The use of Internet traffic has soared

for network collection, bookmarks, I think even with me as a novice webmaster is no stranger to it. Everyone in peacetime publicity, have dabbled in network collection, and the effect should be good, not only can improve the flow, but also can increase the chain, improve your web site exposure. I’m here today to talk about how I used the Internet collection. today is the twelfth day of my station, I found my traffic seems to be a bottleneck, every day can not break hovering at more than 400 IP, and every day I do a lot of publicity, why not flow? So, I began to wonder, to think, when I check the site map suddenly, inspired by the network collection!!! Why do I not like the same collection of all articles submitted to the site map page on the website of the ? network, ha ha, this is not for us to do the advertisement!! I just register several account before the collection of my domain, brings me to the flow, and then if I were away!!! In fact, the reason is very simple! So I started looking for a network of first. The Baidu collection, QQ bookmark, followed by YAHOO, Cape of Good Hope. I added a few in the collection, feeling it was too slow, and suddenly I found the code added to the network collection. Ha ha, I’m a vegetable. I didn’t know it before. Don’t laugh at me… Then my four collection of code added to the article page template, generating static, each article page will have the option of,, this is a lucrative business, both for the convenience of users, and can let others help us propaganda. Point collection, automatically extract URLs and page names, but also set their own labels, fast keyword selection, it is convenient. Of course, , and other friends to help is not enough, so I can only own manual to each article, collection, open three idle IE page, login account, this collection does not point to enter the account password, in Cape of Good Hope I have not, I this speed is a little slow speed. Fast friends can try, I only QQ, YAHOO, Baidu, three of the ! wrote in an article, look at what point? My God, much trouble. If you have this idea, I was incapable of action, we do the trouble? Afraid of trouble? The trouble will flow? I remember that there is a webmaster exchange group in the group always put "executive ability" three words hanging in the mouth, I got it, I think that this is the same post, if read, understand, do, have the effect, if you read, understand, don’t do that, don’t look back and say I write something useless. Success doesn’t depend on mouth. I’m a little tired, the post rest, this method is for everyone to share, whether can bring traffic, can bring much traffic, I am here is unknown, perhaps smart you do better than ! , here’sContinue reading

Sixth aunt joined Chuanchuan Xiang what conditions need to be met

Sixth aunt only Chuanchuan Xiang a standardized franchise catering company, if you want to join the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang, sixth aunt company will bring you a lot of franchise support, for example, to provide professional training for both six regular employees, to improve employee occupation accomplishment and all-round service skills, to allow consumers to enjoy affordable and delicious be considerate, high quality service, high quality and low price will be six woman image is rooted in the hearts of customers. But not every one wants to join can join, join a sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang condition as follows: Sixth aunt joined Chuanchuan Xiang 1, fully recognized the company’s brand, technology, business management model, the company’s voluntary management system and the provisions of the regulations. 2, with full civil capacity, with good business reputation. 3, adequate investment funds. 4, investors must personally participate in the management of the store. 5, approved by the company’s operating shops. 6, store area of not less than 200 square meters. if you want to join the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang, and meet the above conditions to join, then please give us a message on our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.

Open the car to join the repair shop of the three best locations

is now a family car owners, young people love to travel by car. Thus spawned a large number of auto related industry franchise popular. Want to successfully open a car to join the repair shop is not easy, there is a great emphasis on site selection. how to open a good car to the repair shop? The location of the success or failure of any store has a great impact on the car to join, there are three places is to open the car to join the repair shop is ideal address.

Civilian opportunities in the world cup

During the World Cup, the hotel can be launched for the fans of the world cup, I believe it can be welcomed by some fans. So the drinks and drinks can be great business opportunities, drink popular, do you see the hangover business opportunities?

Join the choice to create a new leisure clothing fashion trends – total business

in our lives, the quality of life gradually increased demand. So, the choice of casual clothing to join the business, is a very powerful choice. How about casual clothes? Create a good quality of life! with the development of modern people’s self-awareness, how will the body in the best condition has become a hot topic of modern people, everyone began to participate in the gym, members of the club, but not perfect physique self presentation, together with the popular casual clothing to join, will be more pleasing to the eye. how much is the casual dress? The characteristics of fusion leisure clothing mature, natural, and strive to be the fashion movement of life, showing the latest trend in modern urban fashion sports brand, and can meet the daily work, leisure and outdoor sports etc.. leisure clothing accumulated profound professional knowledge and technical means, and always adhere to provide first-class quality sports fashion boutique, in order to meet the needs of the market and meet consumer demand to provide a strong guarantee. we all know that throughout the year, the highest sales is the choice of casual clothes. Not only has a high popularity, join the selection is also very advantageous. Do you want to start a business? Choose to join the casual dress bar!

Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles which – the whole joining process

has been, we all know that Chongqing facet, in our lives, has been very popular choice. However, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles, competition is very big, but the profit is very high. So, what are the Chongqing small noodles Lai pole join process? Lai Biandan facet of how to join ? 1, consulting: investors on a pole Chongqing small noodles telephone and fax, door-to-door, online message and other ways to understand the situation of Lai pole Chongqing small noodles to join the national system, including the strength of the enterprise, the enterprise management status, development vision and corporate culture, and understand the union condition and obtain relevant information. 2, visit: Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join? Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join? Investors to rely on pole Chongqing small noodles join headquarters site inspection, visit the distribution center and headquarters outlets, and communicate with the specific matters and the Au headquarters staff. 3, application: investors to provide relevant information and data management, audit on the pole Chongqing small noodles headquarters. The two sides will join the preliminary conditions after the match that matters to each other, investors put forward to join the application, and fill out the "Lai pole Chongqing small noodles franchise application form". 4, the market research: Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles franchise headquarters will send the market development specialist investor qualification and local market maturity, purchasing power, consumption concept, decoration company, carpentry, real estate and other indicators of comprehensive investigation and analysis. 5, evaluation of investors: Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join? Lai Biandan joined Chongqing small noodles? Chongqing small noodles survey results to investors the actual franchise headquarters qualification and local market situation review and assessment of Lai Biandan strictly. In an area with a plurality of investors to join, Lai pole Chongqing small noodles franchise headquarters have the right to choose the most business strength of the investors as the preferred franchisee. 6, signed a contract: in both sides of the investigation, the results of the assessment without objection, the official signing of the franchise contract. 7, pay jiamengfei: investors in the contract within three days in accordance with the "franchise contract" requirements, one-time franchise fee and market margin payments to Lai Chongqing small noodles pole headquarter. 8, store design: Lai Biandan Chongqing small noodles join headquarters designer and customer service commissioner for actual design of data acquisition in the investor stores, and planning design, the two sides of the design scheme is confirmed, according to the design scheme for the production of. >

Sanjiang National Park Authority and the Chinese Academy of space technology signed a strategic coop

11 1, Sanjiang, China National Park Authority and the Chinese Academy of space technology signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Zhuhai. State Councilor Wang Yong, governor of Guangdong province Zhu Xiaodan, Ministry of human resources and Social Security Deputy Minister, director of the State Bureau of foreign experts Zhang Jianguo, Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial reform office director Ma Shunqing attended the signing ceremony. Vice governor of Guangdong province Yuan Baocheng presided over the ceremony. cooperation agreement to accelerate the application of space technology in the field of ecological protection and environmental protection to promote the establishment of pilot demonstration, the ecological characteristics of Sanjiang source to strengthen personnel training and exchanges and cooperation to establish a high-level framework, joint research, decision-making departments jointly organized and implemented, the project jointly prepared cooperation mechanism to jointly promote the development of the Sanjiang declaration, source of scientific ecological environment the protection of national parks and modernization, application. Agreement clearly: one is relying on the space of satellite remote sensing, UAV, Beidou navigation, satellite communication technology application resources, accelerate the upgrading of Sanjiang source ecological environment monitoring and evaluation system construction, the wisdom of national park construction as well as in comprehensive supervision and service of the people’s livelihood. The two is the application of mature domestic satellite communication, a variety of new energy hybrid energy station space technology, jointly set up to meet the integrated monitoring, mobile law enforcement and the national park management model, to establish a high standard, and alpine environment with much land and few people in sewage and garbage treatment technology for demonstration, set up in the solar central heating demonstration station. The three is to carry out multi-level, comprehensive, regular technical exchanges and professional training, improve the source of Sanjiang National Park talent intelligence and science and technology support level.  

