Novice exchanges website optimization basics, text tutorials popular

bosses always want their website keywords to reach the home page in Baidu. Even they don’t care what you’re going to do, and they’ll be happy when they’re in the rankings. I came across a boss who came to me to help them optimize their websites. I asked him what he wanted to achieve by optimizing the psychological expectations. He said, "I want to search our name in Baidu, and we can easily find our website.". I think, so simple, psychological coursing. In fact, the boss will say so because the boss does not understand, but I understand, this is not SEO, the real SEO is not just this. Also reflects the bosses from the side of the optimization of the wrong understanding. at the moment many people have heard of SEO, all know that you can not bid, and through free tips, you can help enterprise website to improve keywords ranking, improve order conversion. This reminds me of my own experience. Some time ago, a company in Pudong found me. They did the floor heating. The first is a department manager for me, said the past talk about optimization of things, I have spent more than 1 hours removed from Hongqiao subway to Zhangjiang hi tech. after the meeting with the boss, I talked about one hour, at the end, I asked him, Zhang in the end you have an expected heart, to achieve what goal through optimization? He said I have no idea!! he later suggested that called the general manager and deputy general manager. We are together a follow-up meeting. I also agreed, well, the results of the other party completely do not understand SEO, strictly speaking, should be three do not understand. They seem to think that SEO is a covert operation through internal relationships. I said it was not. The other side asked me, "do you have a lot of Baidu relations, or how do you do the rankings up there? There are free to do rankings method? Is not Baidu promotion? ?" at this point, a series of questions I can not answer. Because I know they still have a long way to go. Just over 3 hours of conversation, they said, "let me go back first. They have to think it over.". I will laugh. White blind for half a day.. to address these issues, I’ll explain the specific process for you today, such as what SEO is and how it works for SEO. first of all, SEO is divided into two parts: station and station. 1, station optimization 1, website Title, Description, keywords , the most important thing here is Title, and the other two labels have no effect. so, when we do the website optimization, we can write our target word in the title. The more important, the more important it is. Keywords: not too much, generally 3-5. Remember to pile up. < >

Nail shop off-season to how to promote

nail is a lot of girls like to do, but the girls do not have to do every day nail, nail shop also has low season and peak season, when the nail shop should use promotional activities to attract customers. What are the tips of the nail shop? Xiaobian today introduced promotional tips to help nail shop operators to carry out promotional activities.

National jewelry stores to set up shop notes

national wind accessories favored by the market, the development of the industry is very stable, the number of stores are also increasing. National jewelry store to set up shop notice what? Whether it is the layout of the store or staff image, every detail is very important!

This started to do 80 small hand-painted T-shirts and hand-painted shoes a rich achievement

 , 5 years ago, did not get a college diploma in senior students, and now is a small branch of the two owners. 5 years, his shirt and striking one snag after another, hand-painted shoes, through the network China wholesale to Hongkong and France, the United States, is discussing business venture and he confidently dreamed of listing. 6000 yuan open venture Road Li Wen, born in 1983, studied at the University of Jiangxi University of finance professional." Li Wen’s opening remarks, like a college student interview self introduction. He likes to read, travel, make friends, but the University of mathematics courses are hated, the direct consequence is that you can not get a diploma. In this regard, Li Wen never care. "because like, so choose." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. After graduation, Li Wen worked in Shanghai for more than a year, in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing three English war line painting T-shirt, I think it is very interesting, but can not buy to buy, I think this is a business opportunity. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising." Li Wen with his savings of 6000 dollars to open up the road of entrepreneurship. He found two partners, junior high school and high school students, good feelings, mutual understanding. Only let Li Wen depressed, his parents do not support, "they don’t understand the electronic commerce and online shopping, think the computer is playing a game, is worthless, Li Wen’s parents want him to find a" a secure job ". but the pressure at home did not give Li Wen the idea of giving up. Three personal computer in June 2006 two within one month to complete the sales of 30 thousand yuan, net profit of 12 thousand yuan. "We will certainly feel bursting with confidence, with investors rushing to our investment, so I wrote a business plan, began the process of pulling investment." Li Wen began to look forward to a better future. helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find out the dream reflected the reality is so fleeting and helpless." After exposure to a number of potential investors, Li Wen confidence began to collapse. Not only investors would not invest to this "young and ignorant" and "after 80", and no assets, the unsecured bank loans to customers, the door is closed. at this time, the lack of funds to invest in Li Wen and encountered problems. Since the beginning of only students in the class service market, products of a single lead to obvious seasonal sales, get 30 thousand yuan in revenue in June, but in July fell to 5 thousand yuan, to August, sales have been very light, the profits of the company soon exhausted. house double whammy, the other two entrepreneurial team because of family pressure to chooseContinue reading

