2012 college students entrepreneurship rule 22

for today’s college students, entrepreneurship is a very common thing, as everyone in the choice after graduation, but the venture should also pay attention to their own methods, if improper methods, will be counterproductive, so we have to be careful. 2012, will give you a new start.

1, you are really interested in doing things – you will spend a lot of time on it, so you must be interested in it, if not, you do not want to spend time on the top, there is no success.

2, being your own boss. How college students entrepreneurship? Work for others, you will never become wealthy boss, undivided attention to cut spending, his goal is not to make his staff to become rich. read more

How to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop

although it is said that the glasses store can make money, but this is generally aimed at the city, there will be few cases in rural areas to open glasses shop to make money. However, the rural market is equally broad, as long as a good business, money can also become very simple. So, how to open a home in rural areas to make money glasses shop?

glasses is a great market demand of the industry, even in rural areas, at the same time, you can also have a brilliant future, investment and competition pressure will be much smaller, but also small business a good direction, this article will discuss, it is how to open a money glasses shop in rural areas. read more

What are the matters needing attention in the operation of children’s clothing stores

shop operators, often have a lot of attention to the need for our attention, so that the operation of the store to get better development, so that operators can create a higher wealth. So, the children’s clothing franchise business what precautions? Let Xiaobian for your analysis, if you intend to do business in this industry, so that you know what aspects of the need to pay attention to.

children’s clothing store to join when purchase must be full, children in the children’s owara must have. Children in the children gifts more. Big children are mostly for their children to buy. The proportion of boys to girls should be appropriate. More girls in general. For example, the summer clothing Dress Shorts seven pants pants jeans, trousers are all very thin. How to manage children’s clothing store? The child is generally summer shorts and pants seven (mom to give children over the knee) boy’s outfit, sell well. T – shirts must be worn at home with a cool, formal gentleman. Do not purchase according to their own preferences, customer preferences are multifarious. read more

Adsense network broadcast China Internet webmaster go Know almost hung up, okay!

1 China’s Internet webmaster go where?  

peak period there have been thousands of people to sign up for the activities of the Chinese Internet webmaster conference, but this year quietly.

famous individual stationmaster Lu Songsong in May 25th in his blog, has been held for nine sessions this year shut down, and activities in the last year changed its name, the original "stationmaster" two words is erased, instead of the Internet entrepreneurs conference.

2 how to operate the female community refused to stunt women do not have so much logic read more

Read more than 618 Gome Sike Jingdong is checking resources

business circle seems to have formed an unwritten agreement: 618 years of senior high school entrance examination at the end of 11, the double test, two year exams, Bibi grades, sun fan. Jingdong has announced 618 strategies, Tmall, the United States and other electricity providers, this year’s 618, wartime extension, cross-border, micro business debut, the war has begun to highlight the characteristics of the whole line.

the United States online will be fought "618 opener" on May 28th, and will begin in June 17th the old Mu special Jingdong and Lao special for the ultimate PK. read more

Baidu mobile search will be officially released on the ice bucket algorithm of low quality mobile si

A5 station network August 22nd news: Recently, sponsored by foreign charity bucket challenge quickly to Chinese, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi and other Internet heavyweights have received public love take transfer. Ice bucket challenge "has become a hot topic at the same time, Baidu officially released the bucket algorithm. According to the relevant announcement of Baidu Webmaster Platform revealed that the ice bucket algorithm based on Baidu mobile search, will be adjusted according to the low quality sites and pages. For the mobile site with the behavior of user experience to pop app download, user login, a large area of advertising effect remediation. Ice bucket algorithm the first phase will officially launched next week, A5 webmaster to remind the webmaster, please make some optimization of the mobile site, improve the user experience, to avoid the mobile site in Baidu mobile search rankings are affected. read more

IDC talent dilemma

because of the full swing of the business, four Bo Internet which is very important to IDC sales elite, there is intention to contact me ah, ha ha.. ^_^

some friends may ask, the recruitment of this thing is the personnel department thing    ?

is the general staff recruitment is the personnel department to do, but I think IDC sales staff will need to be, so I insist on our own department checks. So a month recruitment started, a lot of candidates, mostly university graduates, or other industries, for what is the virtual host, what is the server is a blank, this let me depressed for a long time… read more

How to do GOOGLE rankings

Information Center survey report shows: search engine is the most important way for users to learn the new site, 82.2% of the site’s visit from the search engine. Search engine based on the target search query, is the best and most mature website promotion. Network marketing mode. Many companies in the developed regions have a large share of sales from search engines. Therefore, the website has a good ranking in the search engine, will let you in a short time quickly increased access to target customers, for customers and the formation of the site beyond your sales; most of our competitors, so you are in very favorable competitive position.
Google is the boss of the search engine, occupy the world’s search volume of 2/3, therefore, do a good job in the site in the GOOGLE search rankings, but also the most important site promotion. So, how to do GOOGLE rankings? read more

Fans are not omnipotent, will cheer will bite

lead: Fan marketing is not the brand management of all those, it away hard work, essentially the one component.

the Internet is "quick" to a certain extent, it makes the pace of wealth creation more and more quickly, and let patience in this era is very scarce.

Bill Gates took 12 years to get his first $one billion, while YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan this time will be reduced to 3 years, and the same is 3 years, Lei Jun millet do even tens of billions of dollars of valuation, it leads to the fan marketing, has become the enterprise marketing the Bible is a myth, millet worship entrepreneur believers look up to as the standard. read more

Micro business marketing essence WeChat interactive marketing

to do micro marketing, micro business are mainly in order to enhance interaction, interactive users of our trust, trust is high, the more easily traded, at the same time, high trust, is not what the competitors, bargain this matter also seldom happen. So how do we interact?

has long been exposed to database marketing, which is to collect the user, and then continue to provide users with the value to enhance trust, the final transaction users. Later, when the micro marketing popular, they think they know very little marketing. Do not think that micro marketing is to attract users to subscribe to your mailing list, or pay attention to your micro-blog, add your QQ or WeChat, and then send their own articles written on the OK. But Li Leiting was doing network promotion work, have certain practical experience for SEO, soft, video, QQ promotion etc.. read more

Taobao sellers learn to do event marketing in a short time to achieve the best communication


] the event marketing has a wide audience, sudden strong, so that the information reaches the maximum and optimal communication effect in a short time, for the characteristics of the enterprise to save a lot of publicity costs, in recent years has become more and more popular PR and marketing means.

event marketing has a wide audience, sudden strong, so that the information reaches the maximum and optimal communication effect in a short time, for the characteristics of the enterprise to save a lot of publicity costs, in recent years has become more and more popular at home and abroad a PR and marketing. The author at Taobao for more than 6 years, especially in the first half of this year to do Taobao seller, has a new look for Taobao sellers, this paper attempts to some recent Taobao sellers event marketing analysis, hoping to help you. read more

It is the fastest way to optimize enterprise website with popular tools

on the Internet is so advanced today, we commented on the strategy, visit historical information slowly give up and out, we are increasingly concerned about the timeliness and authenticity, we see the micro-blog platform influence, because micro-blog has created a lot of publicity through the case, this is not to deny that the existing WeChat is also a very fast communication channels. But today to each website optimization of small and medium enterprises leadership can pay attention to network marketing, to upgrade the basic concept of website design for operation, design for Sina rattan micro-blog as an example, we hope to help: read more