Xining court to carry out special education activities

January 5th, Xining City Intermediate People’s court held the city court "governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered special educational activities in video conference, the special education activities focus on solving the responsibility is not in place, do not take the initiative to work, coordination is not smooth, the injustice and floating style, dilatory, work prevarication and other problems. Special education activities from January 5, 2013 to the end of 31. governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered special educational activities to strengthen discipline style, rectify the style of work and improve work efficiency "as the theme, to answer, when asked, efficiency and accountability as the means, efforts to strengthen governance Yung lazy governance governance scattered" measures, effectively solve the responsibility is not in place, do not take the initiative to work coordination is not smooth, the unjust problems, effectively solve the police "is not in the post, not line, not in the state, and not as slow as the chaos as the problem of enhancing diligent and honest awareness, and strive to achieve the work discipline, work attitudes change significantly increased, increasing the work efficiency and work quality significantly upgrade. Focus is to solve the court staff do not want to learn, good at learning, no; don’t want to do, do, do not do; floating style, dilatory, work prevarication; lack of discipline, orders and prohibitions and other issues. The first is to promote the government. To solve the problem of "no ability as"; two is to cure lazy. To solve the problem of "Inaction"; three is to treat the cohesion. Solve the problem of "unable to join forces". (author: Li Wei, Lu Jing)  

Stick to the post to carry out remediation work

2010 in December 16th, Xining passenger transport line special rectification leading group on the work carried out inspection. Since the passenger vehicles special rectification work to carry out the total line, traffic law enforcement officers and police comrades of unity and cooperation, the establishment of law enforcement inspection service station in Xining City, six export, and carry out inspections in the high-speed road entrance. After law enforcement officers, even to the hard work, seized illegal vehicles 4, investigate and deal with illegal business line vehicles 2 times. the development of the special rectification work to effectively combat the illegal business momentum, to curb the line of vehicles crossing the line of business behavior, to protect the safety of passenger travel.  

Double Ninth National Fitness Conference main venue in Qinghai curtain

a few after the autumn rain, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has been cold, look forward to the autumn of the Nanshan Park, towering trees have begun to drift down the leaves, climbers who have not been affected by the atmosphere of low temperature. , come on, come on!" Accompanied by bursts of activity of passionate cheering sound, the 2016 National Congress of Qinghai Double Ninth fitness activities of the main venue 9 days in Xining Nanshan park opened, the event attracted nearly a million people participated. "today is the 99 day of the Mid Autumn Festival, a few of our friends are retired, and everyone in the heart with good wishes to climb, I hope you will always be young and healthy!" 56 year old Lin said happily. from the crowd, the village built to support the elderly mother slowly. He said: today special pumping time, taking advantage of the Chung Yeung Festival to bring their parents to climb, that is, the elderly can be healthy and long life." and his son together to climb, happy heart!" Zhuang’s mother, 75 year old Liu Xinglong said. it is understood that the 2016 National Congress of the Qinghai Double Ninth fitness activities of the main venue to "old age health and happiness, the elderly health Chinese" as the theme, the double ninth of the Chinese national tradition and national fitness fashion combination. 99 Double Ninth Festival, everyone climbing. The Double Ninth Festival in autumn is the harvest season, the fitness of the season, the Chinese nation is the traditional festival of respecting and caring for the young, "foreign exchanges and cooperation in Qinghai Province Sports Bureau deputy director Wei Youyuan said that this year the National Congress of Qinghai Double Ninth fitness activities of the main venue will Double Ninth this Chinese traditional customs and new fashion fitness combination and hope that more elderly people feel happy in life in the gym.  

Open lingerie store brand choice is critical

is now in the social life, we all know that the underwear store relatively large profit margins, while many entrepreneurs shop, will choose to open a lingerie shop, then underwear shop business, how to choose a brand? for people who want to start, choose to join the brand, or join headquarters, is a strong guarantee of success to join. How to choose a good brand to join it? Now all kinds of underwear brands engage in dazzling, how to successfully investigate the brand? How to prevent being cheated? franchisees choose to join the brand before, must clearly understand the brand positioning of the brand (price positioning, including the brand positioning, the audience) then local consumers and competitors’ information, analyze whether the brand positioning with the needs of the local market, the local preliminary calculations about how many people will this product ratio interested in purchasing, judging the number of your target customers is not enough, so as to whether you should join an important basis for the brand of the. through the media, the Internet understanding brand through magazines, networks, newspapers and other media can understand the brand image of the enterprise, market policy, media reports, a preliminary understanding of the brand enterprise. In the case of unprecedented competition in the market, underwear brands if they do not know how to use the media, do not know how to deal with the media, the brand is absolutely impossible to open the market. as of a brand to join investment information of interest, you can search on the brand’s name, phone number, address, etc., to see if there is no bad records or network complaints, even if the brand changed the name (company, address, telephone, etc., its brand) mode of operation can not change, search for "join cheated" and other similar information, a lot of deceptive practices and patterns will be presented on the internet. Use the Internet, you will have more discoveries, but also allows you to face the choice of more mature.