Along the high-speed rail chaos was swept away

reporter from Lanzhou Railway (East Section) along the comprehensive environmental remediation work leading group office was informed that, in order to ensure the new high-speed railway Xining section along the clean and pleasant scenery, to the general public and tourists at home and abroad to leave a good impression, since the new high-speed railway along the line to carry out the work of environmental remediation, Chengdong district take garbage, Yan a number of measures, covering the fence, the high-speed railway (East Section) along the original chaos phenomenon disappeared. – demolition of investment of 1 million 520 thousand yuan to the door, wood factory east of boric acid chemical factory is located in Fu village the legacy of construction waste carried out a thorough clean-up, clean-up of 18689 cubic meters of construction waste, and then use the dense mesh for full coverage of 103686 square meters of bare land, and the Wangjiazhuang village demolition site set up temporary fence 245 M. The investment of more than 5 yuan of happiness waste resource recovery company is located in Fu Village, supervise the relocation, clean up the garbage 15 tons, 300 tons of waste materials; environmental health 3 logistics company is located in the village of the hospital to carry out remediation, clean up 10 tons of garbage. The investment of 10 thousand yuan in the Fu Village a bare mound and building materials cluttered phenomenon of rectification, covered with dense mesh of 8500 square meters, up 26 tons of construction waste, and the wall and the door is arranged in the related area. The investment of 100 thousand yuan to Ning mutual road plug drains are clear, dirty and messy on the surrounding environment remediation, clean up the garbage 3 tons, 100 tons of silt cleaning; Zhu Lu carried out remediation, clean up 8 tons of garbage; bare land of Yun Jia Kou Zhen transition in the vegetable market on both sides of the cover, cover area of 1600 square meters. – located in the center of a small village Huixin on the northeast side of 20 thousand cubic meters of construction waste was cleared, the 2 cement products factory is located in the village of Wangjiazhuang to supervise the relocation, 1 mixing station carried out remediation.  

Provincial government held a provincial investment and project scheduling

4 month 12 days, went to Xining Haidong research supervision of the construction of key projects, the provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Jianmin chaired the provincial investment and project scheduling work will be to listen to key projects and special fund project construction progress report, coordinate and solve related problems, the next step of work arrangements. in full recognition of a quarter of the province’s investment and project work, Zhang Jianmin stressed that all localities and departments and units should adhere to the established objectives and tasks without wavering, breath cohesion to promote steady growth of investment, for the completion of the annual target task to win the initiative, to lay a good foundation. One should firmly grasp the key projects this pivotal, go all out to promote early, promote started, promoting investment. In accordance with the requirements of the project list and time limit, increase supervision and coordination efforts, pay close attention to the implementation of the pre procedures, to force the progress of the project to ensure that the project according to plan. Accelerate the progress of the implementation of the plan, continue to do a good job to revitalize the stock of funds. Two to effectively grasp the special construction fund project this growth point, go all out to dig potential, schedule, incremental maintenance. Increase funding efforts to accelerate the progress of payment and project implementation, the formation of more physical workload. This year after several batches of special construction funds project reserve, active docking, fine stage, solid project, lay a good foundation for national support. Three to continue to improve the coordination mechanism to promote this point, go all out to pay attention to the assessment, strong supervision, promote efficiency. Adhere to the problem oriented and goal oriented, establish and improve the joint meeting system and performance appraisal system, earnestly implement the work.  

