Enterprise website operation promotion mode select O2O may be backward

  want to exist in the Internet, there must be thinking of the Internet, many enterprise website, will be used as a foil to the Internet, or try it with the attitude of the Internet test, thinking operation site without the Internet, regardless of the outcome of investment or sporadic tens of thousands of investment, final results are reflected the enterprise website flat, rarely reach the expected goal! And the recent popular O2O mode is the traditional marketing and Internet marketing mode hard together, this is the business philosophy of the back, not completely implement the concept of thinking of the Internet, but the traditional marketing mode to compromise, O2O management mode of enterprise website, will cause a lot of problems. Is a step backwards, the result may be not the best ! in viral marketing, in the search engine optimization effect is not very obvious, many Internet marketers found a very basic question, is honesty, if the establishment of good faith in the minds of customers, so that they believe you, the product will become very good! How to do sincere letter, the best way is to let off see the "living" of its own, such as online promotion, and then complete the sales turnover, in real! You means that you look to our enterprise, is absolutely not truthfully description, with a little water! O2O model is based on the integrity of the foundation, more advanced than other marketing mode. However, the way of combination this and the next line, if rely too heavily on the line, then the enterprise website will gradually be marginalized, and there will be a lot of complex There’s no telling. . is a corporate website through the promotion, get a certain amount of customers, and these customers have to fully meet the needs of enterprises, so that enterprises lose the promotion of enthusiasm on the Internet, "zhijuzhechangle"! Very good mentality, the fierce competition in the Internet will not give you more opportunities, because of you the competitors continue to add, maybe two years ago, it is easy to find the user, after two years, has become a little difficult, the status quo of the mind is definitely not the Internet thinking, enterprises can easily be eliminated on the Internet ! there is a situation of enterprise website promotion propaganda by unexpected customers get, how to make the customer can get the satisfactory answer? Let them one by one. Some enterprises in the field of PubMed, could not resist by using O2O model will undoubtedly, when cannot find satisfactory services to customers, so these customers, Yiqingbielian soon! If the formation of a good Internet e-commerce enterprises, such as Taobao store, hang a product, users according to other people’s comments and product sales, likely to be directly under the orders of the communication! Face crowded customers, who have don’t want to lose them, then, you should use more effective and convenient way to hold customers, do not easily give up ! above two kinds ofContinue reading

Together with its customers choose a small business

small business, the choice of food items is very good. Hot market and its customers only need a small yogurt investment, you can successfully operate, attracting a lot of franchisees to join. If you want to reduce the risk of investment, access to a larger business market, the choice of the brand project, it can not be wrong! the guest yogurt have been able to profit for us, but also has certain advantages, because some of the traditional milk milk bar and it has obvious difference, has its own set of business model, and the investment cost is very low, in the taste of the product, but also there are high quality delicious, so many from the milk bar in talent shows itself, becoming the choice of many people. the guest yogurt to provide consumers with a variety of dairy products series of choice, let us consumers to get more satisfied with the products they want, it also brings more customers for our investment, they will get the benefits, milk products contain many kinds, not only is then of course, of course, fresh milk is the guest signs of yogurt products, at the same time, the guests also sell some yogurt and milk produced using fruit juice and other beverages. together with its yogurt bar operating the project requires only a small amount of investment funds, you can start business. The headquarters will provide awesome support, so that you can successfully open the consumer market. The above analysis of the project hope that you can provide some reference to help you find the right investment opportunities. related recommendations

Online store marketing strategy

Now network shop has become very common, at the same time, open shop on the Internet also need to pay attention to the marketing planning, have a good online marketing strategy is very helpful for the success of the open shop.