Chicken how good quality nutrition situation characteristics

now with the market development is very fast, now the catering market on chicken snack brand is more and more, all kinds of special chicken snack delicacy is constantly in the market. The chicken is a very respected consumer a strength of brand innovation, launched a series of regular monthly chicken products and all kinds of dessert snacks, by consumers and venture investors. Investment to join the chicken situation, special snack, brand innovation, management easier. How about chicken situation? The headquarters of the R & D team in-depth consumer market research, understand the current consumer demand, elaborate fashion delicacy using high-quality chicken and exclusive materials. The first good Taiwan chicken is a mature restaurant brand, let investors more flexibility to join, without any geographical restrictions, with greater profit space. are always chicken delicacy can bring people the best delicacy chicken in the market experience, a huge space for development, investment and join the well-known brand chicken, bring rich good opportunities! People are tasting delicious side, can enjoy the leisure life of the rich, so chicken situation entrepreneurial advantages, worthy entrepreneurs to do. How about chicken situation? With the launch of a series of special nutrition delicious chicken, with the launch of a series of all kinds of special snack, with in the industry always adhere to the concept of innovation and development, and joined the chicken brand, in the fierce competition of the catering market now, also occupy a huge consumer market, let entrepreneurs see business opportunities. Join the chicken investment situation, delicious and healthy snacks, good market prospects, make money more quickly.

Focus on the ecological value of network network won the award of the two financial summit

news July 21st, "Chinese change: in Beijing new challenges and new opportunities as the theme of the fifth session of the Chinese finance summit day before. Depending on its ecological electricity supplier network network by virtue of the unique ecological business model, global brand ecological operation strength, won the fifth session of China finance summit "2016 best business model award". As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui by its remarkable and profound insights on the quality of life and business users to promote the upgrading of consumption contribution, awarded "2016 (industry) influential figures" award.   network network won the 2016 best business model award "," 2016 (industry) influential figures "two awards it is understood that China financial summit was established in 2012, is a large number of domestic financial and mass media to build a large event brand. Today, the summit has become one of China’s most influential economic platform for the exchange of ideas. Fifth China financial summit focuses on the new economic normal business groups to explore the path of enterprise innovation and growth. Network network break boundaries, copy the music as the ecological model to the wine industry, in the industry concerned and become an independent school, certainly China financial summit. network network brand responsible person said: "we have been committed to the user to create more ecological value, build" ecological supply chain + brand + terminal + eco Internet platform "four tier" wine life complete ecological world ". The network network with the vision of globalization and the integration of old and new layout, covering 16 countries in the world in the name of Zhuang and line manufacturer of wine resources, through the ecological functioning of the global brand and integration and music as ecological resources, bring the global synchronization of wine experience for users." globalization of ecological supply chain territory rapid expansion previously, Jia Yueting had announced in 2016 is the first year of the music as the ecological globalization, a series of global strategy has already started. As a sub network network ecological important business unit, also launched the "eco wine life world" strategy, and constantly strengthen the international strategic layout. April, Li Rui in France as the starting point, the United States, Germany, Chile and other deep Wine area hinterland, promote overseas direct mining, winery wine products purchased, Wine winery fund, capital cooperation strategy action landing, and for the first time with the Russian government reached a cooperation agreement, the introduction of the Lake Baikal mineral water and food, the establishment of ecological Irkutsk. Park base, create a set of items of ecological agriculture and tourism as one of the experience economy cooperation study. network network goal is not only to the public and the introduction of China boutique Wine global selection, the more to the ecological model of network network landing overseas. Through the global self financing, strategic cooperation, ecological POP, the form of capital cooperation, to achieve the globalization of the ecological supply chain, the territory of theContinue reading

Easy financing era has passed 2016 China’s technology industry to further reshuffle