Xining has a small and Micro Enterprise Service Center

Xining small and Micro Enterprise Service Center since its establishment in October last year, the city’s small and micro enterprises to actively help the need to take the initiative for the majority of small and micro enterprises to solve a number of urgent problems and problems. it is reported that, as of the end of last year, Xining has 11609 small and micro enterprises in the city to expand employment, improve people’s livelihood, promote scientific and technological innovation and social harmony and stability and other aspects played an irreplaceable important role. But in the current macroeconomic situation, many small and micro enterprises in the development of financing difficulties, backward management, recruitment and other issues. Xining small and Micro Enterprise Service Center since its establishment, and actively help small and micro enterprises to solve these problems. , according to the person in charge of small and micro enterprise service center, the main purpose of the establishment of the service center is to build a public service platform, a variety of favorable resources to integrate the community to serve small and micro enterprises. Over the past year, the center mainly from financing, training, consulting, recruitment and other aspects of help. Let Small and micro businesses such as banks and other financial institutions for docking, good reputation, good products, good growth Small and micro businesses to provide loan guarantees; regular training of Small and micro businesses related to personnel training, last year, about 200 people, the main contents of training for financial and statistical knowledge, this year will focus on knowledge management training again, the same; personnel service agencies together to Small and micro businesses recruitment; help apply for preferential taxes; provide Small and micro businesses related to legal aid. Through these initiatives, so that the development of small and micro enterprises more smooth road, effectively helping small and micro enterprise growth. "Qinghai good friend Dairy Co., Ltd. is in the service center with the help of the development of the 3 movable board!" The center is responsible for the line director told reporters. In the business service center staff to understand the enterprise’s production and products in the field of truth, affirmed its growth, decided to provide security, and for 3 consecutive years, the annual 5 million yuan of bank loans for the. By this support, a good friend to dairy thrive, and purchased 40 acres of land to build factories in Xining Nanchuan City Industrial Park, in the future more long-term development. at present, Xining city Small and micro businesses service center is the establishment of the city’s Small and micro businesses information database, by way of voluntary service center, enterprise led, let enterprises project information repository, to facilitate the implementation of service center of enterprise networking, online service, timely solve the problems Small and micro businesses, and jointly promote the development of Xining Small and micro businesses. In the interaction. (author: Pan Ling Su Feng)

Education before joining the management of several major points can not be ignored

now society, education has become a sunrise industry, at the same time, the entire education education and training institutions in the market began to hot up, the success of the franchise stores must first understand the main points and matters needing attention before joining join the signing process. join so easy, chain entrepreneurship is not expected to practice shows that successful franchising business, you have to pay special attention to the following matters. matters: choose to join the industry

How to successfully open the fruit shop Xiaobian tell you

both in the living area or in the vicinity of the school and other places, fruit shops are very common, people’s daily necessities of life, so that the industry has attracted much attention. How to open a fruit shop? Operating profit and how much? These problems are worth thinking about. choose to shop location for a fruit shop, is essential. In the vicinity of the hospital has a lot of fruit stores, but also a large scale, mainly engaged in imported fruit; and in the vicinity of residential areas, but also the concentration of fruit stores. A, how to shop?

How to do a good job in home decoration shop in the spring festival marketing

home decoration shop is now a lot of consumers love and attention, open a home decoration store, then, in the Spring Festival season, how to do a good job in marketing to get a better income? In the Spring Festival season, we must learn to better promotion, so that we can seize more guests. Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction. an example to increase welfare. In fact, each dealer in practice by increasing employee benefits to retain excellent employees, home decoration shop how to do marketing? But in the implementation of the process will always encounter a problem: to less, employees do not catch cold; to more, their love. In fact, how to do? Can the dealer boss look to the use of external resources, an example increase benefits for employees, to improve staff enthusiasm for work purposes. critical moment look mind. How to do a good job home decoration marketing? How big the boss’s mind, the business can do much. The boss’s mind is reflected in the details, reflected in the company’s interests at all times in the critical moment to take decisive decisions. dealer boss in order to stabilize the sales team in the season to take the strategy to achieve good results, home decoration shop how to do marketing? But these changes and strategies are passive or temporary. From the long-term development of the company, the dealer boss need to turn this passive into active, stand at the height of strategic development for the development of the company’s staff management mechanism. home decoration shop how to do marketing? This is obviously a higher demand for the dealer boss, not only to the development of their own company has a clear understanding of the situation, but also to look up at the sky, a clear direction for the future development of the company. we’re in the daily business Home Furnishing decoration stores, want to be able to better in the holidays when the marketing, so marketing skills to know, because after all marketing, you may not spur of the moment to carry out the activities, these activities are premeditated, so that everything be ready. Do a good job of marketing methods, so as to better business.

These new industries can also make money

venture to join the project, the market is not necessarily those popular projects is a good investment choice, on the contrary, some of the market is not, but it is a good time to make money. As the newspaper competition, provide important clues to the news has become an important competition between newspapers, so the News Informant came into being. They are mainly to provide news clues, reward as a means of livelihood, frequent cause important news in the easy location, once found the news clues, immediately available to the news media, was obtained after a hefty fee.

