a very hot market. Entrepreneurial choice to join the home market, is a very choice of business opportunities. Doors and windows to join? Good quality projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship, good projects! we all know, investing in a Windows franchise, we must first choose a good location, because only the election of the position, in order to ensure that in subsequent operations will have Everfount source, so as to increase their turnover, on the other hand, very affordable store affect our future development, before that a door and window stores, what the problem is that we should alert the ? First we need to join the doors and windows have a certain understanding of the local situation of the store, you have to invest regional consumer groups and the main formats must be clear, only through simple calculation can be screened out worthy of investment shops. At the same time, it is known that the income level and the price level of a region will affect the amount of money available to people and the price they have to pay. Investors before the site to investigate clearly! The traffic is the key consideration, to traffic on lots of fancy around a traffic survey, and the surrounding facilities, access conditions, are considered, so the building materials join investors to be careful! The existence of consumer groups determine the value of shops, so the windows and doors to the union store operators in the site should also consider whether it can retain customer base. After understanding this area of mainstream consumer groups, the main format of the judging area, go back to a shop to see the price, the rent level corresponding to the format can bear, if the rental price is too high, the nature of big investment, the returns from the perspective of nature. doors and windows to join the project selection, selection of high quality location. No doubt, the shop is earned! How to join doors and windows? You are also very exciting? Open a door and window belonging to their own stores, shop worry!

Xiaobian for you to sum up the top five gold venture

The choice of is very important, directly related to whether you succeed. Now environmental protection is becoming more and more important, engaged in environmental protection and related projects, business is bound to be prosperous, infinite wealth. The following Xiaobian for you advice, provides five ideas for you.

Dessert stores which good Ai Xin easy business to get rich quick dessert

open a dessert store? Dessert shop which good? After the emergence of Xin AI desserts, has been the concern of many businesses, enterprise strength, word of mouth, let us further understanding, choose Xin AI dessert what ? like delicacy as a chowhound pursuit, have ideas about the cause of the people all the time looking for a good way to make money, but some people want to start but can not find a good project or a good direction, now people every day for their basic necessities of life consumption, so we can start from this aspect more and more consumers to buy the delicacy. Choose Xin AI further away from success. The way we choose to join the venture can increase our chances of success and reduce our investment costs. Join Xin AI dessert is a good choice. The dessert stores good? Choose Xin AI further away from success. actually do business we want to see the most important thing is how to taste the product, whether to retain consumers, then is your place to choose. We joined the Xin AI dessert can learn more professional technology, the use of more delicious desserts to retain our consumers, let them eat once wanted to come back again. Join Xin AI we would get the dessert professor of management professional, we can acquire more business skills, also can let oneself to achieve the perfect service success.