Xiaobian for you to sum up the top five gold venture

The choice of

is very important, directly related to whether you succeed. Now environmental protection is becoming more and more important, engaged in environmental protection and related projects, business is bound to be prosperous, infinite wealth. The following Xiaobian for you advice, provides five ideas for you.

environmental protection project

knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development

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Angelababy fear of losing money to make bold investment

star investment is not what new things, but for the past few years on various topics and made public eye Angelababy, is really a lot of fresh attempt, also refresh the public on the understanding of the topic of the queen, the smart star closer to business.

electricity supplier shares

Angelababy’s effort to appearance, really let the ocean terminal advertising is more eye-catching, and the advertisement is the most attractive, in addition to baby’s lovely smile, is the " I am Ocean Pier Star shareholders " advertising language. read more

How to open shop in Taobao detailed steps

shop in Taobao is not uncommon, but many friends are not familiar with how to open shop in Taobao. How to open a shop in Taobao, detailed steps? Small series this is to introduce how to shop in Taobao detailed steps.

1, log on Taobao home page choose free shop

2, if there is no account, click on the free registration account, if you have an account, please jump directly to the fourth step read more

Dessert stores which good Ai Xin easy business to get rich quick dessert

open a dessert store? Dessert shop which good? After the emergence of Xin AI desserts, has been the concern of many businesses, enterprise strength, word of mouth, let us further understanding, choose Xin AI dessert what


like delicacy as a chowhound pursuit, have ideas about the cause of the people all the time looking for a good way to make money, but some people want to start but can not find a good project or a good direction, now people every day for their basic necessities of life consumption, so we can start from this aspect more and more consumers to buy the delicacy. Choose Xin AI further away from success. The way we choose to join the venture can increase our chances of success and reduce our investment costs. Join Xin AI dessert is a good choice. The dessert stores good? Choose Xin AI further away from success. read more

Baotou rare earth high tech Zone resource development into innovation development

no unique resources in the region hope to seek opportunities for development through innovation and entrepreneurship, the resources of the region also hope to be able to open up new innovative technologies to improve resource development and utilization, to achieve further development. Baotou rare earth hi tech Zone to encourage the development of sophisticated technology, from the transformation of resource-based city to become an innovative city of science and technology.

2015, Baotou high tech Zone to build the "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship service base, relying on 24 experts and 4 experts team, build China Productivity Institute Baotou branch, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Baotou training base, Baotou enterprise university nine innovative service platform, plans to introduce third party intermediary services 80, give full play to the Internet + "service, training, third party services and promote the release of the four functions of multimedia display, tailored for entrepreneurs learning, training, consulting and other innovative services, forming a new" technology service ". read more

Baidu Baidu was transferred out of the list of directors of Wanda electricity supplier vice presiden

sina science and technology news on August 2nd morning news, recently, there is news that Baidu, Tencent due to dissatisfaction Wanda electricity supplier, where to fly in the past two years, the performance of the network and opt out. Sina science and technology query where the electricity supplier business information discovery, in the list of directors, former director of Baidu search company president Xiang Hailong, senior executive vice president of Tencent group, who has disappeared from the list of directors, such as. read more

One week news review official confirmation will push the enterprise version of the layout of the WeC

review: a week soon passed, review this week, WeChat is the enterprise edition to more attention by everyone, but Ali has not been idle, first is rumored to be the acquisition of unfamiliar street, then there is no then, however, Ali price holding AGTech, layout lottery has become a reality.

1 2 billion yuan cheap AGTech holdings Ali Taobao lottery right to operate the latter was

March 6th evening news today, Hong Kong GEM COMPANY AGTech (08279.HK) announcement, announced that he had signed a subscription agreement in March 4th with a Ali company, the company by the Alibaba holding and payment service ant indirectly owned 60% and 40% equity. read more

Website promotion is generally cast or focus on good fish

website promotion is generally cast or focus on fish? Contact network promotion also have a period of time, learn a lot, there are a lot of confusion. Network channels are too wide, all types of sites, you can not think of, only you do not use. The proliferation of a variety of B2B sites, the direct result is that we are doing network promotion when the choice of blindness. Just a contact network promotion, the first is to find the site, registered information, daily update maintenance. One after another of the registration, do not know where to put the emphasis on blindly registered website, release information. Later registered too much, the beginning of the day, one by one to open the site, an update of the information. Most of the day is spent on these things. However, these works did not receive any effect. Only a few sites received some feedback. read more

Special customer CEO Tao Gang lost 1 million 300 thousand employees owed wages million run away

and P2P financial sector fraud huge funds of different users, Tao Gang "run away" was a founder of covet investment funds behavior, and the "drama" every year will end the end of the year in the Internet Co staged.

Sina Technology Liu Anni

near the end of the year, when the friends around the beginning of the end of the year to calculate the award, but because of the company’s two months of her salary and compensation.

is a special customer before bayberry purchasing staff, in December 20, 2015, the special CEO Tao Gang lost light because customer investment funds run away 1 million 300 thousand, owed more than 70 million employees wages, current whereabouts unknown. read more

How to do online and offline nternet plus era of network marketing


recently read a lot about the Internet and news reports, some of them are relatively new interesting things, the more deep impression as About Baidu Putian medical events, most medical personnel bidding may face unemployment; as to enter the real estate, the Internet opened a new mode of ecological; micro business for the first time included in the university volunteer professional self; the media industry and introduce some relevant Ali’s Taobao film financing completed.

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500 simplified Chinese checked 425 pornographic web server in the United States

newspaper news (reporter Li Tao) yesterday morning, the Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps held a press conference on the network law enforcement team leader Shen Rui introduced, according to the survey of 500 simplified Chinese porn sites, servers in the United States set 425. According to the settings in the foreign websites in China had no jurisdiction over the problem, the next step will strengthen international cooperation, let multinational network enterprises to take the social responsibility of pornography. At the same time, our country will use the shielding website search results, prohibit advertising and other methods to limit its development in china. read more

A transaction will be limited to the network and selling black list list ndustrial and Commercial B

The establishment of

network will be limited to trading and selling black list "list"

Industrial and Commercial Bureau

[TechWeb] reported on April 17th news, for the recent network selling phenomenon, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that this year will be severely hit the counterfeit goods, the establishment of the network and selling the blacklist, and increase penalties on the network and selling behavior. The blacklist of online shops will be limited to a certain period of time online and offline transactions. read more

58 city in the third quarter net loss of 206 million loss

58 city

Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time on November 30th news, 58 city today released the fiscal year ended fiscal year as of the 2015 quarter unaudited financial results for the third quarter. Reported in accordance with GAAP (GAAP) calculation, 58 city third quarter total revenues of $212 million 900 thousand, $72 million over the same period last year an increase of 195.9%; net loss attributable to the 58 city $206 million over the same period last year, net profit of $5 million 900 thousand, up to loss. read more