Ren Liang Hua high school dropout open glasses shop make millions

dropped out of high school, in the current era of emphasis on education, even if it can make money, seemingly also can not make a big fortune. However, the protagonist of this article, but by virtue of their own efforts, to subvert the idea of the people, has become the goal of more entrepreneurs to learn. he was myopia, he did not graduate from high school, he had been looked down upon, but he is now a million into the glasses shop owner, he is more and more Yong Ren ren! End a plate, when, after unsuccessful attempts to open shop, frustration and not overwhelmed by this man of the northwest, one he finally let their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality, now let Liang Hua newly opened glasses shop has reached millions of annual income! due to genetic causes, Ren Liang Hua childhood myopia, primary school wear glasses, high school did not study, early drop out of school to go home to work. Waiter, technician, help people run errands, he has done above, and even learn to buy to do sales, but did not earn any money. After several twists and turns, Ren Liang Hua thought of his eyes, also think now myopia so much, open a glasses shop, do not worry about not making money? Ren Liang Hua decided drastic, he not only buying a lot of books, eye glasses of knowledge, but also dedicated to the brand shop to participate in the training, in order to get people’s approval, any pair of glasses Liang Hua light distribution technology excellence, through unremitting efforts and hard work, he finally became the two state certified optometrist. For sales, he also experienced more experience in the glasses shop training. as Ren Hualiang said, the advanced equipment, can not only provide customers with satisfactory precision glasses, and shorten the time of optometry and glasses. Students in the early period, the most popular in the shop, a day with hundreds of pairs of glasses. Last year, Liang Hua glasses shop created 1 million yuan turnover myth. In front of the results, Ren and no pride, he opened in June this year, second stores, increase store, expand the scope of business, high school and low grade glasses everything. in the face of all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, many people may choose to give up, life is spent in poverty, however, the hero of this article is not the same as the. Although the fate of injustice, but do not bow to fate, so as to be able to create such a myth of entrepreneurship.

So open the children’s paradise

now many parents are busy, so in the weekend when they like to spend more time with their children, children’s paradise is a place where parents often take their children to go. Children’s playground is also open to make money. But many people do not know how to operate a children’s paradise in business skills, it is easy to detour. The following small series for you to share the management of children’s paradise road. Clerk

How to deal with the off-season clothing store to master these five strokes

many industries have a light season, the clothing industry has been particularly evident, the general is the arrival of an early season fire, the rest of the time sales are not very optimistic. For clothing store operators, the most important consideration is how to deal with the off-season problem, there are five strokes is very useful, for clothing entrepreneurs learn. 1, adjust the mentality of

Join the fun, ice cream business good choice

how about some ice cream? In our lives, venture capital investment projects to choose ice cream is a very wise choice. How about ice cream? With the strength of the brand, trusted choice. How about joining an ice cream? Good project, it is worth choosing! , the European ice cream ice cream fun making method, combined with the China ice cream made of ice cream ingredients, higher quality, better taste, more in line with the Chinese consumer demand, nourishing cream will be combined with the interest of grain, open a new era of ice cream market. Join the ice cream shop? Well, that’s good, but it’s up to you. choose the right, natural join is good, if you choose to taste the ice cream, it is a good choice. In addition to making fun of ice cream, delicious ice cream, also has hundreds of kinds of delicious snacks, so that consumers have more choices, can choose their love to buy snacks, ice cream, fun to join the advantages are very obvious. Join the ice cream shop? Choose the best ice cream. fun ice cream to join, the best choice for successful business. If you are interested in joining the ice cream project, is also very exciting. To open a home of their own fun ice cream store? A very good choice, isn’t it?