Supermarket business may wish to listen to customer suggestions

Although the owner of the to provide customers with good service, but often because they can not stand in the customer’s point of view, even if the heart is not able to do a good job service. At this time, the customer’s advice will naturally be very important. Therefore, the supermarket management process may wish to listen to customer suggestions, the owner of this article is very good to do this. is an important commodity in our supermarket, which can attract a lot of customers every day. Our vegetables are from the morning motivated purchase, customers see more love, can let us a lot of income every day. But one day, a customer came to me after the supermarket, he picked up the vegetables looked again, finally put down, and then he said to me: "boss, I found your bundle of garlic too big, our ordinary customers can eat so much, so I suggest you can not the garlic and other vegetables are tied too small." listened to the customer’s talk, I immediately took it seriously, because every customer’s advice is to our advantage, they are from the customer’s point of view, and ultimately beneficial to us. So, I went over to check it out, and it was true that our vegetables were too big to bundle, so that the sale was slow. So, I immediately adjusted. I’ve turned the bundles into two bundles, so that each bundle is small. The can adapt to the needs of customers, the customer came in second days, I see all the vegetables into a small and very happy. The customer said happily: "boss, I did not expect that you care about us, it makes me very moved. Now we are very suitable for small." customers can do so, let me more moved. If you do not have the support of the supermarket customers, then certainly not work. So, we should be more from the customer’s point of view, listen to the customer’s suggestions, can let our supermarket constantly improve. The number of customers to our supermarket more, see people on our supermarket boast good, very humane, respect for customer requirements and ideas. he became the spokesman of our supermarket, free of charge for us to do publicity. Now, my supermarket has been improved and developed continuously in the customer’s advice. Now our business is better, thanks to the customer, ah, we do not have any suggestions, we can not have such a breakthrough. the owner of the business was able to become more and more popular, because of customer satisfaction and the formation of a good reputation in the process of continuous development. Of course, the boss in the customer’s advice to improve themselves, first of all thanks to the sincerity of the customer, but also praised the boss’s humane management. Respect for customers, can earn income.

Cling film ten brands list

wide range of use of the refrigerator, so that the film began to have more and more broad market space, and because of the increasing market demand, the industry has also been the birth of a lot of brands. Next, let the small series to wrap up the secret film ten brands list, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand. film ten brand list: NO.1, miaojie daily Home Furnishing leading brand products industry, one of the most competitive brand cleaning supplies, large Taiwan funded enterprises, Tuopu Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd. (China). film ten brands list NO.2, South Asia: industry well-known brands, the industry has a leading position in Taiwan, Formosa Plastics Group (founded in 1954 in Taiwan) South Asia plastic industry Limited by Share Ltd. cling film ten brands list NO.3, SYC SYC: Korea SYC Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., the industry’s well-known brands, Dalian famous brand, Dalian SYC Chemical Co., ltd.. cling film ten brands list NO.4, Glad Canon: founded in 1963, the United States, one of the world’s best-selling brand of fresh keeping products, the industry has a very well-known brand of fresh film, Guangzhou Jia Liang Chemical Co., ltd.. preservation film ten brands list NO.5, Kyle: founded in 1983, South Korea, the world’s leading food packaging film production enterprises, the daily household goods industry well-known brands, Shanghai, Kyle Plastics Co., ltd.. film ten brands list NO.6, home to accept: one of the domestic disposable film products of domestic enterprises with relatively large scale, film industry leading enterprises, well-known brand, sound, Home Furnishing supplies (Shanghai) Co. ltd.. film ten brands list NO.7, Asahi package: fresh preservative film began in 1960, the brand launched by Japan’s Asahi Chemical Industry Corporation, a well-known brand, Asahi Kasei plastics (Shanghai) Co. ltd.. cling film ten brands list NO.8, Xin Feng: fresh film industry well-known brands, specializing in the production of plastic film products of Sino foreign joint ventures, the top ten brands of film, Jiangmen Xin Feng Development Co., ltd.. film ten brands list NO.9, lovely: specializing in the production and sale of disposable Home Furnishing products, Shanghai famous trademark, Shanghai hundred private enterprises, industry well-known brands, Shanghai smooth Industrial Co. ltd.. film ten big brand rankings: NO.10, Asia’s largest Camellia Home Furnishing plastic production base, national >

Dong’e county set up the city’s first county migrant workers returning home park

of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship is very popular in 2016, the work can be done, also has important help to the development of economy, therefore, the formation of Dong’e in Liaocheng City, the first county migrant workers entrepreneurship park. 3 30, Jiang Shaohua, deputy mayor of Dong’e, said the mayor’s hotline, in order to support the migrant workers to return home to start business, Dong’e County, the city’s first set up the county migrant workers returning home park. At the same time, in 2016 to achieve 80% of the county’s poverty alleviation task. "support for migrant workers returning home for business, promote the transfer of rural surplus labor force in our county, according to local conditions, relying on the prosperity of Dong’e County in the light of its general trend, metal nail Co. Ltd., established the city’s first migrant workers entrepreneurship park." Jiang Shaohua said the Venture Park to take policy support, entrepreneurship training, project support and other models, and actively guide the employment of migrant workers.

