The site can really rely on speculation

read a lot of "master" article, what promotion trilogy, what website promotion methods, how to make your site quickly on red? In the article mentioned "hype". Seems to have become a popular trend.

      entertainment speculation! Media speculation! The domain name website to stir fry.. Now look at the major webmaster related information website, including a webmaster and related big website. This article can be dug out of many.

    personal Adsense is the need for a propaganda platform, propaganda is equal to hype? What is more to write the soft to the novice reference, perhaps can let a part of the webmaster to improve writing ability.. Or maybe tomorrow’s CCTV news has changed to XX station news.. Isn’t it? read more

Dashing down crude Biao After reading these wonderful name of start up companies was drunk

Abstract: when entrepreneurs in their company name must be simple, easy to remember, and let people know than those complex name, can leave a deep impression in the minds of the name is clearly more important.

every entrepreneur treat their entrepreneurial projects like their own children, the first thing the child was born named. So, to own the company or product name is naturally cautious, today 100 Junlai with you talk about those things about the company’s name.

at the Walter · AI Isaacson authored named "Steve ·"; Jobs (Steve Jobs) wrote the biography: talking about the Apple Corp name, Jobs tells Isaacson that apple is one of the fruit weight loss often eat fruit. When he came back from an apple orchard to name the company, he thought the name sounded "fun, full of life, and not to be feared."". Of course, there is a saying once in the Atari (Atari) worked for Jobs, like apple in the phone book inside (Apple) in Atari (Atari) before. read more

Defeat hao123 achievements feature site navigation

mention site navigation, it is definitely Mr. Li Xianping started on the hao123 website home". From the birth of hao123 to be high priced acquisition of Baidu, Comrade Li will pay a great effort.

in the current web site to stand in the case of warlords, want to stand by the website to take the idea of an absolute world can not be achieved. I see the "web site" the end of the gold rush road. But this does not mean that the site has no way out of the station, do any stand in fact, are the same as the survival of innovation, the development of the market segments". The establishment of the characteristics of the site navigation, innovation achievements of the road. read more

Blog message is also a marketing tool

my blog, I very love! Here, I can not only writing exercises, also can do now under the SEO experiment. Have time to go shopping, write things, share their experience. For visitors to the guests, I am also very treasure, who can leave a sincere comment, I am happy to play the bottom of my heart. For each comment, each message, I sincerely reply. Very early to know, in the blog is actually a kind of promotion and marketing of their own, you can say: everyone in life is more or less a little narcissistic, always love more people to pay attention to their blog is not like. What a good friend write Bo don’t want more attention, get to know people? I am an ordinary person, I also. read more

went through the road is not willing to go entrepreneurs

Hu Dong’s office is difficult to find, located in Tianlin area a 4 floor corner of the Park Branch, also need to transfer two elevator upstairs. Although the office is not conspicuous, but the winter is like "Hu star", every entrepreneur will be called a "teacher hu". He said that he is both an entrepreneur, but also a business mentor, hope that through his efforts, so that entrepreneurs who have to go through their own detours.

society needs to be more tolerant of entrepreneurs read more

Shop No 1 into fresh areas logistics distribution or weakness

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

electricity supplier industry tentacles are reaching fresh fields. After Tmall mall, with selection, I bought the food network, shop No. 1 in the recent sale of fresh products.

yesterday (April 7th), shop No. 1 online supermarket chairman Yu Gang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, "to do a real online supermarket, if not fresh, is certainly not perfect. Consumers have been accustomed to order 1, but still want to go to the supermarket every month, is because of the lack of fresh products on the line." read more

LETV and iCNTV court has terminated cooperation licence

source: Zhonghua

once again become the focus of public opinion on the Internet when the TV box, LETV iCNTV and decorum court people once again stunned. According to media reports, as the iCNTV court, and piggyback on the platform equipped with iCNTV hardware company.

iCNTV the future of television yesterday announced that due to the requirements of music boxes and TVs in broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the broadcasting management, iCNTV future of television has terminated with music as the company’s license relationship, but the content of cooperation in accordance with the original contract to continue to perform. read more

Jingdong set up 10 million anti corruption fund whistleblower protection

news December 14th, Jingdong announced today, once again to upgrade the construction of credit system, the establishment of 10 million year anti-corruption reward special fund, used to report violations and verified reports of individuals or units to report high reward.

for individuals to report, after investigation and verification, the Jingdong group will be given to the informer 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards according to the effectiveness, the nature of the case and provide clues for the serious program; the cooperation unit report, after investigation and verification, to give 5000 yuan to 10 million yuan range of cash rewards, or a combination of the reporting unit needs to reporting unit corresponding advertising and promotion resources to provide incentives; direct and effective evidence report embezzlement, bribery cases of non national staff, and finally by the police for qualitative criminal case report, minimum amount of 50 thousand yuan reward. read more