如果你是纽约绑定这个周末,和你在布鲁克林区做的事比其他布鲁克林区–长时髦的胡须,喝威士忌在酒吧–你运气好。希望公园-一个自治区的最受爱戴的,有人可能会说-是庆祝其第一百五十个生日,因为开放的方式回来时,在1867。 后共享Lola Starlola_star在7:37pm PDT 2016年10月21日 以来,它吸引了各行各业,它活跃起来,玩飞盘或享受在不夜城一些难以捉摸的冷却时间。为了纪念这个日子,希望公园联盟已组建了一个事件的弥天大谎进度;最值得注意的是,冰溜冰迪斯科派对月31日星期五。但这不是任何旧的滚轴迪斯科,是复古的主题,“梦境冰迪斯科派对”,他们招募了萝拉的康尼岛明星。她是一个大问题(或我们听说,绘制一个人群的狂欢者,舞者,孩子和游客她著名的旱冰迪斯科。还有,我们提到它在冰上吗?在街上,说这是一个身临其境的体验和先河。 后共享Chelsea Amelia Cruzcc_thesunshineband在3:52pm PDT 2015年9月26日 你会滑冰一夜地板填充曲调从上世纪70年代、80年代和90年代,而在同一时间,眼花缭乱的舞蹈,花样滑冰表演和令人印象深刻的呼啦桶匠。希望公园是巨大的,所以让蜜蜂线直在湖畔LeFrak中心,和那些孩子在一起,这是一个21s事件只。入场20美元。如果你不能使星期五,烦恼不。国产欢乐继续在星期六和星期日–孩子欢迎所有–用游行、烧烤,一个Smorgasburg(否则称为布鲁克林区最好的美食体验、旅游和展览1860s游戏特色的布鲁克林的大西洋。如果你想纽约的肚皮下获得的权利,这是它。如果你踢你,你错过了,希望公园是值得一去的地方,无论周末;所有与他们定期滑冰串联以上运行,他们巨大的动物园和旋转木马。 后由prospect_parkprospect_park于2017年3月23日在7:16am PDT Elizabeth II女王在位65年,一个新的展览开幕七月22将展示一些最有趣的礼物,她在那个时候积累。 展览将展示礼物给女王。图像皇家收藏信任/女王陛下伊丽莎白二世2017 作为在位时间最长的英国君主,女王也最了主权在英国历史上,被海外超过250次的那段时间。在与世界各地的政要见面时,送礼和送礼往往是交换的重要组成部分。现在,这些礼物将在显示在国家间今年的夏天开放,在伦敦的白金汉宫。 宝座是一对在1956尼日利亚的约鲁巴人引见给女王。珠饰和皇室有着密切的关联在约鲁巴文化,和大量被认为是财富和地位的象征。图像皇家收藏信任/女王陛下伊丽莎白二世2017 将有超过250的对象来自全世界100个国家和地区展出。对象“将探讨女王作为国家元首,英联邦和国家 头。 对象之一将是“友谊”的宝船模型航行在第十五世纪,中国航海家、外交家Zeng他船,这是习近平主席在中华人民共和国访问的国家白金汉宫在十月2015在给女王。游客还可以看到五颜六色的串珠约鲁巴宝座是由1956个尼日利亚人给女王。根据皇家收藏,交错的图案在宝座上举行的精神内涵,包括尊重祖先。 这个图腾柱,在加拿大的西北部海岸第一民族雕刻,特点在顶部神话中的雷鸟,它张开翅膀。雷鸟被认为通过扇动翅膀带来雷声。图像皇家收藏信任/女王陛下伊丽莎白二世2017 女王也在1971次访问加拿大的加拿大西北海岸的夸扣特尔人的图腾柱。杆的顶部是张开翅膀的神话雷鸟。 工作人员从白金汉宫显示从英属维尔京群岛向Elizabeth II女王含盐的麻布袋,一个预览的皇家礼品展期间,于2017年4月3日在伦敦。该展览包括在国事访问,海外旅行和正式的活动和礼物,以纪念女王陛下生命的重要时刻。图片由Stuart C. Wilson /盖蒂图片社 去年,庆祝女王第九十岁生日,一个英属维京群岛,盐岛,给了她一个含盐的麻布袋,这是一个传统的重新在2015部分,在岛上付君一斤盐一年租金在他们的生日。有些礼物甚至更多的地方,像白金汉宫,伦敦地铁的标志,被引见给女王的工作人员在2010到Aldgate东管站参观。

Our city established in 2014 as the foreign affairs service year

In March 21st, the reporter from the Xining Foreign Affairs Service 2014 years "work arrangements will be learned to improve foreign affairs service level and service quality, accelerate the rapid development of social economy in our city, according to the actual situation of Xining city opening and international non-governmental exchanges and cooperation, our city will determine this year as the" 2014 Xining foreign affairs service year ", and to develop the program of activities.

Qinghai smart city construction adds new vitality

In June 17th, Qinghai province smart city construction forum, well-known experts and scholars from domestic city science research in the field of speech construction, the wisdom of the city function, add new vigor to the wisdom of city construction in our province, the development of new opportunities.

Protection of the source of the river to protect the home care Park – into the source of Sanjiang Na

listen to you, the Tibetan Plateau plateau, just sounded the clarion call for the construction of the national park…… you see, lovely children at the moment, plateau, Our wills unite like a fortress. eager for a fight…… dream green, this must be a protracted war. spring to come, the seeds of hope spread over the source of Sanjiang River, Sanjiang source National Park pilot system will be 5 years, to the country to produce a copy can be extended experience. The construction of National Park, to ensure that a river of water to the East, in addition to the top-level policy and institutional innovation, more from the institutional guarantee to consciously practice the mass participation. Sanjiang source of beauty, beauty in the hearts of the people. protection of water tower, Sanjiang source to reproduce the green hills let Sanjiang source Green million years, Qinghai duty bound. Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, building a harmonious and beautiful home, so that people of all ethnic groups living poetically. This is the Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government firm strategic choice. In 80s and 90s the century, due to overgrazing, indiscriminate digging, the Yellow River ecological environment deteriorated, vegetation destruction, soil erosion, Lake area, a large area of wild animal extinction, resulting in frequent natural disasters. In early 2004, the source of the Yellow River Lake in the history of the first appearance of a water outlet, up to 5 months. in 2005, approved by the State Council, "Qinghai Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction planning" implemented, Sanjiang source project officially started, fencing, with grass and livestock, easy to move. At the same time, the provincial Party committee and government to establish the ecological province strategy, Sanjiang source area is not assessed GDP, the ecological protection and construction as the main assessment of the work of the government at all levels of Sanjiang source area. since then, Sanjiang source project step by step, solid progress for 10 years. 10 years ago, the source of Sanjiang smile stretch. Zhaling Eling Lake, lake surface is expanded to 99 square kilometers, Maduo County Lake recovery and increased to nearly 5000, the source of the Yellow River to reproduce the "1000 Lake scenery". Because of the obvious improvement of ecological environment, the biodiversity of the source area of Sanjiang has increased obviously in . The wild animal population of Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild ass, blue sheep, wild yak, increased habitat range of activities is expanding. 10 years, a little bit of hard won achievements, fully reflects the protection of the ecological environment from the country to the local, the determination of the construction of ecological civilization, but also the source of the painstaking efforts of countless Sanjiang source engineering staff. today, Sanjiang source of the guardians of tradition, not to mention an empty slogan, quietly buried in the building an important national ecological safety barrier in action. is a 48 year old Zahi Nima, Madoi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhaling Lake TownshipContinue reading