can be expected in most of the time in 2016, the days of startups is far more difficult than before, active and passive integration shuffle also more and more. Chinese growing pains once again shock the world, A shares fuse affect global stock market, the Dow fell 1.58%, shares a aihong. Chinese before this has been favored by venture capital fund market, and over the past year, billions of dollars of venture capital investment can bring huge returns, but from leaking out of the financing agreement, venture capital Chinese expectations of old and new science and technology companies have gone up, the first trading day of 2016 in a pot of cold water indicates that the financing and IPO the market will not be improved. With the change of economic Chinese, China tech start-ups easy financing era has gone for ever, 2016 Chinese technology industry will face reshuffle.   startups valuation pressures in 2016 there will be more funds to promote the merger transaction China startup valuations in 2015 doubled up for venture capital and Book floating profit the previous investment is very impressive, 5 times earnings and US listed shares in the privatization and return to A shares may also allow investors to dance for joy hot money was poured into this field, at an unprecedented rate. According to CB Insights and Dealogic data, in 2014 China’s start-up financing and private equity transactions in the concept of accepting the investment of $13 billion 900 million, in 2015 the amount reached $60 billion. In 2014 the privatization of the stock of funds but the amount of $660 million, and from the beginning of the privatization of the summer of 2015 boom, incomplete statistics of the amount of 27 companies reached $33 billion 500 million. in Silicon Valley or China technology market, start the company’s valuation is a black box, unless the investment funds have been listed, or most of the money will not disclose holdings for the valuation of the investment company. For the start-up of the company’s valuation only from its latest round of funding and estimated U.S. venture capital has on startup valuations squeeze the water, because too high valuation is not good to find disk access man, after the listing performance is not good, not easy to cash. The valuation of startups rapidly improving, and no moderate burn let new investors flinch, and nearly half of the U.S. stock market performance, and the expectation of the future is not optimistic, investors are concerned about how to cash from the market, part of the company Chinese new financing, the prudent decision has begun to affect the company’s financing China technology. in cash is king thinking occupy the mainstream market impact, when a company is unable to raise more money to achieve a higher valuation, to sustain the start-up company must change the way of thinking, from the critical funds to reduce communication conditions, accept the funds more conditions, startups tightening spending or to merge other companies of course,Continue reading

Daily topic liar time to postpone the listing of Wo Wo Group’s funk

A5 ( station network April 3rd news, Wo Wo Group has bounced! Scheduled for the NASDAQ listing in Beijing yesterday evening but also postpone. Wu Jianguang, executive vice president of Wo Wo Group in the United States by telephone said to the media, listed on the Nasdaq stock market also need to schedule, there are still some problems need to be solved. The specific time to market can not be determined. from Wo Wo Group submitted IPO prospectus, the NASDAQ listed on Wo Wo Group news is a push again! The official listing in February 25th? Was given in response to the February 25th listing is forecast of foreign media, listing is not the end. After the updated Prospectus Documents must be completed before March 31, 2015 IPO, after the results are not; there is news that Wo Wo Group will be local time in the United States in April 1st, listed on Nasdaq, maybe this is just an April Fool’s joke; listed on the NASDAQ Wo Wo Group said last night? Wo Wo Group in January 9th for the first time with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the prospectus, after the three update prospectus, the issue of the amount from the original 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares adjusted to 3636363 shares of American depositary shares to 6 million shares of American depositary shares, the maximum amount of financing $40 million from the initial $65 million after the first adjustment to adjusted to $68887500. after submission of the prospectus, Wo Wo Group four update prospectus. The latest update IPO prospectus will be the maximum amount of financing fell to $59 million 330 thousand. The issue of the last update to the prospectus amount from 6 million shares adjusted to 3636363 shares of ADS ADS to 6 million ADS shares, the maximum amount of financing from the initial $40 million to $65 million after the first adjustment of $68 million 900 thousand. Wo Wo Group from the beginning of the establishment of love to dress themselves, to pretend to be the risk investment fund’s pet, but the prospectus disclosure, let the world understand, really "chase" Wo Wo Group did not actually lavish as propaganda to Wo Wo Group’s own. in Wo Wo Group easy financing has also been repeatedly "broken": A round from Goldman took $200 million, the results from other a few to get $55 million B round; said the original shareholders of $50 million, only $12 million 500 thousand valuation results and less than half of the A wheel; the date of listing and push again, always said "in the process to go". Wowo currently has three core products: Wowo mall and mobile client and our e-commerce operating system. The main source of income for the Commission and platform fees. The first 9 months of 2013 and the first 9 months of 2014, its platform fee income was $6 million 700 thousand and $7 million 300 thousand, the scale of the business continues to grow,Continue reading

Give a reason to argue, a reason for success

to argue for a reason, a reason for success A feature of the network is that it is valuable to attract attention, that is success. I used to write the thing is too correct, so no one comment, readers read it, there is no dispute. too good or too bad things are not controversial, is not a topic. so after writing in the premise of ensuring the correct nature and on the basis of intent to sell a few flaws, to stimulate people’s desire of debate and discussion. Click here to come, with a reply, it will be successful. The website is the same reason. To do controversial content, so that there is a topic in order to satisfy people’s curiosity, vanity, sense of accomplishment. error is the seasoning, the website will patronize the meal flavor.