What are the advantages of small rabbit milk tea

delicious rabbit milk tea to join the project, has been very hot. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the small rabbit milk project, die very business choice. So, to join the small rabbit milk tea project which has joined the advantage? 1. franchisee, enjoy the right to use the brand and all the right to operate 2. image of the right to use: free headquarters unified VI image design system, to achieve the overall image of the national store 3. regional protection: according to the actual situation of the regional market, in strict accordance with the development of the brand development business shop area limits the development of franchise stores to strictly implement the principle of clear district protection 4. stores the performance return Award: the completion of the contract purchase amount, the headquarters were given monthly rebate and generous annual rebate 5. agent: priority under the same conditions of stores have priority area exclusive buyout; 6. free exchange right: unmarketable, overstocked products on the premise of the two sale, full return; 7. security exit right: for various reasons, the franchise stores in the contract period is no longer operational, can apply for the transfer, acquisition, return the safe exit to join; 8. priority to renew the contract: after the expiration of the franchise contract, the club is willing to continue to cooperate, according to the headquarters policy for the new franchise contract. 9. comprehensive guidance before the opening of the training: free shopping malls, business district delineation program. Personnel training, business guidance and so on, the implementation of tracking supervision, in the course of business, no matter what business problems encountered, the headquarters will be given at any time advice and guidance. 10.: free, free to join the gold selling royalty free, free margin, free store grid planning and opening guidance, provide support system to improve the brand image, brand enjoy huge benefits.

What are the most profitable projects

many people want to engage in profitable projects, but for entrepreneurs, what projects are to make money, the problem they almost do not know. If you want to quickly achieve entrepreneurial success, want to get wealth, then Xiaobian for you to recommend three projects do not lose money, if you are interested, may wish to understand! recommended project: offbeat small food supermarket

Franchise management principles

entrepreneurs in joining a commodity when said that although the headquarters for everyone to provide a lot of support and services, but these are some of the big and small like commodity management, and no one to help the franchisee to complete, so their franchisees need to learn how to better manage the goods.

To the cosmetics shop named master three Xinshoubikan

, a cosmetics store can have popularity, has a relationship with many factors, in addition to the decoration style, other products and other factors, the key name is to attract consumers. How to give up the name cosmetics shop? Give up the name cosmetics shop need to master the following measure: 1. is a good name with the management of goods has a direct close contact, big and seductive, memorable, it will make your products more vitality, bring unexpected benefits. 2. use of popular elements, to the cosmetics shop named, often can get twice the result with half the effort. Maggie Cheung starred in the movie "in the mood for love" became popular, a cosmetics shop immediately renamed the "flower of life", and the other is different approaches but equally satisfactory results, a cosmetics shop named "Be There Or Be Square", there is a bar called simply "one rose cosmetics". Young people to buy cosmetics, with a more unique language, such as where to buy ah, is the mood for love? Or Be There Or Be Square? Or one rose cosmetics? These are clearly able to give young people to bring shopping topics of entertainment, it is easy to be accepted by young people in a short time. 3. this is to use homophonic name, some stores m.o.. The name of the biggest function is to redefine the cosmetics store speak and use homophonic, as clear as noonday, it is easy to be remembered or recognized. in addition, when we in the cosmetics shop name should pay attention to "town", want to see a good name is not already being if there have been similar to The early bird catches the name if you change the name or as early as possible. To avoid using words to inform the main goods and consumption characteristics.

Catering business in the management of knowledge

a successful entrepreneur, is caused by a variety of factors, not only in the store business has its own set of methods and techniques, in the management of the store staff, but also has its own set of methods. Xiaobian to tell you, do catering business, in the management of employees what knowledge? enterprises in the treatment of employees, to be a little more "human", the implementation of tender management. The so-called tender management, refers to employees, managers should respect and care about the employees trust in subordinates, to staff for the more "human", less bureaucratic airs, try to solve the practical difficulties in their work and life, so that employees really feel the warmth of the leader, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of his (her) they work. softhearted management is of great significance to the catering management of human resources. First, the warmth management can meet the needs of employees to get love and respect. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory tells us that the highest level of human needs is to get love and respect, everyone wants to be affirmed and appreciated by others. Warmth management is able to meet the emotional needs of employees, staff training for the hotel’s deep feelings.