Qinghai national folk song and dance debut in Hongkong

Reporters from the provincial press and Publication Bureau learned that in October 27th, sponsored by the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial press and publication department hosted a "great beauty of Qinghai into the Hong Kong tourism promotion will be held at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hongkong. Hongkong and Qinghai, more than 200 entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the promotion. Qinghai national song and dance ensemble to participate in the promotion of cultural exchange activities. The delegation of the Qinghai folk song and dance performances to attract guests in Hongkong. Many guests said that Hongkong, through the appreciation of film and Qinghai national song and dance show, understanding and perception of the unique charm of Qinghai ethnic culture of Qinghai, longing, must have the opportunity to come to Qinghai, see. the promotion in the prosperity of the dance "passion flowers" in a prologue, a female chorus "beautiful China starting from Qinghai" and "in that distant place", "green", "on the fly" chopsticks etc. with features of Qinghai folk song and dance are staged, guests from time to time to win the applause, live performances a warm atmosphere, frequent interaction on stage. Especially the Qinghai famous singer invited guests Hongkong common interpretation of the song "I love you" Chinese touching, passing Hongkong compatriots to the motherland. Promotion will end in the national costume show "Qinghai dream", accompanied by the melodious songs, competing with live guests dressed in colorful national costumes and danced together with actors, the joy of the Guozhuang dance, will promote atmosphere to a climax. Cultural exchanges played brilliant movement, the seminar will promote Hongkong and Qinghai cultural tourism integration development play a positive role.  

Xining public security issued safety travel tips

January 9th morning, reporters at the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held the first press conference in 2013 was informed that in 2012 the city received a total of 116602 effective alarm, and in 2011 (from 109906) rose by 6%. The criminal police intelligence and in 2011 fell 3%, of which the people concerned about the robbery and theft of police intelligence fell by 13% and 39%. integrated command center to make the general public to travel safety reminder: a female citizens in night travel as much as possible, do not carry large amounts of cash and wearing expensive jewelry; two is in daily life, if you received a credit card, notify the public security departments case co check, customs confiscated items, such as SMS or phone remittance notice first of all, do not panic, do not rush to reply, reply. Secondly, to verify its authenticity, and then to the police for the record; three is all vehicle owners in the daily driving motor vehicles, motor vehicle must be parked in the parking lot of people to watch, not Luantingluanfang, security measures to correctly use motor vehicles (such as steering wheel lock, shift lock, GPS positioning system etc.). Second, do not put the car, cash and valuables bag, to prevent criminals jiancaiqiyi caused damage to the vehicle, resulting in unnecessary loss of property. At the same time, appealed to the majority of drivers, friends, conscientiously abide by the January 1st implementation of the new regulations, the new regulations increased penalties for various types of violations, please do not affect the normal work and life. (author: Wang Xiaofang)  

Before and after the Spring Festival thorough investigation of drunk driving behavior of traffic pol

1 21, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, the traffic police in Xining after the year before and after the focus of the investigation of drunk driving and other serious violations. Traffic police reminded, during the Spring Festival, friends gathering, not to the driver Quanjiu, drivers are more sensible, don’t drive after drinking. According to reports, Xining police in year after year, especially at night traffic to increase inspection efforts, from the beginning of the year, the night drunk, focus on examination of undocumented, overcrowding, speeding four serious illegal traffic behavior. For serious illegal traffic behavior that the driver will be investigated in the end, will not be tolerated, the temporarily driving license of the driver’s license suspended, revoked driver’s license revoked driver’s license, the detention of the detention.  

2012 college students entrepreneurship rule 22

for today’s college students, entrepreneurship is a very common thing, as everyone in the choice after graduation, but the venture should also pay attention to their own methods, if improper methods, will be counterproductive, so we have to be careful. 2012, will give you a new start. 1, you are really interested in doing things – you will spend a lot of time on it, so you must be interested in it, if not, you do not want to spend time on the top, there is no success. 2, being your own boss. How college students entrepreneurship? Work for others, you will never become wealthy boss, undivided attention to cut spending, his goal is not to make his staff to become rich.

How to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop

although it is said that the glasses store can make money, but this is generally aimed at the city, there will be few cases in rural areas to open glasses shop to make money. However, the rural market is equally broad, as long as a good business, money can also become very simple. So, how to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop? glasses is a great market demand of the industry, even in rural areas, at the same time, you can also have a brilliant future, investment and competition pressure will be much smaller, but also small business a good direction, this article will discuss, it is how to open a money glasses shop in rural areas. opening conditions: source: the glasses wholesale market is your purchase channels, the price is very cheap, of course, as far as possible to choose the visibility and reputation of higher manufacturers can not only ensure the quality of products, profit margins will be greatly improved. funds: rural consumption capacity is limited, the glasses store products to middle and low in investment cost, naturally not too much, otherwise the operating pressure will also change, so in the decoration of shops should be simple, clean and comfortable health can be, but need to pay attention to the optometry equipment do not buy too bad, because only to ensure the quality of business will be better. store: depending on the investment situation, the general 30 square meters of shops can be opened. personnel and technical conditions: according to the store size and traffic, but have optometrists and opticians, ensure the accuracy of optometry and glasses, and should be devoted to the quality inspection personnel, to ensure product quality in line with national standards. qualification certificate: optometrist and the top salary certificate required, then the business license and tax registration required. Secrets of success: comfortable environment: the glasses shop must be clean, even small shops have to maintain good health, ready for a comfortable chair, a cup of water, because the glasses need time, this can let customers wait more comfortable. Reliable quality: glasses, the price is not cheap, a lot of people with glasses are also very concerned about, afraid to degree allowed glasses, so we must ensure the quality, moreover, in the countryside, many every day back and forth are familiar faces, you point out a problem, you immediately know. : do not say business doing bigger is better, especially for the rural glasses shop, business area of 30 square meters, annual sales is also very impressive. although the glasses market in rural areas is also very broad >

What are the matters needing attention in the operation of children’s clothing stores

shop operators, often have a lot of attention to the need for our attention, so that the operation of the store to get better development, so that operators can create a higher wealth. So, the children’s clothing franchise business what precautions? Let Xiaobian for your analysis, if you intend to do business in this industry, so that you know what aspects of the need to pay attention to. children’s clothing store to join when purchase must be full, children in the children’s owara must have. Children in the children gifts more. Big children are mostly for their children to buy. The proportion of boys to girls should be appropriate. More girls in general. For example, the summer clothing Dress Shorts seven pants pants jeans, trousers are all very thin. How to manage children’s clothing store? The child is generally summer shorts and pants seven (mom to give children over the knee) boy’s outfit, sell well. T – shirts must be worn at home with a cool, formal gentleman. Do not purchase according to their own preferences, customer preferences are multifarious. children’s clothing stores stock should have a general plan, according to age, or set up in accordance with the. What time what kind of out of stock, will keep the replenishment. The beginning of the purchase should be bold, the more the better the style, the number of each paragraph should not be too much, the number is complete, the customer came in to tell him that the hanging is just another. There are numbers, ask how old children, to recommend him. The people who come to the shop will buy. It is because the goods more than the whole, she has picked up, the service is so enthusiastic, do not buy also embarrassed. The salesman must be in a good mood, when tired, the customer can feel, sales must be bad. children’s clothing stores began to purchase, do not sell much out of every day, what time can recover the investment, how much money? Sell back the money, it is necessary to purchase, as long as they can attract customers to come in, sell fame, the future will be able to business stability and prosperity, the better to do. Began to worry more, the greater the pressure on the purchase, the mood is not good, the more the infection to the customer, the business will be worse. how to operate children’s clothing store? Vicious cycle, it is difficult to change the plight of the future. Do business to look at the long-term, half a year later, it is possible to hire a person, you basically do not have to manage, but also a few thousand or tens of thousands per month, this is the time to invest recovery. If you don’t do anything else, you won’t get paid. When you calculate the rate of return on investment is very high, the bank interest can not be compared. And the longer you do the longer, the higher the interest, theContinue reading